Deliverance from Self-Destructive Devils

An Amazing Fact: In November 1995 two 23-year-old women from Panyu, China, set a unique record by spending 12 days in a room filled with 888 serpents—including 666 deadly cobras.IMAGE-DESCRIPTION-HERE Fortunately, the young women emerged unharmed … unlike the famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, who, according to legend, took her own life by the bite of a venomous viper.

Victoria wedged herself into the tiny space between the bathroom and closet in the fifth wheel. With all her might, she pushed her back against the closet door. That door had to stay closed. Her husband kept a gun in that closet, and she feared she might use it on herself.  

Jesus described the devil as a thief who comes “to steal, and to kill, and to destroy” (John 10:10). Never in history have we witnessed so much violence—assaults, murders, mass shootings. The lies of “that serpent of old” (Revelation 12:9) are encouraging record numbers to kill and destroy others … and themselves.

Never before has it been so urgent for people like Victoria to hear words of encouragement and peace from Jesus, who said, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10). My heart goes out to these lonely millions who long for the joy and freedom that comes from Him alone.

When Victoria was most desperately in need of God’s deliverance, He guided her to the Amazing Facts television programs that you made available—and her life began to change radically. Your kindness made all the difference in her life! Let me tell you how …

A Raging Battle

Victoria was waging a real-life battle against the devil. She kept her back against the door to the closet, where her husband kept his gun and ammo. “I kept hearing voices screaming in my head,” she explains. “It took over an hour to calm down.” But the intense internal pressure continued.

A few days later, Victoria attended a Bible study at her church. In response to an altar call, she began to go forward—but, she shares, “I felt like I was possessed.” The spiritual agony was so strong that she fell to her knees. “I kept screaming ‘No!’” Her church family quickly gathered around her and prayed. Hours passed before she could finally go home.

Spiritual warfare is not a light matter. The devil doesn’t want to let us go and will constrict his victims in a death grip that can be broken only by Jesus. Aren’t you joyful that Christ has compassion toward those struggling in direct conflict with Satan? He cast out many demons during His earthly ministry!

We should also have a heart for those who struggle against the enemy. We should pray for people battling against self-destructive habits and “spiritual hosts of wickedness” (Ephesians 6:12). We must remember it is ultimately words of truth that will break the bonds of the enemy and set the captives free.

In time, you brought these liberating words of life to Victoria’s soul.

“Only for the Super Bowl!”

One day, Victoria’s husband announced, “I’m bringing my TV into the fifth wheel so I can watch the Super Bowl.”

“No way!” Victoria retorted. An argument ensued, but Victoria eventually gave in. “Only for the

Super Bowl!” As you might have guessed, when the game was over, the TV stayed put—but the Holy Spirit wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass!

One day, Victoria turned on the TV and flipped through the stations. The reception was terrible—but suddenly, an Amazing Facts program came on strong and clear! Victoria figured, “This is better than nothing.” So she sat and listened to the program. 

The next day, she did the same thing—except this time, she took notes. “When I was done, I had three pages full of Bible verses! I learned so much more in just that one program than I had learned in the ten years at church!”

Victoria reflects, “It was like I was eating just breadcrumbs before. I felt like I’d been served a feast after watching just that one session of Amazing Facts. Pastor Doug poured out so many verses on just one topic. I was in awe!”

A Burden Finally Lifted

Over the next few years, Victoria continued feasting on God’s Word through Amazing Facts. By God’s grace and through your compassion, Victoria found in the teachings of Christ soundness of mind and peace from spiritual harassment.

“Watching Amazing Facts and studying the Word of God gave me a sense of safety,” Victoria shares. “A burden was lifted. My vision of God has been reshaped and renewed!” Victoria also learned through Amazing Facts what the Bible teaches about the afterlife, the Sabbath truth, and the health message.

kristinaskitchenWhen a small vegan restaurant opened in her town, Victoria became a regular customer. Before long, she became friends with Kristina—the owner and chef. She attended Kristina’s cooking classes, learning even more about God’s natural health laws. Eventually, Victoria learned that Kristina was a member of the local Sabbath-keeping church, and through God’s providence, Victoria began attending. She says, “I was overwhelmed with the fellowship and all that I learned.”

Television Touches Lives

IMAGE-DESCRIPTION-HEREMedia evangelism is the biggest part of Amazing Facts’ budget. Your gifts really do help hundreds of thousands like Victoria find everlasting life through local TV, cable, and major networks—like ION, UPtv, TBN, History, and Lifetime. But costs have skyrocketed, and summer giving is always a struggle.

So will you please help present last-day truth to our dying world? Your compassionate gift of $50 this month will feed 833 people with truth-filled manna from heaven. A generous gift of $25 will help 417 find the truth in God’s Word. And a bushel-sized gift of $250 will spread lifesaving truth to thousands searching for the only food that truly satisfies.

Victoria was battling the devil and was tempted to end her life. But through Amazing Facts television, she found peace through the liberating truth in Jesus, who broke her chains of darkness. You can bring this same everlasting hope to thousands more longing souls through the evangelistic broadcasts of Amazing Facts. You can absolutely know that your generous support will make an eternal difference!

Helping deliver the despairing from demons,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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