Opening Galaxies of Truth

An Amazing Fact: Unphased by sunlight and atmospheric interference, radio telescopes are unveiling the hidden deep of the cosmos. Unlike optical telescopes, which rely on visible light, radio telescopes detect radio waves emitted by celestial objects. These powerful instruments have helped humans discover God’s distant pulsars, black holes, and galaxies. The largest single radio telescope, the Aperture Spherical Telescope, is located in Guizhou, China. It boasts a 1,600-foot diameter dish!


James felt lost in the cosmos of his tumultuous life, one filled with repeated mistakes, and he was searching for meaning. His journey, much like the exploration of space, was filled with darkness—until a beacon of truth reached him through the simple yet powerful medium of radio.


Did you know that more than 90 percent of Americans still listen to the radio each day? And with new technology, over 70 percent of people 12 years and older listen to online audio. The influence of radio remains as strong as ever. At the same time, the devil is throwing a lot of toxic trash onto the airwaves, making it hard for seekers to hear the plain truth and be set free.


That’s why I believe God still wants us to share Bible truth through radio broadcasts like Bible Answers Live, which has been opening up the mysteries of Scripture to searching hearts for 28 years! I get letters from all over about people finding God through Amazing Facts radio programs. Prison inmates tune in from their cells. Families listen while driving to work and school. Truckers look for something worthwhile to listen to during their long hauls.


Through Christian radio, you can cut through the static of Satan’s interference and help more people like James discover last-day truth and accept salvation in Christ! Let me tell you about how you helped him find cosmic truth…


False Relief

James grew up in a dysfunctional family. As a result, he never felt good enough around people and took part in “many foolish pursuits” to cope with his negative feelings.


It’s a common story. Satan brings heartache through the chaos of broken, abusive homes. He then offers vulnerable souls the illusion of relief through drugs, alcohol, and other worldly pleasures. But, as you and I know, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death” (Proverbs 16:25).


That’s why sharing precious Bible truth over the airwaves is critical to catching the interest of seekers looking for trustworthy answers and purpose. Bible Answers Live first caught James’s attention because he could tell the messages were truthful. The way listeners called in and asked questions and the personal, biblical answers we shared gave him a “speck of hope.”


A Regular Listener

Over the years, James listened occasionally. He even received the free literature that you provide on the radio program. At one point, the Holy Spirit convicted him to listen more regularly. He finally realized that he needed to take to heart the messages he was hearing.


After listening to more Amazing Facts, James took action. He humbled himself, repented, and asked for God’s grace. He shares, “Peace filled my heart. Praise God for His longsuffering grace through Jesus.”


Amen! Today, through Christ, James is free of the bad habits the devil led him to. “I now have a church family helping me grow.” What blessings from God you can send over the air!


Hooked on Listening

When I began doing public evangelism years ago, there was never enough time to cover all the subjects. So I added a time in my programs for people to ask questions from anywhere in the Scriptures. It turned out to be the most popular part of my presentations!


Thanks to co-laboring friends like you today, Bible Answers Live is heard on over 400 radio stations, including SiriusXM, LifeTalk, 3ABN Radio, Strong Tower, the Salem Radio Network, and more! Plus, we’re on hundreds of affiliate stations globally that we cannot easily track.


I am constantly awed by how God uses you and your generous gifts to lead people to Christ. One caller named Bill said, “Before I get to my Bible question, I just want to say that I was once an atheist, but then I started listening to your program out of curiosity. I got hooked—now I’m a baptized believer!”


A 16-year-old girl called in to tell me of her panic attacks when thinking about dying lost and burning forever. But then she started listening to Bible Answers Live and learned that God will not torture unrepentant sinners for all eternity. She said, “Listening to your program changed my whole perspective. I now have peace.”


There are many more people to reach like James, Bill, and that young lady. How can we cut through more of the devil’s junk and help multitudes discover the galaxies of truth waiting to be found?


Piercing the Darkness

You can increase the number of radio stations that broadcast Bible Answers Live, expanding the reach of God’s last-day truth on networks that play these vital programs in a world muddled with trash-talk radio. You can help send truckloads of free literature to thousands of callers who are asking for more information after listening!


Bible Answers Live is a gateway that opens listeners to a vast array of Bible resources on our website, through YouTube, TV, social media, and literature. That’s why I’m asking you to help place more radio time on more stations—so that more souls can be won for God’s kingdom.


We’re also now working to place our video version of Bible Answers Live on two new large Christian stations. And you can also help build a database of clips from our programs so that people can search for and find answers to their unique questions from more than one broadcast.


Satan wants to stop truth from reaching listeners, but the forces of darkness cannot prevent heaven’s messages from going out. So I’m inviting you to get on the air with me and tell others about Jesus’ soon return through all of our evangelistic outreach, including radio.


Would you join me in expanding the broadcast range of essential Bible truth? Your gift of $25 will help radio listeners find answers to their most pressing questions. A $100 gift will send 162 pieces of life-changing literature to people who ask for resources. And a galaxy-sized gift of $250 will make a big difference in reaching new listeners on additional stations, giving them a new life in Jesus. Whatever amount God puts on your heart, I know it will be multiplied to bless others through all our outreach programs.


Out of his gratitude, James wrote that he wants to support Amazing Facts monthly. He says, “I look forward to my partnership with the Lord and you.” Your kind gifts are crucial in piercing the darkness, offering a beacon of truth to those who need it most. Will you join James in telling others how to find a new life in Christ?


Aiming for the stars for God’s glory,


Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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