Why did God allow David to keep Bathsheba as his wife?

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Why did God allow David to keep Bathsheba as his wife?

Remember that David did suffer terribly because of his sin with Bathsheba.

He lost four children. The first was the baby that was the fruit of the sinful and murderous romance between him and Bathsheba. Absalom killed Amnon his brother, and then Absalom was killed. And later David lost yet another son, Adonijah.

He also lost the respect of his people, and his reputation was permanently besmirched.

But after his sin, David thoroughly repented. Keep in mind, he stayed on his face for seven days in genuine contrition and grief for his sins—begging God for mercy.

It would have been a cruel act for David to put away Bathsheba after the death of her husband and baby through his influence. And God not only forgave them, He even blessed their marriage with another child. He gave them Solomon, whose name means “Peace.” He not only became the next king, but he was also blessed as an ancestor of the Messiah.

This is astonishing evidence of God’s grace and forgiveness. Suppose you make some terrible decision in your life that is irreversible. Does it mean you cannot be forgiven or saved? Absolutely not! This story shows that God can redeem us even after we have wandered far off the path. Though He will not always reverse the consequences of our poor decisions, with genuine repentance we may return to Him.


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