Breaking! Deadly Wound Healed?

Pastor Doug Batchelor has recorded a brief but important analysis of a remarkable new video message from Pope Francis to a recent gathering of Christians from several denominations at a gathering in Phoenix, Arizona.

This passionate call for unity from the Vatican was delivered to members of the “John 17 Movement,” which describes itself as “a contagious call to all professing Christians to relate together properly, beckoning us to embrace the final prayer of Jesus.” The pope said that Christian division is a wound in the body and is the work of the “Father of Discord.”

In the video, Francis uses language that conspicuously echoes biblical imagery. Pastor Batchelor believes this Papal call for unity between Protestants and Catholics harmonizes with Revelation’s prophecy, especially chapter 13, regarding the deadly wound. He urges ministry friends to prayerfully watch and share the video.

Pastor Doug shares, “The Bible predicts a false religious movement will arise in the last days to force the world to follow after unbiblical teachings, all cloaked in the forms of ‘united Christianity.’ It will present itself as the one true church, a religious power that was ‘mortally wounded,’ but whose ‘deadly wound was healed.’ The whole world will marvel and follow this beast power at the expense of Bible truth. Christians need to know their Bibles and draw as near to Jesus so they can to avoid this deception.”

Many in the ecumenical movement do not see Scripture as authoritative, but Amazing Facts believes that the basis for true and lasting unity is not in simple conformity, but a call to faithfulness to the Bible. Watch and be ready, friends!


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