Amazing Facts Internet Radio

It’s known by a lot of different names—web radio, net radio, e-radio, and webcasting. But whatever you want to call it, Amazing Facts is now broadcasting its very own Internet radio channel 24/7 at

This FREE streaming radio station is filled with the best of Amazing Facts programming and can be listened to anytime of the day. It can be heard almost anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Though radio broadcasting began in the 1920s and portable radios were invented in the 1950s, the revolution of Internet radio has no geographic limitations. Wireless connectivity even allows you to hear the AF Radio feed through the Internet to car radios and mobile devices. No longer anchored to a desktop computer, many use their laptop to enjoy hearing Amazing Facts’ truth-filled messages through the Internet wherever they go!

Check out AF Radio today and tell a friend how easy it is to listen while you work around your home, while you’re driving, or during your morning exercise time!

Click here to listen now!

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