Spring of Truth: The FREE Book Library

Did you know that more than a million books are printed each year? The average price for an adult hardcover nonfiction book is $28, but Bill Gates spent the most ever in purchasing a book: He bought Leonardo Da Vinci’s Codex Leicester for $30.8 million.

But you don’t have to pay a thing to read the 78 different books in the Amazing Facts free book library! You can read insightful, in-depth works like Absent from the Body by Joe Crews, Determining the Will of God by Doug Batchelor, and The Drummer Boy’s Prayer by M. L. Rossvally. You can also download a print-friendly version for later reading. (They are also available for purchase if you like at afbookstore.com.)

What are you waiting for? Check out different topics and enjoy this free resource to increase your Bible knowledge and strengthen your spiritual life. And tell a friend about the free Amazing Facts book library. There are no strings attached!

Click here to get started!


NOTE: If you have a Bible question for Pastor Doug Batchelor or the Amazing Facts Bible answer team, please submit it by clicking here. Due to staff size, we are unable to answer Bible questions posted in the comments.

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