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Steps to Eternity: A Powerful Sharing Video!

Posted on January 23, 2017
Steps to Eternity: A Powerful Sharing Video!
Today people download virtually everything—books, pictures, news, music, videos—you name it. But wouldn’t the best thing to download be God’s step-by-step plan of salvation? Imagine if you could email someone the keys to eternal life instead of the latest meme?

Now you can. A few months ago, Doug Batchelor began working on a clear and concise way to present the most basic steps of salvation. “I wanted it to be so simple that anyone could understand it,” he explains. “Many people don’t understand the fundamental keys to receiving the gift of eternal life—but this video is designed to provide them a start, a clear pathway to what it means to receives eternal life in Jesus.”

With 5 Steps to Eternity, you can share with your friends how to trust Christ with their whole lives. This short, dynamic video blends Pastor Doug’s straightforward teaching on the good news with simple animations that make the truth easy to grasp.

Pastor Doug encourages everyone, “Watch this video and then, if you have not yet accepted Jesus in your life, follow the steps to ask Christ to be your Savior. If you have already taken these steps, share it with those who do not know about God’s free gift of eternal life or who haven't yet taken these steps.”

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