Kingdoms in Time Brings Bible Prophecy to Life

By Mark A. Kellner
Posted December 04, 2018

Kingdoms in Time, the newly released Amazing Facts documentary hosted by Pastor Doug Batchelor, takes viewers on a journey spanning thousands of years, with a fresh and exciting take on Bible prophecy that will win hearts for the kingdom of God.

Available Now on USB and DVD!

The 60-minute video, available for order now on DVD and USB drive, brings a high-definition focus to the future of our planet—and every person on it. It takes seemingly outdated Scriptures and prophecies and makes them relevant to viewers in today’s fast-paced world.

Although millions of Americans consult astrologers each year, and tens of millions read horoscopes online and in daily newspapers, growing numbers of people feel disconnected from the most reliable source of information about the future, contained in the pages of the Old and New Testaments. Historical studies and discoveries, such as those of the Dead Sea Scrolls, have helped confirm that ancient prophetic Scriptures aren’t mere mythology, but are, in fact, history written in advance.

“Too many people believe Bible prophecy is something irrelevant to their lives, let alone their futures,” says Pastor Doug Batchelor. “But the fact is that the prophecies found in Scripture are of crucial importance to everyone. In this documentary, viewers will learn why these ancient words are so vital right now.”

Travel Through History

Building off the concept of having a time machine in which you travel through history, Kingdoms shows that such a machine exists—sort of. The actual time machine is Bible prophecy, words written centuries, even thousands of years, before their fulfillment. When you can see that many ancient prophecies have already been fulfilled, and at a level of detail impossible to guess at, viewers can have confidence that what is still predicted will happen as indicated.

Watching Kingdoms, viewers will journey through ancient Israel and hear from expert theologians, historians, and archaeologists who demonstrate these prophecies were written in advance—and what it means for the future. These experts present the Bible as a road map to your future, which in fact is what prophecy is.

Even more, viewers will see ancient scenes brought to life alongside explanations of how Bible prophecy can be relied on from people who’ve done the on-site research. Kingdoms offers documented proof, eschewing mere dogma.

Available in Multiple Languages

Produced in stunning visual quality with eye-catching special effects, the documentary is presented in English and features available subtitles in Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, German, French, Russian, Hindi, Indonesian, and Korean. This makes the production suitable for distribution as a witnessing tool in a range of languages and cultures.

Two editions of the program are available. The DVD recording is the more traditional option, while a USB drive fashioned in the shape of a mysterious statue referred to in the ancient Book of Daniel is a great tool for witnessing.

Kingdoms in Time is a presentation uniquely suited to the present moment, and it’s one you’ll enjoy and want to share with others. 

Find out more at the official website!



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