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Prophecy DVD Speeds Ahead!

Posted on August 14, 2017
Prophecy DVD Speeds Ahead!
An upcoming original Amazing Facts documentary production about fulfilled prophecies of the Bible has completed principal photography—including on-set footage of host Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts. Today, our film crew is traveling around the country meeting with experts to discuss the accuracy of Bible prophecies. Many of these are secular-minded scholars giving positive testimony of the Bible’s truthfulness.

The new film, with a working title of Amazing Prophecies That Prove the Bible Is True, will feature modern set design and special effects, while using historical evidence and the witness of present-day archeologists, historians, and theologians, creating an exciting new sharing tool that reveals how ancient prophecies have been fulfilled and why the Bible can be trusted today.

Pastor Doug explains, “I’ve always believed that, given enough time, I could convince any honest seeker that the Bible is true based on the fulfillment of its prophecies—which number more than eighteen hundred. I used to believe God’s Word was nothing but fables, but when I discovered how Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah were written long before His time yet were perfectly fulfilled in Jesus, I could not deny it.”

Jesus is coming soon! And we want to do our part by presenting the truth in an appealing and attractive format. Amazing Facts appreciates the continued support of faithful believers like you who provide the resources to make this exciting new witnessing tool available for people to share with family and friends.
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