Amazing Adventure to Bring Learning and Faith-building to Kids

Promising today’s children a “boatload of exciting amazing facts from the Bible,” Pastor Doug Batchelor recently announced Amazing Facts’ plans for Amazing Adventure, a brand-new ten-part Bible program designed just for kids.

This new evangelistic series will be recorded June 14–22, 2019, before a lively audience of young people, ages 8 to 12, at the upcoming Michigan Conference Camp Meeting in Cedar Lake. Not long after, a new DVD series, with all-new Bible lessons, will be made available at

All parents attending the camp meeting are invited to bring their children to this free event. You’ll love watching your kids set sail on a thrilling voyage of discovery designed to help them stand with Christ for all eternity.

Pastor Doug says, “Our children are being flooded with worldly messages designed to sink their characters. This fun but soul-winning program will help them choose Jesus over the fleeting attractions of this world.”

A Timely Resource

Amazing Adventure gives parents, pastors, teachers, and Pathfinder leaders a wonderful tool to reach our kids with the good news in a way that speaks to them. The upcoming resource will also be perfect for kids to invite their friends from school and the neighborhood to a fun and interesting event that will help them understand and trust the Bible.

Each video presentation will feature a thrilling amazing fact and an interactive activity for kids, each tied to an eye-opening Bible lesson with Pastor Doug. Newly designed Amazing Adventure Bible lessons are also in production and will include all-new graphics, puzzles, and powerfully convicting biblical truths in an easy-to-understand format for kids.

The series will be an awesome, Christ-centered resource for small groups and church schools to share with young people in their communities. Adds Pastor Doug, “Amazing Adventure will provide families a spiritual oasis in a hyper-speed world. I’m excited about being able to share God’s Word with young people through this new series. It’s time to get in the boat!”

The Amazing Adventure DVD set will also include other powerful resources, including Bible Lessons, an NKJV Adventure Bible, and even a diploma.

Watch here for updates on this exciting project!

Amazing Adventure


The Amazing Adventure set is now available from our bookstore! Click on the following titles for more information:

Amazing Adventure DVD & Study Guide Set
Amazing Adventure DVD Series
Amazing Adventure Bible Guide Set
Amazing Adventure Diploma
Amazing Adventures Activity Book: Heroes of Faith Edition
NKJV Adventure Bible for Kids


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