AFCOE to Resume Onsite Training This Summer!

By Mark A. Kellner
Posted May 20, 2021

Amazing Facts International is thrilled to announce that our Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE) Complete Course program is resuming in-person training this summer at the all-new W.O.R.D. Center campus in Granite Bay, California. Classes run from August 19 to November 20.

Carlos Muñoz, director of AFCOE, says, “As the world reopens after more than a year of COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, we couldn’t let AFCOE lag behind with millions of people searching for answers and hope after months of isolation, fear, and the disruption of their daily lives. AFCOE graduates will be uniquely positioned to bring them the lasting hope of Jesus Christ!”

AFCOE’s in-person program distills more than 55 years of Amazing Facts’ evangelism know-how into a three-month program that trains students how to …

Start and grow their own ministry

Speak persuasively in public settings

Develop a vibrant devotional life

Identify their calling in ministry

Confidently share their faith with others

Persuasively present the gospel and the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation

Assess the physical and emotional needs of their contacts

Winsomely answer difficult Bible questions

Coordinate and conduct an evangelistic series

Utilize the latest technology to present Bible truth dynamically

And much more!

More Than Just a Classroom

Students will also go beyond the classroom to win souls for Jesus Christ. According to Pastor Doug Batchelor, Amazing Facts president, “AFCOE is about learning while doing. Students do real work, in real communities, and with real people, bringing real results for the Master.” 

AFCOE’s teachers and evangelists will help students put all their training to powerful, practical use during their own two-week evangelistic Bible prophecy series for our overseas mission trip in December. They will also be able to participate in Pastor Doug’s globally broadcast prophecy seminar this fall—meaning graduates will not only be grounded in how to share the Bible’s message, but they’ll also experience the satisfaction of seeing their evangelism bear fruit.

Along with Pastor Doug and Carlos, other teachers include Pastor Jëan Ross, the ministry’s vice President of evangelism; Daniel Hudgens, AFCOE assistant director and evangelist; and Dakota Day, AFCOE outreach coordinator and evangelist. AFCOE also brings guest instructors and speakers who have excelled in their ministry fields, giving a wider breadth of outreach and Bible knowledge. Invited guests include Stephen Bohr, Ivor Myers, James Rafferty, and many more.

Is God Calling You?

If you’re looking for a one-stop evangelism training program, AFCOE just might be what you’re looking for. Each student will gain the confidence to talk with new people and make positive, life-changing Christian conversation, while making lasting friendships with like-minded people of faith from around the world.

AFCOE is a dynamic educational experience that will equip you to become a better soul-winner, Bible worker, missionary, health evangelist—or whatever else God has called you to be. But the greatest value you’ll experience is seeing souls saved in the kingdom because of your classwork!

You can learn more and apply for the upcoming AFCOE 3-month training program (including information on fees, lodging, meals, and more) at 


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