Amazing Facts Makes History … Channel!

History is one of television’s super networks—and one of its most popular. The colossal channel reaches a whopping 84 million+ U.S. homes and an additional 6 million on their Spanish-language channel.

Amazingly, by God’s grace, a huge door of opportunity recently opened for Amazing Facts International to broadcast our life-changing, Bible-based programs every weekday morning (6:00 AM ET/PT; 5:00 AM CT; 4:00 AM MT). History en Español will broadcast on Sundays (7:00 AM ET/PT; 6:00 AM CT; 5:00 AM MT).

On its debut, History originally focused on historical documentaries, but it has recently opened its network to Christian programming. Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts International, shares, “There are hundreds of ministries that would love to have this timeslot. We are so thankful we were approved. With History’s massive built-in audience, this truly is an ‘historic’ opportunity to share the three angels’ messages. I’m hopeful and excited to see what God will do with this broadcast opening.”

Unique Potential

Several years ago, Amazing Facts broadcast Kingdoms in Time: History’s Greatest Bible Prophecies on History. The positive response we received from viewers encouraged our leadership team to look for other opportunities on this award-winning network.

The ministry is stepping out in faith, and we ask you to not only watch—but to tell your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. Our plan is to broadcast, for the first time ever, a full evangelistic series—Prophecy Encounter—on national TV five days of the week. We are praying that God moves on hearts to watch and that His Holy Spirit convicts many thousands.

The ministry stepped out in faith to secure this momentous opportunity, but we can’t do it without your co-laboring gift. Will you please dig deep to share God’s truth with hurting souls? Click here to donate!


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