Panorama of Prophecy: A Bible Study Spectacular

Beginning October 15, 2021, Amazing Facts International will present Panorama of Prophecy: A Bible Study Spectacular with speaker Pastor Doug Batchelor. This full evangelistic Bible series will feature 25 timely, power-packed presentations and will be broadcast live from the new W.O.R.D. Center in Granite Bay, California, with a live audience. 

It can also be seen around the world on AFTV, 3ABN, Facebook, and YouTube.

After the devastating pandemic and resulting international fallout, many hearts are deeply troubled, wondering what global catastrophe may next happen to shatter our already fragmented, sin-filled planet. The Bible has real answers that can give the people you care about lasting hope, purpose, and the information they need to make an informed decision for Jesus Christ.

Pastor Doug will lead viewers to the pinnacles of Bible prophecy and provide an unobstructed view of our world’s current events, all of which will culminate with the Second Coming.

Program titles and subjects include profound Bible truths: 

Coronation of the King (signs of the Second Coming)

Dream of the Empires (Daniel 2 prophecy)

The Prince of Pride (the origin of evil)

The Supreme Sacrifice (salvation)

Other topics to be covered include the truth about hellfire, the afterlife, the millennium, the mark of the beast, the USA in Bible prophecy, and many more eye-opening revelations!

Would you or your church like to be a part of this extraordinary opportunity to bring the three angels’ messages to a world in darkness? We may not have many more opportunities to share every aspect of this message openly, so please prayerfully consider hosting the event at your church or even your home.

The popular Storacles of Prophecy Bible lessons are being updated with new titles and graphics and will be available for sharing at your event—and we’ll also make advertising easy. So let’s lead viewers into an eternal, joyful relationship with God together!

For more information, please visit And keep watching for more details as we get ready to share God’s truths with millions!


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