Cosmic Conflict Magazine Debuts: Unveiling the Origin of Evil and the Path to Redemption!

Amazing Facts International is thrilled to announce the launch of our newest sharing magazine, Cosmic Conflict: The Origin of Evil. This 60-page, full-color resource will captivate readers of all ages with its beautiful graphics and compelling, hope-filled biblical commentary that explores in-depth the great controversy between Christ and Satan. 

Cosmic Conflict has been designed to provide clear, convincing answers to some of humanity’s most profound questions. Says Pastor Doug Batchelor, president, “As people see the immense evil happening in our world today, from school shootings to natural disasters, they are grappling with how a loving, all-powerful God could allow such pain and evil. I believe Cosmic Conflict illuminates the how and why of this colossal struggle between light and darkness in a way that will lead thousands to Jesus!”

Amazing Facts’ newest sharing magazine builds upon the success of the popular Cosmic Conflict DVD, which has reached millions of viewers worldwide and transformed thousands of lives. Now through the printed page, even more people will be introduced to the Bible’s most profound truths.

Cosmic Conflict covers a wide range of topics, including the origin of evil, Satan’s rebellion, Adam’s fall, and how God’s love, mercy, and justice will work together to ultimately resolve this crisis. Readers will embark on a captivating journey through Bible history and into the near future in a way that will convincingly dispel misconceptions about God perpetuated by Satan’s lies. It is an essential read for anyone seeking to make informed decisions about faith and belief in a time of skepticism.

The launch of Cosmic Conflict magazine also provides an exciting opportunity for literature evangelism. Even as the world becomes increasingly digital, the power of the printed word remains strong. This new publication will provide colporteurs, literature evangelists, missionaries, and churches with a potent tool for sharing the life-changing message of hope and redemption.

Our prayer is that your faith and love will be deepened as you read Cosmic Conflict and that you will share it with someone you care about—and even with your entire community! Please consider mass mailing this magazine at a substantially discounted price. In many cases, it’s tax-deductible. To get started, call 800-538-7275.

We also thank our many ministry friends for supporting this vital project and spreading the Bible truth through print. You are reaching millions of seekers who may not otherwise learn this life-transforming information.

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