AFCOE Complete Course Coming to Granite Bay in August 2023

Amazing Facts International is excited to announce that the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE) will hold its fall 2023 complete course in Granite Bay, California, beginning in August! (Please note: The location has been changed from Texas to California.)

The three-month program will align with Pastor Doug Batchelor’s upcoming 10-part The Pinnacle of Prophecy evangelistic series scheduled for Granite Bay in October. The class will help local congregations prepare for the reaping event through intensive training in outreach, including giving Bible studies, answering difficult Bible questions, organizing effective pre-work, discipling new believers, and much more.

But the training provided for this series is not meant to benefit only our neighbors in Granite Bay. Says Carlos Muñoz, AFCOE director, “We invite everyone, from everywhere, to come train and work for this event and learn how to replicate it in their local congregations. What you learn and practice here will help you grow your community of faith wherever you live.”

AFCOE is designed to help Christians from all backgrounds speak persuasively for Christ in public settings, develop a vibrant devotional life, confidently share their faith with others, and identify their specific calling in ministry. AFCOE can even teach you how to start and grow your own ministry.

Students will get winsome, empowering instruction from Pastor Doug and other experienced soul-winners, including Jëan Ross, vice president of evangelism; Carlos Muñoz; Daniel Hudgens, AFCOE assistant director; Dakota Day, AFCOE outreach coordinator; Dr. David Shin; Dwayne Lemon; and more. Our instructors and guest speakers have excelled in their ministry fields and will give you a wider breadth of outreach and Bible knowledge.

Students will also go beyond the classroom to win souls for Jesus, working directly with Amazing Facts and churches to gain valuable outreach experience that will make an eternal difference. Says Pastor Doug, “AFCOE is about learning while doing. Students do real work in real communities and with real people, bringing real results for the Master.”

Is God Calling You?

Would you like to be a part of this amazing experience? Do you desire to become a better soul-winner, Bible worker, missionary, health evangelist, or whatever else God has called you to be? We invite you to learn more at today. Prayerfully ask God whether He wants you to receive this empowering, life-changing outreach training and win souls for Christ in these last days!

Quick Facts:

Three-month outreach training course (August 17 to November 18).

Classes held in Granite Bay, California.

Space is limited. Enrollment deadline: July 17.

Apply today at


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