The 2024 Amazing Facts Youth Conference Begins June 12!

The fourth annual Amazing Facts Youth Conference (AFYC) will take place June 12–15, 2024, at the Granite Bay Hilltop Church in Granite Bay, California. The event’s theme, Stand: Unshakeable Faith, was chosen to encourage youth and young adults to build a resilient faith to help them overcome life’s pressing problems.

“A religion that bears a living testimony in favor of holiness and that rebukes pride, selfishness, avarice, and fashionable sins will be hated by the world and by superficial Christians. Marvel not, then, my youthful Christian friends, if the world hates you; for it hated your Master before you. When you suffer reproach and persecution, you are in excellent company; for Jesus endured it all, and much more. If you are faithful sentinels for God, these things are a compliment to you. It is the heroic souls, who will be true if they stand alone, who will win the imperishable crown” (My Life Today, p. 69).

 Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts International and one of the speakers at the event, shares, “I am so thrilled that AFY is providing our youth and young adults a ministry that speaks directly to their needs in this challenging world. I’m certain that our team and the energetic youth who attend will make our 2024 conference a don’t-miss, faith-building experience. I invite you to attend and see how God accomplishes a mighty work in your life.”

Additional speakers for the conference include Anil Kanda, Diamond Garcia, Anella Poljak, and Darcee Christensen. Along with daily presentations, speakers will also participate in question-and-answer sessions.

Each AFYC session will be streamed on AFTV, Facebook, YouTube, and the website. 


Breakfast, lunch, and supper are served onsite FREE on Thursday, Friday, and Sabbath

Meet new friends, network, and study together

Afterglow sessions, devotionals, and testimonials

Outreach, fellowship, prayer, and uplifting music

Q&A each evening

Separate presentations, “Amazing Adventure: Stand,” designed for 8- to 12-year-olds, will be presented by Amazing Facts evangelist Daniel Hudgens.


Please let us know if you’ll be attending in person or watching online by registering here.(We strongly recommend registering, especially if you wish to attend in person, as the venue has limited seating.)

For more event details and lodging information, visit


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