Maha Mongkut

Date: 09/23/2007 
In 1851, Maha Mongkut, also known as Rama IV, ascended the throne as the king of Siam (now better known as Thailand). Mongkut was a true monarch with total power over his five and a half million subjects.
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Hello Friends, this is Doug Batchelor, how about an Amazing Fact? In 1851, Maha Mongkut, also known as Rama IV, ascended the throne as the king of Siam (now better known as Thailand). Mongkut was a true monarch with total power over his five and a half million subjects. But he was also different from previous Siamese kings. Before becoming king he spent 27 years traveling as a Buddhist priest, studying English, French, and Latin as well as Siamese and Sanskrit. This made him more friendly towards the West, inviting European diplomats to his coronation and introducing Western Innovations into his Kingdom. Despite his open mindedness about other cultures, in his personal life Mongkut adhered to Royal Siamese Tradition, having 82 children by 39 wives. 9,000 women lived in his harem, kept apart from the world in a separate city.

Mongkut also, was a very devoted Buddhist. In fact, he once spent half a million dollars for a single bath. He built the Temple of the Bath with a sole purpose of enabling his 10 year old son to take one solitary ritual bath. It’s a beautiful pool surrounded by 4 smaller pagodas, all encrusted with heavy plates of gold and gems. In the center, is the fabulous Marble and Gold swimming pool. The King built the Golden Temple on the Menam River in 1887 at a cost of 500,000 dollars. After the solemn bath was administered to the Prince, the structure was never occupied again.

Did you know there is another King who paid much more for you to enjoy a special bath? Stay with us friends we’re going to learn more as Amazing Facts brings you this edition of Bible Answers Live.


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Pastor Jëan Ross: My name is Jëan Ross, Good Evening listening friends. Pastor Doug it’s good to be back to be back here in the studio for Bible Answers Live.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Both of us have been gone for the past 2 weeks and I hope some of our listeners had a chance to view the “Here We Stand: Foundations of Our Faith Seminar”.

Pastor Doug: And if they haven’t you know, it’s not too late. They can go to the website and I was pleased to see they’ve got all of the video posted.

Pastor Jëan Ross: That’s Right.

Pastor Doug:

Pastor Jëan Ross: And if they haven’t had the chance to see that, we’d really encourage them to go ahead and do that. Before we get to our questions tonight and talk a little bit about the internet questions that have come in, let’s start with a Prayer.

Dear Father, once more we thank you for this opportunity to study your word. And we ask in a special way, that you’d be with us here in the studio. Be with those who are listening Father. And may you guide our thoughts and our discussion. For this we ask in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Jëan Ross: In the amazing fact that opened the program, this Thailand King Mongkut, spent a half a million dollars for a special bath for his son. Now that’s a lot of money to spend for a bath.

Pastor Doug: One Bath. Yes.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Just a one-time thing.

Pastor Doug: That’s a lot of money to spend for a bathtub you use for the rest of your life. You know naturally that brings to my mind, Baptism. And one of the many symbols of Baptism of course, not only is baptism a symbol of a death, a burial, a resurrection, a marriage, and a birth. It is a symbol of a cleansing, a bath, in that sense. And a matter of fact, if you go to some of the ancient first century churches and even the Jewish Synagogues, they had especially down around the Dead Sea they had these Synagogues that had pools for the spiritual washing. And Jesus began His ministry His ministry was launched on the Hills of His baptism. And then His ministry closes, by saying: “Go ye therefore, teach all nations, and baptize them.” And the New Testament, the Acts of the Apostles rather, the New Testament church was born in the context of they preached and they baptized. And you don’t hear as much about the bible teaching of baptism today as a perhaps would be healthy for God’s people.

And so we have a special offer, people want to know more about what the Bible says about Baptism. There’s a lot of very important spiritual truth. You know, Jesus said to Nicodemus, “Unless you are born of the water and the spirit, you cannot see the Kingdom of God.” And it would seem to me that the last words of Jesus might be a first priority for Christians, “Go ye therefore teach, baptize.”

And so friends, maybe you’ve accepted Christ but you’ve never been baptized Biblically. There’s a lot of different counterfeit forms of baptisms that are out there and some are wondering, you know, how important is Baptism? If it is a ceremonial washing then you know, can’t you just fulfill that in your mind with sincerity? Do really need to go through with it? We have a free offer that hopefully will answer a lot of these questions and all a person has to do is call us.

Pastor Jëan Ross: The free offer is entitled, “Baptism - Is It Really Necessary?” and to receive that written by Joe Crews, call the resource number 1800-835-6747. Ask for that free offer “Baptism - Is It Really Necessary?” Well, Pastor Doug we have a few questions that’s come in via the Email. The first question for this evening, “Does the Bible instruct us to forgive and forget? If a person says that he or she has forgiven you but keeps bringing up your past mistake, and says “Well, I’ve forgiven you but I have not forgotten.” have they truly forgiven you?”

Pastor Doug: Well, you know, all of us may remember in our brain cells if somebody has offended us but you certainly shouldn’t keep rehearsing that. That’s almost like, you know, deliberately trying to antagonize somebody you claim to have forgiven. And you actually would question “Have they forgiven in their heart, if they keep reminding them?” Jesus made 2 comments, on the Lord’s Prayer well the primary comment that Jesus makes after the giving Lord’s Prayer He said, “If you do not forgive men their trespasses, then neither will your Father in Heaven forgive you your trespasses. He makes a very similar statement at the clause of the Parable of “The Unmerciful Debtor”, “If we cannot forgive each men our trespasses, then neither will your Father in Heaven will forgive you.” And so, forgiving is really a gift that Jesus gives us because, we may not remember but we don’t have to dwell on, or we may not forget but we don’t have to dwell on those things. And Martin Luther used to say, "You cannot prevent the birds from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from making a nest in your hair.” and so choose to forgive the person. And I remember one time hearing that Clara Barton was approached by her friend. And her friends said, “Why were you talking to this person, don’t you remember what they did to you?” And Clara Barton said, “No, I specifically remember forgetting what they did to me.” And so we must choose to deliberately forget.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Alright, it’s always easy we need sometimes to pray in a special way for Grace.In order to be able to do that.

Pastor Doug: Yes, the Power of God that helps us.

Pastor Jëan Ross: The next question that’s come in via the Email, Pastor Doug if you want to look this up its 1 John 5:16 and 17. And the person is asking, “What is the sin that is unto death and what is the sin that is not unto death spoken off in this verse?” 1 John 5:16 to 17.

Pastor Doug: “If anyone sees his brother sinning a sin which does not lead to death, he will ask, and He will give him life for those who commit sin not leading to death. There is a sin leading to death. I do not say that he should pray about that.” Now, first of all I think that we could read the next verse too “All unrighteousness is sin, and there is a sin not leading to death.” I think John maybe speaking also here of offences that have been committed to us. In other words, you really don’t find that a person is interceding that God would forgive another person at the other part of the world that is not repentant, for their since against God or other people. You do have the case of course where Jesus and Stephen they said, “Lord forgive them.” But they were praying for forgiveness for something that was being done to them. So, there may be a sin that a person commits whether it’s to you or to someone else that really is breaking that violation of the Holy Spirit. The blasphemy against the Holy Spirit or what we would call, “The Unforgiving or Unpardonable Sin”. If someone is committing the Unpardonable Sin, hardening their heart to the Holy Spirit, intersession can’t alter that. For instance, an example I can think of in the Bible would be King Saul was quivering away the Holy Spirit, Samuel was praying for King Saul, finally God had to say, “Stop crying praying and crying Saul, he’s rejected me.” There is no use praying for many more He had chosen to reject God.

Pastor Jëan Ross: You know I’m reminded of the free offer that we have dealing with the Holy Spirit. And it deals with the subject of the Unpardonable Sin, its entitled “No Turning Back”. And it deals with, “What is the sin against the Holy Spirit?” “What is the sin that God can’t forgive?” We’d like to make that available to anyone listening, just call the resource number 1800-835-6747 and ask for that study guide, “No Turning Back”. And to go to the phone lines, our first caller this evening is Walter. He’s listening on the internet from York, Pennsylvania. Walter, welcome to the program.

Walter: Hello and Thank You. My question is, it seems that almost every word in the Bible or every word in the Bible has some significance and I’ve been trying to figure out the significance in Samson when he picked up the Jawbone of the donkey to attack the Philistines. Why does it say that he picked up a Jawbone?

Pastor Doug: Well, first of all, if you’ve ever seen, I’ve ridden around in the Nevada Desert quite a bit. And they have wild donkeys out there and periodically they die and you come across their skulls. The lower jaw of a donkey where it actually hinges is a formattable club and the fore-teeth actually make something of a forte or a handle for that. And it would make a formattable weapon it’s like just a club weapon. And you notice that I think it says, I’m not at that verse now but I think it says that it was a “Fresh”. That means it’s just, it’s still extremely strong and hard. But I believe one reason God chose to give him that, in the same way God spoke through a donkey to Balaam. A donkey is considered a pretty humble animal they’re not considered the brightest animals. And they’re unclean animals Biblically, you can’t eat them. But, the very fact that God can use the humblest of instruments to win great victories. With God’s Spirit, Samson was able to do great things with the un-very humble instruments. If we give ourselves to the Lord, we might feel like you know, I’ve sinned, I’m unclean, I’m not very smart, I don’t have talents, but God can defeat armies with us. He can achieve great victories, if we will just place ourselves in His hands. So, I think that maybe one of the spiritual applications from that specific tool in that story.

Walter: Well thank you very much, appreciate it.

Pastor Doug: Thank You. God Bless.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Our next caller is Gil and he’s listening on W.M.C.A. from New York, New York. Gil, welcome to the program.

Gil: Hi Guys, Good Evening, it’s a pleasure and a treasure once again to get through the program.

Pastor Doug: Hi Gil, How can we help you tonight.

Gil: Oh, I love you Doug. And I want to ask you a question about Mark 3:34 and also 31. In verse 34 it says, “Then he looked at those seated in the crowd around him and said, "Here is my mother and my brothers! Whoever does God's will is my brother and sister and mother.” Now, a lot of people from certain groups like to interpret these particular verses just to say that they were not really brothers, just to say that they’re believers. But when I read verse 31 of this verse, it says, “Then Jesus' mother and brothers arrived”. So it’s clearly saying that it was literary, and it says they were standing outside. You know,

Pastor Doug: Right, outside of the crowd.

Gil: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: Well, when we become Christians, we are adopted into a family. And as far as God is concerned, we are brethren. And that’s what Paul says you know, “We’re one family We are brethren In Christ, there’s neither Jew nor Greek”. It didn’t matter what their heritage or their race was. We all become a family. And, Jesus…

Gil: Yeah. But in reference to Matthew let’s say, 1:25. It says, “He had no union with her until she gave birth to her son. And they named Him Jesus.” As if to say, that Mary has other children per say.

Pastor Doug: Well, I see what you’re saying. Well, I don’t believe that the brothers of Jesus were necessarily full brothers. Is that what you’re talking about?

Gil: Yeah. Half-brothers, right.

Pastor Doug: Yeah. Because, you know, they were obviously the group in the same family. They would call themselves brothers it didn’t mean that there was a blood connection there. But yeah, as soon as we’re baptized into the family of God, we become part of this family. Pastor Ross, you had a thought on that…

Pastor Jëan Ross: Yeah. You know, in this situation I think the brothers of Jesus, stepbrothers of Jesus came thinking that somehow because they were related to Him, they would be able to get a special audience or perhaps they could tell Jesus what to do. And Jesus was illustrating the point that there is no special relationship to Him other than, by accepting Him as savior we become children of God. We become brothers and sisters, He’s our older brother. And so it’s more than just your family ties, but it’s your acceptance of Christ.

Pastor Doug: That’s Right.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Our next caller is Betsy and she’s listening on the cell phone, calling from Queens, New York. Betsy welcome to the program.

Betsy: Thank you. Hello Pastor Doug and Pastor Jëan.

Pastor Doug: Hi, how can we help you tonight?

Betsy: I’ve been reading the Bible in 2 Samuel and I noticed here in 2 Samuel 24, when it spoke about the census. Basically, that God became angry of the Israelites again and He may be able to think that it would be a good idea to do a census. And then I find in Chronicles, where it states that Satan, I believe it is 1 Chronicles chapter 21. But “Satan rose against Israel” and you know, he may be able to think that it would be a good idea to do a census on Israel. My question was, I wanted to know, which is it? Is it you know God or is it Satan? And…

Pastor Doug: Well,

Betsy: If it is God, why would He even punish David for something that you know, put in the cart?

Pastor Doug: You know there’s a similar story that gives us some light on this. First of all let me back up and just explain in the story of Job, it says that the devil needed to get God to withdraw his hedge of protection before the devil could come in and cause the problems for Job. God basically had to say, “He’s in your hand.” in the same way the devil is the one, and if you read 2 Chronicles 21:1, it’s Satan. But the Lord, the devil can’t do anything without God basically withdrawing his protection to some extent. And so, sometimes you’ll see in Hebrew specially, they’ll say you know, “The devil did this” And then they’ll say, well, “But the Lord” you know, I cannot say hardened Pharaohs heart. Well, the Lord backs away when those are rejecting Him. I was gonna say there was another story, in the story that has Hezekiah, when the ambassadors came. It says, The Lord withdrew from him, so that his Hezekiah might find out all that was in his heart. Meaning, Hezekiah found out that He had a lot of pride in his heart. As God withdrew, and he thought, “Look, you know I’m a spiritual man. God just made the sun stand still or go backwards for me.” Then the devil came in and tempted him with his pride. So, sometimes we drive the Lord back and God then gives the devil permission to come in with certain attacks. And I think in that context, you could see how the two verses really do say the same thing.

Betsy: To come in…

Pastor Doug: Hopefully that helps a little bit Betsy. Sounds like, we got some background noise there.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Alright, our next caller then. Joseph is listening on W.M.C.A. from New York, New York. Joseph, welcome to the program.

Joseph: Good Evening Pastors. I want to ask something concerning, it says that, “You are saved by Grace through Faith.” Faith in what, may I ask?

Pastor Doug: Well, it’s faith in Jesus. You know, there are some of the world who teach the power of positive thinking. And they basically say that we are saved by faith in faith or faith in our selves. Of course that’s what a lot of Eastern Religion says. You know, it’s in you. But we all have a measure of faith. God says, He has dealt to all men a measure of faith. We direct that faith to the Lord. So we are saved through faith. We’re saved by the Grace of God through faith in the Sacrifice of Jesus.

Joseph: The reason I asked that Pastor is, supposing the person was a Monotheist. And they had faith in God, as you know, the Father and of you. And that’s it, they didn’t accept Jesus. Are they saved?

Pastor Doug: Well, I would be careful not to judge them on that. Because you know, there will be people who are saved based on limited knowledge they have. If a person rejects Jesus, and the truth about Jesus, I think that their jeopardizing their… that’s different than those who just don’t know.

Joseph: No, I’m not talking about rejection Pastor. I’m talking about those that might regard Him as a Holy Man or a Prophet, but don’t accept Him as a Deity.

Pastor Doug: Well, there is a scripture that says, “There is no other name given among men, whereby we must be saved.”

Joseph: But,

Pastor Doug: And that “All that come into the Father, come through Him.”

Joseph: I’ll tell you what I had mine Pastor if I might mention this “We’re saved by grace through faith.” Now, and I’ve also heard somebody say, “There’s nothing we can do for our own salvation.” And yet, it seems like a contradiction. I’ll tell you why, that instance when that young fellow approached Jesus and he asked Him, “What can I do to be saved or to earn my salvation?”

Pastor Doug: Right.

Joseph: Where’s that at (inaudible 21:27)

Pastor Doug: Well, that’s in Mark chapter 10.

Joseph: Ok. And the good Lord said, “You have to keep the commandments” and He also mentioned others things. He didn’t say, “You don’t have to do anything or you can’t do anything”. So I think when people hear, “You’re saved by grace and there’s nothing you can do.” It might be a turn off and I’m just trying to do something. Because it says, “Your good works don’t amount to anything.” Well what’s the point doing any good works, if they don’t mean anything?

Pastor Doug: Well the good works are done because we do love the Lord. They’re not done in order to earn the salvation. See salvation is a gift and because we do love the Lord, we do the good things because, we love Him and we want to please Him. So the question is, do we do the works to be saved or do we do the good works because we are saved?

Joseph: How about they both?

Pastor Doug: Well, No. We don’t do any works to save ourselves. You know the best illustration of the Joseph is when the Lord brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, God saved them first by grace through their sacrificing a lamb. They offered a lamb then they begin their journey, after He saved them from their slavery. Then He brings Him to Mount Sinai and says, “Here’s my Law, if you love me in effect, keep my commandments.” and so, He was hoping that their love for Him and their trust in Him after saving them, that they’ll reciprocate by saying, “We want to obey Him cause we trust Him, cause we love Him.” That should be the right attitude. Now, there are you know, a lot of people who have tried to earn their salvation by doing good things. And yeah, you know, ultimately anyone saved is going to be saved by Grace. ‘Cause there are no works we can do that will make us good enough.

Joseph: You think that attitude might discourage people from doing good things? (Inaudible 23:16-17)

Pastor Doug: If they abuse the attitude, now on the other hand, if a person says I have faith and they don’t have works, James says, “They’re a liar” Right?

Joseph: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: So He said you know, a person can’t say, “I believe, I believe” and then live like the devil. Because their lying, they don’t really believe. John says, “If any man says I love Him and keeping out his commandments, he’s a liar.”

Joseph: Good point. Thank you so much Pastor.

Pastor Doug: Ok.

Joseph: God bless you both.

Pastor Doug: Thank you.

Pastor Jëan Ross: You know Pastor Doug, we also want to mention we do have a study guide dealing with the subject of salvation. It’s called “Rescue from Above” and all our listeners would need to do is call resource number, 1800-835-6747. And ask for that study guide, “Rescue from Above” dealing with salvation. What part does faith play and grace and what’s got anything to do with it…

Pastor Doug: Yeah. That’s a good point.

Pastor Jëan Ross: It really explains the whole subject very well. Our next caller is Michael and he is listening on W.M.C.A. also calling from New York. Michael, welcome to the program.

Michael: Good Evening Gentlemen, Pastor.

Pastor Doug: Evening.

Michael: Yes, my questions pertaining to the salvation that would be of course, the saving of the soul of an infant who only lives a short span of time. Now, I understand from the scripture that of course we’re all born in sin, we’re all born with the infection of the sin. And there are 2 verses if I could just make a reference to quickly.

Pastor Doug: Ok.

Michael: In the Psalms, well the 51st Psalm which speaks of the 5th verse of a “In sin did my mother conceive me.”

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Michael: And then again, in the 58th Psalm, (pardon me, I’m sorry) at the 3rd verse, it speaks of course, “The wicked go estranged from the womb.”

Pastor Doug: And so, alright your question is “How can a baby be saved if they’re not baptized because they’re born with this sin?” Is that what you’re implying?

Michael: Yes. And I just have there one to two points quickly. That my understanding is that the entire process of salvation is initiated by God alone, it’s the baptism truly the Holy Spirit that makes us born again, and a true believer a true Christian? So, with water baptism aside and that child now did not get a chance to hear the word of God. ‘Cause I also understand that faith comes by hearing, hearing by the word of God from Romans…

Pastor Doug: Well, let me dive in here before we run out of time for our break, if that’s ok Michael? You’re making I think an assumption that having a record of sin is the same thing as being born with central or selfish tendencies. Every human is born with the selfish tendencies and we basically must be thought to love. But that’s different from having a record of sin, obviously when the baby is born and it comes out just sparkling, brand-spanking new or shiny eyes. It’s not thinking any evil thoughts, its innocent, it hasn’t committed any sins. But it doesn’t have the “Renewed Nature” it’s got the “Fallen Nature of Adam” In that sense, we were you know, all born with this “Sinful Nature”. That’s different from having a “Record of Sin” children are not accountable for the “Record of Sin” until they reach the age of accountability in it. That age is a lot of debate over what that age is or if it varies based on the experience and understanding. So, you know before baptism, the bible says someone must repent, they must be thought, they must believe. These are things that an infant is not capable of doing. And so, there’s really no point in baptizing an infant by immersion. Matter of fact, they’re born they come out of an envelope of water.

Pastor Jëan Ross: (Laughing)

Pastor Doug: So, I don’t know what the ceremony or the value of that would be. Does that make sense?

Michael: It does, it makes a lot of sense.

Pastor Doug: (Laughing)

Michael: Where in the Bible though? Because that’s where I look for all truth and authority, is there anything to support what you’re saying and of course I would pray that that’s right that an infant that passes out of this world, that never had a chance to hear the gospel or so forth. And I also understand of course, God through His unseen miraculous power can save the soul of any human no matter what age, if He chooses to.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, well there are a lot of verses I could quickly sight. Of course Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven” “Unless you’ll be converted and become as a little child, you’ll know why he’s entered the kingdom of heaven” There’s a lot of verses that talk about you know, children and their innocence. Jesus said there, “Angels do behold the face of my Father which is in Heaven”. So, I think you just need to make a distinction between committing sins and a record of sin and being born with the “Fallen Nature of Adam”.

Pastor Jëan Ross: We also know that there will be children in Heaven. The bible speaks of children being in the new earth.

Pastor Doug: Yeah.

Pastor Jëan Ross: They could go up, grow up, so if they’re gonna be children in here…

Pastor Doug: Malachi 4, Right?

Pastor Jëan Ross: That’s Right. They’re gonna grow up in heaven then…

Pastor Doug: They’d have to be resurrected as children.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Right.

Pastor Doug: That’s true. Good point. Hey, friends you could tell we’re about to take a break. And that’s all this is we’re just taking a break. We have some important announcements we’d like you to listen to. Hopefully you’ll get some utensil to write with, cause when we come back we’d like to share a couple of websites that we trust will be a blessing to you and your personal devotions and some things that might be of special interest to those of you who teach others. To start with, you can write down the Amazing Facts Website – we’ll be right back.

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Pastor Jëan Ross: So that is Pod Broadcast. So if you’ve missed the program, you can go along, download, you can listen to it while you’re driving your car or whatever you do, go for your walk.

Pastor Doug: And one reason for the design, the new design of the website is to make it more dynamic and there’ll be fresh updates and additions on an on-going basis as we produce. We produce probably, at least 3 hours of new programming every week, which is a lot for any ministry. Between the radio program and 2 hours at the church and weeks like last week, we did 10 hours of programming in addition to everything else. So we’re gonna have a lot of new material at the website. And just keep in touch, new books at all the time, new studies.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Ok, Great. And from time to time we’ll probably mention some of the other websites like, the truthaboutdeath or dealing with different questions and subjects.

Pastor Doug: Yeah.

Pastor Jëan Ross: There’s just a number of great resources out there. We’re gonna go to the phone lines, our next caller is Ethlin or Ethline she’s listening on W.M.C.A. from Manhattan, New York. Welcome to the program.

Ethline: Good Evening Pastors.

Pastor Doug: Evening.

Ethline: Pastors, I would like for you to explain, Malachi 4 in verse 5.

Pastor Doug: Malachi 4, and for our listening friends, this is the last book in The Old Testament. Malachi 4:5, “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse" When you go to The New Testament and Jesus talks about this He said that “John the Baptist came in the Spirit and Power of Elijah” Matter of fact, in the Gospel of Luke chapter 1:17, it says that “John the Baptist would come in the Spirit and Power of Elijah” But Jesus is also speaking about this and I believe its Matthew 17, He says in verse 11, “Elijah truly shall come first, and restore all things. But I say to you, That Elijah is come already, and they did not know him.” So it says, “Elijah will come, and Elijah has come” In other words John the Baptist came in the Spirit and Power of Elijah to prepare the world for Jesus’ First Coming. But there will be at least one more (if not an army) of other Elijah’s that will come to prepare the world for the Second Coming. Going back Ethline to the verse there in Malachi, it said, “Before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.”

Ethline: Yep.

Pastor Doug: That’s still in the future. And so, when we read this there is a John the Baptist that comes or someone rather in the spirit and power of Elijah that comes, before the great and dreadful day of the Lord. You know, something that you might enjoy if you contact amazing facts there is a book that we’ve written for one thing there’s an article that you can download for free, and it’s called “The Return of Elijah”, “The Return of Elijah” and it’s at the Amazing Facts website. I go into some detail on this, exactly on your question.

Ethline: Yes. But Pastor, Elijah that went up into the whirlwind, this (Inaudible 35:28-29)

Pastor Doug: He does not come back.

Ethline: Is not coming back.

Pastor Doug: No. Well, he actually did come and appear to Jesus on The Mount of Transfiguration. He’s already done that. But he won’t come back down and walk around on earth. It’s clear from what it says in Luke 1:17 that John the Baptist came in the Spirit and Power of Elijah. The same way that Elisha had a double portion of Elijah’s Spirit. Elisha was not a reincarnation of Elijah,

Ethline: Right.

Pastor Doug: He just had the same Holy Spirit. There will be others in the Last Days that have the same.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Ok, Great. Our next caller is Patricia, and she’s listening on K.A.D.B. from Sonora, California. Patricia, welcome to the program.

Patricia: Thank you. Thank you for taking my call. Your Administry is a real blessing to us. And I had a girlfriend that asked me a question today, and I had a little trouble answering it. So I told her I’d get back to her on this. She mentioned that in The Old Testament, “Why would God command various people to be killed, when He did command us not to kill in The Ten Commandments?”

Pastor Doug: Well, you know a simple, quick answer to that would be when we read The Ten Commandments and we read the Commandment that’s says, “Thou shall not kill” that is really better translated “Thou shall not commit murder” because technically, every time we breathe there are probably microbes and bacteria that are being killed. When you swat a mosquito, you could argue that someone is killing something or if you pull up a weed, you kill the weed. So it’ll be really hard to try to tiptoe through life like a Orthodox Buddhist, try not to hurt anything else. But the Commandment really says, “Thou shalt not murder” Now, you say Pastor Doug how can you say that? Jesus requotes that very same Commandment in The New Testament. Here’s what He says, Matthew 19:18, a young ruler said to Jesus, “Which commandments are you talking about?” Jesus said, “Thou shalt do no murder Thou shall not commit adultery Thou shalt not steal Thou shalt not bear false witness” Now, the others all sound familiar don’t they?

Patricia: Mm-hmm.

Pastor Doug: But He didn’t say “Kill” Jesus said, “Do no murder”. Now murder, is the pre meditated taking of innocent human life.

Patricia: Wait, she mentioned that well I don’t know it was the Israelites that commanded to kill the Amorites?

Pastor Doug: Amalekites. Yeah.

Patricia: Excuse. A what?

Pastor Doug: It’s ok.

Patricia: And that was what she was kind of getting (Inaudible 37:57)

Pastor Doug: Well they’ve got to keep in mind that the Amalekites were bent on annihilating the Israelites. So that was really self-defense.

Patricia: Oh, Ok. (Inaudible 38:04)

Pastor Doug: Yeah, and I can show you where as soon as the Children of Israel left Egypt the Amalekites attacked them and they were very vicious they attacked the old and the weak, that were struggling behind, the children. So this was very barbaric people. The Amalekites had actually, they attacked David’s family and carried them all away captive. They were at war with the Amalekites and it was you know, unfortunately, it was the defense of the nation that was at stake.

Patricia: Ok, Great. Ok, well thank you very much. I think that will help and do you have a resource that I could possibly prove?

Pastor Doug: Well you know, the best thing I can do is there’s a sermon that I preached called, “Does God Believe in War?” And I think you can listen to that at our website for free.

Patricia: Oh, Ok.

Pastor Doug: But we didn’t ever print anything on that I know of.

Patricia: Ok, Great. Ok, well thank you very much and hopefully this will help. If not, (Inaudible 38:37)

Pastor Doug: Thank you Patricia. Alright, appreciate it.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Kathy is listening in K.S.O.H. from Pasco, Washington. Kathy, welcome to the program.

Kathy: Hi, Thank you very much for taking my call.

Pastor Doug: Thank You.

Kathy: Ok. My question is dealing with Jezebel. And we go to what, 2 Kings 9 and we go down to “They went to bury her, and all they found was no more than her skull, her feet, her palms and the palms of her hand. Do you think there’s any significance of Bethel that was left of Jezebel, in “out the window”?

Pastor Doug: I do, I think it’s very significant.

Kathy: Ok.

Pastor Doug: Keep in mind, Jezebel, is The Old Testament pattern for the “Starlet Harlot” you find in Revelation 17 or that’s sort of a nickname, it doesn’t call her that in the Bible. But if you look in Revelations 17, John sees this woman,

Kathy: Uh-huh

Pastor Doug: who is the combined he’s called “Babylon the Mother of Harlots” and Jezebel was a wicked and seductive queen that manipulated the King to persecute Gods Prophets and to establish Baal Worship or Pagan Worship.

Kathy: Uh-huh

Pastor Doug: She was very ruthless. And those that get the “Mark of the Beast” get it in the hand or in the forehead.

Kathy: Ok.

Pastor Doug: And the fact the only thing left of Jezebel is her hands and her head, is a symbol for that’s where the “Mark of the Beast” is. Now, perhaps you remember a similar story where in the book of I believe its 1st Samuel, it is.

Kathy: Uh-huh

Pastor Doug: The Ark is captured by the Philistines the Philistines capture the Ark of the Covenant.

Kathy: Right.

Pastor Doug: They put the Ark of the Covenant in The Temple of Dagon.

Kathy: Uh-huh

Pastor Doug: Dagon falls on his face and his head and his hands are broken off.

Kathy: Ok.

Pastor Doug: That’s what’s left of Jezebel the skull and the hands.

Kathy: Ok.

Pastor Doug: And so that’s where “Mark of the Beast” is. The head represents what you think your hands represent what you do. We worship God with our minds we show our love with our actions. And so, those who worship the Beast, it’s something they to do in the mind and in the actions.

Kathy: Ok.

Pastor Doug: So there is symbolism there, very ousted for you to recognize that.

Kathy: Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

Pastor Doug: Thank you Kathy.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Friends again we wanna remind you we have a few lines still open, if you would like to get your Bible Question in, this evening. The number to call is 1800-GOD-SAYS, that’s 1800-463-7297. Our next caller is Bryan. And he’s calling on a cell phone from K.P.B.Q. from Oregon. Bryan, welcome to the program.

Bryan: Hi, Thanks. I have a question about divorce. We’re guilty of adultery we remarry. But my question comes about what if we are divorced with no choice on our part. Me personally, my wife divorced me and I wanna know a part of it did not cooperate, does that mean I am now stuck for life now via adultery if I would try to remarry?

Pastor Doug: Well, let me start by reading the verse to you Bryan. There’s a couple of verses where Jesus speaks about this. In Matthew 5:31, Jesus said “It has been said by those of old, whoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement. But I say to you, whoever puts away his wife, saving for the cost of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: And whosoever shall marry her that is divorced commits adultery.” And he repeats…

Bryan: It almost sounds like (Inaudible 42:29)

Pastor Doug: Excuse me?

Bryan: I was gonna say, it almost sounds like its talking about the woman more than the man.

Pastor Doug: Well the law was really, it was reciprocal. A man or a woman really should not divorce their spouse, because of you know, disagreements or one of them burnt the food or you know, there’s all kinds where people talk about incompatibility. The biblical grounds for divorce was adultery, if there was fornication and a person had violated the marriage covenant. A man can’t divorce the wife because he thought she was flirting. There’s all kinds of things that had been used to justify divorce. Now, in your case there is one other verse in 1st Corinthians chapter 7. Where it says that, you know, “If a believer is married to an unbeliever and the unbeliever divorces them because they just don’t wanna be a Christian, that the brother or sister is not under bondage in such cases”. But I’m not sure it may sound to me like you’re saying, you and your wife both were Christians and for whatever reasons she filed for divorce. Is there another party involved?

Bryan: No. She just decided that she didn’t wanna be married anymore. Is all I know.

Pastor Doug: Yeah. Well, there’s always a reason. And I’m not getting into a counseling session now. But, do you go to church somewhere?

Bryan: No. I don’t.

Pastor Doug: You should probably find a church where you can, you know think there might be a ministry you can trust. And generally, Pastors’ will give a certain degree of free marriage counseling to people, to try and help them. And you might have some friends that are Christians that has someone they could recommend. But, I think it would be good for you to get counsel on this. The Bible guidelines they’re really 2 things One is, if you’re abandoned by an unbeliever because you’ve become a believer, that can be grounds for remarriage. And the other is adultery, if the person violates the marriage vows.

Bryan: I see. Ok.

Pastor Doug: No hope for reconciliation, huh?

Bryan: Right. Ok.

Pastor Doug: I was asking you though Bryan, it doesn’t look like there’s any hope for a reconciliation for you and your former wife?

Bryan: No, there isn’t.

Pastor Doug: Alright. Well, I’d encourage you get some counseling from a Pastor, Ok?

Bryan: Ok. Well thanks for your help.

Pastor Doug: Thank You.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Our next caller is Lisa. And she’s listening on W.2.17.A.W. from Georgia. Lisa, welcome to the program.

Lisa: Hey, Welcome. Thank You. Or (Inaudible 45:01-02) Thank you for asking.

Pastor Jëan Ross: (Laughing)

Lisa: (Laughing)

Pastor Doug: Yeah, we’ll welcome you. That’s ok. We’ll be welcomed too.

Lisa: We’ll welcome each other.

Pastor Doug: And your question?

Lisa: It’s actually a very difficult question. I have a lot of several questions (Inaudible 45:12) into some simple answer. I know it because I find difficult questions all the time and I could flip through the Bible and find some simple answers, or do some research and find some simple answers. I just make them difficult by asking.

Pastor Doug: Ok.

Lisa: (Laughing) But, my question is what can I, first, I believe that I believe in God, I believe that God can’t sustain Jesus to save our souls by becoming the ultimate sacrifice. And I’d never had a background of going to church growing up. I haven’t been in church for awhile, but I do believe in God. That being said, I have several different questions.

Pastor Doug: Well start with one, ok?

Lisa: How can a person who actually believe in Jesus, believe in God, and believe in the crea… And I can’t even explain creation to children where they can understand creation.

Pastor Doug: Alright, so…

Lisa: How is it that I can believe in something so passionately, (Inaudible 46:06) and what can you do to change that?

Pastor Doug: Alright, that’s a very important question. Paul actually talks a little bit about that in Romans chapter 6 and 7. Where he says, you know, “With my mind I serve the Lord, but I feel there’s other Law within my members at war with the Spirit.” And Peter talks about that “The Spirit and the Flesh are at war as well as James.” There’s this battle inside between our selfish natures, between our physical natures, and between the spiritual nature of our minds, where the Holy Spirit’s in us and we wanna do the will of God. And so, that’s a quick answer on how you can feel that dichotomy inside. That paradox of wanting to do the will of God and serve God with your heart, but yet, you know, our selfish natures or the physical side of us, we’ve got this carnal, this Carnal Desires that are at war.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Of course, there’s hope right? We don’t wanna just give up and say, well…

Pastor Doug: No.

Pastor Jëan Ross: “I have this sinful tendency so I’m just gonna have to keep along that track.” The Bible also tells us, Jesus said, “If the Son sets you free, you’ll be free indeed.” But that requires a surrender of self and that takes effort on our part. To surrender our will, to allow God to work within us, supposed to willing to do according to His complexion. So we must never give up.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, I’m glad you mentioned that Pastor Ross. In Romans 7:24, after Paul describes this war he has within himself, he said, “Oh, wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death?” You jump to verse 1 of chapter 8, he says, “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” ‘Cause the Holy Spirit if it’s on the throne in the heart, you don’t have to be a slave anymore to the flesh. That’s the key. You know there’s a war going on and you just it’s something like the war that we’ve got going on in Iraq right now. There’s a lot of good people there, and there’s folks who want Law and Order but there’s this rebels that are stirring things up all the time and that must be subdued. And in the same way, you can have victory within it doesn’t come easy. But when Christ isn’t throned on the heart, sin will no longer have dominion over you.

Lisa: It was just asked, made to the points of research, and by research I mean going through the Bible and looking at other Bible Studies, of how to actually serve the law or (Inaudible 48:38) show your procession, you could show your (Inaudible 48:40-41) and I hadn’t noticed that there’s a lot of commandments. But I also noticed in my research that the Lord resting on the seventh day. And he sanctified that seventh day and made it Holy.

Pastor Doug: So,

Lisa: Now, we have different churches that go to church on Sunday. We have different churches that go to church Saturday. And then again, whenever you read by the wrong that the letters are written to the seven different churches. You know, how are actually supposed to worship? I mean, with all the different churches and you know, I have one church that tells me, “You just need to get to a bible, and believe in church.” But,

Pastor Doug: Well no, that’s the key right there. Is you wanna go somewhere, where their teaching the Word of God. Anyone who listens for very long to this program, they know that periodically we get a question like this, Pastor Ross and I. Why we recognize there are many Spirit-faut Christians, and many different denominations. There’ll be a lot of people in heaven that worship God or went to church on the first day of the week. Biblically, you can’t really support that. Biblically, the only day that God asks us to rest for the set aside as the Sabbath is the Seventh Day. And you know, it’s just so clear everywhere from Genesis chapter 2, where God first establishes the Sabbath day and He rests and blesses it. All the way to Revelation Chapter 1, where it says John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day. And Jesus never said you know, He came to abolish the Sabbath Day so don’t think that. So, all through the Bible there really is only one example of what day is the Sabbath Day and that would be the Seventh Day of the week. And you know what, I think, probably in order to free up some time for some others if you don’t mind Lisa. We have a study guide we’ll be happy to send you on the subject and it’s called “The Almost Forgotten Day” or “The Lost Day of History”

Pastor Jëan Ross: “Lost Day of History” changed the name. Let me give you the number for that 1800-835-6747 and ask for the study guide…

Pastor Doug: “The lost day of History”

Pastor Jëan Ross: I almost forgot the name again, “The lost day of History” You know this would also be a good time to talk about that website. We have a website dedicated to the subject of the Sabbath.

Pastor Doug: Oh, Absolutely.Lisa,

Pastor Jëan Ross: Mm-hmm. Just a great resource with…

Pastor Doug: sabbathtruth one word dot com or dot org and that’s just all kinds of information from the Bible on that subject.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Alright, our next caller in is David listening on W.M.U.Z. from Detroit, Michigan. David, welcome to the program.

David: Thank you Pastor for your time. My question, is it Biblical for a female to be a Pastor over a church and then, if not, is it Biblical for a female to be a teacher over a set of men?

Pastor Doug: Ok, 2 questions here, let me take them one at a time. And this question never makes me very popular but I’m more interested in being faithful to the word than getting reelected to any office. I have a lot of dear friends that are Pastors that are ladies. But when I look into the Bible I must respectfully disagree with the practice, because I don’t find any President in the Bible for women being ordained as Pastors. Now having said that David, there are women in the Bible who are prophets. But that’s really a different office.

David: Yes.

Pastor Doug: And I could name a whole litany of women, who served in a capacity of a Prophetess, both in New and the Old Testament. But the office of a priest is different, and the pastor and the priest that was similar in its function. And I always like to use the example of Moses had a brother and a sister, Amram and Jochebed had three kid’s Moses, Aaron, and Miriam. All three were prophets only the boys would offer sacrifice and did the work of the priest. Jesus had many that followed Him, many disciples, men and women. But only the men were apostles, and then Paul said that they were to ordain elders and the elders were to be husbands of one wife, implying that they were men. So, if you really are gonna be faithful to the word, you don’t find a president for women serving in the capacity of a pastor…

David: Alright.

Pastor Doug: or even elders. Now, as far as women teaching, the statements that Paul makes about women teaching Men. That was in the context of the churches in the Middle East, where the men and the women sat differently, and the women were actually calling out questions to their husbands or are trying to teach their husbands and it wasn’t respecter in his priestly authority of the home in public. And so he said, “Look, ask your husband these things or fill them in at home. But don’t embarrass them publicly.” Cause the husband is supposed to be the Priest Leader of the Family. But that didn’t mean that a man or a group of men can’t learn anything from a woman. Cause if a woman’s a Prophetess, she’s teaching.

Pastor Jëan Ross: That was the point I was gonna mention, if the Gift of Prophecy is given to a woman and men. Somewhere along the line, the woman’s gonna have to share or teach that which God has revealed to her and men will be in the audience.

Pastor Doug: Yeah. Did that make sense David?

David: Yeah. Yeah. Very much. Is there a (Inaudible 53:33) a something I could dig up as far as what you have to offer on that particular subject that’s more in depth?

Pastor Doug: We have 2 studies. Well one is a magazine article I’ve written, oh we’ve got to put that in the book form, they give a lot of request on this. But it’s an article on “Unisex in Jesus” it talks about some of the different roles Biblically between men and women. If you go to the Amazing Facts website, look under the magazine articles. It’s called “Unisex in Jesus” or just do a search. And then we have a Study Guide on Prophets and the different criteria for prophets and that’s our study guide, “Does God Inspire Psychics and Astrologers?”, “Does God Inspire Psychics and Astrologers?” (Inaudible 54:10) into the biblical criteria what is a real prophet. So,

Pastor Jëan Ross: Let me give you that number to call David its 1800-835-6747 and ask for that free offer, “Does God Inspire Psychics and Astrologers?” We’re gonna move right along and see if we can get a few more calls. And Joan is calling from Brooklyn, New York listening on W.M.C.A. Joan, welcome to the program.

Pastor Doug: Joan.

Joan: Hello.

Pastor Doug: There you are. Hi, you’re on Joan.

Joan: Hi, how are you doing?

Pastor Doug: Good. We only got a couple of minutes. So, let’s get to your question.

Joan: Ok. I’m an African-American and I am asking you a question about Braids, Makeup, Pins and Relaxing hair, are they just for Christians?

Pastor Doug: Well there’ll probably couple different questions there.

Joan: (Laughing)

Pastor Doug: As far as you know, there’s no Bible admonition against braids when Peter talks about broidered hair, he was talking about the practice of the prostitutes back in their day, where they would weave chains of gold in their hair to sort of advertise their “off-color office”. But that’s different saying there’s anything wrong with a woman putting their hair in a ponytail or braid to you know, just be more practical. So as far as straightening hair, curling hair, there’s no Bible mandate on whether a person wants to do that. When it comes to makeup, I think the principal for a Christian, Christian should look healthy and natural. And I always kind of advise that if someone is wearing something so that it so does not look natural, the Christian should avoid that. In other words, if someone has make up on, it’s just making them look normal, healthy, natural, that’s one thing. If people start using the blue goo and the sparkles and things where…

Joan: (Laughing)

Pastor Doug: you know, they start looking a little bit like clowns at a circus. That’s not very natural and it’s you know, the Bible says, Jezebel painted her face and then she got thrown out a window.

Pastor Jëan Ross: (Laughing)

Pastor Doug: So it’s probably not healthy. (Laughing)

Joan: So, what about pins and relaxing hair?

Pastor Doug: Well, when you talk about relaxing hair that just affects the curl, right?

Joan: No, to put perm, perm your hair.

Pastor Doug: Yeah. Well that’s what I mean. The perm in your hair, some people perm the hair to put the curls in, some people perm the hair to take the curls out. I don’t think there’s no Bible mandate that I know of that tells about, you know, the styles of hair. And so, I wouldn’t worry about that. I think the idea for Christian is you wanna be neat and clean as natural as you can, be as healthy as you can. So you can represent Jesus in the best possible way that you can. And be of course modest, you don’t want to be flamboyant and trying to attract attention. Oh, Hey! Joan, we do have a book on that. It’s a book called, “Colorful Cosmetics and Jewelry” by Joe Crews, “Colorful Cosmetics and Jewelry” and you call our office we’ll send that to you for free.

Listening Friends, you can probably tell from the music that’s chasing us, we’re gonna have to take off here in just a moment. Remember it is a Faith Ministry we’d love to hear from you. Check out the New Amazing Facts Website. The address is the same, but the website is all new. And remember, we do this program because we want you to know Jesus. He’s the truth that will set you free.

Pastor Jëan Ross: This has been a pre-recorded broadcast of Bible Answers Live, a Production of Amazing Facts Ministries. If you would like to order the materials mentioned on this broadcast call 800-835-6747 from 8am to Midnight, Eastern Standard Time, that’s 800-835-6747. If you’ve missed an episode of Bible Answers Live, you can find it on our website You’ll also find our online sale catalog of books, tapes and other materials, as well as numerous free resources on nearly every Bible Topic, putting the answers to your Bible Questions right at your fingertips. If you’re being blessed by this program, let us know. Write to us at P.O. Box 909 Roseville, California 95678. Be sure to tell others about the program and join us again next time for more Bible Answers Live with Pastor Doug Batchelor.

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