How far should a Christian go to forgive?

Scripture: Luke 23:34, Matthew 5:44
How far should a Christian go to forgive? We should forgive no matter how someone responds. Christ forgave us while we were still sinners. Jesus said to love your enemies. Jesus said on the cross, "Father forgive them," while they were still driving the nails.
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      Q. How far should a Christian go to forgive and make amends with someone who continues to create problems despite efforts of sincere reconciliation?

      Whatever happens, you should forgive no matter how they respond to your efforts to make things better. Always keep in mind that while we were yet sinners, Christ Jesus provided forgiveness for us. Jesus didn't wait until we were receptive or responsive.

      Jesus also says, "Love your enemies." And when He died on the cross, He said, "Father forgive them." He meant this for the people who were still driving the nails, and He means it for us when we continue to go astray.

      So your choice to forgive them is based on the knowledge that whoever is being cruel, or unkind, or unchristian, they've got a disease called sin and they're acting the way they're expected to actselfishly. They don't see that you're trying to forgive and be kind, because they can't. You want the relationship to get better, but they're not appreciating your efforts to forgive them.

      Keep hoping and praying that you will overcome evil with good. Paul says you are casting coals of fire on their head when you're doing kindness for those being unkind to you. Now, if they want to be confrontational and argue with you, be as nice as you can, but I would avoid them if every time you get together it just causes an argument. Sometimes the best you can do.

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