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If we are living in the last days, should I stay in school?

If we are living in the last days, should I stay in school? We can know Jesus is coming soon, but we should continue to seek God's will and plans for our lives. We don't exactly know when the Lord is coming, so it is well for us to continue working and going to school while living a Christian life.
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Caller:  I guess I feel really impressed that these are the last days and that Jesus will be coming soon.

Pastor Doug:  Ok.

Caller:  And I’ve been going to college part-time and I was planning on going full-time this fall, but it’s just getting so bad with the Y2K talk, and the disasters that are happening, and the violence in the world, all of these things are getting to bother me.  I’m wondering what I should do, if I should continue my education or whether I should back off?  Is there some other kind of preparedness I need to do?

Pastor Doug:  Well that’s a very valid question, and I think that that’s relevant for a number of people listening.  You know, the last two weeks at my local church here I preached on the subject of how do we know the will of God.

And I would never venture to pretend I’m the Holy Spirit and give you personal direction because I don’t know the specific future right now.  I do believe we have some troublesome times ahead.  I think that there’s wisdom in Christians being prepared to die at any moment and yet planning for a thousand years.

I remember the first house that I built – I believed Jesus was coming in two or three years – so I built the foundation out of oak blocks ?

Caller:  Chuckles

Pastor Doug:  Well they rotted away.  That was 20 years ago.  I was sure the Lord was coming any day.  I said, ‘Why put a concrete foundation under it?  Jesus will be here!’

Co-Host:  Laughs

Pastor Doug:  And you know I’ve learned as I’ve become a little more mature, that you need to do things well and plan well and if the Lord led you to school Sandy, don’t leave until you know He’s leading you away.

So pray for His guidance, and of course, you want to consult His word.  Speak to Christian friends that will give you dependable counsel, which you’re doing now, you’re trying to get some counsel.  The Bible says, ‘in a multitude of counsel there is safety.’

Pray.  Listen for the Spirit’s guidance.  Look for providential indicators.  There’s a whole variety of ways that you can determine God’s will.

You can call Amazing Facts and ask for Pastor Doug’s tape on God’s will ? That might be helpful.  Ok?

Caller:  Laughs I think I’ll do that

Pastor Doug:  All right.  Thanks a lot for calling in.

Caller:  Thank you!

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