Brightest Light in the World

Date: 09/04/2014 
The brightest manmade light in the world resides atop the famous Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, but what is its purpose?
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What is the brightest light in the world? Naturally, you would say the sun. But we're talking about the brightest man-made light in the world. Its the light that shines out of the roof of that pyramid shaped hotel in Las Vegas called the Luxor. There in the cap of that hotel, there is a room that contains 39 washing machines size xenon bulbs, and each of those bulbs requires about 7000 watts, altogether they produce about 40 billion candlepower of light. Imagine getting that electric bill of the Luxor hotel every month? That light is so bright that planes can see it 250 miles away.

They are shooting light 10 miles up into space, meaning if you happen to be floating by you can read a newspaper up there. And as you might have guessed that bright light has become the world best bug attractor. Bringing in moles, bats and owls creating its own ecosystem there at night above the hotel. But the sad thing about the brightest light in the world is especially when the night air is clear without any particles. The light doesn't hit anything and it's invisible, it shoots up into empty space. The brightest light in the world illuminates nothing.

The Bible tells us that there's another great wasted light, and that's the light of Gods word. It says Psalms 119:105, "Thy word is a lamp onto my feet and a light onto my path." And yet so many people are walking in darkness. Furthermore, Jesus said, if you do have that light make sure you don't put it under a bushel but you let it shine and illuminate the lives of others. Jesus said in Matthew 5, "Set your light upon a hill like a city so that all might see it." Light only benefits others when it reflects off of something. God wants our lights to illuminate the lives of others. Are you glowing for God? Remember Jesus said, "Let there be light."

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