Why is Jesus taking so long to return?

Scripture: Matthew 13:28-30
Why is Jesus taking so long to return? We need to ask another question, Is the plan of salvation just to save people? It is also a plan to vindicate the character of God. In order for both good and evil, Christ and Satan, to show their true colors, the Lord is allowing things to grow together before the final harvest.
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Caller:  My question has to do with the plan of salvation.

Pastor Doug:  Ok.

Caller:  That was before the foundation of the earth God had the plan of salvation right?

Pastor Doug:  Yes.

Caller:  All right.  Now that plan of salvation was Jesus Christ dying on the Cross, and we’re saved by the blood of Jesus Christ right?

Pastor Doug:  By faith in His sacrifice, correct.

Caller:  All right.  Now is there more to this plan – because like some of your former callers – I’m starting to wonder why are we just going on and on and on.  I mean if the plan of salvation has been fulfilled through Jesus Christ, why can’t He come now?  I mean it seems like He’s – I don’t know.  It seems like the longer and longer He waits, the more and more souls that He’s going to loose, not gain, because people are going to – I don’t know, you know.  Can you answer that?  Cross talk

Pastor Doug:  Well Mark I know what you’re talking about.  It seems to me that why didn’t Jesus come, like one year after He rose to Heaven?  Why did He wait until we’ve multiplied to six billion people?

Caller:  Right.

Pastor Doug:  But you have to keep in mind – first of all, you might also ask why did He wait until 4,000 years after Adam, to come the first time as a Sacrifice?  And why is He waiting another 2,000 years before He comes the second time?  That’s because I believe He’s coming soon.

But the question is, is the plan of salvation just to save people?  Is the Lord going to have humans populate the world and He’ll save a small percentage of them, and He’s just going to take the cream of the crop and the rest are destroyed?  I think the plan of salvation is much bigger than that Mark.

The plan of salvation is vindicating the character of God.

Co-Host:  Yes.

Pastor Doug:  And there’s a battle, a great controversy that’s raging between the devil and Jesus.  And in order for both parties to play out, so to speak, the characteristics of their government, the Lord is allowing the world to become ripe like a harvest.

You know, Jesus in many parables compares the earth to a harvest.

Caller:  Right.

Pastor Doug:  You don’t harvest too soon or you don’t get the right grain.  The Disciples one time, when they noticed that there were weeds planted among the wheat, they said, in Jesus’ parable, the Disciples said we’ll go pull up the weeds.  And He said no you’ve got to wait.  You have to be patient.  Let them grow together.

And so the Lord in many parables has said it’s important to be patient until the time of harvest and God has His reasons.  We will understand in eternity why it was best to let things reach this apex.  Ok?

Caller:  All right.  I see.


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