How can we tell the false from the true Christ's appearing?

Scripture: Matthew 24:26-28
How can we tell the false from the true Christ's appearing? The Bible gives us several indicators to determine a false Christ from the true coming. It will be a difficult time, especially for people with young children.
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Caller:  My question is this:  I've been studying, and I want to make sure I'm right on this.  How are we to know the spurious Christ when he comes?  That is the supposedly unforgivable sin that Christ and God says if you follow him, I can't forgive you.  And it says for us to keep laboring in the fields, when he comes, I would assume, but how are we to know this?  And also something about the suckling mothers, to let them continue suckling.  It's kind of confusing to me but I definitely feel that through discernment we will know, but I'd like a little more than just that.

Pastor Doug:  All right.  You've asked a couple of good questions there Thomas.  First of all, how can we discern the true Christ from the false Christ.  Well for one thing, Jesus told us in Matthew 24 that when He comes back, it'll be like lightening shining from the East even to the West, everybody will know.  His Feet never touch the ground when He comes back.  We will be caught up to meet Him in the air.

So if someone's walking around saying that they are Jesus, right then you'll know that this person is either disturbed or possessed.  The Real Christ, when He appears again says, '...then all the tribes of the earth will mourn and they shall see the Son of Man coming in power and great glory....' Everyone is going to see Him when He comes.  Every eye will see Him the Bible declares.

And so, that's one way to identify a false Christ is, if you have to watch him on TV, that's not Him.  If he's walking up and down the streets, that's not Him.  Christ came as a Man the first time.  He's coming in His Divine, Glorified Body in the sky the next time, and we are raptured up to meet Him, ok?

Caller:  Yes!  That's going to be a wonderful time.  That would surely be a discernment way that we can understand Him, to know this.

Co-Host:  Amen!

Pastor Doug:  Now you asked another question where Jesus said to the women - where He says in Matthew 24, 'Woe unto them that are nursing....' speaking of the Second Coming.  Christ is telling us it's going to be especially difficult for parents with young children, Christians who have to flee when the final events transpire.

And that's just something that goes without saying.  He also says that we're to pray that we don't have to flee in the wintertime [because there won't be as much food in the field and the environment will be harsher] and He says pray that you don't have to flee on the Sabbath Day [because obviously that would not be in keeping with rest].

Caller:  Right.

Pastor Doug:  So He gives us a lot of practical information for when we're going to have to flee for our lives because of the final events.

Caller:  Man.  So wonderful!  I think you've clarified it for me now to where I can truly understand it a lot better.

Pastor Doug:  All right.  God bless.

Caller:  I really appreciate that.  Your program is marvelous.  Please don't quit.

Pastor Doug:  Well we don't plan on it.  You pray for us.

Caller:  I certainly will.  I will support you.

Pastor Doug:  Thanks a lot.

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