Does God judge governments?

Scripture: Matthew 10:15
Does God judge governments, and if so on what basis? The Bible says God does judge governments.
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Caller:  Does God judge governments - and if so on what basis?

Pastor Doug:  Well the Bible does say God judges governments.  Jesus talked about it being more tolerable for Tyre and Sodom and Gomorrah than it would be for Capernaum.  So the governments and the nations, they are judged obviously in the way that the Lord treats the people - because a nation is not a paper, a nation is not a capitol building, a nation is made up of the people.  So when the Lord says that He's going to judge the nations, He means the people in those nations.  Now we are all responsible to some extent for what happens corporately in our government.  Okay?

Caller:  All things are of Him and through Him and all ungodliness - the wrath of God is revealed in Heaven against all ungodliness.  Therefore if a government does not acknowledge God, it is an ungodly thing.  Doesn't that mean the wrath of God is going to be on the government and basically on the nation if the government doesn't acknowledge the truth - that Jesus Christ is the Head of all principalities and power?

Pastor Doug:  The Bible tells us that God is going to visit judgment on people according to their sins.  I am sorry Victor - we're out of time.

Caller:  Yes okay. Thanks very much.

Pastor Doug:  We have a study guide we'll send you on that subject for free and it says that You Are Responsible, which talks about the criteria God uses in the Judgment.

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