How will the Lord provide in the last days when we can neither buy nor sell?

Scripture: Isaiah 33:13-14, Psalm 91:1-16
How will the Lord provide in the last days when we can neither buy nor sell? Like the Israelites who were in Egypt when the plagues fell, we can know God will protect us when the final plagues fall on the earth. Other Bible stories show us God's providence during times of calamity.
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Caller:  I was wondering about in the last days, the book of Revelation makes mention that there’s going to be a time when no one can but, sell or trade unless they receive a particular mark.

Pastor Doug:  Mark, right.

Caller:  And some people believe that the Christians at this time will still be here.  I was just wondering if the Christians are here during that time, then how would the Lord provide for people scattered throughout every nation of the earth who believe in Him, if they didn’t have the mark?

Pastor Doug:  Don’t worry about that.  First of all, were the children of Israel in Egypt when the plagues fell?  This is a question.  I’m hoping you’ve at least watched the Ten Commandments movie.

Caller:  Yes I remember reading that.

Pastor Doug:  All right, well they were in Egypt when the plagues fell right?

Caller:  Yes.

Pastor Doug:  They went out of Egypt after the plagues, on the way to the Promised Land.  We will be in the world when the plagues fall.  God took care of the children of Israel miraculously during the plagues.  He will care for His people.

The Bible tells us that our bread and water will be sure in Isaiah 33:16.  And also in Psalm 91, it tells us that we’ll find refuge in the Lord.

So God will take care of us during that time and He’ll feed us miraculously.  Remember when Elijah fled through the wilderness?  God fed him there miraculously.  Samson was dying of thirst God opened up the ground and gave him a drink.  When Jesus was in the wilderness after His 40 days, angels ministered unto Him.  We believe that means they fed Him.

So, God will take care of us and we’re going to have to just trust Him.  All right?

Caller:  Ok.  Thank you.

Pastor Doug:  Thank you.

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