Fishers of Men

Scripture: Ephesians 1:11, Isaiah 7:14, Proverbs 14:34
Date: 05/31/2015 
In 2011 Guinness World Record holder Jeff Kolodzinski set a new fishing record, using nothing more than a simple cane pole, a bobber and live bait. Kolodzinski caught an incredible 2649 fish in only 24 hours. Breaking his own former world record. Did you know the Bible talks about another fantastic fisherman that caught more than 3000 two-legged fish in one day?
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Doug Batchelor: Hello, friends. This is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? In 2011 Guinness World Record holder Jeff Kolodzinski set a new fishing record, using nothing more than a simple cane pole, a bobber and live bait. Kolodzinski caught an incredible 2649 fish in only 24 hours. Breaking his own former world record. Did you know the Bible talks about another fantastic fisherman that caught more than 3000 two-legged fish in one day? Stay with us friends. We're going to learn more as Amazing Facts brings you this edition of Bible Answers Live.

Recording: Welcome to Bible Answers Live with author and evangelist pastor Doug Batchelor. Is understanding God word a challenge? Are they passages of scripture that are a mystery to you? Maybe it's difficult to reconcile what you've read in the Bible to what you always believed? If you have Bible related questions, stay tuned to get honest, practical answers straight from the Word of God on Bible Answers Live.

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Doug: Welcome, listening friends to Bible Answers Live. We're so glad that you've tuned in to this live international Bible study. If you want to participate by calling in with a Bible question, we've got some phone lines open right now. It is a free phone call. Are you ready for the number? 800-GOD-SAYS. That's because we use God's book, the Bible, as our source book for the answers. 800 4-6-3-7-2-9-7. We'll bring your question into our studio. Lines open now. Call. Beginning of the program, good chance of getting your question on tonight's program, one more time, 800 4-6-3-7-2-9-7. With your Bible question. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Jean Ross: Good evening, listening friends. And pastor Doug. As usual, let's begin the program with prayer. Dear father, we thank you that we have this opportunity to open up your word and we ask the Holy Spirit to come and guide our heart and our minds. Well, be with those who are listening, wherever they might be. Lead all of us to a clear understanding of your word. For we ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

Doug: Amen.

Ross: Pastor, I get to open the program by talking about an incredible fishing feat and we're just talking about it here in the break. That's more than a 100 fish per hour that this guy was able to catch in a 24-hour period. That's quite remarkable.

Doug: Yes. He broke the record. I think he did it initially as a benefit for some youth project. But to me, what's amazing is staying up all night long. In the Bible, it talks about some fisherman that stayed up all night long and they caught nothing. Then, when Jesus blessed them and filled their nets so that their boats were sinking under the weight of the fish, he said, and you find this by the way in Matthew 4:18, "Follow me", he told the Apostles Peter, James, John and Andrew. "Follow me, I will make you fishers of men" and then if you go in the Bible to Acts, chapter two, when God poured out his Holy Spirit at Pentecost, Peter preached and in one day 3000 were baptized. That even beats Jeff Kolodzinski's record.

He caught 3000 two-legged fish - humans, you, me out of fact. From the Holy Spirit's poured out you read a little later in Acts, chapter four. It says 5000 were baptized in one day, following a spirit-filled sermon of Peter and the Apostle John. There is a story in the Bible that talks about the worst fisherman who became the best fisherman.

Ross: Absolutely. It's an interesting story. I think it's fairly well-known. This is the story of a fisherman that actually got eaten by a fish. And then turned out to be a great fisher of men, we're talking about Jonah. And the story you can read about in the Bible. We have a book called The Sign of Jonah. It's a very interesting book in scripture it really is a lesson book, teaching the way of salvation. Just a great study resource, we'll be happy to send it to anybody who calls and asks.

So, the free offer this evening is called The Sign of Jonah. Book written by pastor Doug. the number to call for this free resource is 800 8-3-5-6-7-4-7. That number again is, 800 8-3-5-6-7-4-7. You can ask for the book The Sign of Jonah. If you have a Bible question our phone line here to the studio is 800 8-3-5-6-7-4-7. Again, 800 8-3-5-6-7-4-7. We go to the first caller for this evening. We have Roberta. Who is listening from Columbia, South Carolina? Roberta, welcome to the program.

Roberta: Hi, pastor Doug and pastor Jean.

Doug: Evening.

Ross: Hello.

Roberta: Thank you for you ministry and thank you for taking my call. My question is about adornment. There's a lot of stories in the Bible and supporting texts that encourage us to not wear jewelry or costly array. This question is for my husband, he wants to know if ties are considered jewelry or apparel equivalent with jewelry or costly array. Because they're not necessary, they're just for show.

Doug: Well, it's actually a good question. I'd be happy if we could abandon ties. Fashions change, Christians should not dress so peculiar that you become a spectacle. If the idea for Christian principles of dress would be modesty, the Bible says you don't want to be ostentatious. When the Bible tells us that we shouldn't be wearing costly array that also does not mean that you need to go find the cheapest clothes, so that we look like that we're not taking care of ourselves.

But Christians might even pay a little more for clothing if it's quality, that it'll last. But it doesn't need to be costly. There's really no good reason to wear a tie. Fashions change, I think it was John Wesley, it says, "We shouldn't be the first to adopt a new fashion and we shouldn't be the last." Collars being our or in, the ties get wide and the get thin.

I do think ties are totally useless and now you can see even the news reporters, politicians, the banks, I go to banks and they're wearing open collar. They're not wearing ties. They're kind going out of style and I'm happy to see them go. But ties are like a part of the clothing, I would put them in a little different category than jewelry. There are actually some very specific scriptures that say let it not be the wearing of gold or pearls or costly array and not be the outward adorning the wearing of gold. I think that's in first Peter, chapter three.

Let me give you one more thing to think about, Roberta. I've heard people say, your church, they say that Christians should be modest in their attire and maybe your clothing is modest but look at the hubcaps on your car. They're so flashy. We should never use inconsistency in one area to justify being inconsistent in another, because you'll always look around and find somebody that is being hypocritical.

If it is true that Christians shouldn't wear jewelry, you say well then why they are wearing ties? The answer isn't for us to start wearing more jewelry. The answer is when we do what we know is right and tell other people like maybe we should think about ties more carefully. You know what I'm saying?

Roberta: Yes.

Doug: That principle goes into every area. It's not just the jewelry area. I often hear people say, if this is wrong, why are they doing that? Maybe there's being some hypocrisy. But we shouldn't use that as an excuse to be inconsistent in another area. By the way, we do have a free book, we'll be happy to send you. It's written by, yours truly, and it's called Jewelry: How much is too much? It’s the practical book.

Ross: The number to call for this free book is 800 8-3-5-6-7-4-7. Again, the book is called Jewelry: How much is too much? We'll send that to you, Roberta, or anybody who calls and asks. You can also read it for free online. The Amazing Facts website, Just

Doug: I was reading on the news, just before the broadcast, eating my dinner, just flipping through the news, and I guess some a flight crew with Virgin Atlantic flying into India got stopped at security. Because they had so much jewelry on, they realized it was too much and found out that they were actually smuggling gold into the country. [laughs] To avoid the terror, they were wearing like $159000 in gold all over. They spotted that there was definitely too much. That's heavy too for an airplane, anyway.

Ross: All right, thanks for your call. We have Sheena, listening from Marina, California. Sheena, welcome to the program.

Sheena: Yes. Hi. How are you?

Doug: Doing great. How are you?

Sheena: Okay.

Doug: Your question?

Sheena: My question is when shall we leave the cities and move to the countries?

Doug: All right. There's a verse I pasteurized, I don't remember is this is Isaiah five, woe to them that joined house to house and field to field. There's no place where a man might be alone in the Earth. The God first made man and he put him in a garden, not in the city. The ideal for God is probably not the typical congestion of a city as far as living well.

We read in prophecy cities were-- where the people are so mission we need missionaries in the cities working with people but it's not as good for families. That's a lot of Christians calls. It should be moved to the country and then there's another part of that question. When the final prophecies unfold and Christians cannot buy or sell, should they be living in more remote places where maybe they can grow their own food?

Then we get the question when should we do that? Well, for it's a very important personal question. You need to pray about and see that God is leading you. I've known families that panic back in 1999 when everyone was worried about Y2K causing the end of the world. Folks sold their homes in the city and they quit their jobs with no prospects for employment. They moved to the country to kind of run and grow their own food and then they kind of went bankrupt.

They didn't have the experience and they came crawling back to the city in debt trying to claw their way out. They realized they rushed ahead too fast. You need to pray make sure God is telling you to do that. The same way we shouldn't set dates for the Second Coming. I think is past as we got to be careful not to set dates and say when should you flee to the hills. I think we should stay and witness to people as long as we can in public forums. I think God is going to guide us when the time comes.

By the way, there's a verse whereas in Matthew 24 where Jesus said those that be in Judea flee into the mountains when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet that's what Matthew 24 there's a similar verse in Luke 17or 21. I don't remember but that would be kind of what you're talking about also Sheena is that right?

Sheena: Okay, yes.

Doug: When we see the final prophecies are being fulfilled.

Ross: I think the verse you referring to is Luke 1:20, but when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies they know that it's desolation is near. Let those who are Judea flee to the mountains and let those who in the midst of here depart and let not those who are in the country into him.

Doug: Yes and that is a parallel for what Jesus says in Matthew 24:15. Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation spoken by Daniel, let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. Luke is talking specifically about the fall of Jerusalem and in Matthew. It's almost like a dual prophecy. Jesus is looking beyond the abomination of desolation. It's a dual prophecy that applies to the last days as well.

Now, we have a book called The abomination of desolation and we'll be happy to send you our free copy Sheena. You just call the resource line.

Ross: The number to call is 800 8-3-5-6-7-4-7. You can ask for the book the abomination of desolation that’s something you should know. Anybody who calls and asks again it's also available online at The number to our phone line here to the studio is 800 8-3-5-6-7-4-7. If you have a Bible question good time to pick up your phone and give us a call. Again that's 800 8-3-5-6-7-4-7. Our next caller is Jessica and she's listening from Louisiana. Jessica welcome to the program.

Jessica: Hallo?

Ross: Good Evening?

Jessica: First I want to say that thank you so much to both of you for everything that you do. We love Bible answers live and Amazing Facts. We listen to you guys before go to sleep at night and Amazing facts is our go to for Bible truth. We just love everything that you do.

Doug: Well, thank you. You have no idea how many people tell us when they can't sleep at night they listen to our program and it seems to help them to sleep.


Jessica: All right. Actually, yesterday the service was reading through your site and I looked into the Joe crew and Death of Modesty and read your story how much is too much but I believe in what struggling with but more and more curious about how exactly if there is a place like Proverbs 31 on how to be a good wife. What a Christian woman should and should not wear.

Doug: Did you read the book by Joe Cruz on Colorful cosmetics and jewelry?

Jessica: Yes I did.

Doug: You saw my book? It's in the creeping compromise book.


Jessica: What that modesty of Christian [inaudible 00:14:43].

Doug: Well, you're not going to find the list. Because really the idea is that we teach a principle. And when the person understands the principle they'll always know how to answer the specific questions. Whenever you're in doubt do the safe thing.

Periodically parents come to me and they say, "Our teenage daughters are spirits just keep getting shorter and we just wonder we don't want to be fanatical with them but at what point do we tell them that hey that's a little too short or that's the top of a little too low or whatever?

There's that lying about does one inch make the difference of whether something is too short or too long or too low, you know what I'm saying? When you pray and you have the Holy Spirit if you're in doubt, go do the safe thing. Because you never regret being safe. Instead of seeing how close to the edge we can get.

Jessica: Well, I found verses about wearing the head covering when you're praying. Should I be wearing the head covering or should I be growing my hair long? Should I only be wearing dresses? Then I’m the decent type kind of a girl.

Doug: We get that question so often. We probably need to write a book on it because that's a difficult verse on the head coverings. I think that you don't want to build a doctrine on any one verse in the Bible and since that is only mentioned in I Corinthians. We've got to be very careful, and because Paul also uses the word customer tradition in that passage, we're wondering is he talking about a local tradition?

The Bible principle is there should be a distinction between men and women in their appearance. That you find in Deuteronomy was it 18:22 or 22:18, I forget. Anyway if you've read those books they really give the principles and would give you probably some of the best information Jessica.

Ross: Again, if you like to receive the resources that we're talking about this evening, all you'll have to do is call our resource line is 800 8-3-5-6-7-4-7. We have two resources, the one is called Colorful cosmetics and jewelry and then also Jewelry how much is too much and we'll send those books for free to anybody who calls and ask.

Doug: You're asking about a list Jessica and something just popped into my mind as we're trying this off. If you read in Isaiah 3 there is something of a list and you can read in Isaiah 3:16. It says, “Because the daughters of Zion are haughty and they walk with outstretched necks and wanton eyes walking in mincing as they go, making a jingling with their feet.” He begins to go through some of the things. It says in that day the Lord is going to take away the finery of their jingling anklets in their headbands in ornaments and it sounds like you found that list and the rings, and then those jewels.

That's the closest thing in the Bible you're going to find to a list and I just say when you're in doubt, do what Jesus would do. I know it might be a little harder for women because Jesus didn't dress like a woman but the principles are there. Thank you, Jessica we got a couple calls wait and appreciate your phone call.

Ross: We have Dominic listening from Long Island, New York. Dominic welcome to the program.

Dominic: Good evening?

Doug: Good evening.

Dominic: Could you explain to especially listeners that a child is born explains that Jesus was born and therefore Christians cannot vote an election for power station that preach abortion.

Doug: Well, you're not going to find the word abortion in the Bible but what you certainly will find in the Bible, is that they considered a child a person long before birth and when Jean the Baptist was in Elizabeth's stomach, it talks about that he leapt for joy at the tidings of Mary. The baby in the womb and I think she was six months along at that time.

When Bathsheba within a few weeks of her infamous interlude with David found out she was with pregnant, she sent a message to David and said, "I am with child." and she recognized that even though she was only a few weeks along that she had a human within her. There's a number of examples in the Bible of women that were pregnant and that they recognized it as a human life.

So, the principle is there in the Bible and know, it's a sensitive subject and I recognize Dominic that we have listeners that have made that mistake. They need to be able to come to terms with that that it is wrong and ask for God's forgiveness and forgive themselves and then live according to God's principles. Human life is sacred and life begins at conception.

I would be very uncomfortable voting for politicians that don't have that respect for life. I hear they've got a new bill coming in California like the one they have in Oregon that's physician-assisted suicide. That's at the other end of the human continuum of life here at the beginning seems like there's a diminishing of respect for human life and now, here the end of life, there's a diminishing that's like kill them early [unintelligible 00:20:03], just people taking the sacredness of life and dabbling in that, which is forbidden. I know these all kinds of creative, clever arguments and moral dilemmas that are associated with this, but boys, once you start tampering with the sacredness of life, you can end up doing what happened in Nazi Germany.

Ross: There's a verse that talks about the value of the unborn child. Jeremiah 1:5, "Before I formed in the womb", God says, "I knew you, before you were born, I sanctified you, I would deem you a profit to the nations. So, God is very aware of the child growing in his mother's womb and God is a plan and a purpose for that child.

Doug: That's right. I thank you very much Dominic. Appreciate your call.

Ross: We have David listening from Sacramento. David, welcome to the program.

David: Hello.

Doug: Good evening and your question, tonight.

David: In Revelation 20 or 21, or 22 it says, "Then death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire". Now, how can Hades already being the lake of fire be cast into the lake of fire, but or am I misunderstanding something?

Doug: You're correct that it is a confusing verse if you just read it with the typical English translation. The word death there means the grave and it's saying that death and the grave were also destroyed because Satan is the author of death and sin. And when he's thrown in the lake of fire, death ends up being destroyed and the enemy the one who brought death to our world. All sin and sinners are destroyed and sin, the wages of sin, is death. So, when all sin and sinners are destroyed, the spring or the fountain of death is gone as well.

Ross: The verse that we're looking at is revelation chapter 20 verse 14, it says, "And death, and hell, were cast to the lake of fire". Now the idea that hell represents the grave, you can see that in verse 13. Where it says, "The sea gave up the dead that were in it and death, and hell delivered up the dead which were in them". The word hell there is just the grave. So, Hades or hell represents the grave and, of course, death represents death.

Doug: Yes. Just one more thought on that, David. If you read for instance in Hebrews chapter 2, verse, oh you can read verse 14, "And as much then as the children have partaken of the flesh and blood, he", Jesus, "In self like way shared in the same that through death he might destroy him who had the power of death, that is the devil". The devil has the power of death and when the devil's casted in the lake of fire, that it says in the same revelation passage, death is casted into the lake of fire. So, you're perceptive to catch what might sound like an anomaly and, , how does death swallow death? But we do have a lesson that talks about that.

Ross: Yes, we have a lesson talking about that 1000 year period that you read about in Revelation chapter 20. It's called A thousand years of piece. We'll be happy to send that to anybody who calls and asks. The number again is 800 8-3-5-6-7-4-7. You can ask for the lesson called A thousand years of piece. We'll be happy to send it to you or you could read it for free online at If you have a bible question, again, the number here to the studio tonight is 800 8-3-5-6-7-4-7. You've got your pen handy? Here it is. 800 8-3-5-6-7-4-7. With your bible question, we have Joel. Listening from New York, New York. Joel welcome to the program.

Joel: Yes, hello pastor.

Doug: Hi, evening, get real close to your phone.

Joel: Can you hear me?

Doug: Yes.

Joel: I used to watch you on television and it was amazing.

Doug: Well, praise the Lord we're still on.

Joel: My question is are we saved by grace and grace alone or do we have to do something, or did Jesus do all of it already for us?

Doug: That is a tricky question. Let me tell you why. Is everybody going to be saved?

Joel: No.

Doug: Okay. What separates the saved from the lost? Isn't it a choice to receive Christ or not to receive him?

Joel: Yes, I think so, yes.

Doug: So, there is something that saved must do, even if it's just receive Christ, that separates them from the lost. , God gives us a free choice. He says, "Who's ever will let him come". We must choose to come to Jesus. He's provided everything we need for salvation through his grace, if we come to him.

Joel: Right.

Doug: So in that sense--

Joel: So we do have to do something.

Doug: Yes, of course. There is a decision that we need to make.

Ross: Yes, we read in the bible on the day of Pentecost people were convicted of their sin. They cried out and said, "What should we do?" and peter responded and said, "Repent and be baptized". So, there is the act of repentance that goes along with receiving God's grace. That he wishes to bestow.

Doug: Yes.

Joel: Right. That's what I see on this TV show that I'm watching and they say, they tell everybody to repent and be saved.

Doug: Yes and that's where it starts and then part of repentance, what repentance is, is a sorrow for sin. Sin is the transgression of God's law. Repentance is a sorrow for sin and then turning away from it and we, God's grace to have the spirit and the power to resist the devil. The bible says, "Resist the devil". So there's an effort involved in that. , we don't want to leave anyone to think that there's no daily choice in following God.

The bible says that we strive, we run, we fight, we war, we wrestle, we resist. There is definite effort involved in being a Christian. But it's through the power of the Lord. His grace gives us the power to do all of those things. But Paul said, "I die daily". And so, in everyday we've got to be born again, we died our self and we take up a cross, and follow Jesus.

Joel: Right.

Ross: We have a book that I think you'll really enjoy, Joel. It's called The riches of his grace.

Doug: Oh yes.

Ross: It's talking about the grace of God a how you can receive that grace. If you call our resource line we'll be able to give you that book. The number to call is 800 8-3-5-6-7-4-7. And, yes, there is something you need to do to receive the book, The riches of his grace. Just give us a call on our toll free line, 800 8-3-5-6-7-4-7. Or you can read it for free online at

, friends we've got a website that people often ask questions about. At least the subject and we have a website dealing with that probably heard about the number 666. You read about in Revelation chapter 13. It is the number of the beast. What does that mean? Well, we have a website called

Doug: Yes, it's interesting that person might be at a stadium and someone gets assigned seat 666 and they think, "I don't want to sit in that seat. There might be some whammy on me if I sit there". Or if somebody gets the change at the market, six dollars and 66 cents, they get, "Oh uh, what does that mean?". Even the cashiers will say, "Oh, that's bad". What does it mean? I don't know, but it's bad.

If people want to know why is that number such an ominous number in the bible. Well, friends you want to check out that website. There's some interesting, amazing facts about the number 666 and be sure and watch the sermon on the subject. You'll be amazed at what you see. Don't go away, coming back with more bible questions

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Speaker 3: If you've enjoyed bible answers live, you'll love pastor Doug's book of bible answers straight from the broadcast. The very best questions and answers have been compiled as an awesome resource for bible study and personal evangelism. Each answer has been expanded with more bible verses and insightful commentary. The book of bible answers can be yours today for just 12 dollars. Call now, at 800 8-3-5-6-7-4-7 and request offer 257. That's one 800 8-3-5-6-7-4-7.

Doug: And we're back, and we are live, and this is bible answers live and if you've tuned in along the way we're glad that you've joined us. If you want to call in with your bible question, we have one or two lines still open. It's a free phone call. 800 8-3-5-6-7-4-7, brings your bible question into our studios here in the capital of California. Better known as Sacramento. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Ross: My name is Jean Ross. Pastor Doug, we're going to go back to our previous caller just before the break. We were talking to Carol from Palm Bay, Florida. Carol, you're back on the air.

Carol: All right, good evening.

Doug: Evening.

Carol: I just wanted to say very briefly that I was born again in 2010, and that occurred after watching numerous episodes of your show on television, to the point I recorded them, studied them, and my heart was convicted. I'm 61 years old, so that tells everybody it's never too late, and God is patient. I just thank God for your ministry. It's wonderful and my prayers that I'll be able to financially support it any way I can in the coming year, because it definitely deserves it, and I've been spiritually fed through your ministry. God bless you.

Doug: Well, thank you. Carol, by the way, we're coming to-- I don't remember how far Palm Bay, Florida is from Orlando. We'll be in Orlando this fall.

Carol: Wonderful. You're about an hour away from me.

Doug: Yes, we're going to be in the what is it, the Spring Meadow Church in-

Ross: Sanford, Orlando.

Doug: Sanford, Orlando. Yes, it's outside Sanford, Florida, outside of Orlando.

Ross: Yes, and the dates for that, we're looking to be there-- actually, it's going to be a series you're going to be doing Pastor Doug. Fantastic series, dealing with different Bible characters, it's going to start on the second of October. That's a Friday evening, and it's going to finish on the 10th of October. Stand by for more information about that. Actually, also take a look at our website from time to time. As we get close, we'll have additional details on that.

Carol: Yes, I'll definitely attend. I thought the only time I would get to meet either one of you is in God's kingdom. It'd be nice to meet you here as well.

Doug: We love to see you there. What's your question, before we run out of time?

Carol: My question is, and this is heavy. I've been studying the Bible for the last five years. It seems like the more I read, a lot of times the deeper the questions get. I'm now into studying the sovereignty of God. I'm having difficulty with it, because I understand the declared will of God, because God tells us his will throughout the Bible.

My question is, is if nothing happens that is outside God's control, and he's truly totally sovereign, then that must mean that he does in fact permit or allow very evil things to happen here on earth. I've been trying to understand why God, especially for children, people that are the age that they're not accountable yet. There's so much horror that happens. I'm just wondering, it seems that God is rather passive, and I'm wondering whether he limits himself on how much he'll intervene. Does he pick and choose when to intervene, or is it just coincidence when this happen?

Doug: Let me dive in here. First of all, everyone needs to know that not everything that happens, while God is all powerful, not everything that happens in this world is his will. Many things, if not the majority of things that happened in the world are not his will, which is why Jesus tells us in the Lord's prayer that we pray thy will be done. People have free wills, and most people don't know the Lord, they're making decisions outside of God's will, things that hurt each other too every day.

This planet has been kidnapped by an enemy. Jesus refers to the devil as the prince of this world. When Adam and Eve lost the dominion of the world, the devil seized it as his headquarters, and there's this battle. Now, the lord will intervene in our lives as we invite him. He can take the bad things that the devil does, and work them together for good as it says in Romans 8:28, for those that love him. It wasn't God's will that Joseph's brothers were jealous and that they sold him as a slave.

God worked that for good. There's many times that God intervenes. All the suffering and the innocent dying, and the sickness in this world, God is not willing that any should perish, but many do perish, it's not his will. This planet, has a terrible disease called sin. Jesus has invaded the planet, and he setup a flag and saying, "I'm going to redeem this world. Those that will look to me and come to me, I can intervene in your lives."

We basically give God permission to activate his power in our lives by coming to him. If we don't do that, then we're victims of what happens to answer the enemy. I know that's a long mandarin explanation, but I hope that made sense.

Carol: It did. My concern is people that do invite him in, say like the children during the holocaust, that were begging and pleading with God to intervene and save them, and yet they weren't saved. They were inviting God in, and I don't mean to put you on the-

Doug: No, it's a good question. Let me do my best to try and address that. Let's say, that there are children that say, "Lord, come into my life. Save me, there's terrible suffering around me." After they invite Jesus into their lives, does that mean whether the children, or adults, nobody will suffer. We've seen from history, the Apostles, who had the power of God in their lives, all but one of them died of unnatural causes, most were martyred.

Judas killed himself. John died of old age, but they tried to kill John the apostle. You got millions of martyrs. If a child dies in a same condition, their next conscious thought is being resurrected and in the presence of the Lord. Jesus said, "Don't fear them that might destroy the body, but they cannot hurt your soul. Fear him who has the power to destroy soul and body in hell." I think that's Matthew Chapter 10. God, there is suffering in this world, but it's not long. It won't last.

Putting God first, seeking first his kingdom, will always be better in the long run. Anyway, thank you very much Carol, and we look forward to seeing you in Florida if we don't hear from you again before that.

Ross: We have Victor, listening from Newbury Park, California. Victor, welcome to the program.

Victor: Hey, how you doing? Good evening.

Doug: Evening.

Victor: God bless your ministry, Pastor Ross and Pastor Doug. I have a question, it's about Saturday. How do we know that Saturday is the day that God wants us to rest since he never named the days when he created the world? He has the first day, then he rested the seventh day. Then, he never said this is Saturday.

Doug: All right, good question. Let me see if I can address that very quickly. First of all, let me just tell you there's a great website, it's I think probably the most popular website on the internet dealing with this subject, and it's simply called,

Now, let me give you a quick answer. The days in the Bible are not named. Most of the modern names we use came from the Romans many years later. Saturday, was Saturn’s day. Sunday, was a day of the sun. The moon day, was Monday. Thor's day, was Thursday. Wednesday, was Odin's day, and so forth.

The Jews numbered the days. God said on the seventh day, God rested. Seventh day of the week was the day of rest. We know what day the first day is, because it says that Jesus rose on the first day, virtually no Christians argue that Sunday was the day of the resurrection. It says early in the morning on the first day of the week. It tells us that Jesus rested in the tomb on the Sabbath the day before the first day, and it's the seventh day, what we commonly call, Saturday.

If you look in a dictionary and say, "What is Saturday?" It'll say, "Seventh day of the week." What is Sunday? First day of the week. The days do still retain the number, and if that's not clear, you can look at the whole Jewish nation. The Jewish nation still keeps the seventh day. It's still Saturday, it has been for thousands of years. While the names may have changed over history, the days have not changed. The cycle of one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, for the weekly cycle, has not been affected by calendar changes.

It's a separate measurement of time that's gone from Atom to the present. That's a quick answer. It's about all we can do in the time we have here.

Ross: But we do have the book talking about the Sabbath. It's called, Why God Said Remember. It gets into the various passages of scripture, talking the seventh day Sabbath. We'll send that to you for free Victor, or anybody who calls and asks. The number again is 800-8-3-5-6-7-4-7. That is the resource line. You can ask for the book called, Why God Said Remember. Our next caller is Juan, listening from Columbus, Ohio. Juan, welcome to the program.

Doug: Well, and you're on the air. Hi.

Juan: Hi Pastor Doug, how are you doing?

Doug: Doing great. How can we help you?

Juan: I have a question about Isaiah 7:14. I'll say it in Spanish, it's Isaías in Spanish. I say it much better in Spanish, sorry.

Doug: It's okay.

Juan: It's about, it says there that the name of God, or the messiah will be Immanuel. I was just wondering, why does it say that? I know I believe in that book, because Chapter 53 tells everything is going to happen with the messiah, but why does it say Emmanuel there and not Jesus.

Doug: Well the word Emmanuel means ‘God with us’. By the way, you also find a reference to Emmanuel in Isaiah 8:8 and 10. When it says that this virgin would have a child and his name shall be called-- there are several names for Jesus. Jesus is called a Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. It tells us that he's the bread, that he's the door, he's the good shepherd, he is the living water so forth. That's just a fraction of his names that give different facets of the character.

God came to earth one time to dwell among us. The word ‘el’ in the Bible means God. When you read Emmanuel, it means with us is God. Hebrew like Spanish, you understand. You say house white, Casablanca and we say White House.

Juan: Yes.

Doug: In Hebrew, it's that way too.

Juan: Okay.

Doug: It’s just saying God will be with us because God in Jesus was with us, He came to earth and dwelt as the Son of Man with us.

Juan: Okay, like in the Hebrew language, there will be multiple words. It won't be one word together?

Doug: Right, yes, the names often-- one word you read in Hebrew is a conjunction of several words. Several Hebrew words making up one word we're reading in English.

Juan: Right, thanks a lot.

Doug: All right, thank you very much. I appreciate your call. By the way, Juan, I don't know if you're still listening, we do have a book. Will happy to send you. It's called the Name of God.

Ross: The number to call for that is 800-8-3-5-6-7-4-7, and again the book is called the Name of God. We have Coy listening from the British Virgin Islands, Coy welcome to the program.

Coy: Hey Doug and John, how are you all doing?

Doug: Doing well, thanks for staying up and calling.

Coy: Yes, I have a question, really. It's a two-fold question, really. In Proverbs 14:34, it talks about righteousness exalted a nation. When I see that I don't know if it's right for Christians to enter into a political office or should contest for political office. If they can, if that is promoting or condoning that they can, do you think that when you look at perhaps presently on the ground as it relates with prophecy, a lot of things that is pretty unfolding before our eyes that you find in the in the Bible?

Do you think that Malachi four to six perhaps maybe there's something climaxing to this particular text as it relates to having been cast and being contested for presidential office? Do you think that this may perhaps be an indication of another Mount Carmel experience where it belongs to the Sabbath and Sunday? Do you think that is any?

Doug: Well, you got a couple of-- better jump in here and try and answer the first part of your question, you have a few questions there. First of all, about a Christian entering politics, I think we all know that there's a lot of money in the government changing hands. There's a lot of temptation and sometimes there's a lot of corruption and in every country just about.

People realize that there is dishonesty, there's bribery, there's corruption, there's lobbying in government and it is very difficult for Christians to maintain their integrity in those environments. There are Christians and the Bible believers that did it. Joseph was in the courts of government and he maintained his integrity and his honesty, as was Mordecai and David and Solomon. Well, Solomon backslid. Who am I thinking of? Joseph? I said Daniel. There you go, that's the one I'm missing.

There are going through history, and I'm leaving some out, there have been some honest people that he's called into those offices. There's a lot of temptation and corruption. As far as your other question about what's happening with some of the governments and the presidents in the world, it's hard to say that there's any direct connection between that and some of the final events. Specifically, in general, we're seeing that around the world the earth is waxing old as a garment.

The Bible says that-- where is that? In Timothy, where it says that, “Evil men and seducers will wax worse and worse as we near the end of time”. We're seeing that happen in government, there seems crime in high places.

Ross: 2 Timothy 3:13 the verse you’re referring to.

Doug: Yes, I hope that helps a little, Coy. I appreciate your staying up so late to talk to us from the Virgin Islands.

Coy: Well, if I might say leading to all that you explained there, just looking at Malachi 4 where the whole issue is not Elijah but the spirit of Elijah being put forward to just turn the hearts of the disobedient to the obedient to God really. I'm just thinking is God doing something? Not just in the US but you got in the Caribbean and in other places, a lot of Sabbath keepers are actually entering into office. Do you think that this is perhaps for witnessing in that atmosphere? Do you think that maybe that prophecy in Malachi, that last prophecy may probably-?

Doug: Turning the hearts of the father's to the children and the hearts of the children to the-- I do think Jesus said that in the last days you will be witnesses for me before the kings and rulers of the world. I think that there will be opportunity that God is giving some people to speak up for him in these public capacity.

Ross: I know is the examples given Pastor Doug of Joseph in Egypt and Daniel in the kingdom of Babylon and Persia where yes indeed they represented the true God. They were able to-

Doug: Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego

Ross: That's right, present the truth to the people. I'm sure God has his individuals today that he will orchestrate and set in different positions. The question is will they remain faithful in those positions, that's important.

Doug: That’s the test.

Ross: Right, next caller is Misha, listening from Los Angeles, California, Misha, welcome to the program.

Misha: Hi, good evening.

Doug: Evening.

Misha: My question is about the name of Jesus because someone told me that Jesus mean we should call him Joshua. In John 16:23 where it says, “Whatever you ask the Father in my name”. Also John 26 that says “I have declared to them your name”. They said it's very important that we know Jesus’ real name because that's his mark. If we don't know it, we can't make it to heaven. What do you think?

Doug: Well, I think that that's bad theology. I know you're just asking a question but the emphasis of what Christ is saying there in John 17:26, “I have declared to them your name”. One talks about the name of God, it has nothing to do with the pronunciation because Jesus already knew. It was God that confounded the languages of the Tower of Babel and everybody speaks these different languages. Whenever we pray to God, He expects us to pray in our native tongue. We don't have to say the name of God as though it is some magic word that must be pronounced in a particular language.

The Bible talks about a battle between Ephraim and the other tribes where if they couldn't say Shibboleth instead of Sybleth, they were killed because they pronounced it. God is not that way where He's going to look down from heaven and say, “If you're speaking to me using the Greek pronunciation of Jesus instead of the Hebrew pronunciation of Jesus, I'm just not going to hear your prayers.” You know in Spanish its Jesus and Hebrew its Joshua.

I agree with that, that is the right pronunciation in Hebrew or as close as we know. Over time, pronunciations change. I even listen to some old Bible tapes and depending on what part of North America they're from, you hear people saying Bible words differently. You hear people speaking English differently.

The idea that God is not going to hear our prayers or pronouncing his word where you can just get your tongue wrapped around at the right way has anything to do with what Jesus is declaring, it was not at all the emphasis in the Bible. Never ever in the Bible did God say, “I'm not hearing that prayer because you didn't pronounce the word correctly?”

If a child is asking for something from their father and they can't say daddy yet or can't say their name yet, the father is not going to withhold it because they mispronounced his name. If people want to refer to Jesus as Joshua, it can be confusing for others that are listening to them pray but it's not forbidden. To say that it must be said that way, you would be one of those people that would really appreciate the book. I specifically wrote this book for to answer this question called the Name of God. We'll send that to you, Misha.

Ross: The number to call is 800-8-3-5-6-7-4-7 and again the book is called the Name of God. I'll send that to anybody who calls and asks. Again, you can read it for free online at Josiah is listening from Texas. Josiah, welcome to the program.

Josiah: Hey, thanks.

Ross: Thanks for calling.

Josiah: I have a question about-- What is the definition of life in the Bible, if death means the after of all lives? What might really be the definition of life in the Bible? Is it really existence as we know it? I remembered in John 17:3 Jesus said, "This is life eternal that be might know the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent." The Bible really gives a definition of life and maybe different then. But we think of life as existence-

Doug: Two things to keep in mind. One is you've got a physical life. A person can physically be alive and spiritually dead, according to the Bible. Jesus said, "Even has the sun has life." Actually, it's in John that said this. Speaking of Christ, He has that the sun has life. If it does not have the sun, does not have life. Christ said, "To those who believe, you've got life abiding in you, and those that don’t, they're under a death sense and they're terminal."

It's a spirit that quick in and gives life. There's a spiritual life. When Adam sent, God has told Adam that even the day you sent, you will die, when they sinned they didn't physically fall over right away. It took a thousand years roughly before he died. 930 years. But he died spiritually that day and their light went out.

You are on the right track. There is a spiritual life and there is a physical life. Christ is offering us the eternal life begins now. It says that if we accept Christ, the king in the heaven is at hand. Right now, we can experience and have that gift, the everlasting life.

Ross: We have a book called "Life in the Spirit" talks about that spiritual life that we can have in Jesus. We will send it to anybody who calls an ass. The number you can use 800-8-3-5-6-7-4-7, that's the resource line and ask for the book called "Life in the Spirit." Also, read it for free online at The Amazing Facts website. I think we have time for one more call. We have Yvonne listening from Sacramento, California. Yvonne, welcome to the program.

Yvonne: Thank you.

Doug: Hi, Yvonne, got about 45 seconds. No, we got a minute anyway.

Yvonne: Can I ask one question now? After the passion, after Christ was in the grave. Was he sleep or was he dead?

Doug: Well, The Bible says Jesus died for a sense. But when Lazarus died, Jesus referred to it as sleep. Jesus said, "Our friend-” This is John 11. He said, "Our friend Lazarus sleeps, but I go that I might wake him." Then the disciples said, “Oh, don’t wake him up all ready if he's sleeping he'll get better.” Jesus spoke to them plainly and said, "Lazarus is dead."

The Lord want to believe or die, the word referred to it as sleep. When Jesus died on the cross, you could say that he was entering that spiritual sleep, but he was dead and because he died for our sins.

Ross: John makes it very clear that after Christ breathed his last on the cross, in order to make sure that he was dead a Roman soldier took a spear and thrust it up into his heart. That's Waldron blood came out. He was dead.

Doug: He didn't just swoon on the cross. He was not in a coma. He was dead. It was a miracle when he rose again. Not only that but in the end booming process, where they wrapped up the face and everything, he was suffocated. If he had-


Ross: The Bible says, "The wages of sin is death." Christ paid penalty for our sins.

Doug: Yes, didn't just go to sleep. He died. You're listening for this. Thank you so much. Probably would be fair if we tried to squeeze in another call because we had to cut you off. But we will take advantage of the last few moments. We here live to remind you that Amazing Facts is available all week long. If you go to Amazing Facts website, I read that we've got like 11 million people go to the Amazing Facts website in a year. Lots of great information there. While are you're there, help us stand on air. You could just click the contact button and donate right there online and we sure do appreciate when you do that. If the program has been a blessing, send us a little note. We love hearing you testimonies and your stories and take advantage of the good resources. Link it and share it with your friends. You can go to Facebook page and pass it on. Back next week.

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Male Speaker: I grew up in a church-going family. We were at every meeting. I sang in four of the choirs there I directed three, very involved very active. It's almost seemed like busy work sometimes. I went to Sunday school, I knew about God. I knew about Jesus. But I didn't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. My senior year in high school, I got the news, my father had been murdered. I played it off well. No one really saw that I was struggling with it.

It just really felt like there was a hole that needed to be filled. I tried to fill it with drugs, alcohol, partying. After college, I just stopped going to church altogether. One day on a Sunday because I didn't feel like to church with my mum, I thought, "I should get a little bit to word." She had the satellite system hooked up and I am flipping through channels and then the logo pops across, Amazing Facts Presents.

I've listened to a lot of different ministries, but this was the first time that he is actually saying something where I had to grab my Bible and actually pick it up and, ‘I've never heard this before. Let me look through and find this.’ I went through all the historical. I went through all the study guides. I just couldn't get enough.

Then the Sabbath came up. He is going to the appeal where I’m just going, “Lord I hear you. I have to go to the church.” So I show up, it was funny I didn't feel I was going to be judged, anything judgmental anything. I walked in the door and I just felt at home.

But there's still a problem, I’m still partying, I was still going out to the bars. At this time, I was selling cocaine to pay my rent. 16 days later I find myself in a life-or-death situation. I just came back from a liquor store and grabbed a bottle of vodka, and there I am high of cocaine with my Bible in hand trying to do a Bible study. I heard an audible voice, “Just look at yourself?"

I did. I was like, "What am I doing?” I got on my knees and said, "Lord if you do not take this away from me now, I am going to kill myself." I was going to continue this lifestyle and I was going to end up overdosing, having a heart attack. Whatever it was, you have to take this away, all of it.

That day, he lifted all away from me. It was all gone. When God does something in your life, he does it completely.

Recording: For more than 45 years, the ministry of Amazing Facts has been helping people from all walks of life understand their Bibles better than ever before, through television, radio and internet we impact countless lives each day around the world by sharing Bible truth that transforms lives forever.

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