From Strays to Spiritual Leaders

Scripture: Leviticus 20:1-27, Genesis 1:27
Date: 07/19/2015 
Dogs have gone to war for a thousand of years but, during the First World War, one clever K9 rose above his peers. When the 102nd Infantry was training at Yale A stray dog, looks something like a Boston Terrier befriended the men. Nicknamed Stubby, the mutt learned to salute by throwing his paw to his eyebrow. Naturally, when the unit shipped out to France the soldiers smuggled Stubby along.
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Doug Batchelor: Hello friends this is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact, Dogs have gone to war for a thousand of years but, during the First World War, one clever K9 rose above his peers. When the 102nd Infantry was training at Yale A stray dog, looks something like a Boston Terrier befriended the men. Nicknamed Stubby, the mutt learned to salute by throwing his paw to his eyebrow. Naturally, when the unit shipped out to France the soldiers smuggled Stubby along.

When the commanding officer discover the furry stowaway, they're about to send Stubby home. However, he saluted his superiors. Impressed, they let him stay on as the unit's official mascot. Stubby did more to boost morale, he quickly proved to be an A soldier also. After surviving a gas attack, Stubby became very sensitive to chemical agents and whenever he sensed danger he'd run down the line alerting his human comrades.

Since he could whine of incoming artillery shells before humans could he became very adept in letting his unit know when to duck for cover. He also entered the no man's land between the trenches to help medics find wounded soldiers. Once, when the German spy infiltrated an allied foxhole, Stubby attacked the intruder until American troops could capture him. This last act of courage prompted the infantry's commander to promote Stubby to Sergeant becoming the first dog to ever receive a rank in the American military. By the end of the war, Stubby had served 17 battles over 18 months. He'd been injured twice and received multiple medals for bravery including a purple heart.

The American media fell in love with the scrappy dog, Sergeant Stubby got to meet President Wilson, Harding and Coolidge and even became George Town University's Mascot. Not bad, from a stray mutt to National Hero. Did you know the Bible talks about another Hero that collected strays? Stay with us friends. We're going to learn more as Amazing Facts brings you this edition of Bible Answers Live.

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Ross: My name is Jean Ross, Good evening listening friends, and Pastor Doung, as usual, let's begin the program with the word of prayer. Dear Father, once again we thank you that we're able to spend a few moments in your words and we ask for you leading and guiding. Bless us as we open up the scriptures and be with those who are listening wherever they might be. Father lead us all into deeper and fuller understanding of your word which is truth. For we ask this in Jesus name, Amen.

Doug: Amen.

Ross: Pastor Doug you opened the program by talking about the dog Stubby which was quite a hero during the First World War. While you were talking I pulled up a picture of this famous Mutt. He's not much to look at but I guess he had a big heart and went down to history for his bravery and just his loyalty to the soldiers.

Doug: If you do see a picture of him, I agree, he looks like a mongrel. But he won their hearts and evidently, he was a smart little critter. He just makes me think about how you got this stray dog that goes from obscurity, kind of a mongrel, and then becomes a national hero. It one of those rags to riches stories and there's a number of those in the Bible. Of course, you got Joseph who goes from shepherd boy to ruler of Egypt and David who goes from a shepherd to the ruler of Israel.

Daniel who's a captive becomes prime minister of Babylon and Esther orphan girl to Queen and there's a number of these stories. One of these rags to riches individuals who became a Bible hero also collected other strays and turned them into extraordinary people and that's David. If you read in 1 Samuel 22 and David's out, he's running from his life from King Saul but the people loved him because he killed the giant. He'd shown courage he was unjustly accused by the king and says, David, therefore, departed from there and he escaped to the cave of Adullam and everybody who was in distress and everybody who was in debt and everybody who was discontented gathered to him.

He became a captain over them, he became a captain over this motley crew. How'd you like to be the captain over people in debt discontented or people who are distressed? It's kind of like being a Pastor huh. But you know what? He took those men that came to him in those conditions and later in the Bible those same characters that were disgruntled, discontent, distressed, in debt, he made them the mighty men. It makes me think of Jesus.

When Jesus turned the world upside down he used these twelve apostles. Christ did not go to the seminary of Jerusalem. He went to the seashores and he got sailors and he got tax collectors and he got shepherds and he turned them into some of the greatest spiritual leaders, if not the greatest in the world. By following him, he gathered these strays, if you will, that were there at the Jordan River listening to John the Baptist and he turned them into a mighty force that transformed the history of the planet.

What the David did for his strays and what Jesus did for the apostles, the Lord can do for you friends. He has a special plan for your life maybe you've been wondering what God's will is for your life. We have a free offer tonight and we'll tell you all about it.

Ross: We have a book entitled, Determining The Will of God. We will send this to anybody who calls and asks it. It's absolutely free, What is God's plan for your life? Well here are some biblical guidelines that you can look at that will help you to make sure that you're following God's will. In order to receive this free offer just call our resource line, the number is 800-835-6747, that is the resource line. Again, 800-835-6747 and you can ask for the book called Determining The Will of God and we'll be happy to send them to anybody who calls and asks.

You can also read the book for free online at By the way, Pastor Doug, the Amazing Facts website, brand newly designed and whole user-friendly layout for various media programs that Amazing Facts has. Not only can a person listen to Bible Answers Live there on the website but you can also view the various television programs that the ministry has.

Doug: That's right and every few years it's a mammoth undertaking to completely retool and redesign your website. Our website now it interacts with phones, with iPads and didn't have all those features before. Now it should be seamless and it's a lot easier to navigate and people are going to be astounded when they see how much material is there. If you have not been to the Amazing Facts website lately take a look before the sun goes down or before it comes up, whatever your case may be. Alright, are we ready for phone calls?

Ross: Yes we have Linda listening from Crystal Springs, Mississippi. Linda welcome to the program.

Linda: Thank you.

Doug: Hi thanks for calling.

Linda: Thank you for having this show.

Doug: It's a blessing and what's your question tonight?

Linda: My question is about cremation, what does the Bible say about cremation versus a burial, a regular burial?

Doug: That's a good question. The Bible doesn't specifically say thou shalt not cremate, thou must bury. The typical example in the Bible is for burial. When Moses died it says the Lord buried him. He could have cremated him but it says God buried him and there's a couple of exceptions though. When King Saul and his sons died in battle, of course, Jonathan we expect to see in heaven, they hung their bodies. The Philistines hung their bodies on the walls of Beth Shean.

It says some brave men from Jabesh Gilead rescued their bodies and when they brought them back down to Israel, you can read this in 2 Samuel 21-13, "And they brought him up from there the bones of Saul and the bones of his son, Jonathan, they gathered the bones of those who were hanged and they burned them." They cremated them. It's not an obstacle to perform a cremation but not an obstacle for salvation because when you die your body turns to dust. When you're burned you turn to dust, ashes. There's some good arguments that have been made that since man is made in the image of God, that the form of man should be respected and interred.

Ross: It was also a practice amongst the Christians to bury their dead because of the hope of the resurrection. Pastor Doug, we did a series on the book of Revelation, You spoke a little bit about the early Christians that dug the catacombs, as a place of hiding from the pagans, they were persecuting them, but also a place for them to bury their dead. It was in the burying of the dead that there was a promise of a resurrection. That’s where the Christian tradition has always been, with reference to taking care of the dead.

Linda: Okay, thank you.

Doug: Yes, and now we do have a lesson that talks about, Are the Dead really Dead? It talks a little bit about that subject. I don't know if this is specifically addressed, but it has more on the subject. We'll send you a free copy, or you can read it online.

Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747 that is the resource line. You can ask for the study guide called, Are the Dead Really Dead? You can also take a look at the website called We have the lesson on that website, along with a lot of additional material on that subject. Our next call is Jeff listening from Boaz, Alabama. Jeff welcome to the program.

Jeff: Thank you.

Ross: How are you doing?

Jeff: I’m doing well. I was listening to another Bible question and answer session, and a topic came up about women preachers. They based that, I believe, it was on 1 Corinthians 14:35-36. They were pretty adamant about that a woman should not be a preacher. I just was wondering what your opinion was on that.

Doug: Well, this is a place where I think terminology is very important. Biblically there's no example of a woman serving in the capacity of a pastor, priest, apostle, or elder. You do have cases where women are teaching or preaching, they call it prophesying. For instance, in the Bible, it says in 1 Corinthians I think it's in 14 or 11 rather that if she prophesies she should have her head covered.

Well, that implies that she's prophesying or she's proclaiming the truth. Phillip had four daughters that prophesied. Let me see if I get word it this way to just give you an example of what the difference would be. There’s some famous Old Testament parents their names were Amram and Jochebed. Amram and Jochebed had three children that were very remarkable, their names were Miriam, Aaron, and Moses. All three of their children were prophets.

Miriam was a prophetess, Aaron was a prophet and Moses, all three are called prophets, but only the boys offered sacrifice. Nowhere in the Bible do you have a woman who's fulfilling the functions of some of these sacred priestly functions. Today priests don't offer sacrifice or pastors don't, but they do officiate the communion, weddings, baptisms. These are the sacred functions in the church, those are only men biblically.

Men are supposed to be the spiritual leaders of the church, but that doesn't mean women cannot teach or preach. That's why you have all those verses. There must be six different passages in the New Testament, where it talks about wife should submit to their husbands in the Lord. Meaning as a husband as a good servant leader, that she should respect the spiritual leadership of her spouse. That same relationship transitions into the church.

You can't have one relationship that's designed by God for the church, completely the opposite in the family. That would create some interesting scenarios. I have a book I can send you on that and it's called The Women in Ministry, we'll send you a free copy.

Ross: All you'll need to do is give us a call on our resource line, the number is 800-835-6747. You can ask for the book called Woman in Ministry. You can also read it for free online at If you have a Bible question, the phone number here to the studio is 800-463-7297. Again, that number is 800-463-7297 with your Bible question. We have Kenny listening from New Jersey. Kenny welcome to the program.

Doug: Hello?

Kenny: Yes I'm here.

Doug: Hey? There you go, we got you now, and your question.

Kenny: My question sir is, when Jesus was at the Jordan River, being baptized, the Holy Spirit symbolized as a dove, of course, descended upon him, and it then fill him, I guess. I was just wondering, and this sound a silly question but, what spirit was inhabiting him before the dove descended on him? Wasn't he very inhabited by the Holy Spirit?

Doug: Yes, it's a great question, great question. One reason that happened is not because Jesus suddenly got the Holy Spirit for the first time at his baptism. The word Christ or Christos it means anointed. That’s where we get the word. When you christen a ship, and they usually anoint it with champagne or something. The word Messiah is Hebrew for Anointed. When Jesus began his ministry he says, “The Spirit of the Lord has anointed me.”

Jesus was especially anointed or baptized in the Spirit for his ministry. Now the Holy Spirit comes into a person's life in different degrees. Jesus did no miracles before his baptism that we know off. He didn't do any healings that we know of. Matter of fact very little preaching or teaching, all we know is when he was 12, he got into a discussion with the priests at the temple. He really began his public spirit-filled ministry at his baptism, a special filling of the Spirit came to him of that time.

Jenny: Okay, a special filling, so inhabited by the spirit of course.

Doug: Now, an example would be, the Apostles had the Holy Spirit before Pentecost, but they were baptized in the Holy Spirit in Acts Chapter 2. A person having the spirit is different than really being filled and overflowing, baptized with the spirit.

Ross: The word Messiah means the anointed one. It was at Christ's baptism that he was anointed in a special sense with the Holy Spirit, for his public ministry. Immediately from the baptism Jesus went forth preaching and teaching. That marks a transition from Christ's former work, where he was working in Nazareth, to his public ministry for the next three and a half years.

Jenny: Can you also be baptized, if you got to be baptized in the spirit and not necessarily speak in tongues?

Doug: Absolutely, because many times in the Bible people were filled with the Holy Spirit. The Bible says the Spirit of the Lord came on David, the Spirit of the Lord came on Samson. The Holy Spirit comes on people to have them do what they're needed to do at that time. In Acts 2, they needed the gift of tongues because they needed to preach to all those listening Jews from other countries. You read in Acts Chapter 4, I forget, I think it's verse 31, it says, “They prayed the place where they were assembled were shaken. They were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the Word of God with boldness.”

There is nothing about tongues, but it's the same experience as Pentecost because it was just the Apostles together, there was no listening foreigners. Absolutely a person could be filled with the Spirit and not speak in tongues.

Ross: We have a very important book dealing with this called Understanding Tongues, that's often a passage that is confusing to some. We’ll be able to send this to you Kenny or anyone listening. You can ask for the book called, Understanding Tongues. The number to call is 800-835-6747. Again, ask for the book called Understanding Tongues. We’ll be happy to send it to anybody who calls and asks. Our next caller I believe is Fred listening from Oregon. Mr. Fred welcome to the program.

Fred: Thank you.

Doug: I appreciate you calling.

Fred: I’d like if Pastor Doug could explain the abomination of desolation, the meaning that is, please.

Doug: I probably can't explain the whole thing, but you'll find in Matthew 24 and I think it's Luke 21, Pastor Ross it may be Luke 17. First, it says when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, and then it goes on and says, let those that read understand. Let those that be in Judea flee into the mountains.

Ross: The apparel passage that goes along with that is Luke Chapter 21:18.

Doug: In Luke, it says, “When you see Jerusalem encompassed with armies,” is that the one?

Ross: That's the one yes, Luke 21:18.

Doug: "Let those be in Judea flee into the mountains." The abomination of desolation actually has two parts to it. The first part, Fred, was when the Christians were in Jerusalem when it was surrounded by the Romans. They had to flee when they had one brief window of opportunity because Jerusalem was destroyed, the temple was destroyed. That’s referred to in that Daniel Chapter 9, it says abomination that would desolate the temple of God.

After Jesus rose from the dead, the new temple represented his body. He said, “Destroy this temple made with hands, three days I'll raise it up.” The body of Christ is the church. In the last days before Jesus comes, there's going to be another beast power that is going to want to desecrate the temple of God, God's people. We are going to be surrounded by laws, just like in the book of Esther. They're going to make laws that will force us to worship God differently.

We may have to flee for our lives during that time because those that don't have the mark of the beast can't buy or sell, and ultimately there's a death decree. It’s talking about what the beast power is going to do to God's people in the last days, similar to what the Roman power did to the Jewish nation back in 70 AD. I know that's a quick-- We have a book on that. We can send you, call. The Abomination of Desolation by Gary Gibbs, we'll send you a free copy.

Ross: Once again all you have to do is just give us a call on our resource line it's, 800-835-6747, you can ask for the book called The Abomination of Desolation.

Doug: He could read it for free.

Ross: You can read it, that's right. The Amazing Facts website,, click on the link that says free library. You can just type in the title of the book and you can read it for free online.

Fred: Very good. Thank you so much.

Doug: You're welcome. Thank you.

Ross: Our next caller is Sam and he's listening in Indiana on SiriusXM. Sam, welcome to the program.

Sam: Welcome to you. My question is, some preach that we're going to be trough the millennium. The millennium has already started and at the end, the dead will rise and we all will be judged and it had to be the end of the world. Others preach that we're going to go through the tribulations. What is that one?

Doug: All right, well for one thing when we're done answering, we want to make sure and give you a lesson that talks about that specifically on the millennium. It's called what?

Ross: A Thousand Years of Peace.

Doug: Yes, A Thousand Years of Peace. There's a problem with one of the popular views that came from Hal Lindsey. Now Hal Lindsey, a nice man, he wrote several books that I think we're a little off. He wrote in the book Late, Great Planet Earth that the rapture was going to take place in 1988 because it was 40 years from the establishment of Israel. None of it happened, it sold a lot of books but none of it happened.

He made several other predictions that didn't happen. He believes that we spend the millennium here on the earth where the righteous reigning over the wicked. There's nothing in the New Testament that follows that. The Bible says that we live and reign with Christ but it's not talking about reigning over the wicked. First of all, I don't know any believer that wants to reign over the wicked.

The other problem with that is he has the righteous on the earth during the Millennium but Jesus said, "I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again receive you unto myself that where I am, heaven you will be also-- he says in my father's house for many mansions, I'm gonna bring you to those mansions." When Jesus comes we are caught up, to meet him in the air, we go away from the planet.

We then live and reign with Christ for a thousand years. At the end of the 1000 years, Revelation 21 the New Jerusalem comes down to earth. There's an attempt made to attack the City of God by the enemies of God's people. All the wicked are resurrected at that point it calls them Gog and Magog. There's a great white throne judgment, they're destroyed and God creates a new heaven and a new earth. They're cast into the lake of fire, the Bible says.

That's the biblical view, that's the view that I think many Protestants believed. We'll send you a lesson that gives you all the scriptural on that. I don't think you'll have any doubt when you're done.

Sam: Appreciate it.

Doug: All right Sam, so make sure and ask for the lesson or read it for free right now online.

Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747 that is the resource line and you can ask for the lesson called A Thousand Years of Peace. It really deals with Revelation Chapter 20 and at 1,000 years. Sometimes referred to as the millennium.

Doug: Yes. If you do go to the new Amazing Facts website, there's actually a video, where we go right through it and teach the whole subject.

Ross: Another call is Ruby listening from Winter Park, Florida. Ruby, welcome to the program.

Ruby: Well good evening. God bless you.

Doug: Good evening, how are you?

Ruby: Very well I'm so happy I've got through. Pastor Batchelor, I have a question regarding Saul. 1 Samuel 31:4 says that Saul fell on his sword and committing suicide [inaudible 00:24:00] arm bearer but then 2 Samuel 1:10 it said that there was a young man who came to give David the news.

Doug: He claimed that he killed Saul. He totally lied. See, the young man was an Amalekite. Well because the Bible tells us earlier how Saul died he fell on his sword. Evidently, there are other witnesses in the Battle of what happened. That word had not reached David yet. This Amalekite when he came through stripping the slain, they used to strip the gold and he saw the crown, he saw Saul. He thought, if I give this to David because Saul was trying to kill David, David will give me a reward,

I will say I killed Saul and David will reward me. Well, he didn't know David very well. Saul was actually David's father-in-law and David knew that Saul had been chosen by God and he had great esteem for that. The Israelites didn't have a lot of love for the Amalekites either. When that man came and told his lie, that he had killed Saul, he made the whole thing up. David had him executed.

Ruby: Right, I saw that.

Doug: He just fabricated a whole story hoping to get a reward.

Ruby: Okay, where is that part where it's explaining that versionthat he is Amalekite and he was not really-- I know the part where he came through the battle and he saw the crown, he picked it up and he devised this thing. I'm trying to show someone that he did commit suicide. They say no, he didn't commit suicide, that this man killed him.

Doug: Well, you've got to go back to the original spot, where it tells it's all. What happened in the battle. Saul fell on a sword. The Amalekite that came to David later he was just bringing him word and tried to get a reward.

Ross: I think the passage you're thinking about, Pastor Doug, 1 Samuel Chapter 31:4 actually the next few verses, there's a little bit involved. First of all, Saul turns to his armor bearer and asked him to kill him and the armor bearer said he wouldn't. Saul put his sword up against the rock or something and he fell upon his sword and he died.

Doug: The other verse that you're talking about is 2 Samuel 1:12 where the Amalekite comes and claims that he killed Saul. Yes, actually, it's in 2 Samuel Chapter 1:8. He says I'm an Amalekite. He makes up this whole story.

Ruby: It's a made up story.

Doug: yes.

Ruby: Okay, I'll try to convince them.

Doug: Obviously, somebody in the story is lying and the Amalekite had a reason to lie. He was trying to get a reward but it backfired on him. Appreciate your call, Ruby.

Ross: We have Barbara listening from Oregon. Barbara, welcome to the program.

Barbara: Thank you.

Doug: Thank you.

Barbara: It's a privileged to be talking to you.

Doug: Well likewise.

Barbara: My question is about health and the Genesis Diet. It talks about fruits, greens and nuts and later in Genesis 3:18 adding vegetables. I'm wondering if legumes like soy and peanuts were ever part of that diet?

Doug: Yes. I think that you'll find that in the basic diet of fruits, grains and nuts, that's encompassing also legumes. Technically, they're seeds you can plant them and something will sprout. I know I've planted some beans on purpose and by accident and they sprout. I appreciate it, Barbara. We hate to catch a short but it is our break time. Listening friends don't go anywhere there's more Bible answers coming in just a moment. You're listening to Bible Answers Live.

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Doug: Welcome back listening friends to Bible Answers Live. If you have a Bible question, this program is just for you. You can call in with your Bible question. We have lines open right now it is a free phone call, 800 GOD-SAYS. That's the acronym and the number 800-463-7297. 463-7297 and start that out with an 800 that will bring you into the studio. We have another number we give out that brings you to our chaplain line as well as our resources and so you can just give me your address they'll send you the free resources. My name is Doug Bachelor.

Ross: My name is Jean Ross and Pastor Doug we're ready to go straight back to the phone lines. We have Enrique who is listening from looks like Wichita, Kansas. Enrique, welcome to the program.

Enrique: [unintelligible 00:30:33] I have a question. Can an elder that commits adultery lose his anointment, can he be an elder again?

Doug: Well yes. A person can have the Holy Spirit taken away from them. When you say anointing you're talking about the anointing of the spirit or maybe you're also talking about their ordination would it be-- Yes. A person could be disqualified for the holy calling. If you got a pastor or an elder and they've violated one of the principal tenets like that and it was a major moral failure that can just disqualify them from their position. Now you do have people in the Bible that made mistakes like that and God reinstated them.

Even David when he repented of his sin with Bathsheba he prayed, "Take not thy Holy Spirit from me." Samson, he had the Holy Spirit withdrawn from him because that's where the strength came from and he prayed and repented later and the Holy Spirit was restored, just briefly. It's a serious thing if a person is an elder or a minister and if they commit adultery they probably, permanently, lost the confidence of their flock.

It doesn't mean they can never repent or be saved but it'd just be really hard for people to trust them again. I think we all recognize there are some sins that are more serious of a nature than others. For instance, if a Christian were to get involved in molesting children, in any way, I don't think anybody in their lives would ever give them a chance again to work with children. You just can't take that risk.

Enrique: Is he an elder again?

Doug: I don't think so. Being a pastor you hear some very interesting circumstances and I know people who have made those mistakes and they thoroughly repent and God can forgive them but I sure wouldn't count on it. I'm sure there are cases that probably lots of people around North America that are working as elders that made that mistake. I'm a more conservative pastor and the Bible even says an elder should be a husband of one wife. That's one of the qualifications.

Enrique: My question is, if you repent and the church gives him the elder again, can he be according to the Bible or not?

Doug: No. Pastor Ross had a thought.

Ross: I think first of all public sins need to be confessed publicly and then especially with a degree of trust in that manner there needs to be a time period. I don't think anyone should rush him back into office in the church or taking responsibility. There needs to be a period of proving that the repentance is genuine. It's difficult. Each circumstance is a little bit different but it is a serious thing and I think the church needs to take something like that serious as well.

Doug: I appreciate your call brother Enrique and hope that helps a little bit.

Ross: Next caller is Rain listening from Bronx, New York on WMCA. Rain, welcome to the program.

Rain: Thank you. Okay. I have a question about Leviticus 20:13.

Ross: Okay.

Rain: It's about a man having sexual relations with another man, it being an abomination before the Lord. I've heard people who were into the homosexual lifestyle. They [unintelligible 00:34:14] doesn't mean that homosexuality is wrong. It just means that when you're sleeping with a man you should accord him more respect than you would if you were sleeping with a woman. I'd like you to explain that verse to me, please.

Doug: Well if a person wants to they can try to manufacture all kinds of creative responses in the Bible but it is very clear from this verse and a number of others. Paul speaks in Romans 1 about homosexuality and it is consistently in the Bible said to be an abomination. A matter of fact, God even says, "if a man puts on a woman's clothing it's an abomination." Uses the same word and that's in Deuteronomy that 18:22 or 22:18, I forget. Yes, a man shall not wear that which pertains to a woman. A woman shall not wear that which pertains to a man.

All that do so are an abomination. One of the things that God wants to make really clear is that we do not corrupt his design in the beginning. It says he made the male and female. That's his design. Our culture today is trying to amalgamate that there's really no difference between the genders and now even in some states we've got transgender bathrooms. Go ahead, Jean. Did you have a verse for that or no? Okay. I don't know if that's helping answer your question, Rain?

Rain: No. It is helping me a bit because, I for one, I know I believe what the Bible says. It's just that in light of what has happened recently with the Supreme Court and reading things online, they seem to insinuate that so many relationships in the Bible were homosexual. I don't believe that and then I don't have any strong argument to come back at them with.

Doug: I'll give you a couple of examples. First of all, it also says this in Leviticus 18:22, "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination." In Romans, it talks about women with women doing that which is unseemly. In the book of Judges, it talks about the men of Gibeah raping. They wanted to rape the man and the whole tribe was almost annihilated because that. Of course, everyone knows about Sodom and Gomorrah. That they wanted to molest the angels and there are very clear scriptures that say, those who practice homosexuality will not enter the kingdom of heaven. There's lots of evidence. If a person wants to make the Bible say what they want it to say and not let it really speak for itself, you can torture the Bible into all these convolutions that where it says things it's not even there.

Rain: Yes. Okay.

Doug: I hope that helps a little. There's a number of articles online that will just summarize all of the verses in the Bible on this subject. Can you just read them as they're written there's no question what it's saying?

Rain: Okay. Thank you very much.

Doug: Thank you. Appreciate your call.

Ross: If you have a Bible question our phone line into the studio is 800-463-7297. Again, that's 800-463-7297. If you have a Bible question good time to pick up your phone and give us a call. We have a few lines open. It's 800-463-7297. We have Dushan listening from Oregon on SiriusXM. Dushan, welcome to the program.

Dushan:: Yes. Thank you for taking my call. I really appreciate it. My question was concerning tithing and not so much whether the principle of tithing should be taught or not or practiced or not but more specifically being as you say the Bible doesn't contradict itself. Is the tithe money or is it just what comes from the land, what we harvest from the land? The reason I ask this is because most preachers accuse people that don't tithe of being God robber,s out of Malachi 3: 9-10.

If I'm reading the Bible correctly, verse 7 of that passage sets the context for 9 and 10. Then in Leviticus where the Lord's dealing with things that are holy unto him and the parts of beast and the parts of a man and so on and so forth. In Leviticus 27, the only thing that can be redeemed that I can read of is the tithe. It says you add the [unintelligible 00:38:32] if you want to redeem your tithe.

Doug: Is your question that should tithe be paid from the herds in agriculture or money?

Dushan: No. My question is is the tithe money anywhere in the Bible or not?

Doug: Yes.

Dushan:: I ask you this because in Deuteronomy 14 where the Israelites were carrying their tithe with them the Lord said that if it got too heavy for you or became a burden they could change it for money.

Doug: That's exactly right. The principle, let me just jump in here so we don't get lost in the weeds of the question. The principle is when God blessed the people with increase, if they were shepherds that increase would be sheep and goats. If they were farmers it might be wheat or corn. If they were merchants it might be monetary but as the Lord blessed their industry with increase they would commit a percentage of their increase to the support of God's work and back then it was supporting the Levites that would be teaching the Word of the Lord and leading out in their weekly worship services throughout the kingdom.

Now that happened the way it was supposed to during the reign of Jehoshaphat but several times when the people drifted from God they did not support the Levites with the tithe and then the Levites then had to go get jobs. There was really nobody minding the nation spiritually. That was the principle behind tithe. Paul uses the same teaching he says, “Those that labor in the gospel should live of the gospel, don't muzzle the ox that treads out the grain”, That same principle can be found in the New Testament. Go ahead.

Ross: We do have a study guide dealing with this subject called, In God We Trust. It talks about the tithe principle. Not only do you have tithe but you also have offerings and what does the Bible say about that? We'll be happy to send that to anybody who calls and asks our resource line is 800-835-6747, you can just ask for the study guide called In God We Trust. You can read it for free online at

Doug: Yes, did that help answer that a little bit, Dushan?

Dushan: It did but then to come back to what you just said because my question, specifically, was it money or was it something else? Reading in the Old Testament it could be exchanged for money. I just assumed it wasn't money, it was something else. Now then if we teach the principle of tithing that's fine, that's a good starting point. I would ask you based on what Jesus said in the New Testament, is it possible then that the people that are actually robbing God are ones that actually can give more than the tithe and won't give any more than just tithes? because Jesus said that when he made a comparison of the woman that threw in two much that she threw in out of her wants, all that she had, all the living right, that the others camping out of their abundance. My point is, first of all, to me, as far as I understand tithing in the Old Testament was never money. However, in the New Testament because of our society and the way we work, what we earn, if we want to give God the first fruits, it would be money.

Doug: Well, I would we're going have to go to another call. I would agree with you that in the New Testament that tithing is, it could be more than 10% because it says that no man said that aught that he had roses own they were selling their houses and land and investing them in the gospel back then. You're right so the Spirit of God could go way beyond just a tithe. I agree please send for the lesson it goes into great detail a lot of scriptures in it, I know you'll appreciate it.

Ross: Of course, the Bible not only speaks about the 10% tithe but also the offerings. There isn't a fixed amount but rather that's how the Lord is blessed individuals, both are important.

Doug:: That's right.

Ross: Next call is that Dylan listening from Las Vegas, Nevada. Dylan, welcome to the program.

Dylan: Hello how you today?

Doug: Doing good, how can we help you tonight?

Dylan: I get a little frustrated with these other documents, these doctrines because I know they're false. My question is in Genesis Chapter 1, I got the King James Version here in verse 27 it says, “God created man in his own image in the image of God he created him, male and female, he created them”, Now my Bible says in verse 27, it's the New Living version, it says “God created people in his own image, God patterned them after himself, male and female, he created them” says the same thing, my question is I thought we all came from-- there was only Adam and Eve?

Doug: It was just Adam and Eve.

Dylan: It says here they created people, God created people in his own image

Doug: Well the word their people, it just means mankind was created in the image of God. The first two that God started to correspond all the others was Adam and Eve.

Dylan: Yes, I have looked into other doctrines, they're a new earth age, they're saying these other things, God created other people. You had these people, then he created Adam and Eve, you understand?Like it's backwards.

Ross: Yes part of it can be confusing depending upon the translation that one uses. Now you quoted from the King James originally, then you quoted from a different translation or a different version, remember you have translations which is an actual translation of the original Hebrew or Greek. Then you have a paraphrase which is an English Bible written with different words. Sometimes in the paraphrases, you can lose some of the original meaning but in this verse, and particularly, in verse 27, it's talking about Adam and Eve. They, of course, are the parents of the whole human race. God created Adam and Eve and, of course, their descendants are in the image of God.

Doug: I just heard a report, Pastor Ross, that the DNA research has confirmed that as they track back the features of humanity, they're all tracing them back now to common ancestry. They're actually coming to the conclusion that all the people in the world not only come from a common mother, one common mother but everybody in the world now also comes from one common father. It's pretty revolution when they're not saying that we came from a bunch of different separated groups of apes that developed. They said, somehow, all the humans on the planet can be traced back through DNA now to two original people a man and a woman.

Ross: The Bible gives us their names.

Doug:1: That's right. l just thought very interesting; I just read a science article about that.

Ross: All right.

Dylan: I have listened to your--

Doug: I'm sorry we lost you there, you're back?

Dylan: Yes, I’m back.

Doug: Yes, what were you saying?

Dylan: Yes, I've listened to your radio station on my television and the thing you were saying about how all dogs, they all evolved from two wolves, like two dogs.

Doug: Probably wolf like dogs, yes. That's an article in National Geographic that they confirm that. Not that I agree with everything National Geographic says.

Dylan: I have listened to other things and they’ve got other Christians misguided on what these other doctrines are saying and they're false because that's what I was always brought up to believe.

Ross: Dylan, we might have missed you there. I guess the bottom line is we need to go with the Bible, what the Bible teaches. If you follow the Genesis account it's pretty clear that God created Adam and Eve, then the whole human race descended from them. There's all teachings and doctrines, Pastor Doug, out there and that's why we need to go with the Bible, that's our sure safeguard.

Doug: Absolutely.

Ross: Well thanks for your call Dylan. We're going to try get a few more callers in yes we have Tom listening from Wyoming, Tom, welcome to the program.

Tom: Yes, hello thanks for taking my call. You guys were talking about this a little bit but [unintelligible 00:47:00] the Supreme Court just came down with a decision of gay marriage. My question was, how should a Christian react if they're invited to a gay marriage? We're supposed to be salt white, we're supposed to mingle with the with everyone. Jesus did and I just wonder what your opinion was.

Doug: Well personally, I would have a real moral dilemma there because if God is calling something an abomination, then we go with our presence, by usually when you go to a wedding, it's their because you're endorsing in some way. You're showing support for the couple and what they're doing. For a Christian to go and that would be really difficult because some of these people have kids that are struggling with these issues. When you go to a wedding that you believe is an abomination to God and adds support to it, it almost vindicates that it's not so bad.

I would personally have a real problem doing that. Under no circumstances could I perform a same-sex wedding because that just contradicts what Christians traditionally believe the Bible teaches. You're right that I meet and visit with a lot of people with all different tendencies. We pray with them, they're all welcome to church, we study with them because that's how they get brought to Christ but to go and endorse what they're doing is it different. That’s different. It's a good question but that would be my answer.

Tom: That’s my opinion too. We are going to be confronted with itsoon or later.

Doug: Absolutely, I'm hearing everywhere that the next target that the more militant same-sex people are going to go after is Christians. Christians refusing to vindicate or to endorse same-sex marriage. They're going to try using the courts to force us to endorse it, that's going be the next battle will probably be facing. I appreciate your call, Tom. By the way, there is that verse that you find in number places in the Bible where it says homosexuality is just inappropriate and forbidden by God.

1 Corinthians 6:9-10, ” Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God do not be deceived neither the sexually immoral or idolaters or adulterers or men who practice homosexuality or thieves or the greedy or drunkards or revelers or swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God”. Paul goes on to say, “Such were some of you but you were washed”. People struggling with those problems can be saved from them.

Ross: Our next call is Marcus listening from Atlanta, Georgia. Marcus, welcome to the program.

Doug: Are you there Marcus? Marcus from Atlanta listening on Satellite Radio are you there? Marcus?

Marcus: Yes am here.

Doug: Well we got you and your question.

Marcus: Well my question is, Bible prophecy, where are we now dealing with the last days? I noticed a lot of things are happening very rapidly. I just to know, what frame are we in for Christ's return for us? We have my different events far as things happening--

Doug: Yes let me tell you what I think we are. I believe that we're living in Matthew where it says the gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world for a witness then the end will come. Jesus didn't say it might come, he said the end shall come, it will come and right now because of the internet and that's Matthew 24:14, I think?

Ross: That's right yes.

Doug: Right now because of the internet, satellite, television, radio, print, the Gospel is going in every part of the world. Pastor Ross and I just came back from a convention in Texas where there were 65,000 Christians from all over the planet and we had so much fun because we just went from one to the other. They're watching Amazing Facts programs. We said, "Where are you from? They say I'm from New Guinea. Where are you from? I'm from Timor. Where are you from? India, Russia, Vietnam there's every corner globe. The Gospel and the Middle East and China.

The Gospel is going into all the world now and I think that we're going to see persecution revived. That usually purifies the church and causes revival. You'll find in times of great affluence and prosperity the church is usually lukewarm. So we're living during the time of Laodicea, if you look in Revelation there's seven churches we're in the last age of the church now, the lukewarm age of Laodicea. I think persecution will come and revive the church but Jesus is coming soon because the gospel is going everywhere. You would enjoy going to that website, for our previous caller we may have lost you, it's Dylan, yes, and we got to repress numbers-

Ross: Yes we did, we lost number three.

Doug: Okay Bible prophecy truth we have a website Bible prophecy truth and read those lessons you'll see where we are in the timeline.

Ross: I think we have time for one quick caller. We got Christine listening from Michigan. We got about two minutes Christine

Christine: Okay I'll make it quick, I have been struggling for over 30 years. I received the Lord as my Savior. I was not raised as a Christian on any level it was very dysfunctional but I have a problem with receiving the Holy Spirit. I fall short so much and I'm repenting every day and I need to know how can I receive him? He is the teacher, the comforter and He could guide and lead me. I need help. I read the Bible. I don't attend a church because I don't know where to go. I've tried them and I'm wondering has God turned away from me? Has He taken the Holy Spirit from me?

Doug: All right, first of all, I want to send your free book, it's called The Holy Spirit, The Need. No cost, no obligation you can read it online or we'll send you a copy. It's that easy to read, small booklet on the promises about the Holy Spirit and how to receive the Holy Spirit. The reason I'm mentioning the book is because I'm going run out of time before this program is over and saying what I want to say but God wants you to have the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, "If being evil we know how to give good gifts to our children, how much more will your Father in Heaven give the Holy Spirit to those that ask?" So we need to be willing to ask patiently, persistently.

Don't forget to call the resource number for that book which is 800-835-6747, ask for the study book on The Holy Spirit, The Need. It's written by yours truly. Appreciate your call because you're asking the most important question. Christine, God wants you to have the Holy Spirit. It'll come in different degrees continue to empty yourself and that'll make room for his filling. Listening friends you can tell from the background music we're running out of time but hope you'll stay tuned for just a moment more, as I remind you we are 100% listener-supported.

If you've been blessed by this broadcast let us know. Go to the Amazing Facts website, it's new. You're going to appreciate the new site. There's a place real easy just click there if you want to support us keep us on this station. God bless you friends and I pray that you'll stay tuned in and continue to study. Remember Jesus is the truth that will set you free.

Voice-over 4: This has been a pre-recorded broadcast of Bible Answers Live, a production of Amazing Facts Ministries. If you would like to order the materials mentioned on this broadcast call 800-835-6747 from 8 AM to midnight Eastern Standard Time. That's 800-835-6747. If you've missed an episode of Bible Answers Live, you can find it on our website You'll also find our online sale catalog of books tapes and other materials. As well as numerous free resources on nearly every Bible topic.

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Speaker 1: I grew up in a church going family. We were at every meeting, I sang in four of the choirs there, I directed three. Very involved very active. It almost seemed like busywork sometimes. I went to Sunday School, I knew about God, I knew about Jesus but I didn't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. My senior year in high school, I got the news my father had been murdered. I played it off well, no one really saw that I was struggling with it. It just really felt like there was a hole that needed to be filled and I tried to fill it with drugs, with alcohol, with partying. After college, I just stopped going to church altogether.

One day, on the Sunday, because I didn't feel like going to church with my mom I thought, I should get a little bit of work. She had the satellite system hooked up and I'm flipping through channels and then the logo pops across, Amazing Facts Presents. I've listened to a lot of different ministers but this was the first time that he's actually saying something where I had to grab my Bible actually pick it up. I've never heard this before, let me look through and find this. I went through all the historicals, I went through all the study guides and I just couldn't get enough. Then the Sabbath came up and he's going through the appeal and I'm just going, Lord, I hear you, I have to go to the church.

So I show up, it was funny, I didn't feel like I was going to be judged, anything judgmental, anything. I walked in the door and I just felt at home but there's still a problem, I'm still partying. I was still going out to the bars. At this time I was selling cocaine to pay my rent. Sixteen days later I find myself in a life or death situation. I just came back from a liquor store and grabbed a bottle of vodka and there I am, high off cocaine with my Bible in hand trying to do a Bible study. I heard an audible voice, just look at yourself and I did and I was like what am I doing? I got on my knees I said, "Lord if you do not take this away from me now, I'm going to kill myself."

I was going to continue this lifestyle and I was going to end up overdosing, having a heart attack, whatever it was, you have to take this away, all of it. That day he lifted all of it away from me. It was all God. When God does something in your life he does it complete.

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