Leper Healed by Jesus' Touch

Date: 07/26/2015 
A recent spike in cases of one of one of history's most feared diseases has been blamed on a less than terrifying animal, the armadillo. For example, Florida has seen nine leprosy cases so far, this year compared to as few as two in a typical year. Health officials believe that the increase in cases has been caused by human contact with armadillos.
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Doug: Hello friends, this is Doug Batchelor how about an amazing fact. A recent spike in cases of one of one of history's most feared diseases has been blamed on a less than terrifying animal, the armadillo. For example, Florida has seen nine leprosy cases so far, this year compared to as few as two in a typical year. Health officials believe that the increase in cases has been caused by human contact with armadillos.

Health researchers determined armadillos shine nocturnal creatures found in much of the Southern US, can harbour the bacteria that causes leprosy and spread it to humans that would be probably requiring repeated contact. The disease which is clinically termed Hansen's disease infects about 100 US citizens annually. Well, best known is an affliction associated with biblical times, leprosy is now most common in Southern states including Texas, Florida, and Louisiana.

The condition is a lot more treatable than it was in the days of the leper colonies. Just to be on the safe side, authorities are urging citizens to stay away from these cute creatures. Well, a person might get leprosy by touching an armadillo, the Bible says a leper can be healed by touching Jesus. Stay with us friends we're going to learn more as Amazing Facts brings you this edition of Bible Answers Live.

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Doug: Welcome listening friends to Bible Answers Live and we are live if you have a Bible question there are lines open. Just give us a call free phone call that's 800 God says 800-463-7297. We would love to hear from you. My name is Doug Batchelor.

John: My name is John Ross. Good evening listening friends and pastor Doug. Welcome back you were just this morning in Mexico on a mission trip and you just flew in this afternoon.

Doug: Woke up in Mexico, drove across the border and flew up from San Diego wanted to be with our friends tonight to study the word.

John: Well, let's begin the program with prayer. Dear Father, we thank you once again that we had this opportunity to study your word. We ask a special blessing upon this program. Be with those who are listening wherever they might be Lord and guide us as we open the scriptures, as we feast upon the living bread, for we ask this in Jesus name, Amen.

Doug: Amen.

John: Pastor you opened up the program by talking about a unique little creature the armadillo. I understand that there are different varieties. The one that we have over here in North America mostly in the southern states originally migrated up from Mexico. There is a kind of armadillo further south I guess Central or South America that can actually roll itself up into a ball when chased by its enemy and just rolls away. It's a remarkable little creature.

Doug: It's amazing they fit together like a little puzzle. It's perfect and yes they are cute I know when I lived in Texas and we'd periodically see an armadillo. They get so scared when they see a car that they just jump straight up which makes things worse usually. They're not vicious or anything so people have caught them and they've handled them and long of a hold they've discovered they seem to-- their bodies are a perfect culture for the leprosy disease.

They've noticed this spike or increase in cases evidently is caused because the increase of development in Florida and Texas and these other places the suburbs. They're being displaced, people are finding armadillos and their babies in their yard and so forth. They're being handled or they're dealing-- they're touching their dens and so they've had this increase in leprosy through touch.

In Bible times, you weren't supposed to touch someone with leprosy because you could contract leprosy with one exception. There's a story in the Bible of a leper who touched someone and he was made clean by the contact. I think that's found in the Gospel of Mark where do you have the verse there?

John: Yes. Mark chapter 1:40 talks about a leper coming to Jesus and kneeling down to him and saying, "If you are willing you can make me clean."

Doug: That's right and Jesus said, "I am willing be thou clean and he reaches out and touches him." Now, one of two things would happen, you would either-- Christ would be unclean if he touched the leper or the cleansing of Christ would flow the opposite direction. Jesus reversed the polarity and he had cleansing flow back into the man instead of the leprosy passing on the disease.

That's what he did for that man. Friends he can do for everybody. Most people when you touch someone sick, you're at risk of becoming sick but when you touch Jesus he imparts cleansing, he imparts healing, he imparts purity and so in the same way they said in our little article this evening that through repeated contact with armadillos you're at higher risk of being contaminated. Through repeated contact with Jesus you're at greater risk of being purified. I recommend this much contact as possible and talk to the Lord, pray, spend time with Jesus.

When that leper said, "Lord if you are willing you can make me clean." Jesus said, "I am willing." It is God's will for you to be saved from your sin, for you to have a new life and to be made pure. He can do that for you and we have a free offer that we'll send to anyone that wants to know more about how can we have that salvation from sin. Well, how does that experience take place?

John: We have a book that we'll be happy to send anybody who calls and asks the book is called The Saviour and The Serpent. It's talking about how we can be set free from sin by reaching out by faith and touching Jesus, receiving him as our Saviour. We'll send the book to anybody who calls and asks. Our resource line is 800-835-6747. And again, the book is called The Saviour and The Serpent. The number to call 800-835-6747, ask for the book we'll be happy to send it to you. You can also read it for free online at amazingfacts.org.

If you have a Bible question, our phone number here to the studio is 800-463-7297 again that's 800-463-7297 with your Bible question. Pastor Doug I think we're ready to go to the phone lines our first caller is Dale and he is listening right here in Sacramento. Dale welcome to the program.

Dale: Thank you, Pastor Doug, for taking my call.

Doug: Well, thank you for calling.

Dale: I appreciate listening to your program. My question has to do with Islam. Why is Islam the fastest-growing religion today? Is it mentioned in Biblical prophecy at all?

Doug: Two questions, one about the rapid or apparent rapid growth of Islam. Now when you talk about a religion growing, there are a lot of inaccurate numbers. For instance, not everybody that is born in a Christian home is automatically a Christian. Many people are counted as Christians because maybe they were born into a Catholic family and if you ask them what's your religion they'll say, "Well, my family is a Catholic I guess I'm a Catholic." Same thing Islam especially they believe in having large families there might be a lot of biological growth.

People culturally might say my religion is Islam but they're not necessarily practicing and that's also true a Christian. What I'm saying is you have nominal Muslims, you have nominal Christians. That means a name only but they may not be practicing the fundamentals. They may not be reading the Bible or the Quran. What really makes a religion you really count the numbers by the genuine adherence that are living it, they're sharing it and they're excited about their religion, not just the biological growth. I think a lot of the growth that you see in Islam is biological growth.

Now that can lead to the other growth. Now the second question was I forgot the second question, what was it?

Dale: The second question was, is Islam mentioned in biblical prophecy?

Doug: That's right, I believe it is. It's not mentioned by name but I believe that you well-- For instance in the prophecies God used the religion of Islam as really a chastisement of apostate Christians in Europe under those are what Revelation talking about the seven trumpets?

John: That's right usually it's-- well it's Revelation chapter nine, the fifth and the sixth trumpet have often been identified. This is even during the time of the Reformation. They identified the rise and expansion of Islam symbolized by the fifth and the sixth trumpet. The fifth trumpet has been identified with Mohammed and how Islam grew and then the sixth trumpet during the time of the Ottoman Empire. All the Turks, how it expanded to towards Europe and took over certain countries.

Doug: There may also be some references as well Dale in the book of Daniel chapter 11 and 12, talks about a number of kingdoms. Chapter 11 at the end in particular, it mentions five maybe six nations, let me see it mentions, Egypt, Libya is it Ethiopia, Ammon, Edom, and Moab. Which today those nations are occupied by mostly Muslims. So yes, I do think there are some references there and if you are enjoying studying prophecy, we've got a magazine that deals with the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.

If you call our resource number, tell them you are listening to Bible Answers live and we'll send you a free copy. The number to call is 800-835-6747 and again the magazine is on the book of Daniel and Revelation. We have Michael who is listening from Miami Florida. Michael welcome to the program.

Michael: Hello, Pastor Doug and Pastor Ross can you hear me clear?

Doug: Loud and clear.

Michael: Awesome, well I wouldn't want to detract too much from any possible airtime but I'm hoping you guys can indulge me in two questions that are a little unrelated but firstly, the thing is I've been a Christian for a pretty long while. I've been baptized for a little while and the thing is I kind of feel like I had an unfortunate realization come to me a little while ago, is that especially as I remembered all the times in my past where I heard messages about the second coming of Jesus and everything. I usually only sensed a strong sensation of fear. And the thing is as I continue to look back on my Christian walk, it seemed more so that just about most if not all of my walking was motivated by fear of God's wrath rather than by love for Him.

I know the commandment says, I think there was a verse that says, "If you love me keep my commandments." Right. And another verse says, "He who fears is not made perfect in love." So, I was wondering what really is the Biblical way to change one's heart and motivation to true love for God as opposed to just fear of His wrath and things of that sort.

Doug: Alright, that's a great question Michael and I don't know if we'll have time for two because we have a few people lined up but let's take them one at a time. The Bible says you're right. The motive should be, love the Lord. The new Covenant is God writes His law in our hearts, same law but it's kind of in a new place meaning we are driven by love. We love Him because He first loved us. So, as we behold His love for us, it softens and subdues our hearts and it warms our hearts with a reciprocal affection for him.

It's the love of God that is shed abroad our hearts, Paul talks about it's the goodness of God that leads us to repent of our sins, now fear is not an entirely bad motive as a starting point. Because Jesus does preach about the warnings of judgment. And so, a person might come to his senses and realize, "Hey, I've got a deadly disease, I need a doctor.” And then they go to the doctor out of fear and then they learn to love the doctor because he really cares about them. See what I'm saying. And so, don't feel guilty or feel like you are disingenuous because you've had a sense of repentance, you've had a sense of fear for your sin and your condition, that's normal.

As a matter of fact, I worry more about people that have no conviction for sin and no fear of the future. But you do want that motive to transfer from the starting point of maybe fear to love for God and because of His goodness. And so, the more you behold God's love for you, the more you behold Jesus, the more you talk to Jesus, how do you fall in love with anybody? Most people love at first sight, I guess that could happen supernaturally but for most people, you get to know a person and then you love them. The more time you spend talking to God and the more time that God spends talking to you, the more you'll know Him, the better you know Him the more you'll love Him.

The more you love Him, the more you'll want to serve and please Him because you love Him and not because you are afraid of the future. And so, I would just encourage you, Mike, to be doing that, spend as much time as you can getting to know the Lord more and more and your love will grow. There's a verse that says, "This is eternal life that they may know thee." John 17, "And thy son, Jesus Christ."

John: So, we do have a book called 12 Steps to The Revival, I think it deals with that. So if you can book it for principles and we'll be happy to send that to you Michael, how do we have revival? How do we have that first love experience that the Bible speaks of? The book I think will help in guiding you in that, all you need to do is call our resource line the number is 800-835-6747, you can ask for the book called 12 steps to revival. Again, that number is 800-835-6747 and the book is 12 Steps to Revival. We have Yvette who is listening from Canada, Yvette welcome to the program.

Yvette: Yes, hi. Hi. I'm a first-time caller and I'm so excited to talk to both of you. Well, thank you. I've been listening to you for many years, yes and I'm driving home from work and now tonight I just want to ask that question about how when Eve and Adam were in the garden and Eve took the apple. Many people have a different story about the apple. I always thought it was really the apple but some people are saying no it's that Eve became intimate with the serpent and then Adam became intimate because there's a verse meant in often that one person knew like Eve knew Adam, that means that he and her were intimate so then they begat Cain.

That verse is stated so often in the Bible where somebody knew a person and then they begat a child. So, I just wanted to know if that's really true that Eve took this apple it wasn't an apple it was that--

Doug: That the apple was symbolic for them having intimate relationship.

Yvette: Yes.

Doug: No, I don't believe that because I've heard that theory before and when I first heard it, I thought to myself, this is pretty wild speculation and you have to ignore the plain text that says in the middle of the garden there were two unique trees. One was a tree of life that Adam could no longer eat from. Revelation says the tree of life will be restored, the other one is a tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And they were not supposed to eat this very real fruit on the tree. And so, when it never calls it an apple anywhere in the Bible.

That's just a myth that we've developed, that when Eve took the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and she ate that fruit of that temporarily she felt exhilarated but and then she gave it to her husband and eventually the exhilaration faded and they realised they had disobeyed God and their garments of light diffused and they saw their nakedness and it brought shame. And it has nothing, the person has to totally speculate and just create something that's not in the text when they say, "Well what that really means was that the apple was really representing intimacy."

If you want to, well you can say “Well, the apple really represented mechanic work.” The Apple really-- you can just make up anything if that's what the Apple really represented. Well, it doesn't say it was an apple. I've heard that before and I just, I don't think you can support that Biblically, I think it was a fruit, a forbidden fruit. Okay. Doesn't exist in the world anymore.

Yvette: One quick question another one is I'm trying to get closer to God, I love Him so much and it just came into my spirit just to meditate and I'm not a person that believes in meditation and Yoga and that kind of thing, so what are your thoughts on that? Because I am trying to relax my body and trying to get closer to Him and speak to God and I wonder what are your thoughts about just you pray and then you meditate, you go in and I get this feeling of heaviness and listen and then I see this bright light, I'm just wondering if my brain is playing tricks on me or if I'm getting closer to Him and is that possible through meditation?

Doug: Well, there's about 30 references to the word meditate in the Bible. But when it says meditation in the Bible it's not talking about typical eastern meditation where you empty your mind. Biblical meditation is you actually fill your mind with good things. It says that Paul says let me read for instance in Philippians 4:8, "Finally brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue, if there's anything praiseworthy, meditate on these things, or think about these things."

Now David said, "I meditate on your law, it is my delight." And so, you've got the right kind of meditation that you have in the Bible. It talks about those who meditate on the name of God, they think about the character of God.

Yvette: Amen. Amen. I've been doing that. Praying and having my Bible and just getting into like feeling God's spirit is there and blessing my heart. So, I just wanted to make sure I'm doing something that's right and not something that's wrong because I know there's meditation and people do all sorts of different things in meditation. But this is meditation on God’s word where I'm trying to be close to Him and having Him speak to me in my inner spirit

Doug: Part of prayer, you are on the right track, part of prayer is that we talk to God and part of prayer is also just listening as He speaks to us through His word. There's one more verse here and it's Psalm 119:148, "That I might meditate on your word." Psalm 143, "I meditate on your works, I meditate on your glorious splendor" in Psalm 145 so it's always meditating on God and as you think about those things and you'll hear him speak to you through his word.

Hey, thank you very much, Yvette, we're going to try and take in a couple more callers before our break. Appreciate your call, oh, by the way we do have that book on prayer we'll be happy to send you a copy call Teach Us To Pray.

John: The number to call for our free offer its 800-835-6747 and the book is called Teach Us To Pray, Yvette, we'll be happy to send that to you or anyone who gives us a call and asks you can also read it for free online at amazingfacts.org. Dylan is listening from Las Vegas, Nevada. Dylan, welcome to the program.

Dylan: Hey, hi, guys, how you doing?

Doug: Doing good appreciate you calling.

Dylan: Yes, I've been going through a lot of things with anger as far as in cruelty to animals and things like that. But, God's been opening my eyes to things. But there's a verse in Ezekiel that's my question it's tricky because it starts to -- in Chapter 28, it starts the fall of against, okay --

Doug: The King of Tyre?

Dylan: Yes.

Doug: Then it talks about Lucifer in the end?

Dylan: My question is that him?

Doug: Yes.

Dylan: That they're talking about?

Doug: Yes, there's several times in the Bible in Prophecy you'll find one in Revelation 12. One in Isaiah 14 and then you found that one in Ezekiel 28 where the prophet has taken off in vision and he first sees an earthly power whether it was King Herod that killed the babies in Bethlehem or the King of Babylon or the King of Tyre. Then the Prophet is taken to the power, there's also one in Daniel, where Michael is striving with the Prince of Persia.

Then the Prophet has taken a vision and shown that the devil is working through this earthly king or power to persecute God's people and so the devil then transfers his prophecy from the man to the power behind the man that was doing it. That's what's happening there in Ezekiel 28. We have a lesson that actually talks about where the devil came from and it uses these verses and we'll be happy to send you that one about Did God Create the Devil, free copy.

John: The number to call is 800-835-6747 that is our free resource line and you can ask for the study guide also free called Did God Create the Devil. We're happy to send that to anybody who calls and asks and, of course, you can read it for free online at amazingfacts.org. If you have a Bible question our number here to the studio is 800-463-7297, again, that's 800-463-7297. There again we have our next caller who is Robin listening from Woodland, California. Robin, welcome to the program.

Robin: Hello?

Doug: Hi.

John: We are here.

Robin: The verse Psalm 91:1 says “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” and I was wondering if you could define for me the secret place so I know where I can go dwell.

Doug: That’s a good question, of course, this is a Psalm. Psalms they often employ poetry in their lyrics where there's some symbolism. When it talks about the secret place of the Most High, I think it's talking about having a personal relationship with the Lord. As Christ said for us to abide in him in John 15 and what he meant by that is we need to be rooted in him to have a relationship where we're drawing the sap of life and love from him. Jesus said, as I mentioned in a previous call tonight, we need to know him. Now that language is used in the Bible which is Adam knew his wife that was about as intimate as it could be.

When it talks about knowing the Lord it means loving the Lord, knowing who he is, having that very personal relationship with the Lord. That comes through spending time with him. That's how we meditate on spiritual things and abide in the Lord and that is the secret place of the Most High. John, you got anything to add it?

John: Yes, it mentions here the secret place is gaining strength. Those who dwell in the secret place of the Most High and it talks about how they're going to be strong in the Lord. It's during those quiet times through the meditation of God's Words, through prayer, through our worship that we do gain spiritual strength. We are fortified to face the battles of the day and face the future with encouragement and hope. The most important thing that a Christian can do is make sure that they spend time feasting upon the word of God and allowing the spirit to work within their hearts.

Doug: Yes, there's another verse that's similar to this and it says in Psalm 27:5 for he will hide me in his shelter in the day of trouble and when God knew -- Moses wanted to know the Lord and God said I'm going to put you in the cleft of the rock. It's like the Lord is my rock. The Lord is my shield. We find our protection in him. All these verses together give different facets of what that relationship is. But, appreciate your call very much, Robin, thank you.

John: We have Carolyn listening from Phoenix, Arizona. Carolyn, you’re on the air.

Carolyn: Hello, yes.

Doug: Hi.

Carolyn: I just need a bible text as to why God disperse the people around the world?

Doug: Why God disperse them -- do you mean from the Tower of Babel?

Carolyn: Yes. Why the Jewish people were dispersed around the world?

Doug: Oh, the Jewish people in particular.

Carolyn: Yes.

Doug: First of all God, he wanted everyone to disperse. [laughs] But when the Jews -- he told Adam and Eve to go forth and subdue the earth and then he told them at the Tower of Babel don't congregate here but go. But, when the children of Israel came in the Promised Land, on three occasions they were out -- taken out of the Promised Land and came back. The first time, God foretold to Abraham your descendants will be slaves in another nation for 400 years and that's when they were slaves in Egypt. But then they came back. God blessed them and brought them back.

It's because of their unfaithfulness they ended up getting stuck in slavery. The second time they were carried to Babylon, but 70 years later they were brought back. The third time was when the temple was destroyed in AD 70, the Romans destroyed the Jewish temple, and because of their unfaithfulness they were scattered. Everything that happened to the Jews, Paul, says and this is -- you want some verses this is 1st Corinthians 10. Paul said everything, and you can read the first 12 verses there, 1st Corinthians 10:1 - 12, Paul says everything that happened to the Jews happened to them as examples for us.

It says in the Bible they were stiff neck. It's not just them we would have done the same thing. It just shows how the human heart often responds to God's goodness. We murmur and we complain. We don't have faith. We’re unappreciative and this was the history of Israel. There was judgment for those things and we often suffer the same discipline from God. Really, they're being scattered also is a lesson of his love because every time he scattered the nation of Israel, he then forgave them and brought them back. It shows us that even though we wander God can bring us back.

John: Also, the Jews often would leave Jerusalem or leave the area where they were staying, the God-fearing Jews, and they would be carried off into captivity for example like Daniel and the three friends. They were witnesses for God speaking in distant land. God used them as missionaries to share truth with other nations.

Doug: Yes, not only Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego but Esther when she was in the courts of Persia and Joseph in Egypt were all being witnesses for God while they were dispersed. You're listening to Bible Answers Live.

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Doug: We're back listening friends and for those who may have tuned in somewhere along the way this is Bible Answers Live and as the title suggests it's a live international interactive Bible study you can call in with your Bible question. Yes, we do have some lines open. That number to call into the studio is 800 GOD SAYS. Are you ready? Pencil in hand 800-463-7297 you can call us, don't ask about romance or finance but if you have a Bible question this is the program. My name is Doug Batchelor.

John: My name is John Ross and Pastor Doug, we are going to go straight to the phone lines, we've got Gilbert listening from New York, Gilbert welcome to the program.

Gilbert: Yes, I have a question of I want to know that when Jesus talk about forgiveness, if you don't forgive he will not forgive you. What does that mean? Is that part of a sin or you lose your salvation?

Doug: Good question. Yes, you can read in Matthew, matter of fact not only is in Matthew 18 where Jesus said, “Neither will your Father in Heaven forgive you if you do not forgive every man that trespasses,” but in the Lord's prayer it says, “Forgive us trespasses, forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. Luke and Matthew word it a little differently and at the end of Matthew, I think Jesus makes one commentary on the Lord's prayer when he says so. “If you do not forgive men you that trespasses, neither will you Father in Heaven forgive you.”

Now, God is not saying make your deal, you are going to forgive everybody that's done anything wrong to you and then I will forgive you. No, God is saying I will forgive you first; now after you’ve receive my forgiveness pass it on and forgive those who've offended you. That's what you find in the parable in Matthew 18, first the King forgives this unmerciful servant and then he expects him to go on and pass on the forgiveness, but he doesn't. And he loses his forgiveness because he isn't going to share what God has given him.

So, everybody, if you harbour and if you nurture bitterness for others, that is incompatible after you’ve received the mercy of God from your many sins for you to claim to unmerciful attitude to others. And I know people are listening right now and you're thinking “Oh Pastor Dough, if you only knew what he or she did to me or what they say at her, how I was hurt.” That's right, sinners do terribly selfish mean things and that doesn't mean you need to be placing yourself deliberately in an abusive situation; but do not remain bitter because it will hurt you.

You have to let it go and say Lord, I am going to put this in your hands and you have to ask for supernatural help to forgive others. Good question Gilbert, we appreciate your call. Thank you.

John: We have Michael who is listening from Miami, Florida. Michael, welcome again to the program.

Michael: Hello again, Pastors. My second question I'm glad to ask it now, I know that the Old Testament is usually cited for more of the controversial text, I guess you can say [unintelligible 00:32:55] but I always had trouble understanding one particular thing Psalm 137:9, "Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones." Whenever it came to nations that God was judging or condemning, how they will be a command to destroy even their infants. And I always have trouble with that you can help me with that.

Doug: Well, what its talking about is the vengeance that will come on the enemies of God. And, that is a difficult verse because it-- let me just read the first part it says “By the rivers of Babylon there we sat down, yes, we wept when we remembered Zion.” Now the Children of Israel but Jerusalem has been destroyed. The temples have been destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar. Many of the people men, women and children were killed in the siege.

The Babylonians as well as some of the par ancient Persians, they literally, I even hate say it, they were butchering pregnant women and killing the children and it talks about that. as a matter of fact Elisha the Prophet said Hazael the King of Syria and this was also done by the King of Babylon, would be doing these things. And so, this was a term that was used in a broad comprehensive way to describe the judgement that was going to come on their enemies. And I know it sounds like it's actually contradicting what we said about forgiveness before.

John: Well of course back in Bible times, it was quite common for one nation to conquer another and destroy a whole of people within that city or within that tribe even the little ones. And Babylon was pretty cruel when they conquered Jerusalem and this prophesy is talking about a judgement returning back to Babylon and again as past I have mentioned the phrase there, we also have some other references in scripture with the idea as thou hath done it shall be done unto thee.

So, with the cruelty that Babylon brought against the Jews in the captivity, so cruelty was going to come against Babylon and even against their little children because of what they had done. So, it's more of pronouncement that what you have done it will be meted back to you.

Doug: Yes, and as I said a little earlier that in the Psalms keep in mind that there is poetry being used and not all of it is to be taken literally but one more thing to think about while we were talking about this Michael, you know the story of Noah's flood.

Michael: Yes.

Doug: Was it just men and women that were killed outside the ark or were there children also drowned?

Michael: Children also

Doug: It was a universal judgement and one more thing, when it talks about the judgement that comes on Babylon, if you go to Revelation 18, I had forgot I know about this, you go to Revelation 18; it talks about a judgement that will come on Babylon. There is a spiritual Babylon in the Bible that represents the enemies of God's people. And it talks about Babylon and her children being judged. And it's speaking on the final judgement, it's talking about all those who follow the devil in the last days.

So you will read about this great fall of Babylon and there are some reference here that harkens back to Psalm 137. So, think of it in a broader spiritual sense as opposed to someone literally having that kind of judgement because we know God as a loving merciful God. And even David often showed mercy on some of those who would surrender. I hope that helps a little bit and we glad we got to your second question.

John: Next caller is David is listening from Sacramento. David, welcome to the program. David you're on the air.

David: Hello Pastor Dough.

Doug: Evening.

David: I know you've talked to me before many times but the things that have been on my mind for the past few weeks is why did the Lord God and his Son Jesus, take the devil and his angels and throw them on this planet instead of some other planet? If both of them had not done, so do the devil and his angels, then this planet would not have world war one or two or a civil war or any civil war or any crime--

Doug: You want to know why the Lord threw Satan down to our planet, well it wasn't that God just arbitrary looked at the universe and said, “Look we need to get rid of this devil and his angels and where shall we quarantine him, well we will send him down with Adam and Eve.” The devil was looking for a place to set up his office and when Adam and Eve chose to listen to the word of the devil instead of the word of the Lord, see God said, “Do not eat the forbidden fruit, all these different worlds may have had a similar taste,” but when Adam and Eve chose to listen; Paul says in Romans 6, “Whoever you listened to that who servants you are.”

And the devil claimed this world because when Adam and Eve and said, “We are going to obey Satan instead of God,” they basically were choosing their different master and so God said all right, “Well, you did get humans to listen to you, that's the only place you can go now, you have to stay there.” And because the devil found a world where people would listen to him, Adam and Eve that's why the devil was sent down to this planet. So, it's good to hear to you from you again David and I appreciate your calling. You always said you would give me a call and I'm glad you did.

John: You know we do have a study guide called Did God create the Devil and it talks a little about this rebellion in Heaven and how Satan eventually took dominion of the earth as a result of Adam and Eve. We will be happy to send it to you David or anybody who calls and ask, the number is 800-835-6747. You can ask the study guide called Did God create the Devil. And if you have a Bible question, the phone line hit the studio is 800-463-7297, that's with your Bible question.

Again, its 800-463-7297 and hopefully we will be able to get your question on the program this evening. Next call is Curtis and he is listening also here in Sacramento. Curtis welcome to the program.

Curtis: Yes, thanks for having me on. I have a couple of questions and I wanted to-- hey Dough, do you have a question for me, you want to ask me a question instead of everybody asking you one?

Doug: [laughs] Here is my question; I have a question for you, are you ready?

Curtis: Okay.

Doug: What's your question? That's my question. [laughs]

Curtis: Okay. My question that you mentioned the verse earlier tonight and one of the things I heard was and indulge me a second question too if you would.

Doug: One at a time.

Curtis: Who is Esau?

Curtis: Who is the modern day Edomites [unintelligible 00:40:02]

Doug: Well Esau, of course, you know in the Old Testament, Esau was the brother of Jacob. They were the twins of Isaac and Rebecca. The children of Esau were known as the Edomites. They lived east of Israel, up in the hills. I've been to the city. A matter of fact, you've probably seen the city where they live because they've used it as a movie set. It's called the Ancient City of Petra, and it's carved out of solid red rock.

The Edomites lived there. They were called the Nabataeans. They had a great civilization. The climate actually has changed in much of the Middle East. It used to be a little more moderate climate, and where they had more rain than these big cisterns. Middle East used to be flowing with milk and honey and now it turned into a desert after a while. Yes, so the Edomites were the descendants of Esau. What was your second question, Carl? Curtis, sorry.

Curtis: Curtis. Does everybody have a tribe?

Doug: Well, everybody did descend from some of the people that came from the Tower of Babel. The tribes were the different sons of the patriarchs. I suppose you could go back in your family tree and you'll find that there was one clan that was more formidable than others. In that sense, I guess you could argue that we've all got some tribes in our background, but not everybody came from the 12 tribes of Israel, or came from the tribes you can find in Genesis.

Curtis: I do [unintelligible 00:41:37] you wouldn't answer. Why does the earth say Jesus is white when he was a negro, but not African?

Doug: Well, first of all Jesus when you look in his family tree, he actually had quite a kaleidoscope. Let me see. Rahab was a Canaanite. She was part of Jesus' family tree. Ruth was a Moabitess. She was in Jesus's family tree. David had some Moabite in him. Bathsheba, some have wondered if she came from Ethiopia. She was in Jesus' family tree. Of course, Jesus had a Semitic, a lot of Semitic people that are mentioned if you look in Luke 3, and that would be Jewish.

Luke 3, and Matthew 1. You could probably argue that he had some DNA from all corners of the earth in his blood. I appreciate your call, Curtis. Thank you.

John: If you have a Bible question, the phone number here to the studio is 800-467-7297. Again, that's 800-463-7297. We have Billy who's listening from Charlotte, North Carolina. Billy, welcome to the program.

Billy: Yes, Pastor. I was wondering, the story about the Tower of Babel. It says in the NIV in Genesis 11:5-6, "But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower that the men were building. The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language, they have begun to do this then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.” With that in mind, do you think time travel, miniaturization, and traveling the speed of light possible?

Doug: Are you wondering that if God had not interrupted what they were doing there at Babel, that their technology might have gotten to the point where all kinds of mysteries would have been solved? Sounds like that's what you're asking.

Billy: The thing is, we've put a man on the moon. We've done a lot of other highly technical feats of progress. My question is that with those three-

Doug: What I wonder, and I think this is in keeping with your question Billy, with the advances in science and technology, and they're undeniable, not everything that science says is accurate, but I'm sure that if you could take the Apostle Peter and transport him to the future he would have thought what in the world is going on here just looking at an automobile let alone a TV or a radio or a cell phone or any other marvels that we have in this last century. Just look at all that's been invented.

I've wondered if time goes on when man could no longer eat from the tree of life. There is some missing enzyme something that was in that fruit that kept our cells from aging and prevented the aging process, kept everyone youth and vital. You wonder if time went on long enough if man would be able to crack that code. Now, I think the Lord's going to come before that happens because Jesus said that if those days weren't shortened, men would destroy himself.

With all the advances we have in technology, we've not only done wonderful things for healing, but with the advances in science, we've developed new and better ways to kill each other. Unfortunately, man has never made a weapon he doesn't use. Right now, we're in the headlines talking about Iran getting nuclear weapons.

John: Because before the flood the Bible says that every imagination of the heart was evil continually. It's not until the Tower of Babel that we read about the different languages that came. It appears there prior to that before the flood, they were able to communicate freely amongst themselves. They were very intelligent, but what was the result? Just wickedness to the point of God having to wash the earth with a flood. Probably a similar thing would have happened had we not had the story of the Tower of Babel.

Doug: I am amazed that when you look at the ancient civilizations, Billy, you see, the people who built the pyramids and not only the ones we see in Central America and in Egypt, but there are many parts of the world, some incredible feats of architecture. I think there was knowledge that we don't give the ancient races credit for that has been lost. God often allows men to go ahead, that's why he said if we don't interrupt it, nothing will be prevented. They'll just continue to grow until he self-destructs. Appreciate your call, and thank you very much for your question.

John: We have Bill listening from Toronto, Canada. Bill, welcome to the program.

Bill: Yes, thank you. Melchizedek. Where did he come from and where did he go?

Doug: Paul speaks about that, and I forget what verse that is Pastor Ross where he says without beginning or end as Melchizedek, the priest without end of days--

John: Hebrews.

Doug: Yes. Melchizedek appears in Genesis first. It doesn't say who he is. It doesn't say what tribe he came from. All it says was here is this King of Salem Melchizedek. The word Melchizedek means King of Righteousness. Salem was later known as Jerusalem. Here you got this King of Peace as King of Righteousness who appears and he's mighty enough that Abraham pay his tithe to him.

John: The verse you're thinking of is Hebrews 7:3. Talking of Melchizedek without father, without mother, without descendant, neither having beginning of days, nor end of life. Now, that doesn't mean that Melchizedek didn't have the beginning and an end. It just means there's no Biblical record of who his parents were, or when he died.

Doug: Paul who wrote Hebrews is saying Melchizedek is like a type of Jesus because it says Melchizedek brought forth bread and wine while Jesus makes a covenant with us with the living bread and the grape juice, the wine. Jesus is the King of the New Jerusalem. He is our King of Righteousness. He has no beginning and no end. Christ is from everlasting to everlasting. Because Melchizedek has no chronology policy, and that's like Jesus.

He just appears and he disappears without beginning or end. It's a spiritual lesson. Now there really was a person named Melchizedek because he brought out food, and you don't pay tithe to a ghost. [laughs] He was a real person. Does that help answer your question at all Bill?

Bill: Yes. He did have beginning, he didhave end, but-

Doug: Yes, can I give you one theory? Now, this is a theory, and I'm not sure but it may have been Josephus. Josephus said that Melchizedek was actually Shem. Who Shem, the son of Noah. There was three sons of Noah. Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Shem lived to over 600 years. Shem was still alive, but very old when Abraham had this experience, and some people have said well Shem may have moved when he heard, news travelled slowly back then, when he heard that Abraham was establishing the worship of the true God in Israel and things got so bad back in Mesopotamia and Ur, that Shem with his household moved to Salem.

Abraham paid tithes to him. Now, that would make sense because he would be much older and much greater than Abraham. Abraham descended from Shem, but we can't prove it. It's just a tradition.

John: We have a great resource that Amazing Facts developed called Bible History Timeline. You can actually take a look at that timeline and see the overlap of the different ages of the patriarchs and sure enough if you look at it on the graph, Shem was alive at the time of Abraham.

Doug: Yes, I think their lives overlapped to like 50 or 100 years, I'm not sure. Thank you very much, Bill. We appreciate your call.

John: We have Dennis listening from Bend, Oregon. Dennis, welcome to the program.

Dennis: Hi. How are you guys?

Doug: Doing good. Thanks for calling.

Dennis: Yes, great. Thanks. I had a question in regards to an earlier caller David.

Doug: Yes.

Dennis: Was talking about Satan being cast to earth and I may have misinterpreted or misunderstood your guys’ explanation to him but it almost sounds as if possibly God had a choice of where to cast Satan down and Satan decided that he was already affecting people on earth, so therefore he goes to earth. Is there something in the Bible that I’m missing where it’s possibly reference to life on other planets?

Doug: First let me tell you that I preached a sermon that you can watch for free at YouTube. And it’s just if you type in Doug Batchelor, Life on Other Planets. I did a preach a sermon on that. I believe that there is—of course we all know from the Bible that God has angels. So, you could say right there, “All right, well, there’s life outside of earth. And there’s seraphim, there’s cherubim.” There are some other verses where like in the Book of Job, it talks about when God created the world and all the sons of God shouted for joy.

You read and I think it’s in Hebrews chapter 1 verse 2, “Through Christ, God made the worlds.” And then when you read in Revelation, it talks about all these creatures in heaven are exalting and glorifying God. It doesn’t sound like-- since God is from everlasting to everlasting and since space is infinite. The idea that the only intelligent creatures that God made are on this little spec of a planet called earth. I think there’s good support that there is other life in other worlds that God has made that is unfallen.

You know the parable where Jesus said a man had a hundred sheep and one of them went astray. And he left the ninety nine to come find the one lost sheep. I think, Jesus, when he left heaven, he left a lot of unfallen pure holy creatures. And he came down to find this world, this lost world.

John: We also know that Satan was able to deceive a third of the angels in heaven to join his rebellion against God. Quite possible that he tried his hand maybe at some of these other created beings, these other worlds, and was unsuccessful. But he was successful with Adam and Eve and that’s how planet earth became his headquarters. As a matter of fact, Jesus referred to the devil as the prince of this world.

Doug: Yes, and the Lord didn’t let the devil for ever harassing the loyal angels. It says in Revelation 12, one third of the angels came were cast out with Lucifer. So, yes, I don’t know if that’s helping answer your question, Dennis, but I guess, yes, we do believe that there’s other pure unfallen creatures out there in the universe.

Dennis: Yes, well, I believe that confirms my own thoughts. It would absurd to think that an entire span of the universe which God holds in the palm of his hand, correct, is filled with billions of stars and solar systems that we would be the only one.

Doug: There’s a book, I can’t send it to you but you can read it for free online. If you can just remember two words. If you type in the word patriarchs and prophets, patriarchs and prophets. I was actually listening to that book today in my car as I drove. It’s a great book. It gives some evidence from the Bible for there being other unfallen worlds. And I think you can read it right there online. Appreciate your calling in, Dennis. I think we’re going to try and get one or two more before the break.

John: We have Cassie listening from Queens, New York. Cassie, we have about one minute.

Cassie: Oh, excuse me, my name is Cassie. I just have a little comment. I lived in my neighborhood for 52 years and my neighbourhood has drastically changed. I have a lot of people who are from—who practice Hinduism and Islam. And it’s like a culture shock for me and I was wondering if there’s any scriptures that I could use to fortify my own spiritual mind because I feel like I’m being inundated because there are mosques and Hindu temples everywhere around where I live.

Doug: You want to know how to be a witness and just have a stronger faith in that respect?

Cassie: Yes, and how to cope in the world that I’m a minority in right now.

Doug: Well, you’re a missionary and there’s three things you can do to be a witness for those that you love and your neighbours. One is, if they are open, share information with them. In your sharing it with them, your faith will be made stronger. Two, pray for them. Three, be a good example. And so, you’re doing those three things and then sometimes being patient too is the fourth. You’re doing those three or four things, you’ll see that you make an impact for God in that community and that’s good advice I think for all of us.

Listening friends, you can tell the music is catching us up and we’re going to be bubbling off the air in just a moment. But like to always remind you, program doesn’t have to end. We’re live Sunday night and other nights through rerun all over the world. But you can keep up with Amazing Facts every week all day long by going to amazingfacts.org. Lot of studies. We have a brand-new website. If you haven’t been there lately, take a look and let us know what you think of the new web design, makes everything stream faster, works well on your smartphone. Go to amazingfacts.com and while you’re there, help us stay on this station by just making a little donation. We sure appreciate it. God bless, listening friends. We’ll talk together again next week.

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