How does a pastor have a balanced life?

How does a pastor have a balanced life? It is a challenge. You need to have a good partner if you are going into ministry. Seek to be balanced. If you can do something else, do it. Ministry should be a clear and compelling call.
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Caller:  God has given me the opportunity to go to Seminary, probably within six months to a year, depending on how it works out.  And, I guess what I'm struggling with is, I'm newly married and I want to be a good husband and when I have children, be a good dad.  I'm wondering how does a Pastor do that, with the demands on their time at work, and emotions, and then coming home?  I'm just wondering do you have any insight on how you've dealt with that?

Pastor Doug:  Well I can tell you how to do everything wrong

Caller:  I believe it.  You're human.

Pastor Doug:  Yeah well you know I've got five children, and it is a struggle because I'm over-committed.  I have too many things.  And I have not given my wife and children the attention they deserve.

It's a challenge.  You need to control your personal life, and still be faithful to your Calling.  You need to have a good partner who's with you.

Co-Host:  Yes.

Pastor Doug:  Don't go into the Ministry if your partner is not with you on it, if your spouse is not there.  But, you know what?  I would highly recommend that you send in for our advanced Bible study course.  We have a lot of Ministers that are taking that course.  It will really enhance your preaching, and it's free!

Caller:  Ok.

Co-Host:  You know Jeff when I was studying for the Ministry, I had a teacher say something to me that really caused me to step back and pray a lot.  He said, 'If you can do anything else with your life, anything else with your life, if you can, don't be a Minister.'

Pastor Doug:  In other words, you have to do it because you have to do it.

Co-Host:  You have to do it because you have to do it.

Pastor Doug:  If you're thinking, 'Well shall I be a plumber or a Minister?' and you don't know, be a plumber.  Ok?

Caller:  Ok thanks Doug and Dick, God bless.  Good night.

Pastor Doug:  All right Jeff. God bless ?

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