How does a person fast?

How does a person fast? Don't go without water. Talk to your physician. There are different ways to fast. Daniel ate only simple food to keep his mind clear. It is a way to hear God's voice more clearly to your heart.
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Caller:  Does fasting go along with prayer?  That’s like a sacrifice to God right?  You know, like if something’s in your head bugging you all the time you know what I’m saying?

Pastor Doug:  Yup.

Caller:  Now if I have – fasting, does it mean with just water or no water, no food, or what?

Pastor Doug:  Well don’t go without any water.  The only times in the Bible they went without water was never more than three days, and it was a severe fast of repentance – life and death.  Paul did it, and I think that the people in Esther’s day did it.  But we don’t recommend that.  Even Jesus drank water when He went on His 40-day fast.

Anyone listening, talk to your physician.  I do believe fasting is important.  It’s Biblical.  I do it.  But there are different ways of fasting.  Daniel, Lisa for instance, he fasted by eating no pleasant food.  He ate very little, very simple food for a period of time to keep his mind clear.

I sometimes go on a V-8 fast – ahh now I’m going to probably get free V-8 juice ? but, you know, it doesn’t clog your system, and yet it keeps you where your energy level is up.  I can keep on working.

Co-Host:  Yes.

Caller:  And keep on reading and stuff.

Pastor Doug:  Yeah.  The idea is to clear your mind and present your body as a clean, living sacrifice before the Lord.

Caller:  Ok.

Pastor Doug:  And you may want to do some fasting and praying to really hear what God is saying to you but you don’t need to do a severe fast where you don’t drink any water.  Ok?

Caller:  Ok.  I appreciate it.

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