How can a Christian be secure in the judgment?

How can a Christian be secure in the judgment? Christians around the world struggle in their walk with God. In Revelation Jesus talks about people who have lost their first love. So, think of things you can do to revive your first love.
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        Q. How can a Christian be secure in the judgment? I've been struggling with my faith for quite a while, and I just can't seem to get back on my feet and move forward.

        It seems like you're describing the struggle that not only you have, but other Christians around the world too. Jesus says in Revelation that Christians can lose our first loveknowing the Lord but not loving Him with all of their heart. Christ says, "I have something against you, you've lost your first love."

        This same thing can happen sometimes in marriages. At times, that first romance and thrill begins to dry up, so to revive it, you need to work on the relationship. You would spend more time togetherget to know each other all over again.

        In the same way, is there anything more you could do in the way of personal devotions, prayer time, reading the Word, and attending church? If there is a prayer meeting, you can go. Get good Bible tapes, perhaps even my sermons, to listen tothere is so much good things to listen to that will draw you closer to Jesus. I listen to tapes in my car all the time.

        Feed your soul with Him, and that will give your faith more energy. You get more of the Holy Spirit by listening to the Word of God. It's the secret weapon that is the most neglected, a relationship with the Lord through your personal devotions and prayer.

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