How can I feel God answering my prayers?

Scripture: Psalm 46:10
How can I feel God answering my prayers? Elijah's experience in the wilderness teaches us that even when we cannot hear God's voice, the Lord is near.
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Caller: I'm going to try to make this very clear and as quick as possible. When I was a kid, when I was younger, my mother used to always be told - she was constantly told that I had a work that God preferred, He wanted me to do. I had a calling on my life. The last four years I became very ill and they actually thought I was going to die. They had already resigned that - that was already made up in their mind, 'All right he's not coming home any more.' And God brought me through this, so I know that He's very real because I've been through quite a few, many ordeals but lately, I have not felt close. I pray sometimes it's almost like I don't get an answer, and my mind is bringing me back to Psalm 46 the 10th verse where it says, 'Be still and know that I am God.'

Pastor Doug: Right.

Caller: Am I looking too hard, or should I just do that, just be still and just wait on Him? Because you know the Bible talks about patience a lot, and It also talks about faith.

Pastor Doug: Well you want to combine two principles Rick, one is waiting on the Lord but do what lies closest at hand with all of your might. God never calls us to wait on Him by doing nothing.

Caller: I mean I pray and, well because of my illness I can't fast, because it would be a detriment for me you know. But I think that since I'm going through everything - as much as I'm going through - spiritually I feel like I've grown. I'm not where I want to be. I don't think any of us can honestly say that we're perfect. But sometimes it's like, almost like I don't hear anything.

Pastor Doug: Well, you know what? The Lord is there even when you don't hear Him. That's why when Elijah ran to the wilderness, It says the Lord caused a mighty wind to pass and a fire and an earthquake, and finally God said He was in the still, small voice.

Co-Host: Right.

Pastor Doug: I hope you can still hear us Rick. Because of the music, we can't hear you anymore. But hopefully, that will give you some encouragement that God does have a plan for you. I think your mother was right. The Lord does have a calling for you.

And friend, that's also true for each of you who are listening right now. God has a plan for your life, and I can promise you it is a good plan, it is a big plan, and it's up to you to activate that plan by inviting Jesus into your heart. If you've not done that before, I hope you do it tonight. He's only a prayer away. Invite Him in and ask Him to take the steering wheel, and He'll lead you to the Kingdom.

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