Is the new rock-n-roll music beat fine for church?

Is the new rock-n-roll music beat fine for church? One of the trends in the church today is to use more worldly and sensual music. It arouses the sexual rhythms. Music in worship should be reverent and glorify God.
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Caller:  I was wondering about the new music, sort of the rock-n-roll beat, and it’s so terribly loud.  I go to a really big church, and this music is just unbelievably loud.  I look around and I see people, not just tapping their feet but wiggling, and I just don’t know.  Is there any Scripture about this?

Pastor Doug:  Oh yes, let me answer you quickly because you’ve asked one of the most important questions of the night.  One of the trends in the church that is of great concern to me is the metamorphosis that worship is going through.  While there is nothing wrong with new musicGod says “sing a new song”,I write songs—I wrote one last week but the kind of music obviously there is a godly, reverent music, and there’s stuff that can be more worldly, sensual, and diabolical. 

It seems like the churches are now resorting to the music of the world—I’m not talking about the words—the music styles of the world which sort of arouse the sexual rhythms rather than the attitude of praise.  The Bible says, “The Lord is in His Holy Temple, let all the earth be silent.”  Amazing Facts has a new book dealing with the subject of music in worship.  It’s not a book we can offer for free because it’s written by someone else.  But if you go to our web-site you can order it there, or call Amazing Facts.  I recommend it to everyone out there—our new book on worship and music.  Also, get Louis Torres’ book called Notes on Music.

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