Is seductive dress in church good?

Scripture: 1 Timothy 2:9
What do I do about seductive dress in church and my pastor? Should I talk with him about it? The Bible gives guidance that women dress modestly. If a woman purposely dresses seductively, she certainly can cause others to sin.
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Caller:  Hi.  My question is similar to that other guy, who just called, but my problem is in the church there’s so much of it.  It’s so distracting.  I don’t think women realize how much of an influence they have on men when they overdress – jewelry and short dresses where they show too much leg….

Pastor Doug:  Now those are two issues there that are related but they’re still separate.

Caller:  But how can I approach my Pastor about it – about having a sermon on this?  I feel like it’s a real touchy subject – I mean it’s a real problem.

Pastor Doug:  It is a problem.  First of all, you want to approach him in love.  There is that Scripture I quoted earlier and I never gave the reference:  1 Timothy 2:9, ‘…in like manner that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel...’

Now modesty – it means – it’s in a humble way, a clean way.  Christians should wear good clothing, but they shouldn’t be flamboyant and distracting, which is a separate issue from being seductive.

And I would agree with you that you know, the Bible says if it’s a sin for man to look on a woman and lust in his heart, then God have mercy on women who deliberately dress in a way to inspire men to look and lust.  I mean one man might look and think inappropriate thoughts, but if a woman dresses that way in the morning to be distracting, then she might cause 50 people to sin through the day.

Caller:  Right!

Pastor Doug:  So a Pastor should address that and I would just mention this to your Pastor in love and hope that he picks up on it, that God would impress him.

I’ve got a couple of sermons that I have on audiotape on this subject, and I think we even wrote an article at Amazing Facts called “What Shall I Wear?”

Caller:  I’d like to get that if I could.

Pastor Doug:  You could probably find it on the Internet for free.  You can download it.  It’s called “What Shall I Wear?” and they may have a reprint for you they can send you.


Caller:  Ok.

Co-Host:  Check with the Amazing Facts website and look for that article.  It’s called “What Shall I Wear?” and you can probably download it there.

Caller:  Ok thanks a lot.

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