What does the Bible say about alcohol and marijuana?

What does the Bible say about alcohol and marijuana?

What does the Bible say about alcohol and marijuana? I believe Christians should not do either. It's hypocritical for Christians to point to those who shouldn't use street drugs, yet drink alcohol.
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Caller:  My question is How can you discuss intelligently the question about marijuana and be a Christian in light of I know a Christian who says it alright to drink alcohol? 

Pastor Doug:  Well, it’s not hard for me to discuss it because I used to do both and now I firmly believe that Christians shouldn’t do either.  I do think it’s a great hypocrisy for Christians to say out of one side of their mouth that you shouldn’t use drugs, and on the other hand be drinking a little bit of wine, which is the most destructive drug in North America which is alcohol.  No question.  I’ve written a book, I’ll send you a free copy, James, it’s called, The Christian and Alcohol. 

Caller:  Okay.

Pastor Doug:  Would you like that? 

Caller:  Yes, please.

Pastor Doug:  Alright, well you get the phone number—it will be repeated several times during the broadcast, call, tell them you’re listening to Amazing Facts and ask for the book called, The Christian and Alcohol, and we’ll send it to you.  Okay?

Caller:  Alright.

Co-Host:  James, it’s the number I just gave, 1-800-835-6747.  Ask for The Christian and Alcohol.



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