Does the reference to fat and blood in Leviticus 8 apply to us today?

Scripture: Leviticus 8:20, Acts 15:29
Was the prohibition against eating fat and blood a part the Old Covenant and only applicable to the Jews? What does the Bible say?
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Caller: My question is coming from Leviticus 8 dealing with the fat and the blood. I understand the clean meats in Leviticus 11, but does the fat and the blood in Leviticus 8 apply to us today?

Pastor Doug: We’re led to believe it does, and the reason is when you go to Acts 15 and the apostles are explaining to the Gentile believers that there are certain aspects of the Levitical laws that still apply, they did specifically mention not to eat anything strangled or blood, and those were part and parcel of the laws that had to do with eating fat and blood. It went together. I don’t know why the blood would still be wrong and now the fat is okay.

It’s interesting that the first thing a doctor will tell you to avoid if you’re having problems with heart disease is animal products. The fat is the highest concentration of that problem. Today everyone is hyper cholesterol conscious, and you don’t get cholesterol from vegetables. It’s all from the animal fat. So God knew what He was talking about. The fat was to be burned on the altar. I think there’s good health reason for that, and I think there are also good spiritual applications for it.

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