What is the original diet? Do we need vegetables?

Scripture: Genesis 1:29
What is the original diet? Do we need vegetables? The original diet in the Garden of Eden did not include vegetables. But after sin the herb of the field vegetables was added. Regarding the sanctuary, there are comparisons to the physical body with the sanctuary.
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Caller:  My question relates to the original diet in Genesis 1:29.  As I do understand it, it consists of fruit, grains and nuts right?

Pastor Doug:  Yes.

Caller:  And I like to find out, to meet our daily requirements, if we need to eat vegetables?  And I’d like to find out if you have any resource material on food as it relates to the Sanctuary?  That’s my question.  Thank you.

Pastor Doug:  Ok good question.  First of all, you’re asking a good question.  In the original diet for man, it was a vegetarian diet, but that included fruits, grains, nuts, and beans.  Then after sin God said to man, ‘You’ll eat the herb of the field,’ meaning a vegetable.  A vegetable is any part of a plant other than the fruit:  the root, the stalk, the leaves.

But you’re asking about the diet and the Sanctuary.  I believe the Sanctuary, in the three parts of the Sanctuary, it tells something about the body and you know the Bible says our bodies are the temple.

And the Sanctuary had one entrance.  There’s really one entrance for food, at least one natural entrance.  Then it was consumed on an alter.  Our bodies consume the energy.  The Sanctuary had a light.  Our bodies have a light – the eye.  Jesus said the light of the body is the eye.

And they stored food in the Sanctuary.  Our bodies store food.  There was a cleansing system in the Sanctuary and the Laver.  Our bodies have a circulatory system.  And every cell of life is made of three main parts, and the Sanctuary had three main parts.  So in that sense, there are some comparisons.

We also have a book that tells a little more about diet – not specifically what you asked, but it’s called “Death in the Kitchen.”  “Death in the Kitchen,” and you’d be surprised that unintelligible has a lot of good information on what the Bible says about healthful eating.  And so we’ll send that to you for free if you like Janene.  Ok?

Caller:  All right – thank you.

Pastor Doug:  I hope that helps.  God bless.

Co-Host:  Thanks for the call Janene.  1-800-835-6747 if you’d like a copy of that resource or the one that Pastor Doug just mentioned about Harry Potter, or any of the resources that we mention on the program.  1-800-835-6747.  The operators are standing by.

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