Surviving Internal Battles

Scripture: Revelation 19:17, 2 Samuel 24:9-10, Matthew 10:34-35
Date: 11/22/2015 
46-year-old Wilmer McLean was hoping that he was too old to serve in the Confederate Army when the Civil War broke out in 1861. But as it turned out, the first real battle of the Civil War called the Battle of Bull Run was fought on his doorstep on a small plantation near Manassas Junction Virginia. One Union shell even tore into McLean's kitchen destroying things. Wounded Confederate soldiers and captured Union fighters both shared the floor at MacLean's barn that had been converted to a makesh
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Pastor Doug Batchelor: Hello, friends. This is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? 46-year-old Wilmer McLean was hoping that he was too old to serve in the Confederate Army when the Civil War broke out in 1861. But as it turned out, the first real battle of the Civil War called the Battle of Bull Run was fought on his doorstep on a small plantation near Manassas Junction Virginia. One Union shell even tore into McLean's kitchen destroying things. Wounded Confederate soldiers and captured Union fighters both shared the floor at MacLean's barn that had been converted to a makeshift military hospital and a jail.

Hoping to avoid further conflict and protect his family, McLean decided to move about a 120 miles to Southern Virginia to a quiet crossroad community called Appomattox Courthouse, where he continued his business as a wholesale grocer. In spite of his hopes of avoiding the war, the Civil War was incredibly back on his front door again on April 9, 1865. That's when Confederate officers asked McLean to use his home as the location where General Robert E. Lee would surrender his forces to Union General Ulysses S. Grant, marking the end of the Civil War.

Instead of avoiding the war, McLean's two homes had become a pair of Alpha and Omega bookends to the four-year conflict. Wilmer McLean would often say, "The civil war started in my front yard, and it ended in my front parlour."

Have you ever wished there was a place you could run and hide to avoid the constant conflict with temptation? Stay with us, friend. We're going to learn more, as Amazing Facts brings you this edition of Bible Answers Live.

Speaker 1: Welcome to Bible Answers Live with author and Evangelist, Pastor Doug Batchelor. Is understanding God's word a challenge? Are there passages of scripture that are a mystery to you? Maybe it's difficult to reconcile what you've read in the Bible to what you've always believed. If you have Bible related questions stay tuned to get honest practical answers straight from the Word of God on Bible Answers Live. Bible Answers Live is a production of Amazing Facts Ministries dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world. Our lines are open so call us now at 800-GOD-SAYS. That's 800-463-7297. Now, here's your host Pastor Doug Batchelor.

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Pastor John Ross: My name is John Ross. Good evening, listening friends, Pastor Doug. Let's begin the program with prayer. Dear Father, we thank you for this opportunity once again to study the Bible together and we ask your blessing upon this program. And be with our many friends who are listening across the country and we just ask for your blessing upon our time together. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Ross: Well, Pastor that you open the program by talking about a rather interesting situation of a man who tried to avoid the Civil War. But really ended up being there at the beginning and being very significant at the very end.

Pastor Doug: Yes, it is an incredible story and you know there's a little more to it I didn't mention in our opening amazing fact is that after the documents were signed in the surrender of the Southern forces to the Union forces, it took place in his living room, everyone recognized the historic event. And the soldiers just began to strip the furniture out of his house as souvenirs. They were throwing money and as he said, "I don't want the money. Stop tearing my house apart." And he later wrote they didn't leave a fence rail of his house they took their couch, the chairs and they said, "These are souvenirs of where the Civil War ended."

And so he said the opening of the Civil War tore apart his one farm then he ran away and then the peace agreement tore apart his other house. Poor Wilmer McLean and it reminds me of a story I heard one time about a retiring couple. Paul Harvey shared this on his famous program called The Rest of the Story. They wanted to retire in peace and so they searched and searched and studied and searched for where in the world they thought they could have the greatest chance of avoiding war and conflict.

They finally settled on a group of islands out in the South of the Atlantic called the Falklands. And right after they sold everything and moved there they had the Falkland War. And so you wonder sometimes you ever feel like King David when he says, "Oh, if I had wings like a bird, I'd fly away." You sometimes wonder where can I go where I'll have peace, where there won't be conflict, where I won't have to fight with the internal conflict and temptation? When will the battle end?

Jesus tells us it will end someday but in this life, there's going to be struggles. There'll be periods of peace, there's going to be problems. Jesus said in John 16:33, "These things I've spoken to you that in me, you might have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation but be of good cheer. I have overcome the world."

There's really nowhere you can run and hide to avoid problems and there's going to be temptation and there's going to be strife and problems. But Jesus gives us grace one day at a time to bear up and sometimes temptation comes. And he's given us, in his word, tips to living a wise life and also resisting temptation.

Maybe there's some who are listening in out there right now and you're thinking, "Boy, I wish I could run and hide from the wars of life." I mean people are worried about terrorism today, Pastor Ross. It just seems like it's cropping up everywhere and it doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. But you don't have to be afraid because the promise is in Psalm 91, "He that abides in the secret place of the Most High will be under the shadow of his wings." We have nothing to fear.

We have a book we would be happy to offer to anyone who would like to ask for it. It's called Tips for Resisting Temptation talking about how to survive those internal battles.

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747. That is the resource line and you can ask for the book Tips for Resisting Temptation. We'll be happy to send it to anybody who calls and asks. The number again is 800-835-6747 and our free offer this evening, a book called Tips for Resisting Temptation.

And if you have a Bible question, the phone line here to the studio is 800-463-7297. That again is 800-463-7297. If you have a Bible question, we'd love to hear from you this evening. We're going to go to our first caller. We have Chantal listening from Salem, Oregon. Chantel, welcome to the program.

Chantal: Hi. Good Evening.

pastor Doug: Evening.

Chantal: My question comes from one of our quarterlies. The one that -- Biblical Missionaries, it was the title of this one. At the bottom of one page, it says, "What answer would you give to someone who argues that Christianity's claim to be the only true path to salvation is arrogant and exclusive?"

Pastor Doug: Well, that is a good question. First of all, there is the Verse in Acts 12 and Peter's pretty clear. Acts 4:12, sorry. Acts Chapter 4 Verse 12. He says, "Nor is there salvation in any other for there is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved." The Bible says in Isaiah that God says, "I am the Lord. Come unto me all the nations and be saved." Anybody who's going to be saved, will be saved by the grace of God because nobody is working their way into heaven.

Now, that doesn't mean that there will not be exceptions of people who around the world maybe never heard the name of Jesus and by God's grace, they followed the Holy Spirit in their life, they followed the leading of angels. They'll be redeemed and be in the Kingdom.

Jesus said that in his opening sermon in Nazareth, when he said that Namaan the Leper, he accepted God, he'll be in heaven. He maybe didn't know about Jesus coming but he followed the light he had. And then Jesus talks about the widow who was a Canaanite that Elijah stayed with. We expect she'll be in heaven. God resurrected her son and she believed in in God so there are people around the world that have lived up to the light that they had but they're not saved by their works. Everyone saved is saved by the grace of Jesus.

Chantal: Okay.

Pastor Doug: So that's the answer. I don't know. Pastor Ross if you have any--

Pastor Ross: You know that it's true. God's going to hold everyone accountable for what they know, what they could know. God is a God of justice, he's fair. It wouldn't be fair to condemn somebody who never had an opportunity to hear a full understanding of the Gospel if where they lived or maybe their family situation, they never had that opportunity. And yet the Holy Spirit speaks to the hearts of all men. The Bible speaks of the Spirit that helps to lead people in a clear understanding of God's will and depending upon how a person responds to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, that has a lot to do with whether or not they can be saved.

Chantal: Okay.

Pastor Doug: And I think it was Isaiah 45:14 and 15 where it talks about, "There's no other saviour but God."

Chantal: Okay. Would you say it would be an exception if somebody said directly, "Well, I just don't believe in the Bible."

Pastor Doug: Well, like I said an exception is just that. It's an exception. Jesus is the word. I think it's very important to believe the Word of God. There are good people who have struggled, I think to believe the Bible because there have been bad Christians that misrepresented the Bible. I had a lot of terrible misconceptions about the Bible just because the way I grew up and what I had been told about it and I never really read it.

And so there are some people who maybe are good people and God knows their hearts but it's hard. Jesus said as it is, ''Broad is the way that leads to destruction, many go there. Straight is the gate, narrow is the way that leads to life, few find it because few are searching." Jeremiah 29 Verse 13, the Lord says, ''You'll search for me and you'll find me when you search for me with all your heart.'' I think if someone is really searching with all their heart, they're going to know if God is true. I hope that helps little, Chantal and I appreciate your calling with your question.

Pastor Ross: Our next caller is Jean Baptiste listening from New York, New York. Jean Baptiste, you're on the air.

Jean Baptiste: Good evening, Pastor. How are you?

Pastor Doug: Evening.

Jean Baptiste: All right. My question today is, is it okay for a Christian to take communion by himself at home? If it's okay, can you tell me what Verse and if it's not okay, can you give me a Verse, please?

Pastor Doug: Well, there are people who are Christians that have been by circumstances they've had to take communion alone because they were in prison in a communist country and there was no way for them to do it collectively. I've read the testimony of prisoners that said they had no grape juice, but they had bread and they just said, ''Lord, I got a little piece of unleavened bread, can I celebrate this and remember it as your body?" Those are again exceptions.

Why a Christian that can fellowship with others -- if there's medical reasons, I know in our church after we have communion, we have elders that will go visit people who are shut-in because of their health and they can't go to church but they want to participate and the elders will administer Communion to them. But I don't know why people that are healthy would want to avoid the convening of people that are renewing the covenant together.

The Passover was usually done in families and the communion service was an extension of that. Jesus did it with the family of apostles. The early church, they would celebrate the Lord's Supper together and that's why Paul said, ''Look, you got homes to eat and drink in but when you come together to celebrate the Lord's Supper,'' so it was done collectively.

Jean Baptiste: Okay. You're saying that if I'm not sick, I'm healthy I could go to church and take communion in the church but if I'm sick, it's okay for me to take it at home? Is that what you're saying?

Pastor Doug: Yes. It's not something that's done every day but -- because the communion is something that most churches celebrate quarterly or annually. There's a few denominations that do communion every week but it starts becoming a little bit too commonplace when that happens and the sacredness of it is lost, in my opinion. If a person's sick and they've missed it for a while, they might invite the pastor to come by or an elder and to administer to them at home, pray with them and participate read the Verses so --

Jean Baptiste: Okay. But, I can't give it to myself? It has to be done by the pastor? I can't give it to myself? Is that what [inaudible 00:13:33]?

Pastor Doug: Why would you not have a pastor? Are you part of a church?

Jean Baptiste: Okay.

Pastor Doug: I would hope you're connected. It's good to be accountable and be part of a church family and to do it collectively. Otherwise, there's some sacred ordinance of the church and it's unusual for someone to marry themself, it'd be unusual for someone to baptize themself. Put their hand on their head and dunk themself in a swimming pool and it'd be unusual for a person to administer communion to themself. I would think you'd want to -- that would be something to do with people corporately. Hey, I appreciate your question on that, Jean Baptiste. Hopefully, that helps a little bit.

Pastor Ross: Next caller is Joshua listening from Orlando, Florida. Joshua, welcome to the program.

Joshua: Hi, how are you guys doing?

Pastor Doug: Doing good. And your question?

Joshua: It's not going to be a really simple one but I've been reading through the Olivet Discourse through Matthew, Mark, and Luke. And basically, to keep it short and sweet, I wanted to know how do you discern what parts Jesus was talking about as referring to the 70 years up until the temple being destroyed and how the other statements would extend to his second coming? I don't understand why he would be speaking of that coming generation and then all of a sudden be switching off and they would know he's talking about his second coming or whatever. I don't know. I don't really have a good way to phrase it.

Pastor Doug: No, I think I get your point there. For our friends that are listening, if you look in Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 17, Luke 21, they call it the Olivet Discourse. Jesus is talking about signs of his coming in the end of the world and the destruction of Jerusalem. The disciples ask him three questions, but Jesus co-mingles, he marbles his answer together in one answer. How do you know when he's talking about the 40 years? I think you said 70 but I think you meant 80/70, 40 years after Jesus makes this statement, the temple's destroyed and he predicts that in this answer.

But some of his answers are obviously talking about the end of the world. He talks about the sun turning dark, the moon turning to blood, stars falling from heaven and he talks about a Great Tribulation such as there never has been since there was a nation. All the tribes of the earth will see lightning coming from the East to the West.

Those are things that did not happen in 70 AD. Those are things that are in the context of the second coming. When Christ says, ''He that endures to the end, he will be saved.'' There's a number of Verses. He said, ''You'll be hated of all nations. There'll be wars and rumours of wars." These are things that came after 70 AD. Jesus is actually doing, Joshua exactly what the other Old Testament prophets did. They co-mingled their answers. Isaiah, Jeremiah, when they talk about the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians, they interweave those events with the restoration of Jerusalem that would happen afterward and you just look at the context of it and they jump around a little.

That's why you compare Scripture with Scripture and Verse with Verse. I think we've got a Bible study guide that talks about the signs of the second coming in Matthew 24. We could send Joshua a free copy of that talking about the ultimate deliverance.

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747. That is the resource line and our study guide dealing with the second coming and signs of the second coming is called Ultimate Deliverance. And if anybody would like to receive that, just give us a call again, 800-835-6747 and can ask to the study guide called Ultimate Deliverance. And the phone number here to the studio is 800-463-7297. Our next caller is Randy listening from Wisconsin. Randy, welcome to the program.

Pastor Doug: Hi, Randy you're on the air.

Randy: Thank you. I want to preface my question by telling as after I state my question that I do think ISIS is evil. I think what they're doing is evil. But that is to lead into my question. What ISIS is doing now doesn't seem to be all that much different than what God or at least the Israelites said that God told him to do in wars against unbelieving nations which ISIS claims and we are unbelieving nations. If the Israelites did the same stuff that ISIS is doing now; hamstrung horses, kill the babies, the women, everything else in their wars and if that was taking place now, the same news coverage would be going on about those Israelites and what they were doing and the same horror would be in our hearts for what they were doing. How is that any different back then than now?

Pastor Doug: All right. That's a good question and I think that Randy's talking about there's some occasions in the Bible, it didn't always happen, where God told the Israelites to basically annihilate a nation; men, women, children, animals, the whole lock stock, and barrel. The nations that he told to do that were avowed enemies that had been basically doing the same. The most dramatic example is the Amalekites. God told King Saul to go annihilate the Amalekites.

Well, the Amalekites had vowed to annihilate Israel and so it was like an ongoing blood feud. When the children of Israel came out of Egypt, the first nation to attack them, and they attacked them and Israel had done nothing to provoke it so it wasn't like a retaliation, was the Amalekites and they attacked the weak in the old; men, women and children. Those were barbaric times and it wasn't just Israel but several nations would come in when they would fight war, if you didn't surrender or as the intensity increased between them, they said that, 'We're not even taking prisoners.''I know it seems pretty strong. But I'd actually ask the question this way Randy. When God destroyed the world with a flood and men women and children died or when Jesus comes for the second coming and among the lost men women and children will die or he tells a nation to be the instrument. The bottom line is that if people are dying as a judgment, then that's the real question. Does God have the right to destroy people as a judgement? Now, I know people reading the headlines today they'll be saying, "Well, that's what ISIS says." They say, "We're the truth and we we're doing this to other people because God's told us to." I think it's important to understand who is the true God at that point?

Pastor Ross: It's also important to remember that these nations that Israel overthrew, they weren't without a witness that God was leading the nation of Israel. They did have an opportunity to repent but they refused to. The story of the Red Sea had gone on ahead. The children of Israel have wondered 40 years in the wilderness. They had been fed by manna, water had come from a rock. There was a miracle when the Jordan stopped flowing and the Israelites passed through. The story of Jericho and the walls falling down. There was evidence and for example, you had the cloud that led the children of Israel in the wilderness and the pillow of fire by night.

It was very evident that God was blessing and God was leading and directing in the nation of Israel. So those pagan nations that refused to repent, they had evidence to see that yes, God was actually leading and guiding them.

Randy: Of course, the Israelites didn't even believe that. Half the time. They wanted [inaudible 00:21:39].

Pastor Doug: Sometimes, you're right. Sometimes they forgot and you know what? God was fair because not only did he judge the pagan nations. he judged Israel when they were unfaithful for their sins. God is no respecter of persons, the Bible says. He'll judge people, whoever deserve it. He's patient but there is a judgment. Hey, thank you, Randy.

Pastor Ross: Next call is Nestor listening from Allen, Texas. Nestor, welcome to the program.

Nestor: Yes, good evening.

Pastor Doug: Evening.

Nestor: My question concerns the Latter Rain. I do see in Revelation 19 Verse 10 that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Can you elaborate on that and who will inherit the spirit of prophecy?

Pastor Doug: All right. Well, in Revelation chapter 19 when it says the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy, he's pointing back to Isaiah chapter eight, where it said, "Bind up the testimony," and I think it starts with Verse 16 and there's another one in Verse 20. "Bind up the testimony, seal the law among my disciples." You have two characteristics that represent the Word of God. You've got the law in the prophets. Sometimes it's called the law in the testimony. And so, it's just telling us in Revelation 19 that the testimony is the testimony of the prophets. You got the law of God and the testimony of the prophets.Moses and Elijah.

Moses is the law, Elijah is the prophets. Those two characters are pure to Jesus during his mountaintop experience in Mark, chapter nine. And then you're asking, who will really be the ones to receive the latter rain or the gift of prophesy. God says, "I'll pour out my spirit on all flesh. Your sons and daughters will prophesy." Well, in Acts, chapter two it was the disciples in the upper room that had humbled themselves, they repented of their sins, they'd follow Jesus, they received his word. They were prepared then to receive the Holy Spirit. God says, "I'll pour water in those that are thirsty."

And so if we are hungry and thirsty and after righteousness, those are the ones that will be filled. We do have a free offer Nestor that deals with the gift of the Holy Spirit. We'll be happy to send you if you call the resource line.

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747. And we have a book called of the Holy Spirit: The Need. We'll be happy to send that to you Nestor or anybody who calls and asks. 800-835-6747. You can ask for the book on the Holy Spirit. Our next caller is BJ listening from Tennessee. BJ, welcome to the program.

BJ: Yes, Good evening, Pastors. I enjoy your show, sir.

Pastor Doug: Well, thank you.

BJ: I had a short question. It's concerning the at the tomb when Jesus asked Mary not to touch him because he hadn't yet ascended to his Father. And then not long after that, a few Verses later when they was in the upper room, Jesus appeared to them and he offered to let Thomas put his hand in his side. But at that time, I'm assuming he hadn't returned to his Father then. I was just wondering about that.

Pastor Doug: When Jesus said to Mary in John chapter 20 I guess it's Verse 17, Mary recognized Jesus and he said that she lunged towards him to grab him by the feet and he said, "Do not," King James says, "Do not touch me" He actually said, "Don't cling to me because I've not yet ascended to my Father. But go to my brother and say I'm ascending to my God and your God." Now that was Sunday morning when Mary was told, "Don't cling to me, I've not yet," he had just risen.

The first person that saw him risen was Mary. After Jesus then ascends to heaven, his sacrifice and life are declared adequate, successful, victorious. He comes back down to earth and he tells the disciples, "All hail." And they worshiped him and I assume they touched him. After he had gone to heaven and he had been declared, he wasn't really saying to Mary you're not allowed to touch me, he saying don't cling to me, don't detain me because I must go to my Father now. And he gave her a mission. He said, "Look, I want you to go tell."

It wasn't that it was a sin to touch him when he rose from the dead because they touched him several times, I think, after that. They ate with him, they went sat with him by the sea and he appeared to them many times after the resurrection. Matter of fact, he ate with them. He said I'm not a ghost. "A spirit doesn't have flesh and bone as you see that I have."

BJ: Okay. I was just assuming that at that time he hadn't reached unto his Father, that's why I asked that question. Not that Mary was being disrespectful. I just thought that when he went up on the on the Mount, he went up to heaven then. I assumed that was the first time that he went up.

Pastor Doug: No, because Jesus, when he appeared to Thomas, it was one week later. And so when he first came to the upper room and appeared to the disciples, Thomas was not in that first meeting but then a week later he was there. Jesus had ascended to the Father and come back down at that point.

BJ: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Hey, thank you very much, BJ for your question. Hope that helps a little bit. I've got a book that actually talks about Mary Magdalene and the Ascension of Jesus and it's called At Jesus' Feet and I think we've got a sharing version of that book. You can read either at the Mary Truth website or by going to Amazing Facts. Friends, we're going to take a break in just a moment. Get a drink of water, take a breath. We'll be back with more Bible questions. You're listening to Bible Answers Live.

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You maybe interested in one of the free offers that we mentioned. And also, there's a website we give out and that's the or website where there are gobs and tons of resources. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Ross: My name is John Ross. And Pastor Doug, I think we're going to go straight back to the phone lines. We have Joseph, who's listening from New York. Joseph, welcome to the program.

Joseph: Yes. Pastors, good evening. My question is this. Baptism, is it valid or invalid in or under unnatural man-made conditions? And the possible precedent that I have is Moses at the burning bush. He was created by God. His sandals were man-made. God told him to remove his sandals because it was holy ground.

Baptism in a God's natural man-made condition say, the River Jordan, that's one thing. Baptism is it unholy in man-made conditions such as a baptismal?

Pastor Doug: Well, if a person's baptized in a swimming pool, or in a fountain, or in a river, I think the principles of baptism are that a person is baptized as Jesus was, by immersion. If we say we've got to be baptized exactly like Jesus, then everyone would have to get on an airplane and fly to Israel and get baptized in the Jordan River.

But if we can follow the example of Jesus, and the word baptize means to immerse or submerge, to have our sins -- symbolic of having our sins washed away. Now, we know that when Paul was baptized in Damascus by Ananias, it may have been in a tank or a cistern. When Philip baptized the Ethiopian in Acts Chapter -- is that Acts Chapter 8, Pastor Ross? I think it is. That was down by Gaza. There's no River there. He may have been baptized in the ocean.

One is salt water, the Jordan River is fresh water so I don't think it mattered to God if it was in the ocean, I've done both, or in a river, or in a baptistery or a swimming pool. In India, you cannot baptize in the rivers. I'm just being blunt and honest. The rivers in India, at least Southern India where I was, they partially serve as sewers. At the rivers, you actually have to hold your nose when you walk across them and the idea of being baptized in a river would just be counterintuitive to being washed clean. So the YMCA let us use a swimming pool and that was a much more -- a sanitary situation.

I think that the principle is as long as we're immersed in water, that's what is being taught in the example of baptism.

Pastor Ross: The verse you're looking for, actually, the passage with reference to Philip is in Acts Chapter 8.

Pastor Doug: Okay. I don't know if that helps at all Joseph.

Joseph: Okay. Thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: All right. Thank you. By the way, we do have a book we'll send you a free copy. And it's Baptism: Is It Necessary? And it talks about the symbolism in there. We'll send you a copy or anyone, just for asking.

Pastor Ross: The number to call 800-835-6747. You can ask for the book called Baptism: Is it Really Necessary? Again 800-835-6747. Our next call is Teresa listening from New York. Teresa, welcome to the program.

Teresa: Good evening. I was trying to find it again but anyway the question is in regard to we are supposed to stand in a holy place and then it said something about let the reader understand. Where there's [inaudible 00:33:56].

Pastor Doug: Matthew 24. You're talking about when Jesus said when the abomination of desolation stands in the holy place, let whoever reads understand. Let those that's been in Judea flee into the mountains. I think Pastor Ross is looking up the exact verse but I'm pretty sure it's Matthew 24.

Pastor Ross: Matthew 24 Verse 15.

Pastor Doug: Why don't you read that for us.

Pastor Ross: It says, "Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the Holy Place. Whoever reads let him understand."

Pastor Doug: "Then let those that been in Judea flee in the mountains."

Teresa: Yes, that's the one.

Pastor Doug: What was your question about that?

Teresa: Well, where I know that the sanctuary is holy and I know that Jesus is holy. And I know that or I believe that when you're baptized, you become a new creature and your life is in Christ.

Pastor Doug: Are you wondering what is the holy place today?

Teresa: Yes. Where is -- according to scripture, where is the holy place?

Pastor Doug: All right. When Jesus makes this statement in Matthew 24, he's warning his people about two impending things. One is, the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple. And the Romans had actually entered Jerusalem and penetrated the temple precincts. And they, the Roman power, brought an abomination in to the holy place and they desecrated it. Matter of fact, the slain, the Jews all fled to the temple for safety when Jerusalem was destroyed in AD 70 and the bodies just piled up in there. The the Roman soldiers went into the temple to kill them. And that was, of course, a terrible travesty for the nation.

But Jesus said, "Destroy this temple made with hands and I'll make one without hands." There's another temple today and Christ said he would raise up his body. The church is the body of Christ. Peter says, "We are living stones built up into a holy habitation." Paul said, "What, don't you know that ye are the Temple of the Holy Spirit," talking to the church.

When the beast power sets himself over the church. And what's that verse? Is it 2nd Thessalonians where it says, "He will sit in the temple of God showing himself He is God."? Maybe. I don't remember if it's 1st or 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2, I think.

Pastor Ross: 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2 Verse 4.

Pastor Doug: Want to read that.

Pastor Ross: It says, "Yes, speaking of the antichrist power who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped so that he sits as God in the temple of God showing himself that He is God."

Pastor Doug: That's talking about the second application of that verse where Teresa there the beast power is sitting over the Church of God in the place of God claiming the titles that belong to God. Which is what revelation calls blasphemy.

Hopefully, that helps a little bit. We do have a study guide that talks about the temple in particular and I think it's called God Drew The Plans. We'll send you a free copy.

Teresa: Okay.

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747. You can ask for the study guide called God Drew The Plans, all about the temple. Again, 800-835-6747 ask for the study guide called, God Drew The Plans. Our next caller is Christine listening from Michigan. Christine, welcome to the program.

Christine: This is Christine.

Pastor Doug: Yes. Thank you for calling.

Christine: I'm calling in regards to some longtime friends my husband and I have had. They're dear people and they're in their 70s. And they have come to a conclusion now that there is absolutely no hell. That everybody is going to heaven. And they we're born again years ago and they're well studied in the word but now, everyone is going to heaven and we don't know what and how to respond or if we should say anything at all. And if you could give any good scriptures to back up because I have never read that.

Pastor Doug: Well, of course, there is a lake of fire. If they say they read the Bible, Revelation 20 says that the wicked are cast into a lake of fire. They're judged. Jesus said, "Many will come to me in that day saying Lord, Lord." They think they're saved and he says, "I don't know you. Depart from me, you workers of iniquity." Christ also says, " Not everyone that says Lord, Lord but they that do the will of my father will be saved."

And as I quoted earlier, "Broad is the way that leads to destruction and many go in that way. Narrow is the way that leads to life and straight is the gate, few that be that find it." And so the idea that everyone's going to be saved just flies in the face of probably a hundred different verses I could tell you in the Bible. So much in the Bible.

Teresa: What would our response be in a way so we don't cause a problem to just let them know that maybe they're on the wrong trail and they need to get back in the word?

Pastor Doug: Well, I'd say what's the difference between the saved and the lost? Jesus came to save us from our sins. What is sin? It's the transgression of the law. Eternal life, John 3:16, "Those that believe have eternal life. Those that don't, perish." And it says, "They're cast in the lake of fire and this is the second death. Either so many verses and the idea -- this is called the Universalism. They say that the warnings and threatenings of God in the Bible are just to scare people but he's really going to save everybody because he's love.

And they're deceiving themselves and they're gambling with eternity by believing that they know more than what the Bible says. They don't believe the Bible if they believe that and so that's just very sad. Many people are going to be deceived because they don't know that God is very serious about his warnings.

Pastor Ross: You know we do have a book called Hellfire: A Twisted Tale Untangled so I think you'll enjoy it. It deals with this very important subject and what does the Bible say about hellfire. To receive this book, give us a call. It's 800-835-6747. You can ask for the book called Hellfire and we'll be happy to send it to anybody who calls and asks. And if you have a Bible question, the number here to the studio is 800-463-7297. 800-463-7297.

Pastor Doug: Thank you, Christine.

Pastor Ross: Next call is Tim. Tim is listening from San Antonio, Texas. We were just there last year. Tim, welcome to the program.

Tim: Hey, how are you doing?

Pastor Doug: Doing well.

Tim: Hi, Doug. This is Tim.

Pastor Doug: Hi, Tim.

Tim: The street evangelist. I had a question for you. This has always bothered me. It's a two-fold question. When the mark of the beast comes and yet those people that have received the mark of the beast and they're no longer saved because the Bible says nobody can repent, and they come to kill you because the Bible says that they will be like they're doing their God justice, doing work so they come to kill you. If we have the opportunity to kill them, can we do it and not worry about them because they're lost anyway? That's one part of the question. The other question is, in today's life, somebody comes and they either break-in your home or you're attacked and their purpose is to kill you and you. I don't want to kill anybody, I don't want to hurt anybody but it comes to the point where it's either me or you. Do we have the right to kill them if need be?

Pastor Doug: All right. Good question. Now the first part of your question I think has an easier answer because, by the time that the Holy Spirit is withdrawn and everybody has either the mark of the beast or the seal of God, I think the saved are saved in the lost are lost. We're not going to need to worry about defending ourselves with carnal weapons. I think God at that point is going to defend his people and we don't have to worry.

If you're talking about what happens in the world these days if you've got some villain, a scoundrel that breaks into your home and threatens your life or the life of your wife, you have every right Biblically to defend yourself. Jesus said, "If you break into a strong man's house, that strong man's going to defend himself."

It's just natural and when it says in the Bible, "You shall not kill." that actually is, "Thou shalt not murder." I know there are many pacifists that think that there's no situation where you would want to use any kind of lethal force to defend yourself but I respectfully disagree. I think it's understood that if someone is threatening your life or the life of innocence, you'd want it to be the last option but I think most people would instinctively say, "Look, they're violating my rights. They're threatening our lives unjustly." For all you know they're berserk and why would you sacrifice the lives of your family for some of these mentally out of balance and you've got to stop them.

Hopefully, you wouldn't need to take their life but if you did, every court in the country would say it was justified. We hear this hypothetical question a lot and I hope I never have to make that decision but if I had to, I expect I wouldn't hesitate. Hopefully, that helps a little bit, Tim. I appreciate your question. We don't really have an offer on that subject.

John: No, we don't.

Pastor Doug: [laughs] But good to hear from you again. Keep up the good work.

Pastor Ross: Next caller is Edgar listening from Shawnee, Kansas. Edgar, welcome to the program.

Edgar: Good evening Pastor Doug and Pastor Ross.

Pastor Doug: Now, you know there's a Shawnee, Oklahoma too.

Edgar: Really?

Pastor Doug: Yes, my dad was born there. Anyway, your question tonight.

Edgar: Wow, that's cool. My question is a pretty simple. 2 Samuel 24:9 it says that the census counts for Israel is 800,000 and for Judah is 500,000 and the 1 Chronicles 21:5 says that the census count for Israel is 1,100,000 and Judah is 470,000. Well, I guess my question is how does that make sense? And another -- the overall question is we believe that the Bible is like a hundred percent in [unintelligible 00:43:53]?

Pastor Doug: Yes. There is a conflict between 1 Chronicles 21:5 and in 2 Samuel 24:9 in the numbers that are given. I have heard explanations from commentators on why the numbers came up differently in Chronicles. I think one was they're including -- I don't know if it was one was including the Levites and one wasn't. I really don't remember what the answer was. I read an answer that I thought was satisfactory.

If you look in some of the Bible commentators like Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown or John Gill or Albert Barnes , they all addressed this question. They all managed to reconcile why there is a discrepancy between the two numbers.

Frankly, these things strengthen my faith in the Bible because if men just copied the Bible from one another then you'd think, "Why would there be such a glaring difference between the two?" But if they were actually -- if Samuel was written by Samuel or Ezra who may have written 2 Samuel because Samuel was dead at that point, and the Chronicles were written by the Chroniclers of the King, the scribes, they just were recording the numbers differently. Sometimes you see that between the book of 1st and 2nd Kings and 1st and 2nd Chronicles that the scribes will tell a story and some will add different details. That actually, to me, authenticates the Bible. After all these years that -- John looks like he had a glint of recognition.

Pastor Ross: Well, just I'm looking at some of the commentary. There's probably three different suggestions as to why these numbers are different and it makes sense. The one is that the number that's mentioned includes the valiant men in 2 Samuel Chapter 24 meaning men that were able to go out to battle. That's not necessarily included in 1 Chronicles 27 where it talks about that. And then also they mentioned the tribe of Levi most likely was not included but it is included over here. Those were some of the reasons why they were differing numbers. It doesn't mean that one's correct and the others wrong it just means that they were counting different things or different focuses.

Pastor Doug: Yes, including [inaudible 00:46:04].

Pastor Ross: Including some and excluding some.

Pastor Doug: I hope that helps a little, Edgar. But for me, when I consider that the Bible's got about a million words in it and there's this much continuity, then if we find a little discrepancy like that or apparent discrepancy, I would say that's pretty good testimony that this is a consistent book. Hey, I do have a book that will go into just how the Bible is inspired and some of the commentary. We'll send you a free copy. It's called The Ultimate Resource. And just call, we'll send that to you.

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747. You may ask for the book called The Ultimate Resource. We'll be happy to send it to anybody who calls and ask. It's all about the Bible. Olive is listening from Canada. Olive, welcome to the program.

Olive: Hello. Hi, good evening.

Pastor Doug: Evening.

Olive: My question is coming from Matthew 10:34-35. "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword for I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law." Can you explain a little bit what that means, please?

Pastor Doug: Yes. For one thing Jesus is actually quoting from the book of Micah, he's referencing it anyway where it says in Micah 7:6, "For the son treats the father with contempt, the daughter rises against her mother, the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law, and the man's enemies where they have his own house." Christ is obviously quoting Micah 7:6. Jesus is saying that when he preaches the Gospel, some receive it if their hearts are fertile, they received the word and it blossoms. Some reject it.

When a person is with Christ, they are going to have conflict with those who are against Christ. When one person in a household says, "I embrace Jesus and I want to follow him," they almost become aliens and outcast to those that reject him because it's such a different value system. And it brings the vision because everyone needs to make their own personal decision. That's what Jesus is talking about.

He just said when the truth comes I don't come to send peace but a sword because the Word of God divides. He said you're either with me or against me. If in one family, someone believes and someone doesn't, there's going to be problems. He also mentions this in Luke 12:53. He says, "They will be divided, father against son, son against father, mother against daughter, daughter against mother, mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law against mother-in-law." In families, you're going to see conflict based on who accepts the truth. Let me just ask you a question, Olive. Who was it that sold Joseph to the slave traders? It was his brothers who chose --

Olive: Joseph?

Pastor Doug: Joseph was sold by his own brothers and then --

Olive: His own brothers.

Pastor Doug: Yes and then you say who was it that tried to kill David after he was anointed? King Saul, one of his own people and David's own son Absalom tried to have him killed. There was strife within the family and it was always between Saul grieved away the Spirit, David followed the spirit. The one without the spirit tries to kill the one that has the spirit, like Cain and Abel all over again. Hope that helps a little, Olive and we appreciate the good question we haven't had that in a while.

Pastor Ross: We have Gary listening from Pontiac, Michigan. Gary, welcome to the program.

Gary: Yes, sir. You said people talking about [inaudible 00:49:34] and I had some interesting questions I want to ask you about.

Doug: Okay.

Gary: In Revelation 10:10 it says, "But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he should begin to sound the mystery of God should be finished as he had declared to his servants the prophets." And then when you go to Revelation 11:15, it says, "The seventh angel sounded and there was great voices in heaven saying the kings of this world have become the kings of our Lord Jesus Christ and he shall reign forever and ever." Is this an indication of what people call the rapture or in [inaudible 00:50:08] the tramp of [inaudible 00:50:09] sound and the archangel sound? Is that the same angel?

Pastor Doug: I'm going to Pastor Ross answer that. He's just started a class on Revelation. Actually, I don't think it's necessarily the rapture.

Pastor Ross: It's a great promise there where it talks about the signing of the seventh trumpet when he begins his sound then the mystery of God shall be revealed. If you going into the New Testament, there are several mysteries mentioned. One is the resurrection but probably the most significant mystery that the Bible speaks of and Paul mentions that is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Meaning that the Holy Spirit dwelling within a person can transform their character to reflect the character of Christ. The time period of the seventh trump, is we call it the time of the end. It's the period of time that just precedes the second coming of Christ. If you read in Revelation Chapter 11, it talks about the nations were angry and the time of the dead that they should be judged and that you should reward your servants the prophets and destroy those who destroy the earth.

That's all in connection with these end time events. And then of course, when Jesus comes, he comes to receive the kingdom. The kingdom that'll be populated by the righteous. That's what's referring to there in Revelation chapter 10 and 11.

Gary: Well, in here the key there is talking about the mystery of God and it said, "Behold I show you a mystery wishing that all sweet but we should be all changed along the twinkling eye." That would be for the [inaudible 00:51:33]

Pastor Ross: Yes. As I mentioned, there's different mysteries. There's different mysteries but the resurrection is definitely a mystery and the transformation when Jesus comes.

Doug: You're correct that even the resurrection happens at the end of that seventh trumpet so all of it's happening at one time. The mystery of God, the salvation will be fulfilled at that time. Thank yo, Gary, I don't know if we have anything specifically on that verse in Revelation that we could connect but we do have some studies on Revelation you can find at the Amazing Facts website. That is Let's see if we can get maybe one or two more calls in, Pastor Ross?

Pastor Ross: We have Mike listening from Kentucky. Mike welcome to the program. We have just a few minutes.

Mike: I just wondered what kind of reaction I can get from you about how the Lord could allow things to happen to little kids, the molestation and all the kidnapping and the murderers of them and just all the stuff that's going on. How could he allow that?

Pastor Doug: That's a big question everyone asks is if God is powerful, if he's good, why does he allow the innocent to suffer? Well, the question is, is God in charge of what's happening in this world? Jesus said that the devil is the prince of this world. Christ came because this planet has been kidnapped by a terrible fiend, an evil fiend. The suffering and the misery seen in this world is not God's will.

That's why in the Lord's Prayer were saying, "Thy will be done." We're only praying that because God's will is not done a lot of the time. It's not God's will that there be all this death and suffering. God wants us to be healed, he wants us to be saved. This whole world is in rebellion against its creator and the devil has kidnapped it. To understand why doesn't God just snap his fingers and destroy the devil? We need to understand the freedom of God's people. That everybody has a free will.

I might recommend that you watch a free DVD. If you type in, just go to the internet and YouTube. Anyone out there, if you want to understand why do innocent babies suffer? Type in Cosmic Conflict. Cosmic Conflict on YouTube and watch that DVD. That'll answer a lot of questions for you. Listening, friend you can tell from the music that we're being chased out of the radio airwaves here.

If you would like to continue studying, just go to, a lot of material is there. We'd love to hear from you. If the program has been a blessing, then please help us stay on the air because Amazing Facts is a hundred percent listener supported. Wherever you are, there's people in your neighbourhood that are -- they contact us through the website, they donate online and you could also even write.

The address will be there on the website. Share the station with your friend, the program. If it's been a blessing and you can even find the archives and reruns and support material. Read it for free We'll study his word together again next week. God bless.

Speaker 1: This has been a pre-recorded broadcast of Bible Answers Live. A production of Amazing Facts Ministries. If you would like to order the materials mention on this broadcast, call 800-835-6747 from 8:00 AM to midnight, Eastern Standard Time. That's 800-835-6747. If you've missed an episode of Bible Answers Live, you can find it on our website,

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Speaker 3: I grew up in a church-going family. We were at every meeting, I sang in four of the choirs there, I directed three. Very involved, very active. It's almost seemed like busywork sometimes. I went to Sunday School, I knew about God, I knew about Jesus but I didn't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. My senior year in high school, I got the news that my father had been murdered.

I played it off well. No one really saw that I was struggling with it. It just really felt like there was a hole that needed to be filled. I tried to fill it with drugs, with alcohol, with partying. After college, I just stopped going to church altogether. One day, on a Sunday, because I didn't feel like going to church with my mom, I thought I should get a little bit of work. She had the satellite system hooked up and I'm flipping through channels and then the logo pops across, Amazing Facts Presents. I've listened to a lot of different ministries but here this was the first time, that he's actually saying something where I had to grab my Bible to actually pick it up. I've never heard this before, let me look through and find this. I went through all the historicals, I went through all the study guides and I just couldn't get enough.

Then the Sabbath came up and he's going through the appeal and I'm just going, "Lord I hear you. I have to go to the church." I show up, it was funny I didn't feel like I was going to be judged, anything judgmental, anything. I walked in the door and I just felt at home. But there's still a problem. I'm still partying. I was still going out to the bars. At this time, I was selling cocaine to pay my rent. 16 days later, I find myself in a life-or-death situation.

I had just came back from a liquor store and I grabbed a bottle of vodka. And there I am, high off cocaine with my Bible in hand trying to do a Bible study. I heard an audible voice, "Just look at yourself." And I did and I was like, "What am I doing?" I got on my knees and I said, "Lord, if you do not take this away from me now, I'm going to kill myself." I was going to continue this lifestyle and I was going to end up overdosing having a heart attack, whatever it was. "You have to take this away. All of it." That day, he lifted all of it away from me. It was all God. When God does something in your life, he does it complete.

Speaker 2: For more than 45 years, the ministry of Amazing Facts has been helping people from all walks of life understand their Bibles better than ever before. Through television, radio and the internet, we impact countless lives each day around the world by sharing Bible truth that transforms lives forever. If you've been blessed by our programs, will you help share in this work with a tax-deductible gift today?

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