How old is planet earth?

Date: 10/18/2015 
Is the earth really millions or billions of years old?
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Pastor Ross: Frank, welcome to the program.

Frank: Thank you. Hi, my name is Frank, I'm a first-time caller.

Pastor Doug: Appreciate you calling.

Frank: My question is, I know it's a lot of non-believers or scientists - I guess their weapon at hand to prove the Bible wrong is the age of the world compared to what the Bibles states. I was wondering, if they're not factoring in the great flood of the earth's age, is this fair to say that they accurately determine the age of the world if they're not determining the great flood.

Pastor Doug: First of all, we're really talking about a couple of different things. When they're talking about the age of the earth, the science that they use to measure the age of the earth, how do you prove that that's true? It is very difficult to say- we actually went back in time 3 million or 3 billion years and sure enough, this is an accurate measurement. All they can do is look at how their formulas work based on today's environment.

To say that God couldn't make the world with some built-in age. If we believe that God can miraculously create the world then let me give you an example I'm rambling. When God made Adam, was Adam made a baby or was Adam made a full-grown man?

Frank: Man.

Pastor Doug: You know how you buy a computer, when you get it from the factory it's already got some installed software ready. It's called plug and play. You plug it in it's up and running. Adam was made in the perfect age, whatever that was, 25, 30 years old I don't know but he was in his prime. He didn't have to learn to walk. He already he had a belly button, even though he wasn't born or I'm guessing he did like we all do.

The trees that lived in the garden of Eden had rings in them though today the rings are the result of years. God made full grown trees that probably had rings in them. When He makes the world and there are some built in age or the appearance of it, that could be, they're measurements of how old that was would be useless unless they could really use time travel and send someone back.

A lot of the methods that they're using, Frank, to date the earth are very very dubious and they've been tested and they've dated some rocks from one volcano and they said, 15 million years and they date another volcano that we know is only 50 years old in New Finland and it will date millions of years old. The dating science is a very sloppy science. They were saying that the ice cores in Greenland were hundreds of thousands of years because of all the layers and then this World War Two airplanes called the Lost Squadron landed in the ice up there. Got buried for 50 years and they found them over 200 feet down with thousands of layers of ice. They weren't thousands of years old, they were 50 years old.

There's some real problems in the science. It's the greatest conspiracy. I don't believe in a lot of conspiracies, but I tell you the dating method that's used by evolutionists to me seems like the most biased example of science I've ever seen. I don't know, I just did a little rant there, Frank, I hope that helps?

Frank: Actually, it does help.

Pastor Doug: We have a study that we can send you that talks about When Evolution Flunked the Science Test, and we'll be happy to send that to you for free if you call the number.

Pastor Ross: The number to call 800-835-6747 and the book you can ask for is When Evolution Flunked the Science Test. Intriguing title and a great book. When Evolution Flunked the Science Test, we'll send it to anybody for free, just give us a call, 800-835-6747.

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