How to balance church unity with sound doctrine?

How to balance church unity with sound doctrine? Is it safe to unite when we compromise doctrine? Should Christians unite for the saving of society and sacrifice basic principles of truth. Certainly we should try to improve society. The foundation is recognizing that we are sinful and need to be saved by grace through faith in Jesus.
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Caller:  I’d just like to ask you, I heard you mention a few minutes ago about doctrines and God judging people on the life that they have.  And I just wanted to know, in light of today, when everyone places a high premium on unity and crossing racial and denominational barriers – and so often this is to the expense of sound doctrine – and I just wanted to know what you consider the bare minimum of doctrine as truth that a person must know about Christ and the Gospel to be saved and how important it is to hold to correct doctrine, even though it might be divisive?

Pastor Doug:  You know Dan, it’s really interesting – some of my friends in the studio are kind of nodding right now because this weekend, that was the subject of my message – is it safe to unite when it requires sacrificing doctrine?

Caller:  Yes sir.

Pastor Doug:  And we just recorded a tape called Solitary Courage in a Compromising Crowd.  You know, there’s a real push lately for Christians to lay aside their denominational differences and just unite for the purposes for saving society.  And I think there are areas where we can cooperate, but I don’t believe that we should ever be asked to sacrifice principles of essential truth.

Caller:  Yes.

Pastor Doug:  Now what are those principles?  We need to know first of all, what is sin.  That’s not where everybody would start, but the Bible tells us that the first thing about knowing whether or not you are saved, is knowing if you are lost.

And once we understand that sin is the transgression of God’s law, and Jesus came to save us from our sins, from our disobedience, that we are saved by grace through faith.  And then He gives us power, not only pardon for our past sins, but He gives us power to live a new, victorious life, a life of overcoming, and of representing Him, and being Spirit-filled.  These are just a few of the basics of Christian faith.

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