Preparing for the Race

Date: 07/17/2011 
Back in 1904 a mailman back in Havana, Cuba read in a newspaper that the Olympic Games would be held in St. Louis, Missouri. That’s when the 5 foot 1 inch Felix Carvajal suddenly decided to run in the Olympics for his country.
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What would suddenly inspire a mailman to run a Marathon in the Olympics? Even though he had no training or money? Stay with us friends, we’ll learn more as Amazing Facts presents, “Bible Answers Live”.


Pastor Doug: Back in 1904 a mailman back in Havana, Cuba read in a newspaper that the Olympic Games would be held in St. Louis, Missouri. That’s when the 5 foot 1 inch Felix Carvajal suddenly decided to run in the Olympics for his country. Nearly penniless with no formal running experience nor an Olympic Committee to sponsor him, Felix decided to pay his own way to the games. At the end of his workday he’d go to the Havana central plaza and run in circles until he drew a crowd.

At that point he’d announce his intention to travel to the United States and claim a prize for the greater glory of a newly independent Cuba. His appreciative audience donated enough money to help him enter the race and secure Felix travel on a steamer bound for New Orleans. So off he went. His money didn’t last long. The boat passage was expensive and what little money Felix had was stolen in New Orleans. Felix Carvajal walked, ran, and hitch- hiked 700 hundred miles up the Mississippi River to St. Louis where he appeared just moments before the opening of his Marathon. It was a 100 degree summer day and wearing woolen trousers a linen shirt, heavy street shoes and a felt beret.

The event was delayed as a friendly American discus thrower cut off Felix’s trousers to fashion a pair of running shorts. Then with a bang the 31 runners were on their way. With American Thomas Hicks leading the international pack, amazingly Felix kept pace easily. Seemingly unconcerned over the prospects of victory even stopping from time to time to chat with by-standers and occasionally running backwards as he chatted.

Felix had not eaten in more than two days. And there was only one water station within more than 26 miles of the dusty heat. So he couldn’t resist picking a few apples from a nearby orchard. Alas the green apples triggered wrenching stomach cramps causing another unscheduled pit stop losing precious minutes. Incredibly despite his delays Felix still managed to finish 4th among a field of the world’s best runners. He was hailed by the international press for his determination and admirable manner.

He returned to Cuba as a hero and resumed his mail route. We can’t help but to feel that Felix would have won the 1904 Olympic Marathon if he had been better prepared. And that reminds me a passage in the Bible 1 Corinthians 9:24-25, “Know ye not that those who run in a race run all, but one receives the prize. So run that you might obtain. And every man that strives for the mastery is tempered in all Things”. Well, Pastor Ross you know you can’t help but to wonder if Felix had a little more support, a little more preparation he did so well when he was hungry and ill-prepared, he probably would have won that race.

Pastor Ross: You know there’s something for that determination that commitment and as you mentioned that verse in Scripture, the Christian needs to have that determination and that commitment to press on. You know the devil is always there to make our journey difficult, but with God’s grace we can receive that crown that glorious victory, to be with Christ forever.

Pastor Doug: You know it tells us in Proverbs—no, I’m sorry Ecclesiastes that whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all of your might. And Felix certainly had that determination, but sometimes we take little side trips, that end up costing us the race. And friends maybe you have made a decision to be a Christian, but you get distracted, and we’ve got a special lesson prepared it’s very illustrated and it’s very interesting. And it’s full of amazing facts on how you can focus your attention on that goal of being like Christ and never turn back. Don’t turn aside. Pastor Ross, tell us about it.

Pastor Ross: The study guide is called “No Turning Back” and some of you need to know how we make that commitment, how do we make that full surrender of self to our god to do great things in us and through us? If you would like to receive this study guide, absolutely free, call our resource line. The number 1-800-835-6747 and you can ask for the study guide, “No Turning Back” that resource line is 1-800-835-6747 ask for the study guide, “No Turning Back.”

And if you have a Bible question, we have a few phone lines that are still open so it would be a good time for you to pick up your phone and give us a call. The number here to the studio is 1-800-463-7297 that’s 1-800-GOD-SAYS 463-7297. Pastor Doug before we go to the phone lines let’s begin the program with prayer. Father once again we thank you that we have this opportunity to discuss your word. We want to ask for a special blessing upon this program be with those who are listening, wherever they might be. Thank you Father for promising to guide us into a fuller and deeper understanding as we search the Scriptures. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Ross: Well, let’s go to the phone lines. Our first caller this evening is Tyrone and he’s listening from Bakersfield, California. Tyrone welcome to the program.

Tyrone: Hi how are you doing?

Pastor Doug: Doing well and your question.

Tyrone: My question is on baptism. I was baptized as a Christian and some of my other friends they are Christian, but different denomination and they always ask me what name was I baptized in. I would say that’s Matthew 28:19.

Pastor Doug: Right.

Tyrone: They say those are not valid, those are just titles and that you need baptized into Jesus’ name only. I guess they did in Acts 2:38- 41, but I truly believe that my baptism was valid I just don’t know how to respond to them or anything.

Pastor Doug: Well, I would think that the words of Jesus would be good enough, it says in Matthew 28:19, “Baptize in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”. It is true Acts 2:38 say to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. But, then you go to Acts 8:16 and it says, “Baptize in the name of the Lord”, and then you look in Acts 10:48 and it says, “Baptize in the name of the Lord”. Jesus’ point is that we’re baptized in the name of the God of the Bible.

The power of baptism is in the faith of the promise of God. Saying Jesus’ name in either English, or Spanish or Hebrew the power is not in the utterance of the syllables the power is in being baptized in the name of God and when a person is publically baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, what makes that baptism valid is that the people present recognize who they’re talking about.

You know, I have been to many weddings before. Where you can be very formal in the way that you do the vows and for the couple, you can say all three of their names. Or you can say, “Do you Bill, take Jane?” And legally in any state the people who are witnesses understand that the covenant between those two people that they all know who they are talking about it is a legal valid marriage.

The same with Baptism a baptism is not invalidated because the Pastor may not do the utterance a certain way. If everybody present knows they are being baptized in the name of the God of the Bible of Jesus the Savior the Son of God, then to make a doctrine out of saying, folding His arms and turning His head and saying, I’m not going to bless your baptism because you didn’t say it right. That is really absurd it’s a distraction for people to build a doctrine out of that.

Tyrone: Yes.

Pastor Doug: By the way God when you say His name which name? He has many names, He’s called wonderful, counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords, the I Am, the Sheep, the Door, The Water, so which name? Do you know what I mean?

Tyrone: Yes.

Pastor Doug: You know I don’t know what Pastor Ross may do, but I kind of cover all of my bases and I baptize people in the name of the Father, in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Tyrone: Yes.

Pastor Doug: I’ve never had any complaints. But, you know if you were sincere, in your baptism, I wouldn’t feel like I had to go grab a Pastor somewhere and ask him to do it again and say it differently. Do you know what I mean? I think it’s just kind of a petty doctrine.

Tyrone: Yes.

Pastor Doug: It’s like God is making sanctification built upon pronouncing his name correctly.

Tyrone: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Hey I appreciate your question. And we do have a book on that Tyrone.

Pastor Ross: We do. We have a study guide called, “Purity and Power” about baptism. There might be somebody listening that would like to learn more. Is it really necessary to be baptized and how to be baptized call for this free resource, “Purity and Power”? The number to call is 800-835-6747. Again that’s 800-835-6747and you can ask for the study guide, “Purity and Power”. The phone number here to the studio is 800-463-7297 that’s 800-GOD-SAYS.

Our next caller is Martin listening from Brooklyn, New York. Martin welcome to the program.

Martin: Well hello there. I did want to mention I go to the sort of people when they’re told to read the Bible, in front of people that don’t want to read the Bible. My question is in order to encourage people, to read the Bible.

Pastor Doug: What can we do to encourage people to read the Bible? Well, I think that first before I even get into the question we have a study guise that is designed to inspire a thirst for the Bible in people. And the study guide is called, “Is There Anything Left You Can Trust?”

But, one of the things I like to do, is I show people the incredible wisdom of the Bible by the remarkable quotes. You know the most quoted book in the world, is the Bible because of the wisdom there. And then I show them the prophecies that are fulfilled. Who, but God can clearly see the future so that He can predict the kingdoms of the world?

And so when people realize that in the Bible the future is revealed, dependably.

Martin: Amen.

Pastor Doug: That would create a hunger I would think. And so the Bible has been proven to be the best book as far as healing of relationships, not only between us and God, but between people. The Bible has come into families where the couples were on the verge of divorce, and after committing their lives to Christ there is reconciliation. So I would recommend our study guide, Martin, called, “Is There Anything Left You Can Trust?” And if someone hasn’t looked at that before that will create an appetite for the Bible.

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747 that is our resource number and you can ask for the study guide, “Is There Anything Left That You Can Trust?” And we’ll be happy to send that out. Again the number is 800-835-6747. Pastor Doug just before we go to our next caller, we’d like to welcome all of those listening on Sirius XM radio, channel 131 this is the second live broadcast on XM radio of Amazing Facts.

Pastor Doug: Yeah so if we have any friends listening on Sirius XM if you want to give us a call with any of your Bible questions, we’d just like to hear from you and make sure we’re coming through loud and clear.

Pastor Ross: Well alright our next caller is Charlie and he’s listening in Ontario, Canada. Charlie, welcome to the program.

Charlie: Thank you very much and thank you for having me.

Pastor Doug: Tank you Charlie and get closer to your phone because we can barely hear you.

Charlie: Okay, sorry one second, can you hear me now?

Pastor Doug: That’s better. You’re calling from Canada you need to shout. So your question?

Charlie: Okay, this is kind of a two part question. First part Jesus said He will never leave us or forsake us in the end times. Just with what is happening in the world that Jesus has kind of forsaken us and left us form what’s happening in the world. The vents number one and my second kind of question to the first question is Jesus said He’s coming again shortly if He’s taking into consideration Godly time or human time? What I mean by that is that in the Bible it says that a thousand years is like a day to the Lord and one day is like a thousand years. So I’m not looking for like a date, just—

Pastor Doug: You’re just wondering is God thinking in terms of millennium when He says I am coming soon. Or is He thinking in terms of human terms like months and years?

Charlie: Exactly.

Pastor Doug: Well let me try to help you understand, now here’s a pattern and I don’t want anyone to misunderstand or take this too far, but if you add up the different ages in the Bible. The ages are given by the different Patriarchs. Adam was created about 4000 B.C. 2000 years later Abraham is born. And then God says that through Abraham descendents Messiah would come the first time. Then 2000 years later Jesus is born. Jesus said, “I will come again.” Now here we are 2000 years beyond that.

And then the Bible says we’re going to spend 1000 years living and reigning with the Lord. And that’s like 1000 year Sabbath, so that would make it a total of 7000 years. For that reason God does think of a day as a thousand years. And God operates on a week and Biblically God is going on a seven millennia, 1000 years being like a day we’re ready for the Lord’s coming right now. Well it’s been just about 2000 years—well it has been more than 2000 years since the birth of Christ. It is almost 2000 years since the death of Christ since we’re living right during that time period. But, I am curious Charles why you said it looks like Jesus has forsaken the world now? What makes you say that?

Charlie: Earthquakes, tsunamis, yeah you hear about these different-–

Pastor Doug: The wars?

Charlie: These wars and these criminals that are basically getting away with murder. I don’t want to use any names, but anybody hears about it, it’s all over CNN right now and you know you watch the world events and it looks like world is respectfully going to hell in a hand basket. And it doesn’t look like there’s any hope, anywhere!

Pastor Doug: Alright now keep in mind that I agree with you. The conditions in the world are deplorable and this is exactly what Jesus said it will look like before His return which doesn’t mean He has forsaken us, He says don’t fear. He said there will be great tribulation. Christ said there will be tribulation such as there never has been. He specifically said there would be earthquakes that there would be famines. And Luke 21 talks about waves roaring. He said men’s hearts will wax worse and worse. And that it would be liked in the days of Noah when violence filled the land so, the conditions that are in the world, are exactly as Jesus said they would be prior to His coming. It doesn’t mean He’s forsaken His people, but it is telling us that Satan has come down with great wrath because he knows his time is short. You know we have a study guide that talks about the signs of Christ’s coming. Would you like us to send you a free copy Charles?

Charlie: I would love a copy of that it would be great.

Pastor Doug: You know it has all of those Scriptures that I just talked about? And Pastor Ross?

Pastor Ross: It’s entitled, “The Ultimate Deliverance” and if you would call the number 800-835-6747 we’ll be happy to send that to you. Again the study guide is entitled, “The Ultimate Deliverance”. You know we also have a book on this same subject. It is called, “Anything But Secret” it talks about the second coming of Jesus Charlie you can also ask for that, “Anything But Secret” the number is 800-835-6747.

Our next caller is Mark and he is calling from Knoxville, Tennessee, Mark, welcome to the program.

Mark: Hi. Thank you for taking my call. Before I get to my question, can I extend the previous caller’s a little bit and ask a question about a thousand years being like a day?

Pastor Doug: Yeah, it’s just we’ve got to make it fairly succinct though.

Mark: Okay given that God thinks one day is like 1000 years, would that mean God thinks the Woodstock music festival took place only 60 minutes ago?

Pastor Doug: [Laughter] -- Is there a little bit of sarcasm in that? Yeah well you know for God He sees eternally into the future—and it is as 1000 years in His sight or as yesterday. That’s what –what Peter says in Chapter 3: like day with the Lord is like 1000 years I think he’s quoting in Psalms 89 where it says that 1000 years in your sight is like yesterday has past. So yeah it would just seem like about an hour ago for Him.

Mark: So when Jesus said He’s coming soon, it may not be for 10 thousand more years, right?

Pastor Doug: No, I think that there is a time when He gave us signs so we could know it’s near. And those signs include conditions in the world being so bad that if God didn’t come that man would destroy himself. We’re in that generation now. We’re living in a time where man has the ability to self-destruct. No other generation has had that. And just the population, I mean, I remember when there were 3 billion people and now we’re pushing 7 billion people in the world in one lifetime. So the Lord has to come soon.

Now your other question you had before we run out of time before our break.

Mark: Yes, it is about evangelism. Why does God use human beings to evangelize when unbelievers don’t listen? They think, well, what makes you different? I’m a human being, you’re a human being, what makes?

Pastor Doug: Well for one thing the best salesman for a product is the one who has benefitted from the product. And that’s just a proven fact and if I have been saved and I was lost and now I’m found and I had no purpose and now I have a purpose, and if I was sick and now I’m well, and if I was dead and now I am alive. I am so excited about the gospel that when the Lord says, would you like to help me tell people? It’s like Isaiah after God cleansed Isaiah and this is in Isaiah Chapter 6: 1-8. After he cleansed Isaiah, God said, “Who will go for us?” Isaiah then said he volunteers and he sad, “Here am I, send me.” He wanted to help share the good news and participate in the great commission, the great invitation. So I hope that helps a little bit and we all do have that privilege.

Pastor Ross: We have a call that’s coming from a face book page. Vinnie is asking, “Is there a special resurrection, apart from the two mentioned in the Bible?”

Pastor Doug: Alright when it talks about the two resurrections, Jesus said, “There’s a resurrection of the just and a resurrection of the unjust.” Revelation 20 tells us they happen about 1000 years apart from each other. The dead in Christ rise first that’s called the first resurrection and the second is called the resurrection of damnation.

And Vinnie is wondering, “Is there a third resurrection?” Well, at the end of the 1000 years you get the wicked rising, but there are some who will rise, when Christ comes besides just the righteous. Those who were involved in the trail and crucifixion of Jesus, Jesus does say that they are going to be resurrected just to see that He is coming as the King of Kings. So they witness Him coming in glory. And that is a statement that He made to the high priests, “Hereafter you will see the Son of man coming.”

Pastor Ross: In Revelation1:7 we read, “Behold He cometh in the clouds and every eye shall see Him. There will be those which rise and also those which pierced Him.” That would be the special resurrection, “and all the Kings of the earth shall wail because of Him, even so, Amen.”

Pastor Doug: So those connected to the crucifixion and those who pierced Him will be raised. Appreciate that face book question. Do we have time for another one? How much time have we got before our break? Alright let’s take one more.

Pastor Ross: Alright we have another caller Taon is listening from Brooklyn, New York, Taon, welcome to the program.

Taon: Hello. Good night, how are you guys doing?

Pastor Doug: Good evening. And your question?

Taon: My question tonight was the 144 that God speaks of in Revelation are those the only of His righteous that will be alive those ends times, so it will proclaim His coming?

Pastor Doug: Alright so will the 144,000 be the only ones alive in the end times?

Taon: The only righteous, yes.

Pastor Doug: The only righteous, yeah, but I don’t believe they are, by the way for our friends listening you find the 144,000 mentioned in Revelation 7 and you also find it in Revelation 14. It’s easy to remember because 2 x 7= 14. The 144,000 it’s 12 x 12,000. When Jesus came the first time, He appointed twelve Apostles. And even after Judas committed suicide the first thing the Apostles did before the Holy Spirit was poured out, they replaced Judas so they could achieve the number twelve again.

Then when the Holy Spirit was poured out, the twelve Apostles were not the only ones who received the Holy Spirit the Bible says that there were 120 in the upper room. But, the twelve Apostles had a special calling. They had a special anointing you might say and a special office. They had the work to do of preaching the gospel to the house of Israel. Their first work was to preach specifically to the Jews. Now quoting the Bible, that’s what Christ said.

Before Jesus comes again, He is going to have 12 x 12,000 you might call them last day apostles who then preach the gospel to the whole world. They are not the only ones, just like the Apostles were not the only ones who received the Holy Spirit or were the only ones saved. But, they are a special group that has a special work like the work John the Baptist had to prepare people for Christ’s coming like the work that Elijah had and they’re to go forth and do this special work in preparing the world for Christ’s second coming. Now does that make sense? They are like last day Apostles.

Taon: It makes perfect sense and since you said the twelve Disciples, I just need to ask you are the tribes that were called before that had God and that out of those tribes, is that similar to the 12,000?

Pastor Doug: Well there are two tribes that are kind of swapped in the list of Revelation Chapter 7. It does not mention the tribe of Dan and it does not mention the tribe of Ephraim. Those two are left out. And the reason being it says that Dan means as judge and judgment is over for the redeemed at that point. And then Ephraim, it says in the Bible, Ephraim is joined to idols let him alone. And so it also tells a story the names you find there in Revelation 12 and it’s very important because it kind of tells the whole story of redemption. Now I tell you what Taon if you would like, I wrote a book on the 144,000 it’s called, “Who are they?” it’s very simply written, would you like us to send you a free copy of that?

Taon: Sure. Sure.

Pastor Doug: Okay you call the resource line and ask for that book, “Who are the 144,000”.

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747 that’s 800-835-6747 and you can ask for the book, “Who will Sing the Song of the 144,000?” or just ask for the book on the 144,000 and we’ll be happy to send that out to you.

I think we have tie for one more quick call before we go on our break Pastor Doug. We have Peter calling from Bridgeport, Connecticut. Peter, welcome to the program.

Peter: Yes. Hi Pastors.

Pastor Doug: Hi.

Peter: Yes, I’ve been having vandalisms and food contaminations frequently and I am wondering if God would be against me putting surveillance equipment to protect my property and things like that?

Pastor Doug: That’s a good question. Is there anything that represents maybe a lack of faith or is there anything that world problem of a Christian having some kind of a security system on their house? I would say no because you’ve got examples in the Bible where it talks about that the children of Israel had the watchmen on the walls. Well and so people having a reasonable security sometimes they say security I not because you necessarily don’t trust the people in your neighborhood, but I’ve heard them say it helps keep the honest people honest.

And especially if you are living in certain areas that are high crime, not having some kind of basic security, it can actually be tempting the Lord. So Jesus talked about not doing those things where you are jumping off of the building so-to-speak–-or tempting the Lord.

And if a person is a Christian and they’re walking down a neighborhood where, you know, people are known to have a lot of robbery or pick pockets and you’ve got your wallet sticking out your back pocket and you’re carrying a canvas bag with dollar signs on it, out in front of you—you know—it’s just not wise. And so –likewise there is nothing wrong with a Christian having some kind of a simple—alarm—or a security system. It might be a smart thing to do.

Hey, friends, you are listening to “Bible Answers Live” stay tuned.

Pastor Ross: Pastor Doug, we are going to take a few moments now to talk about one of our favorite websites that Amazing Facts has. It’s simply, “Bible Prophecy Truths dot com”. It’s a website filled with valuable information dealing with prophecy in the Scripture.

Pastor Doug: You know if people just visit that “Bible Prophecy Truth dot com” you’re going to find information there that talks about the second coming. We had questions on that tonight. It talks about Angels. It talks about Armageddon. It talks about the Tribulation. It talks about the Mark of the Beast. It talks about who the beast is. It talks about the Anti-Christ. It talks about heaven. It talks about hell. Just about any of the hot subjects in Christianity that you’ll find them if you go to

Don’t go anywhere, we’re not done.


Pastor Doug: You’re back listening friends and this is “Bible Answers Live” and if you’ve got any Bible questions call one more time 800-GOD-SAYS that’s 800-463-7297 and we do have a couple of lines open. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Ross: My name is Jean Ross. Pastor Doug we’ve got our first listener from this evening calling in on Sirius XM radio. Aaron, welcome to the program.

Pastor Doug: Aaron, you are on the air.

Aaron: Hello.

Pastor Doug: Hi, welcome.

Aaron: Hello I have a question about the name of Jesus. A gentleman called several callers about baptism and the name of Jesus or the Son, the Father and the Holy Ghost.

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Aaron: In Matthew 28:19 and well, I believe you had said that if you marry somebody that you would say all three names, of the person and not just say Bill which would be the first name,--

Pastor Doug: No. I’m saying that you can do it either way. As a Pastor I have done it either way.

Aaron: Right.

Pastor Doug: And some people want their vows more informal and some want them formal, but either way is legal.

Aaron: Well I guess I was trying to figure it out because when I think of baptism in Jesus’ name, I turned to Acts 2:38 “And know ye therefore and teach and baptize in the name of—oh that’s Matthew 28:19 when he said, “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.” Well, the way I look at that was titles. And you were saying about the precious Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley, the Advocate, the Anchor, the True Vine, all of those were names of God and I looked at that as titles. You know and baptism in Jesus in Acts 2:38, they baptize in the name of Jesus and through the book of Acts they were baptizing in the name of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Doug: Well they said it both ways, in some places they said baptizes in the name of the Lord, and sometimes they said baptize in the name Lord Jesus Christ. Now here is my question, does a person have to say it in English or do you have to say it in the original Hebrew, Yashua?

Aaron: Well I believe whatever the name of Jesus is in either language because in Spanish they say Jesus pronounced “Hay-SOOS”. It’s whatever the language is with the person that understands the language, for the name of Jesus and that particular language whether it is Yashua, or Hay-SOOS or Jesus.

Pastor Doug: Alright so what you are saying then is that as long as the people there understand who it is that’s the important thing which the point that I made earlier is. If we are baptizing in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Ghost and everybody present knows that I’m talking about the Son of God, Jesus, Yeshu’a, the Lord, the Messiah, that’s the big issue, The Christ. So we do have Pastor Ross, we forgot to mention this to the gentleman who called earlier, and it’s called, “The Name of God”. We really ought to send that because it really addresses this in detail and I know you’re Aaron, maybe driving down the road listening on satellite radio, but if you can remember, we’ve got a website and a book called “The Name of God” just go to our Amazing Facts, you can read it for free there.

Pastor Ross: For anyone who would like to call in for that offer, just call 1-800-835-6747 and you can ask for the book, “The Name of God” and we’ll be happy to send that out to you.

Our next caller is calling from Toronto, Canada named Sarah. Sarah, welcome to the program.

Sarah: Good evening I would like to read as we go? Ezekiel 12:10 what it is he speaking of?

Pastor Doug: In Ezekiel 12:10 you want to know what?

Sarah: Yeah these things concerning Jerusalem [inaudible]

Pastor Doug: Let me read this for our friends. Ezekiel 12:10 “Thus saith the Lord God the burden concerning the Prince of Jerusalem, and all the house of Israel.” When you read on in Ezekiel I think he says a lot talking about the prophecies of the Messiah, but there’s a battle that goes along also talking about the King of Babylon. If you go to verse 13, he says, “My net I will also spread upon him and I’ll take him in my snare and I’ll bring him to Babylon.”

So this verse is talking about the Prince of Israel that had been rebelling against the Babylonians that he would be carried off and Zedekiah was carried off and those who rebelled against the King of Babylon after they had made a vow in the name of the Lord.

Then alter in Ezekiel, it talks about the judgment that would come on the King of Babylon. So I think this is talking about the Kings of Israel that had rebelled against the Kings of Babylon and judgment came on them. It says, “I’ll leave a few me of them from the sword and the famine and the pestilence.” And that is what happened to Israel.

Pastor Ross: You know if you read on a little bit on the context there, it’s really referring to what is referenced to as the Prince is referring to Zedekiah. Who, as Pastor Doug mentioned just a few minutes ago was involved in that Babylonian captivity.

Pastor Doug: Yeah and he made a vow he would pay tribute to the King of Babylon, and God was punishing Israel for their rebellion and he broke his vow. And the Babylonians came and destroyed the city. Appreciate your question Sarah. And who do we have next Pastor Ross?

Pastor Ross: We’ve got Robert who is listening in Tennessee who is also listening on Sirius XM radio. Robert, welcome to the program.

Robert: Hi there.

Pastor Doug: Hi and your question?

Robert: My question is on Revelation 20:3-6 about the second coming and the resurrection. How do you know Revelation 1:7 isn’t referring to the third coming at the end of the 1000 years instead of the first coming--- or second coming I mean.

Pastor Doug: Well, you know I think when it talks about Christ coming with the clouds that typically is referring to His second coming. The one at the end of the 1000 years sort of talks about the earth being burned up into the heavens, meaning the atmosphere is passed away. Now you are making me wonder in Revelation 1:7 does it mention the clouds. I don’t remember.

Pastor Ross: It does, “Behold He cometh in the clouds and every eye shall see Him.”

Pastor Doug: It’s usually talking about when there is still an atmosphere. Because the other atmosphere is destroyed 11 Peter Chapter 3 tells us, “The heavens shall dissolve.” So His coming with the clouds has to be the next time He comes as opposed to at the end of the one thousand years.

Pastor Ross: At the end of the 1000 years it is the New Jerusalem that descends out of heaven. That’s how Christ comes the third time with the redeemed.

Robert: Okay because I was always thinking that the third time, He’s coming back with all of the righteous, and the angels and the city and that would be the full glory.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, I think there is a special resurrection, when He comes in the world—the first real judgment is when He comes and there’s an attack made—all the people of God there’s an attempt made to exterminate them and Jesus comes to rescue them at the crucial moment. Yeah—at the second coming—and it’s at that time—you’ve got the beast powers and those who have the seal of God and there’s a great climax in this conflict.

And Christ comes to rescue them at that point and they get their glorified bodies and when Jesus comes like that to get His people Caiaphas the high priest, Pontius Pilate and Herod and some of those who were involved in condemning Him they’re going to come forth in their graves and see Him coming as the champion at that point.

Robert: Okay. I think it’s Revelation 12: 20 it talks about certain people. Does that mean those people will be alive for the 1000 years?

Pastor Doug: No, during the 1000 years only the righteous are alive. They are alive long enough to see Jesus coming in glory and then as Jesus sweeps around the earth, and the righteous are raptured up, fire is going to rain down and the earth is going to be convulsed and I think they are going to perish again.

Pastor Ross: Most people will die once and they get resurrected at the second coming and then they get resurrected at the end of the 1000 years. You have the final judgment after they’re resurrected and then they die. But, here is a group that dies back in the time of the New Testament and they were resurrected to witness Christ’s coming and the destroyed by the brightness of His coming and then they’re resurrected again at the end of the final judgment and finally destroyed. So three times they were resurrected.

Robert: Yeah that was my next question.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, there are exceptions. It’s like it says in the Bible it’s appointed unto man once to die and some people really get stuck on that and they think that means everybody has got to die once and they think that Elijah and Enoch have to come down to earth and die and when it says that those who are caught up to meet the Lord in the air well they’ve got to die first before they’re caught up to meet the Lord in the air. You know there are exceptions and God tells us what those exceptions are. Most people if they’re born again they only die once if you’re not born again you only die once physically the second death. But, there are some who will actually die 3 times because the ones who crucified Christ dies once, then they’re raised to watch Him come and then the die again. Then they’re judges after the 1000 years and experience what the normally be the second death.

Pastor Ross: Well then you have some other examples of folks, who are resurrected during the time of Christ, who are going to die and then be resurrected again, we’re hoping they’re all saved.

Pastor Doug: We’re hoping they’re all saved otherwise they die twice.

Pastor Ross: Yeah, sure.

Pastor Doug: Well anyway now it’s getting confusing, but thanks for your question, Robert.

Pastor Ross: Our next caller is Karen and she’s listening in Jackson, Tennessee. She’s listening on Sirius XM Karen, welcome to the program.

Karen: Thank you. My question is when Jesus—during the time He was here on earth doing the miracles the He was doing there was one account that I can think of where it was a blind man, and He touched him and put mud on his eyes and told him to go wash it off and then He asked, “What do you see?” and the man said, “I see men as trees” and then He did a second act of healing and that’s the only time that I can remember in the New Testament where there was a second act. Instead of just a complete healing from, either speaking it or touching someone and I just always wondered what could have been the purpose of doing it I two parts?

Pastor Doug: Yeah well that’s really a very interesting story when He first, anointed the man’s eyes he said he saw men as trees walking, well trees walking the tree has got lots of leaves and blurry and then Jesus did a secondary part of healing and He healed him completely. I think that one aspect of that story is that sometimes Christ heals people in degrees.

Pastor Ross: Oh, by the way, you can read that story in Mark Chapter 8:24. You know I also think that Jesus would often say after healing someone, He would say, “Your faith has made you whole.” Seems like healing is a person’s confidence or faith that Christ is able to heal him and perhaps this man’s faith was tested somewhat here he didn’t have his sight fully restored perhaps, additional faith was required on his part in order to see clearly.

Pastor Doug: Exactly. Yes Jesus did it in parts. Like Mary Magdalene, Christ cast seven devils out of her and it made it sound like that seven times she fell back and the Lord restore her again. So sometimes we do things in stages. But, I’m always happy for a story where Christ heals a person, in degrees because sometimes when we are healed by the Lord, it may not happen instantaneously. This is a very important lesson to learn. We appreciate your question on that Karen and always glad to have some of our first callers listening on satellite across the country.

Pastor Ross: We have Ted who is driving along in New Mexico listening on Sirius XM, Ted, welcome to the program.

Ted: How are you doing?

Pastor Doug: Doing well, appreciate your call.

Ted: You know I really appreciate you. I was driving last Sunday and you just came on and I went oh no, there he is. I used to watch you on TV a lot.

Pastor Doug: And you can’t get away from me.

Ted: I know you just keep popping up there. But, I have learned so many things from you and now I’m out on the road, and one of the things I tried to get some information on was the rapture. And from my studies I can’t find it in there. It just doesn’t happen and—

Pastor Doug: Well the idea of rapture means a person is caught up to meet the Lord in the air and that is going to happen. The idea of a secret rapture is a different story, the Bible doesn’t support.

Ted: Yeah, that’s the one because when I talk to some of my friends out there. I say there’s going to be some noise and there’s no secret nothing because it doesn’t say that there’s going to be a third and fourth rapture. He’s going to come back and get us and you know there are a lot of little details in there. But, what I’m wanting from you is to see—because now I’m out here on the road and there’s so many person’s I have. Is there something I can get from you that would help me in my studies out here on the road? Do you like CDs or stuff like that I can listen to out here?

Pastor Doug: We are so glad you asked, Ted. Not only do we have a book that Pastor Ross is going to tell you about in a minute, but whenever you stop and rest you probably are able to get online either –some guys are so sophisticated they do on their truck or you can download from the Amazing Facts website sermon and audio MP3s that you can listen to on these different Bible studies. But, we also have a book we’ll tell you about called, “Anything but Secret” Pastor Ross how can Ted get a copy of that?

Pastor Ross: This book is dedicated to the subject of the second coming of Jesus Christ. What does the Bible say? What reference as to how Jesus will come? The book is free if you’ll call our resource line that’s 800-835-6747 and you can ask for the book “Anything but Secret” we’ll be happy to send that to you. You can also go to the “Amazing Facts dot org” website or “dot com” and you can read it online “Anything but Secret”.

Pastor Doug: You can find out more there about how to download the messages. Appreciate your call Ted and we’re glad that you’re driving safely down the road there.

Pastor Ross: Our next caller is Marie listening on KSOH from Washington, Marie, welcome to the program.

Marie: Hello, how are you tonight?

Pastor Ross: Good thank you.

Pastor Doug: And your question?

Marie: Yes, I have a very good friend she’s young she’s only 19, and she is very spiritual, her husband physically and emotionally abuses her. He does not physically abuse the children, but does beat her in front of the children. He is verbally and emotionally abusive to the children. He insists that she attends his church and his spiritual leader has told her that he repents.

Pastor Doug: Yeah and she is supposed to forgive him.

Marie: Right, but the behavior continues and she—I have encouraged her to take the children and leave him because she was only fourteen when he got her pregnant.

Pastor Doug: She got married too young.

Marie: By the time she was fifteen she was married and a child. They have four she’s nineteen, the beatings increase in severity when she is pregnant. He has caused her to have three miscarriages and it’s always her fault.

Pastor Doug: Now let me—I don’t want to go too deep into because you have already given me enough information.

Marie: She won’t leave him because it says in the Bible the only cause for divorce is adultery.

Pastor Doug: But, you know what? There’s another option. And that other option is she can separate from him. And based on what you’re telling me – I can almost guarantee you—first of all I don’t know if they’ve had counseling. It’s the first step that you always recommend. When there is something like this that they get some counseling. I don’t know if they’re getting good counsel. But, no there is nothing in the Bible says that a woman especially with children, that she should have to remain in a situation where she subjects herself to any kind of danger, beatings. One of the things that I love about the Bible is that it talks about protecting of your spouse.

There are actually a lot of world religions that talk about how to beats your wife. Many of these ancient religions talk about what you can use to beat them and all of these kinds of things. The Bible has the greatest respect for husband and wife relationships. There’s nothing that justifies mistreatment like that. So the first thing is she has Biblical grounds for separation. Chances are if there are no redeemable threads in her relationship he husband is just going to find someone else. It sounds like that kind o f person, but then she would have Biblical grounds for a divorce, but separation and divorce are two separate things. She doesn’t need to stay in those circumstances. The reason a person gets divorced is they are opening the door for another marriage. And the last thing she wants to do right now is rush into another marriage. So the first step would be separation. What do you say Pastor Ross?

Pastor Ross: Absolutely. I don’t think God would ever want someone to put themselves in a dangerous position. Especially the children, so it would make sense for them to separate to be in a safe environment and allow the Lord to work in the situation. He might agree to some real counseling where he admits the issues and there is monitoring and he might even have some plan of reconciliation, but I don’t think she should stay another day in a situation where he’s going to be beating her.

Pastor Ross: You know Pastor Doug you wrote a book on the subject of “Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage” and for anyone wanting to know more of what the Bible says on the subject, you can call our resource line and you can ask for the book, “Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage” that number is 800-835-6747 again that number 800-835-6747 and you can ask for the book on marriage and we will be happy to send that out.

Our next caller is Bill and he’s calling from Arkansas. Bill, welcome to the program.

Bill: Thank you. It’s a pleasure to speak to you two.

Pastor Doug: Likewise.

Bill: Pastor Doug and your story, you’re an inspiration. Here’s my question. I was recently baptized back in June the 18th. Now I still follow the diet in Leviticus. Now I have a friend that is asking how can consider myself a Christian if I follow the Jewish law on the diet? What would you think would be my best response to her on that?

Pastor Doug: Well, all of Christianity is based on Jewish belief. The Bible is written by Jews. So the idea that it’s some kind of denial of Christ who also believed in Jewish truth, that is probably a myth that came out of some of the anti-Semitism of the last century. But, there’s nothing—the stomach of a Jew is exactly like the stomach of a Gentile. And the benefits of the health laws in the Bible and some of our friends might be wondering, what Bill is talking about when he says a Leviticus diet. It’s for not eating unclean foods things like eating pork and skunk and buzzard and maggots those are unclean. But, we won’t have a problem with that. They do have a problem with eating pork. The Bible says you know, cow and deer and sheep and goat those are clean animals. But, pigs were considered unclean, camel was considered unclean, and it causes a lot of health problems. If a person is going to eat meat—I’m a vegetarian, I have been for years and I think I experience great benefits from that, but if you’re going to eat meat don’t eat the unclean meat. There are all kinds of disease in that.

So your question about—what do you say from the Bible on that?

Bill: Well, her argument is—and I don’t mean to interrupt—is and I don’t remember the Scripture or verse, but it is—well it was Saul was given in a dream of, that the unclean meat being brought to them and in that session, that’s God telling us we can eat anything.

Pastor Doug: Well let’s talk about that—first of all it—I know what you are talking about. It’s the vision of Peter that he had in Acts Chapter 10 where a sheet comes down filled with all kinds of creatures which God tells him arise and eat, but do not call unclean what I cleanse. Peter says he wonders what the vision means and God shows him not to call any man unclean. This is a vision that God gave Peter to tell him to go to the Gentiles and not call them unclean. Peter never eats anything from that sheet—and matter of fact--he says—not so Lord I have never eaten anything unclean. It had nothing to do with food.

Pastor Ross: Yes, you can read that story in Acts Chapter10:28. It’s interesting Peter has this vision, he sees these unclean animals and this happened several times. And then the Bible says that as Peter thought on these things, he was trying to figure out what exactly it was that God was trying to tell him here. Some Gentiles arrived at the door and went with them and he ministered the gospel to the Gentiles and then in verse 28 he begins to understand what that vision was really all about. In verse 28 where he says, “God has shown me that I should not call any man, common or unclean.” It wasn’t about food. It was about taking the gospel to the Gentiles.

Pastor Doug: People who use that verse Bill to try to say Christians can eat anything they have that falls across their plate they just pray over it—that’s really tempting the Lord-- and that’s not what that meant as a story in the Bible or what that is teaching us. It is sort of a dishonest application of that Scripture. I don’t know if that will help you, but we do have our study guide. Pastor Ross, it is on God’s health plan. It might even talk about that vision in there.

Pastor Ross: That number is 800-835-6747 and you can ask for the study guide, “God’s Free Health Plan” we’d be happy to send that out to you.

Well, Pastor Doug, I’m looking at how much time we have left and it doesn’t look like we can do justice if we take another call.

Pastor Doug: Let’s just try and see what happens.

Pastor Ross: Okay should we try to squeeze one in here? Alright we have Claude who is listening from Georgia. Claude we have less than a minute.

Claude: Yes, Jesus was talking to the disciples that He was going away and they asked Him what would be a sign of Him coming back. And he said when Israel was reborn that generation would not pass from the earth in the end times.

Pastor Doug: Alright Claude I have to cut you off I hate doing this, but quick answer to that. Jesus said, “Behold a fig tree.” Many have thought that a fig tree meant that Israel would be brought forth. Israel would bud again—because He said when you use a fig tree bringing forth, that’s what that means. I think that is a misapplication of that. I don’t think Christ was saying that is a sign. I apologize. Hey listening friends we have a few important announcements and we’ll see you next week.


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