Desolation of the Earth

Date: 07/31/2011 
Located on the Kansas State line, Picher was Oklahoma’s most northeastern city. Newspapers reported in 1913 that the town was born overnight after lead and zinc ore were discovered in abundance.
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Hello Friends, this is Doug Batchelor. How can a bustling U.S. city with more than 14 thousand people, turn into an apocalyptic ghost town? Stay with us, we’re going to bring you more as Amazing Facts brings you this edition of “Bible Answers Live”.


Pastor Doug: Located on the Kansas State line, Picher was Oklahoma’s most northeastern city. Newspapers reported in 1913 that the town was born overnight after lead and zinc ore were discovered in abundance. Picher named in 1918 after O.S. Picher, owner of the lead company, had a population of 9,726 which by 1926 exploded to 14,252. Between 1917 and 1947 Picher produced more than 20 billion dollars in ore and was one of the most productive mines in the field of the U.S. In fact over 50 percent of the lead and zinc metal consumed in World War I came from the Picher mines. During the boom years, more than 14,000 men worked in its mines and another 4000 worked in related businesses.

But, relentless exploitation of the land’s resources could not hold out forever. As the mining decreased the population also dwindled. By 1960, there were only 2,500 people left living in Picher. When lead and zinc mining finally ceased in 1967 pumping water from the mines also stopped and 1400 mine shafts began to fill with water contaminating local wells.

Towering piles of mine waste covered 25 thousand acres and sinkholes developed everywhere. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency arrived and began a monumental task of trying to clean up 70 million tons of waste tailings and 36 million tons of mill and sand sludge. By 2008 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had spent 160 million dollars trying to diminish the mining disaster and buy out the remaining residents.

And then to top things off on May 10, 2008 a mile wide F4 tornado with 175 mile per hour winds ripped through what was left of Picher. The tornado took the lives of 8 people, injured at least 150 and leveled 114 homes. By September of 2009, Picher was officially closed as a city.

Today Picher, Oklahoma looks like a surreal ghost town hit by Armageddon. All that remains of the once bustling city with thousands of souls are the white mountains of toxic talene, overgrown foundations and a few remaining buildings.

It sounds like conditions in the world during the millennium Pastor Ross.

Pastor Ross: You know Pastor Doug that sure does. It reminds me of a verse in Jeremiah Chapter 4:26 it says with a prophet in a vision who describes the earth and says, “Behold, thou the fruitful place was a wilderness and the cities thereof were broken down, by the presence of the Lord and by His fierce anger. The prophet describes the earth in a broken down, ghost-like, condition. The cities are abandoned. They’re empty, that 1000 years something strange happens on this earth.

Pastor Doug: Yeah the earth is desolate—it’s a picture of an apocalyptic ghost town you might say and Satan is bound here. Now that is contrary to a very popular view. That the righteous are living and reigning over the wicked here on earth during the 1000 years where Jesus said, “I will come and take you unto myself to the mansions I have prepared” and that we live and reign with Him in glory for the 1000 years. So there are two very popular different views regarding the 1000 years of the millennium.

And a lot of our friends out there might want to understand this subject better. What is the Bible talking about on these prophecies like in Jeremiah and others in Isaiah? What is the condition of the world during these 1000 years?

Pastor Ross: Amazing Facts has a study guide dedicated to the subject of the 100 years period or the millennium and for anyone listening if you would like to receive a free copy of “A Thousand Years of Peace” call our resource line the number is 800-835-6747. Again that is the resource line at 800-835-6747 and if you have Bible question, the number to call here to the studio is 1-800-GOD-SAYS 800-463-7297 that’s 800-463-7297.

Pastor Doug, before we go to the phone lines, let’s ask God’s blessing on this program. Father once again, we’d like to invite your presence to be with us here in the studio and be with our listeners wherever they might be. We pray Father that you would lead us into a fuller and deeper understanding of Your word tonight. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Ross: Well let’s go to the phone lines and we have our first caller, Stephanie calling from North Carolina. Stephanie welcome to the program.

Stephanie: Hi Pastors. How are you?

Pastor Doug: Doing well thank you for calling and your question?

Stephanie: My question is about the Bible verse where it says, the Sons of God it’s in Genesis Chapter 6:2 and 4. And it is also in Job Chapter 2:1 where it says that the Sons of God went unto the daughters of men. Is that referring to fallen angels?

Pastor Doug: No. I’m glad you asked that, as a matter of fact, we get that question frequently and a lot of people reading through the Bible read that and say what is going on here? I actually just did a whole message on this last week that we’re going to transcribe into a book and it’s not quite done yet. But, very quickly, the Sons of God, and you’ll find several references to the Sons of God besides here in Job and Genesis Chapter 6.

The Sons of God were the descendents of Adam on Seth’s line that were still faithful to the Lord. If you’ll remember, Cain, Adam and Eve’s other older son, he turned his back on God, killed his brother and went away from the garden and he was marked. And his descendents remain separate from the descendents of Seth. And when the Sons of God, the sons of Seth, finally saw the daughters of Cain, they were beautiful. They began to intermarry and the holy distinction was lost and they were unequally yoked and soon it says that wickedness filled the earth.

So they weren’t fallen angels because everything else in the Bible tells us that angels weren’t procreating. Angels are spirits so they don’t have DNA and blood and all of the plumbing that people do need. Jesus was very clear about that. He said angels do not marry neither are they given in marriage. They are just spirits, they are ministering spirits.

So the Sons of God in Genesis was talking about humans. And there’s another verse in the Gospel of John Chapter 1: “As many as received Him, to them He gave power to become the sons of God, even those that believe on His name.” So there’s some New Testament proof for that.

Now the Sons of God that you read about in Job, this is a meeting that doesn’t take place here on earth that’s another group. Those are probably the leaders of unfallen worlds, just like the Bible says that Adam was a Son of God, he was created he wasn’t born. And these are—the other created leaders of other worlds. So a meeting takes place out in space.

And so you’ll see Stephanie pretty soon there’s going to be a message at our website probably this coming week it will be edited and up. And then you can watch the message and then we’re going to have that turned into one of our sermon books pretty soon.

Pastor Ross: Just a few additional verses dealing with the subject. Romans Chapter 8:14 says, “For as many as are led by the Spirit they are the Sons of God.” Romans 8:19 talks about the Sons of God once again as being those that believes in Christ. Now you mentioned 1 John Chapter 3:1 “Love or what manner of love that the Father should bestowed upon us that we should be called the Sons of God.”

So there are many references in the New Testament and also in the Old that speak about God’s people as being the Sons of God.

Pastor Doug: Alright I hope that helps a little Stephanie. If you’d like to call in with your question, once again that’s 800-463-7397~800-463-7297 and we’d still love to hear from some of our new listeners who are tuning in through satellite radio who are listening on Sirius 131 and I’d love to hear from you as well.

Pastor Ross: We have Marcus who is listening also listening in North Carolina, Marcus, welcome to the program.

Marcus: Hi. Thank you, Pastors.

Pastor Doug: Yes, and your question?

Marcus: Okay. My question I’m a part of a worldwide church, which I believe all of the doctrines that the world wide church teaches. However, all of the local churches in my area have become pretty much Laodicean luke- warm with watered down sermons and somewhat, I am saddened by that because it’s happening to the ones in my area. In an event like that I want to go out and worship, but I feel that I am not getting anything out of it because of the messages and the luke-warm sermons. So I just wanted to get some advice on that.

Pastor Doug: You know that can be very frustrating, but when the children of Israel were called by God and they were going through the wilderness, did they sometimes become Laodicean or did they lose faith?

Marcus: Yes.

Pastor Doug: And during the time of Elijah was there apostasy in Israel?

Marcus: Yes.

Pastor Doug: But, were they still God’s people?

Marcus: Yes.

Pastor Doug: And when Elijah got frustrated and he said look I‘ve got to get out of town, God said, “What are you doing here?” To start a revival you really need to be in the house. To clean a house, you’ve got to be in the house to bail a boat you have to be in the boat. And it is a very difficult time and I know exactly what you’re talking about. There’s a lot of compromise. There’s a lot of luke-warmness as God foretold there would be in the Church in the last days.

And how do you react to that? Even if the foundational teachings of the Church are still Biblical, very few people often practice them.

Marcus: Right.

Pastor Doug: You know one thing you can do is become involved on your own soul winning and reaching people with the truth. And then when you go into the Church, do it to worship God and hope that you can be the catalyst for revival through your prayers and example. It’s tough, it is tough. What do you think Pastor Ross? You do Church growth seminars.

Pastor Ross: Well you can hope you’re right. We need to be involved as much as we can and we want to be the salt of the earth and the light of the earth. We want to be able to share the love of Jesus with others. Theirs is nothing more effective in bringing revival than a person who is in love with God. Who is excited about sharing their faith? That’s contagious. And we want to be the best example in whatever situation we may find ourselves in.

I am reminded of what Paul said to Timothy he said, “Preach the word, whether it is in season, out of season, rebuke, reprove, exhort with all long suffering, and doctrine.” We want to be people of the word, preaching, teaching, living, the word.

Pastor Doug: yeah and there is this lesson we do have Marcus that talks about clothed with light and it deals with some of the principles of God’s true church and you might find some encouragement from that if you have not read that before, “Clothed with Light”. Would you like a free copy of that?

Marcus: Yes I would.

Pastor Doug: Alright we’ll be sending you one. Pastor Ross?

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 1-800-835-6747 and you can as for the study guide, “Clothed with Light” that’s for anyone listening. The number again is 1-800-835-6747 and ask for the book, “Clothed with Light”.

Jessica you’re listening from Brooklyn, New York, Jessica, you’re on the air with Pastor Doug.

Jessica: Hi and good night, Pastor Doug, and thank you for taking my call.

Pastor Doug: Good evening. You are welcome.

Jessica: My question is even after David sinned with Bathsheba, why did God allow Him to keep her as his wife?

Pastor Doug: Well, let’s think about what had happened. She had a baby by him, her husband is dead, and she had a scandal being involved with a king. Her chances of remarriage were probably pretty slim. And it wouldn’t be right after you do something like that and then to cast her off. God not only forgave David and Bathsheba, they both suffered, they lost a child, they repented, and it later—first it called Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah, but after David, is forgiven she is referred to as David’s wife. And then gave them a son, Solomon. Who not only ended up becoming the next King, but he’s an ancestor of Jesus was the wisest of the King’s. So it tells us how big God’s mercy is, but David suffered for his sin.

Jessica: Okay, thank you.

Pastor Doug: Appreciate your question.

Pastor Ross: And yet we also need to recognize Pastor Doug that like you say, David did suffer four times over. Him—having Uriah put to death—it really came back on his family. He lost four of his sons as a result of that sin.

Pastor Doug: The whole Kingdom was derailed during that time.

Pastor Ross: The next caller is Gregory and he is listening form Buffalo, New York, Gregory, welcome to the program.

Gregory: Thank you. I have a question on baptism baptism in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost is what Jesus said, but in the book of Acts we find that the Apostles apparently baptized in Jesus’ name. And so you have churches that baptize in Jesus’ name and ones that baptize in the name of the father the Son and the Holy Ghost or Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Which is right or doesn’t it make a difference at all?

Pastor Doug: Well, I know some people will make a big case that in Matthew 28 when Jesus said, “Go ye therefore and baptize in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit that those were just titles, you’re not actually supposed to say what Jesus said. But, when you look in Acts Chapter 2:38 and Acts 8:16 and Acts 10:48 all three places the wording is slightly different.

So there is nowhere in the Bible where the Apostles are building a case for the exact wording of the baptism anymore than a Pastor feels like there’s a specific wording that makes a marriage authentic. Baptisms and marriages are covenants. A variety of titles can be used in the covenant as long as the two people know what the terms are and as long as the wife and the husband and the witnesses know who is getting married to whom. If the Pastor calls them, John and Sally or you know Jack and Sue, as long as it is their names, you know, he might use all three of their names. He might use their nicknames and it’s still a legal document as long as the witnesses and the people involved know who the covenant is being made with.

Some people get hung up on the terms and they try to make a whole doctrine out of it when nowhere in the Bible so the Apostles emphasize that the utterance of the name is the key. They emphasize that we are to be baptized in the name of the God of the Bible and our Savior Jesus Christ. And I cover all the bases when I do a baptism and I say in the name of God the Father, and His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, so I’ve got them all covered.

Marcus: [Laughter]

Pastor Ross: if someone is to say that what Jesus said to baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, just refers to titles, but not really their name my question would be is well what is the name of the Holy Spirit? If we are to baptize in the name of the Holy Spirit, but Holy Spirit is just a title, and you don’t baptize in the name of the Son, but you baptize in the name of the Jesus or so on what is the name of the Holy Spirit? It would only make sense that you would—Jesus said to baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—even though they are titles they are acceptable—when it comes to baptism.

Pastor Doug: Yeah. And if you say in the name of the Father even, what is His name? If Jesus is Jehovah, is the Father—do you say Jehovah? By the way Gregory we do have a book we can send you and it’s called, “The Name of God” it is a sermon book that we have done and it specifically addresses this question. Plus some other things that deal with the name of God and all you have to do is to ask for it and we’ll send it to you.

Pastor Ross: The number is 800-835-6747 and again the book is entitled, “The Name of God” and for anyone listening, we’d be happy to send you that’s 800-835-6747.

Larry is listening from Louisiana, Larry, welcome to the program.

Larry: Yes, how are you doing?

Pastor Doug: Good, thanks, Larry for calling in and your question?

Larry: We had to rephrase it we got it correct with the operator, here we go. Jesus says, either you are with me or against me. Without naming any specific thing, they keep secrets behind closed doors would they be with or against Jesus? He says are you with me or against me?

Pastor Ross: So do you mean churches that are or have secret services?

Larry: Churches, or organizations.

Pastor Doug: Yeah well there are all kinds of religions that have varying amounts of truth. You will find that while I am not a Buddhist you will find some truth in the Buddhist religion. You’ll find some truth in Islam. You’ll find some truth in Hinduism and a variety of religions have elements of truth.

What separate the “truth” are the words of Jesus and following them. And so the Bible tells us this is a blessing, I think Deuteronomy 29 He says, “Oh that my people would fear me and keep all of my commandments always that it might be well with them and their children forever.” Actually it is Deuteronomy 5:29.

Pastor Ross: So a church that has a secret society has is the question.

Pastor Doug: Right.

Pastor Ross: You know there’s nothing secret about Christianity. There’s nothing secret about the Gospel, Jesus said, “Go to every nation, kindred tongue and people, preach and baptize and teach. So for some church that has some secret societies that only allow certain elect to come in I would question how faithful that church is to the great commission that Christ has given.

Pastor Doug: Yeah I heard someone say one time Larry that either Christianity will destroy the secret or the secrecy will destroy your Christianity, but you cannot be a secret Christian.

Larry: That’s wise.

Pastor Doug: So well I agree with that and good question. I appreciate that and thank you for calling in. I don’t have a book that really deals with that.

Pastor Ross: Well you know we do have that book, which we mentioned a little earlier, “Clothed in Light” it is about the church and it gives some characteristics from Scripture as to what constitutes a true church. To receive that resource, give us a call on our resource line and that’s 800-835-6747.The number again is 800-835-6747 and you can ask for the book “Clothed in Light”.

We have Aaron who is listening from Sacramento, Aaron, welcome to the program.

Aaron: Hi I’m calling—and I am calling – in regards to the Trinity. Now I understand the basic idea of the Trinity and that’s the three—it seems like from the Scripture that it is pretty obvious what it is. And I was reading Isaiah 44:6 I think it’s Isaiah 44:6 Yes and it says, “I am the first and last. Now it seems like that when we pray in different part so the New Testament it gets like Ananias when he was talking to Jesus in Acts Chapter 10

Pastor Doug: Yeah.

Aaron: Now—because it seems like some churches I’ve been in and other churches like some really get into the Holy Spirit. While others God the father the creator—seem to get more into praying liked to Jesus directly. So I mean how do we negotiate that part about it?

Pastor Doug: Well that is a good question. And I think you’re talking about Acts Chapter 9 where Ananias is called by the Lord to go to Paul. But, here’s one example in the Bible that I can think of Pastor Ross might know some others where anyone prayed directly to Jesus and that was when Stephen died and he said Lord Jesus receive my spirit. And that’s Acts Chapter 7—I believe at the end of Acts Chapter 7, but all other prayers are addressed to the Father—and we appeal to the Father based on the merits of the name of Jesus—so we come to Him and we say look this prayer is coming not in my own name, but in the name of your son. That’s—while it is not inappropriate—you know sometimes children will pray and say, “Dear Lord Jesus” – and while that’s not inappropriate, technically most prayers are addressed to the Father in the name of Christ. But, sometimes Christ is called the everlasting Father—because all things that were made were made by Him—so in a sense He’s our Father, He’s our brother, you know what I mean?

Pastor Ross: You know we do have that example of when someone in the New Testament prays to Jesus we have many examples of people praying to the Father. But there is no example in Scripture of anybody praying to the Holy Spirit. Now we understand that the Holy Spirit intercedes, moves upon our hearts, it presses us as to what we need to say, but it almost seems as though—well Jesus said the Spirit will not speak of Himself, but He will reveal me—he will reveal the Father. And Jesus said if you have seen me you have seen the Father. So I think there is a danger in over emphasis of –if you like—the Holy Spirit – almost to the absence of the Father and the Son. And it seems to be amongst some movements today—where there is so much—emphasis on the Holy Spirit and an experience with the Holy Spirit that Jesus and the Father is almost eclipsed.

Pastor Doug: Well you know if you think about it this way—and I agree with that and what you’re saying—if the Holy Spirit bends over backwards through the Bible to deflect attention, to the Father and the Son then how would we make God the Spirit feel if we bypass the Father and the Son and go to the Holy Spirit? I would think that it would make Him uncomfortable- –because He’s always saying no not me it’s Jesus and the Father.

Pastor Ross: You know we do have a book Aaron talking about the subject of the Trinity, it’s entitled, “Trinity is it Biblical?’ and if you call our resource line well be happy to send that to you. That’s 800-835-6747 again 800-835-6747 and you can ask for the book, “The Trinity is it Biblical?” We’ll be happy to send that out.

Our next caller is Ralph and he is listening in New York, New York, Ralph, welcome to the program.

Ralph: Yeah, thank you for taking my call. I have two questions. The Bible says love your neighbor as you love yourself. What about in case—long story short—when a neighbor keeps harassing another neighbor whenever he gets a chance where does that fall into? And also can somebody be Catholic and Christian at the same time? Those are my two questions.

Pastor Doug: Alright first what about loving your neighbor if you’ve got a neighbor who is constantly harassing you? That’s when the love is really tested. It doesn’t mean that you need to tolerate all kinds of abusive behavior. You can still love a person and keep them accountable. And so sometimes it’s a challenge to love your neighbor. But, Christ said rejoice when some one—or people say all manner of ill against you—falsely and to overcome evil with good. So if your neighbor is unkind, reward them with kindness. Not retaliation and that’s difficult I know. But, that’s the teaching of Jesus, turn the other cheek and conquering evil with kindness.

And then you’re asking can a person be a Catholic and a Christian? I certainly think there are going to be countless Catholics in heaven while I don’t agree with their interpretation of the Bible being a Protestant Christian. But, I’ not going to question that there aren’t going to be many of them who are sincere and saved. And I think God looks in the heart and judges people according to the length that they’ve received. So to answer that question, I’d say by all means there will be a million of dear Catholic people in heaven.

Pastor Ross: You know with a reference to our neighbor. It reminds me of the question that was asked of Jesus, in Luke Chapter 10:29 somebody wanting to justify themselves said to Jesus, “Who is my neighbor?” and then Jesus went on to tell the story about the Good Samaritan. Our neighbor is anyone that is in need. Anyone that we can bless that would be our neighbor. With some people it is a little hard to bless, but never-the-less we want to do the best we can. And we want to be the best example that we can. We need to pray for wisdom.

Pastor Doug: Yeah so in other words they could be our neighbor and they don’t necessarily have to live next door to us to be a neighbor.

Pastor Ross: Yes that’s right.

Pastor Doug: We are supposed to love our neighbor. That’s a person close to us. Friends you are listening to “Bible Answers Live”.

You know Pastor before we go to the next call I think it is always good to remind people about the Amazing Facts website. Of course, the main website is very simple it’s Amazing Facts dot org. And if you type it in wrong Amazing Facts dot com, which will take you there.

We also have Amazing Facts dot TV and that’s a website dealing with all of the TV aspects of the ministry. But, go to our website and check on the links we have a lot more there for you to check on. We’ll be back with more questions in a few moments.

[Commercial Break]

Pastor Doug: We are back listening friends and we are live. You are listening to “Bible Answers Live”. I want to welcome those who may have joined us in rote and if you have Bible questions you can call we have a couple of lines still open. We’ll be with you for the next 28 minutes or so. That number is 800-463-7297. Don’t forget it is toll free. 800-463-7297 will bring you into the studio we have another number we’ll give you for the resources that we discuss.

Pastor Ross: We’d also like to welcome and in a special way a whole family of listeners who are going us through Sirius XM radio channel 131 and I believe this is the third program we are airing live on satellite radio. So if you are listening on satellite radio give us a call we’d love to hear from you.

Our next caller is Cliff and he is calling from New Jersey, Cliff welcome to the program.

Cliff: Hi Can I change my question real quick?

Pastor Doug: Well it depends what is it?

Cliff: Cain and Abel Genesis Chapter 4: 5. I’m in the NIV version. They each had two different jobs, but then it says on Cain and his offering He did not look with favor—well wait a minute, but evil brought fat portions, that’s what I’m looking at, I’m sorry. The word is it different in different translations and is it like did God give two different jobs on purpose? Jobs like to keep the flock and then the fat portions?

Pastor Doug: No—well what it is saying here—is Abel was a keeper of sheep. Cain was more of a farmer. That is something they chose—that’s where their interests were. And so when it said that Abel brought the fat, the sacrificial system had been instituted and for the forgiveness of sin, they were to bring a sacrifice and without the shedding of blood the Bible said there is no forgiveness.

Cain thought that was a messy way so he brought vegetables or some kind of fruit of the ground as his sacrifice from his garden work. God said well it’s nice that you’re a gardener, but I have made it very clear that when it comes to forgiveness that requires a life an animal sacrifice. So I am not going to accept your bringing a basket of fruit and calling it your sacrifice for sin.

Whereas Abel brought when it says he brought the fat—that’s when they butchered the animal for the sacrifice they burnt the fat on the altar. And that’s all that is meant by that. Now how appears in other versions, I don’t know. That’s a good question.

Cliff: Okay great thanks.

Pastor Ross: I appreciate your question Cliff.

Pastor Ross: Our next caller is Robert and he’s listening from Missouri, Robert welcome to the program.

Robert: Good evening Pastors.

Pastor Doug: Good evening.

Robert: My question isDeuteronomy Chapter 4: 5-6 mainly wanting to know if it was the Lord that actually buried Moses?

Pastor Doug: Yeah it sounds that way talking about having an important funeral. The most honored funeral in the world is the one where it says and the Lord buried him.

Robert: it says no man knowest where his sceplacure is today.

Pastor Doug: Yeah his sceplacure his tomb no one knows where that is. The Jewish tradition—that I’m inclined to believe and I’ll tell you why—the Jewish tradition is that God laid him to rest in the ground and he was buried and then three days later God raised Moses. Now the reason I believe that is true—is when you go to the New Testament, in Mark Chapter 9 and I think it’s Luke Chapter 9 and in the book of Matthew. Moses and Elijah appear alive to Jesus so somehow Moses was resurrected before the general resurrection before the end of the world. And so there is no tomb of Moses.

Pastor Ross: And then we also have this reference in Jude Chapter 1: 9 and let me read it, it says, “Michael the Arch Angel when contending with the Devil, he disputed about the body of Moses and darest not bring against him any riling accusations.” And so here you have Michael contending with the body of Moses over the devil. It would appear as though there was some dispute going on because Christ wanted to resurrect Moses.

Pastor Doug: Correct. Does that make sense?

Robert: Yes it does. Thank you, Pastors.

Pastor Doug: Alright. Thank you and appreciate your question, Robert.

Pastor Ross: We’ve got Marcus calling from North Carolina. Marcus welcome to the program.

Marcus: Yes thanks so much, my question is I’ve heard a lot about the loud cry and one of the—what causes the loud cry? Why does that happen?

Pastor Doug: Well first of all for our friends listening, what Marcus is talking about the loud cry it’s a reference to the parable of the ten virgins that are waiting for the bridegroom to come. And there is a loud cry beholds the bridegroom cometh that awakens them. And this loud cry awakens them. SO what is this loud cry that awakens them prior to the second coming? Is that what you’re asking Marcus?

Marcus: Yes absolutely, what causes it to happen, yes?

Pastor Doug: Well the way I understand it Jesus—when they were talking to John the Baptist—John the Baptist referred to him as the friend of the bride groom.

He said I’m not the bride groom I am just here to announce. I’m the one who goes before Jesus to say—prepare—you know for the Lord—the Kingdom of God is at hand. And in the same way John the Baptist came in the spirit and the light of Elijah so John the Baptist had an Elijah message and since the Bible says there’s going to be another Elijah before the second coming of Jesus it will be the Bible message given to the last day Elijah or Elijah’s and what cause it? It might be—I mean John the Baptist—he kind of came up on the heels of just the oppression of the Romans from outside forces that this Elijah message of the bridegroom—friend of the bridegroom happens.

Pastor Ross: You know it is interesting you look at an example of John the Baptist—he was characterized as telling the world—telling the people to repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. His message was not always popular. Especially, with the establishment of the day—the religious authorities, but he preached a straight message. Undoubtedly, the loud cry is going to be a straight message calling the people to repent, lifting up the word of God, to the standard of righteousness.

In Revelation we have three angels in Revelation Chapter 14: that are proclaiming a message toward the world. And then in Revelation Chapter 18 we have this fourth angel and I like the description given, it says, “And he cried mightily with a strong voice Babylon has fallen has fallen.” That to me would be a loud cry. It goes to all the world just prior to the coming of Christ. It’s a straight message calling people to repentance.

Pastor Doug: I agree with that. And Marcus, there’s an article that I have at the Amazing Facts website. It’s called, “The Last Elijah Message” and if you just go to “Amazing Facts dot org” and type in the search bar there, “last Elijah” probably the audio, the video, and the article will all come up and I think there is also a book, but there’s some cost to the book, but you can listen to the video and read the article for free. So, if you will, just type in “last Elijah message” at the “Amazing Facts dot org” website and you’ll get more information on that we appreciate your call.

Pastor Ross: We’ve got Scott who is listening from Louisiana, Scott, welcome to the program.

Scott: Yeah first time caller.

Pastor Doug: Well thank you for calling and welcome your question?

Scott: Yeah is there ever a time when you should stop bothering your father for a greater better of the family as a whole?

Pastor Doug: Well you should always honor your mother and your father. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should listen to them if they ask you to violate some Bible principle. And of course as you grow up and get married and start a family of your own, the Bible says you leave your father and your mother and you cleave unto your wife. And then you have to start making some of your own decisions on finance and child rearing and so forth. And do you know sometimes mothers and fathers wild meddle after a new family is started and you have to respect them and honor them, but you have to make your own decisions. But, you should always honor and respect them unless they ask you to break a Biblical command. I know there are fathers and mothers—of course it is terrible to think about, but send their kids out picking pockets or robbing stores or shop lifting or something. And the kid might say well I have to honor my mother and my father. No, not when they ask you to break a command of God.

So while I didn’t agree with my father, he was not a Christian. I always tried to be honorable to him. And respectful to him, while he knew we disagreed on certain things.

Pastor Ross: You know in Ephesians Chapter 6: 1 the Bible tells us, “Children, obey your parents…,” –that would be honoring your parents and then it adds, “…but, in the Lord for this is right.” So we honor our parents by obeying our parents as long as it doesn’t contradict with what the Lord is asking us to do.

Pastor Doug: Yes. Hope that helps Scott and appreciate your call.

Pastor Ross: We’ve got Patrick who is listening from Port Arthur in Texas, Patrick, welcome to the program.

Patrick: Welcome.

Pastor Doug: Hi Patrick, thanks for calling. And you’re on the air and your Bible question?

Patrick: My Bible question is in 1 Peter Chapter 3:18-19 and in the first part it says Christ suffers for our sins and that’s called the unjust, but in verse 19 he’s saying by also he went and preached unto the Spirit, this preacher I know that this—the people deliver one wrong here and it’s about delivering here and did Christ really go down to this prison to preach to Spirits?

Pastor Doug: You know this is kind of a medieval belief—that Jesus when He dies on the cross began to do some soul migration and that He went off to hell and He gave a second chance to the people that lived in the days of Noah, during the flood and they got preached to again. As though Noah’s preaching wasn’t good enough they were going to get another chance for some reason that nobody can explain.

That’s not what this verse is saying. Let me read it to you again and friends listening this is 1 Peter Chapter 3: 18, “For Christ also suffered once for sins that just for the unjust that He might bring us to God. Being put to death in the flesh, but being made alive in the Spirit.” Now the Spirit is—this made Jesus alive. By who through the Spirit He went and preached to the spirits who were in prison so Christ through the power of the Spirit,--that’s capital “S” He went and preached to the spirits. -- That’s small “s” --. That means people in prison by sin that formerly were disobedient when once the Divine, long suffering, awaited in the days of Noah.

Now what is Peter talking about? If you look in Genesis Chapter 6, God says, “My Spirit”—I think it is verse 3—“My Spirit will not always strive with man.” So back in the days of Noah, Christ was preaching through Noah to the people who were disobedient. They were imprisoned by sin back then. He did not go from the cross to the grave to hell to preach to a specific generation and give them another chance. Why just that group? Why not the people who lived during the time of Noah and the tower of Babel? Or any other group?

So that’s been a verse that has been misunderstood and you have to compare the other Scriptures. Then it makes sense.

Pastor Ross: The verse that Pastor Doug mentioned is Genesis Chapter 6:3 it speaks about, “My Spirit”—God speaking, “My Spirit shall not always strive with man.” And that’s referring to the time before the flood.

Pastor Doug: Yeah. So I appreciate your question Patrick. And hopefully that is of some benefit and we do have a book, “Life in the Spirit” that we’ll be happy to send you a free copy.

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747 and the book again is, “Life in the Spirit” just call the number ask for the book, we’ll be happy to send that out to you.

Benji is listening in Sacramento, Benji, welcome to the program.

Benji: Yes how are you two doing?

Pastor Doug: Doing very well and your question tonight?

Benji: Alright. The question I have tonight the Bible teaches us we should not be in debt. To anyone as far as I can understand it okay? Does that mean we should not be in debt to the bank to take out a loan to have a house mortgage?

Pastor Doug: You know it’s not really a command per se it’s against the Bible principle to be in debt. I think we should avoid it because the borrower becomes servant to the lender. That’s just the principle of life everywhere. But, there are a lot of examples in the Bible where believers needed to borrow. And you know you’ve got that woman who came to Elijah and said, you know, I was in debt and my husband died and we can’t pay the debt and it was a problem, but her husband was a son of a prophet. He was a son of a prophet so you do have examples in the Bible where believers did borrow and back in the time of Christ and even the Old Testament, the poor farmers would frequently borrow from wealthy lenders, to buy seeds to subsidize their farms from year to year and when the harvest came they would pay off their debts.

Of course that’s been the economy of many countries in the world for years. The subsistent farmers often have to borrow to get the seed and get the next crop in if things go well, they can actually put some money away and if they have a bad year then they are in debt until they have some good years. That is very common so it is not a moral violation for a Christian to borrow for something as basic as a home. I do think that some Christians have gone way over the line and borrowed for homes that are way outside of their means. Trying to keep up with some kind of status symbol and they buy these very expensive or multi-million dollar homes and homes that are going to take them 30 years to pay for. And it is really much more home than they really need it’s the home they want. A lot of people buy and now they are losing their homes because they bought too much.

Benji: So what you’re saying that as a Christian if we go on and buy 5 or 6 homes to keep up with the Jones’s and we end up losing all of the homes because of our financially unwise decision, that would be wrong.

Pastor Doug: Yeah. We want to be—I think you want to be careful to be—modest and if you’re going to try and make a loan, whether it’s a car—there’s some big expenses that are sort of the necessities that we—at least in North America—we work and living you’re going to borrow for a car and for a home make sure it is something that you can pay off in a reasonable amount of time with a limited risk. And we should pay as much as we can as a down payment so we don’t waste too much interest.

Pastor Ross: You know you have to ask what your motivation is if it is simply greed because there’s a lot of greed out there, that people are putting stuff on credit cards just to buy something that they really want, but they don’t really need. You know that would be a problem, but if it is a necessity and it is something that we need and we borrow wisely, and we are careful in the way that we do it, and we pay that debt regularly, I think that is something that God will be able to help us with if we go in wisely.

Pastor Doug: Yeah it’s typically understood d that while most people borrow to buy their houses that it’s an investment and something that typically builds equity we’re just in a bad market right now. So no it is not a sin to borrow to buy a house.

Benji: Okay thank you so much.

Pastor Ross: We’ve got Joel who is calling form Odessto Joel welcome to the program.

Joel: Hello.

Pastor Doug: Hi Joel and your question tonight?

Joel: Yeah my question is 1 Timothy Chapter 2:8-9-10 and it says, 8“I desire them that in every place they mention praise and holding hands without anger or quarreling. 9Likewise also the women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel with modesties, self-control, not of braided hair and pearls and costly attire, 10 but with what is proper for women to possess godliness with good works. And so it goes on and I have been reading the Bible lately and I have seen a lot of verses so I am trying to figure out more of who I am in God and who we are in God. And I’m just sitting back looking at all different types of churches, and how they live and how they adorn themselves. And I am thinking, okay, if God doesn’t look at the apparel, what does He look at-–I mean–-is it just the heart? Is the body just flesh only? Or is it the temple of the Holy Spirit?

Pastor Doug: Well there are a couple of verses that talk about a Christian’s apparel. The children of Israel when they met with the Lord, they were to wash their clothes. I think Christians ought to be neat and clean and modest. It typically talks about women. You’ll find another similar passage in 1 Peter 3:3, you know, “Let the adorning be that outward adorning, the plaiting of hair and the wearing of gold and the putting on of the apparel, but let it be the hidden manna of the heart. So God does care what we look like, but He doesn’t want us to be asustentacious and flamboyant so people are attracted to our dress. People should notice the light on the inside. But, at the same time we should be conscious of what we wear so that we’re a good witness.

Joel: So are you telling me God doesn’t care what we look like?

Pastor Doug: No I am saying He does care.

Joel: Okay.

Pastor Doug: I think because—

Joel: Especially because I really don’t know, I am just trying to learn because I see so many different doctrines. But, then when I read the Bible, the Bible is always something else. The Bible tells me a woman should look like a woman.

Pastor Doug: I believe that.

Joel: And seriously I spoke to someone else and this was a good friend of mine and he is very church going. And the churches they go to they’re modest and stuff. But, if mean or women are able to wear piercings, then why does the Bible say for you not to pierce your body at all?

Pastor Doug: Well it is true the Bible does tell us that in Leviticus that we should avoid the tattoos and he piercing because our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. God does care how we appear and He does care how we care for our body. And it is not just the clothing or the piercing or the tattoos it is what we eat. It is not just the ethereal spirit on the inside. It’s the total man. Jesus healed the outside, He clothed the naked and He fed the hungry.

Pastor Ross: And that is not to take away form the importance of having a heart that’s right with God. You know man looks at the outward and God looks at the heart so, God wants us to have a heart that is fully dedicated to Him. And a heart that is fully dedicated to Him is going to be willing to do whatever it is that god asks. And we can be faithful in the way that we dress and in the way that we speak and the things we do we’ll do things in harmony with God’s will.

Pastor Doug: I appreciate your question Joel.

Our next caller is Ironfoot calling from Ohio. Ironfoot welcome to the program.

Ironfoot: Thank you, I’ve got you on 131 XM radio and I am a truck driver and I’ve got a request and a question.

Pastor Doug: Okay.

Ironfoot: I have three seats on my eighteen wheeler and I got another one a few weeks back and I’ve got a back ache really sore really bad and I was told I had a pinched nerve and I told my brothers and sisters out there. If they could just put that in their prayer that God can put His hand over my back and heal me.

Pastor Doug: We will and we’ll pray for you to get out of the cab and just walk around.

Ironfoot: Yes sir. Mine has been for about two weeks so I’m working on getting down and getting it better.

Pastor Doug: I also have got a back pain, too because I just sit so much in my job, but one thing you know is just getting those exercises and strengthen those tummy muscles it supports the torso and the back will feel better and sitting all the time is hard. And your Bible question? We’ll pray for you, okay?

Ironfoot: I just got to be put back into two of my brother’s lives. That was taken away when I was younger. I was raised one way and he was raised another way ad everything about what I was raised in our church and his church are just different the opposites. And I learned in my heart that from Jesus love is what He was trying to teach us by showing us. But, I’ve kind of talked to him about it and we’re understanding of it and I tried to go to his church and things didn’t—I haven’t been able to go because each time something happens.

Pastor Doug: There are some deep differences probably in your beliefs, huh?

Ironfoot: Yeah, I mean, things go on.

Pastor Doug: First thing—you say your brother is come back into your life, so you want to restore your relationship with your brother. If you guys sort of severe the relationship based on doctrinal differences right now. It will be harder for you to come together based on the Bible. So protect the relationship, if God opens the door there’s three things you can do for your brother. When it comes to having unity which is on the Bible—which is the most important thing. One is, pray for him, if he will listen, study and share information maybe he’ll have stuff for you to learn. I don’t know what your churches are and that’s fine, but you want to base it on Scripture and the third thing is be a good example. And that’s part of having a loving relationship with him and I trust that will help.

Pastor Ross: You know we do have a book that gives Bible principles that you want to consider when looking for a church. And we’d be happy to send that to you Ironfoot if you’ll call our resource line at 800-835-6747 you can ask for the book, “The Search for the True Church” Bible principles about guiding you into a clearer understanding of what a church—a Biblical church looks like. The number again is 800-835-6747 and asks for the book, “Search for the True Church”.

Pastor Doug: Yeah and that would also be something you read it and you say hey this is god and share it with your brother and you can just say, “Hey I read this great book and it was very interesting.” And in your study together you might not only get closer to each other, but also a unified belief.

You know Pastor Ross I don’t believe it was God’s will that His people be divided into so many different denominations. He said all people will know that we are His Disciples by our love for one another. And I think that before He comes back because one group is going to have the mark of the beast and the other group is going to have the seal of God something is going to happen that is going to shake the church and bring—it’ll create a polarization where God’s people are going to come back together on the word, and of course the beast powers are going to consolidate into their own confederacy.

That is why friends that these programs are so important. That is why we study the word and base everything upon the truth. Do you want more? Please go to “Amazing Facts dot org”. God bless until next week.


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