The Australian Koala Bear

Date: 07/17/2005 
The Australian Koala bear sure looks like a round teddy bear, but the koala bear is actually a pouch marsupial related more to the kangaroo and the wombat, but it really has no close relatives.
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Hello this is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? The Australian Koala bear sure looks like a round teddy bear, but the koala bear is actually a pouch marsupial related more to the kangaroo and the wombat, but it really has no close relatives. Today these quiet and cute marsupials are Australia’s icon. But, about until the 1920’s the koalas were nearly hunted to extinction for their skin; with as many as 500,000 a month being exported. Thankfully they are now protected and loved as one of Australia’s most loved animals.

You might say the koalas are all thumbs. Because each of the koala’s feet has three toes and two thumbs; helping them climb and cling to branches. The koala is also unique from other marsupials because its pouch opens from at the bottom rather than the top. Like all marsupials the young koalas are born blind, small and hairless. The baby crawls to its mother’s pouch where it can suckle and continues to grow for about six months. And at the end of that time the young koala climbs onto its’ mother’s back and she teaches it how to feed. The name koala is an aboriginal word meaning no drink. It’s a good name because the koala almost never drinks water.

Instead it gets all the moisture it needs from the Eucalyptus leafs. The koala spends almost all of its time in Eucalyptus trees where it chomps on the leaves and only coming down periodically to move to another tree. Koalas are very fussy eaters, too because of the over 600 Eucalyptus in Australia there are only 50 they will eat. And then they pick through 20 leaves for every one they decide to eat.

The Eucalyptus leaves that the koala eats contains strong smelling oils that seem to act as a bug repellent keeping the animal free from parasites unfortunately they also make the koala smell like very strong cough syrup. Because the Eucalyptus is not very nutritious the adult koala has to eat about 2 and ½ pounds a day and they spend most of the day sleeping in the fork of a tree to conserve energy. In fact a koala spends up to 18 hours a day or up to ¾ of its life sleeping because it just doesn’t have enough nutrition. Did you know that Jesus warned that just before His coming most of the churches would be sleeping due in part to bad nutrition? Stay with us friends we are going to learn more as “Amazing Facts” brings us this edition of “Bible Answers Live”.


Pastor Doug: Welcome listening friends we are very thankful that you are tuned into another fresh edition of “Bible Answers Live”. This is a live, International and interactive Bible study. You are invited to participate and listen you can call in a Bible question or you can email us. If you’d like to call it is a toll free number and that’s 1-800-GOD-SAYS or 1-800-463-7297. Right now would be a good time to pick up your phone and call; this live program. You can email at “Amazing Facts dot org” then you follow the various links to contact us and you can also pray for yours truly as we attempt to answer the Bible questions. My name is Doug Batchelor and Pastor Dick Debit is on vacation this weekend. And so I’ll need a double portion of the Spirit to wing this program without his usual good help.

Now let’s begin with a word of prayer. Loving Father in heaven we’re very thankful that we can come before you and ask that you will teach us. You promised that if we ask for your wisdom you will provide and that the Holy Spirit will be our teacher based on the word of God and that He will bring to our remembrance the things that Jesus said. Bless this program and we pray that your people might be edified and we all become more like Jesus as a result of this time. We pray in His name. Amen.

Well listening friends you probably heard from our opening introduction about the koala bear and some interesting facts about this cuddly creature that sleeps ¾ of its life dozing in the trees because it just can’t get enough nutrition even though it picks the very best Eucalyptus leaves and it made me think about how Jesus described the church in the last days. He warned one of the most serious things we could do was to go to sleep just before His return. It often seemed in the Bible that the disciples often went to sleep just as there were critical times. They slept when He was on the Mount and Moses and Elijah appeared. They slept in the Garden of Gethsemane when Jesus said they should be praying. Jesus then told the parable in Matthew 25 about the ten virgins representing God’s church and all of them went to sleep just before the bridegroom came. In Mark 13 and speaking of the second coming Jesus very carefully warns the church and watch therefore—this is verse 35 Mark 13: 35 “Watch therefore for you do not know when the master of the house is coming in the evening, at midnight or the crowing of the rooster or in the morning; lest coming suddenly and he finds you sleeping. And what I say to you is to watch.” You know it struck me that one of the reasons that the churches are generally speaking asleep is the same reason a koala must sleep so much is due to poor nutrition. The bread of life that a Christian is supposed to eat is the word of God. And in the last days the Bible foretells in the prophet Amos Chapter 8: 11 “Behold the days come Lord God that I will send a famine in the land. Not a famine of neither bread nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord. And they will wander from seas to sea and even from the North to the east and they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord and shall not find it.” And here is the penetrating question is it possible for us to have a famine for the word of God in a country where there are Bibles in every hotel room and multiple Bibles in every home. There are Bible related programs on the radio and the TV and still have a people that are virtually literally illiterate? Well I think it is possible and I think a lot of the church right now is asleep because of malnutrition. The people are just not seeped in the word of God as they once were. I think part of the problem is there is so much other information and media that fills the mind that it virtually displaces the word of God as we may read in a brief devotion. That is why it is very important for us to wake up and compensate for all of the voices in the world and by filling our heart with the word of God.

If you would like to know more about this subject and how you can be ready for Jesus return and how do you wake up? We have a free offer and I would encourage you to request this because it is free and you have everything to gain. All you need to do is to remember and jot down the phone number and you can call them right now. It is a toll free call and it’s a book called “The Last Night on Earth” and we all know that the world will not last forever and Jesus promised that He’ll come back and I believe that promise. What will it be like? What was the last night on earth like for those that lived in the day of Noah? Or for the people in Sodom and Gomorrah when Lot left? Some day there will be a last day for everybody who is listening. How can you know that you are ready? Request this book. Call the toll free number it is 1-800-835-6747. One more time 1-800-835-6747 ask for “The Last Night on Earth” and tell them you are listening to “Amazing Facts” and we will send that out as soon as we can.

You know Pastor Dick is usually the one who helps me assemble the internet questions. And he is on vacation so I am going to play hooky from the internet questions. And go right o the phones. I am sure our callers will not mind. Again just call 1-800-GOD-SAYS or 1-800-463-7297 this is a live, interactive program. Make sure that you stick to Bible questions. We try to budget about three minutes per call to get in as many as we can. We are going to start by going to Canada. We are going to be talking to Thomas who is listening on the—well it doesn’t say where you are listening from Thomas. Thomas you are in Canada, but I don’t know what station that it is. Thomas welcome to the program.

Thomas: Yes hi Pastor Doug. Thanks for taking my cal and actually I’m listening to your program on TV and I’m not sure we get the radio station up here. That’s the problem.

Pastor Doug: Oh well we’re glad you are calling in.

Thomas: Yes. I am glad and if you don’t mind I have two questions. They are really specific and I’m part of the church so I am really searching for the truth.

Pastor Doug: Alright what are your questions and let’s take them one at a time.

Thomas: Okay the one specific one is that when reading your material at “Amazing Facts” that it is commanded in the New Testament as a repeated commandment it used in Hebrews 4: 9 “Where it is made therefore for a rest for the people of God.”

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Thomas: In discussing this with other pastors they want to emphasize this meaning as far as resting from our works as somehow earned salvation or that type of idea rather than specifically talking about a Sabbath rest and referring to the Old Testament Sabbath.

Pastor Doug: Well now I hear you say something “the Old Testament Sabbath” now let me approach this just a little bit Thomas.

Thomas: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Are any of the other commandments Old—and I am talking about the Ten Commandments—are they Old Testament laws?

Thomas: Yes I didn’t believe that I wanted to make this into an Old Testament discussion because I do believe that the Sabbath is consistent.

Pastor Doug: Alright then let’s look at Hebrews 4 and there Paul we believe is writing and he says “There remains therefore a rest for the people of God.” And in the Greek and I’ve got my Strong’s opened up now and that word is Shabbat tismos and that is the word Sabbath rest and of course earlier in the same verse it talks about entering into His rest. Now I know what some of the pastors teach that the spirit of the law means it is resting in Jesus.

Thomas: Yes. Okay

Pastor Doug: And that is true. But, here is my question for you and anybody else once we understand the spirit of the law; do we then violate the letter of the law? Allow me to take that one step further. The letter of the law says do not commit adultery. The spirit of the law Jesus said is do not look upon the opposite sex and lust in your heart. Right?

Thomas: Umm-hmm.

Pastor Doug: So if we keep the spirit of the law then we are not lusting in our hearts. Will we be breaking the letter of the law and committing adultery? Of course not if you keep the spirit you are going to keep the letter.

Thomas: Exactly.

Pastor Doug: So let’s go on the letter of the law says don’t murder.

Thomas: Right.

Pastor Doug: The spirit of the law Jesus said if you are angry with your brother without a cause you are guilty of murder. If we’re keeping the spirit of the law and we are not even going to be angry with our brother then will we be keeping the letter of the law? Of course so the spirit of the law Jesus said come to me and I will give you rest. And I agree 100 % that we should be resting in Christ, but does a Christian still need the physical letter of the law to do that and do we still need physical rest?

Thomas: Right.

Pastor Doug: If a person is really resting in Jesus why would he break the only one of the Ten Commandments that begins with the word remember?

Thomas: I do agree and I fully understand that argument. It is just that the word in Greek refers to a Sabbath, but at other times in the passage when it is up to using rest it doesn’t have a different Greek form?

Pastor Doug: No. Well yes the word rest may mean, but the passage that Paul is writing here he is talking about how the Promised Land is a rest for the children of Israel. After all of their wandering they found rest in the Promised Land. But, Paul is saying that, that wasn’t the real rest. And keep in mind that even when they entered the Promised Land they still kept the Sabbath. Paul was saying that is not the real rest—the real rest is found in Jesus. But, even after we are in Christ we still keep the Sabbath. We still need that day of rest to cease from our works and to gather together for corporate worship.

I mean that there is much more to the Sabbath than physical rest. When God rested on the first Sabbath there were no Jews in the world. Right?

Thomas: Okay yes I agree there should be a parallel meaning between resting in Christ and also the Promised Land being referred to and the verse says that means that there is a day of rest?

Pastor Doug: Well we can’t forget in Hebrews 4: 4 it says “He spoke of a certain place of the seventh day and God rested on the seventh day from all of His works.” Here he is quoting directly from the fourth commandment. So there is no confusing that.

Thomas: Right so that makes sense.

Pastor Doug: So I probably am going to have to budget you with one question because there are several people waiting. I hope that helps a little bit Thomas.

Thomas: Okay. Yes no problem and I really appreciate it.

Pastor Doug: Alright do you have a study guide on that subject?

Thomas: Yes I do.

Pastor Doug: God bless you and thanks for your question.

Thomas: Alright and thanks a lot.

Pastor Doug: Alright now we’re going to talk to Louis who is calling in from New York, New York my old hometown and WMCA is the station and welcome Louis you are on the air.

Louis: Hello.

[Garbled words]

Pastor Doug: You are cutting out on me.

Louis: In Genesis 12:1 what does it say?

Pastor Doug: When God spoke in Genesis 12:1 was it audible?

Louis: Yes was it audibly heard?

[Garbled words]

Pastor Doug: Alright I am going to—we’re going to bring your phone down because there is a technical problem, but I think we got your question. If it is okay with you I will do my best to answer that over the air for you. Genesis 12:1 and let me read this for our listening friends “Now the LORD said to Abram ‘Get out of your country from your family and from your father’s house to the land that I will show you’.” And the question is this. Did God speak to him audibly or was it some profound impression on his part?

I am of the opinion that Abraham actually had the LORD speak to him. He may have spoken through an angel. Because very often when God directed some of the patriarchs God would speak through these ministering spirits as we call it; angels.

The Bible doesn’t say here, but other times God did speak to Abraham through angels. We do know that when he was on Mount Moriah and about to sacrifice Isaac an angel grabbed his hand and spoke to him. Sometimes the LORD spoke to Abraham in dreams and that was the voice of the LORD in a vision when He told him about his posterity being in slavery.

So we have reason to believe that He did have some audible voice or an angelic vision that gave him this message. For one thing it must have been quite a struggle to uproot your family to head off to a country that you could not email or get on the internet and find out anything about what Canaan looks like and what the climate is like. He just got up and began to go from east to west and I think he must have had some kind of divine assurance that it was God’s will before he began on that journey.

So the verse does not say God spoke to him audibly. But, based on the times other than this when God did speak to him it was audibly or through and angel. Thanks for your question Louis I hope that helps a little bit.

Pastor Doug: Next we are talking with James who is listening in Mona Park, California. Welcome to the program James.

James: Hi. Pastor Doug how are you doing?

Pastor Doug: Good and your question?

James: Yes my question is on John 20: 17. Yes

Pastor Doug: And let me grab this real quick from my program laptop because this is when Jesus said to her do not touch me because I am not yet ascended to my Father.

James: Yes. Yes.

Pastor Doug: And then the other versions say do not cling to me and I am looking at the New King James. Is that your question? Are you wondering what He meant by that?

James: Actually a little bit, but the question where it says he said do not touch me or cling to me because I have not yet ascended to my Father. And then in verse 21 it says after these things Jesus shows Himself again to the disciples.

Pastor Doug: and He says “Peace be to you”.

James: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Are you wondering had He already ascended?

James: Right does He go to heaven and then come back to the disciples or did He remain? I had a question from my companion here about it and we were trying to figure out the difference. I thought because it said do not touch me that He until He came to the Father I thought He just stayed down here on earth and He had not made it to heaven yet or did He go to heaven and then come back again?

Pastor Doug: Well I think I hear where you are heading and we have reason to believe that the only person who saw Jesus before He ascended to heaven was Mary. John 20: 17 he said “Don’t touch me for I have not yet ascended to my Father, but go tell my brethren that I ascend.” In other words because I am ascending unto my Father and that seems so very plain; He was basically ascending into heaven and He had just arisen to hear it declared before the angels that His sacrifice was complete and victorious. He was coronate dot whatever, but then He comes back in John Chapter 21 and of course He came back over a period of 40 days. But, when He came back He said “Peace be to you.” I believe that is in the gospel of Matthew when he comes back He says “All hail.” And they worship Him they grab Him by the feet and He doesn’t say don’t detain me. And so now they can worship Him because His sacrifice has been officially declared complete and victorious and accepted. So now—and keep in mind that Mary sees Him early in the morning and it is evening when He appears to the disciples. See where it says in verse 19 at the same time in the evening. So several hours have gone by and I believe Jesus can travel at the speed of thought not just the speed of light and He went to heaven and He was coronated or His sacrifice was declared victorious and triumphant. And keep in mind that God does not live in time like we do.

James: Right.

Pastor Doug: He could have gone to heaven and spent a week there and we wouldn’t have known it on earth.

James: Oh okay, okay. I see what you are saying.

Pastor Doug: See what I am saying they don’t live in the same time dimension if Einstein’s theory is right; they don’t live in the same time constraints as we do. God lives in a whole different realm of time. I don’t know that, but I wouldn’t put any barriers up around Him because we know He can go into the future and He can go into the past.

James: Oh okay. Right.

Pastor Doug: So by the time He appeared to the disciples He said has had His sacrifice accepted because here is where He tells them to worship Him and the last words to Mary were I am going to my Father. So I assume that is what He did.

James: Okay so He went to the Father and then He came back. Okay.

Pastor Doug: Yes. Let me find something for you real quick. Matthew 28: 9 it says “Jesus came and met them and said all hail and they came and met Him by the feet.” So He told Mary don’t cling to my feet I am not yet ascended and now He tells them all cling to my feet; worship me. So at this point I believe that He had been to the Father.

James: Okay that makes sense. Thank you.

Pastor Doug: Alright thank you very much; good question James. I think we have time to take another call before our break and we are going to talk with Gill who is listening on WMCA calling from Queens, New York. Welcome to the program Gill you are on the air.

Gill: Hi Doug it is a pleasure and treasure speaking to you once more.

Pastor Doug: Get real close I can barely hear you.

Gill: Okay sure it is great speaking to you.

Pastor Doug: That’s better.

Gill: I want to ask you a question related to Ephesians Chapter 6 where it speaks about slaves obeying your master or something. Somebody posed that question to me and the way I applied it to them practically was like if I am an ESL teacher and I am an English teacher and I’m working for someone in authority even though they are not a believer I would have to respect them and obey them on all things lawful as long as long as they don’t tell me to disobey Acts 29 where I am supposed to obey God rather than man.

Pastor Doug: Right.

Gill: But, I wonder how that would apply to the culture at that time because they were no way shape or form connected to roots today where black people were raped and all of this horrible stuff that happened years ago. Was there anything like that at all and if not then why did Paul use that word?

Pastor Doug: Well if I need to be honest with you when Paul talks about servants or slaves obeying their masters that is not a Bible endorsement of slavery. In the Bible God also made laws telling that a man that had several wives needed to treat them equally. That does not mean that God condoned polygamy, but they were doing it and He said look I am going to make these laws to protect the wives and to protect the slaves. So slavery was almost universal in the Roman Empire. And at the time Paul wrote slavery was just a way of life. So God is saying that as soon as you accept Christ it doesn’t mean that you now can become indignant and belligerent and disrespectful to your masters. The way that you witness to your master is by being a good Christian and obedient. He wasn’t endorsing slavery he was just saying this is the best way to be a good witness.

Gill: It is just like submission having a bad name in our world today and yet submission can be a very beautiful thing for an example if wives for example could be loved by their husbands and they want to be submissive because they are appreciated and nurtured by their husband as a special gift from God in Kings 1: 17. So he’s saying like in Ephesians 6 which is like a more positive than negative statement when people are viewed at work.

Pastor Doug: Yes and Jesus said I came as one that serves. Christ became a servant. I mean He washed the disciple’s feet like a slave. That is what a slave would have normally have done. And so Christ is asking us to follow His example and to be willing to cheerfully serve. And that is both in our families and in society and wherever our work is in life. But, I hope that helps a little bit Gill and I am going to see if I can squeeze in one more question before the break. And that takes us to Alberto in Linden, New Jersey again listening on WMCA. Alberto we have a few minutes before our break. Do you have a quick question?

Alberto: Yes sir.

Pastor Doug: Hi.

Alberto: God bless you. My question is in reference of Revelation Chapter 19: 20 and it looks like it is happening before the millennium and the beast was taken and with him the false prophet that brought miracles before him with which he deceived them which had the mark of the beast and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone. Then we go to Revelation Chapter 20: 10 and it looks like it is happening after the millennium. And it says “The devil has deceived them and was cast into the lake of fire. Where the beast and the false prophet are and shall be tormented day and night forever and ever. My question is that it gives the impression that the false prophet and the beast were there during the 1000 year millennium is that rue or how do you explain that?

Pastor Doug: No. Let me see if can explain this to you and if you understand this so a lot of the Bible will crystallize.

Alberto: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Keep in mind that in Genesis first it tells us how God creates the world and it tells us that god creates the world and He creates Adam and Eve and it says God rests Chapter 2. Then later in Genesis 2 it tells how God named Eve. I am sorry it tells how Adam named the animals and realized of course he didn’t have a mate and God created Eve. Well it doesn’t mean that Eve is created after. In the Hebrew way of writing it first gives an overview and then it backs up and gives the details. Something like headlines in a newspaper covers the story. And then you go further down and even though you are reading sequentially later it is backing up and giving the details of the headlines. Revelation 19 is telling what the fate of the beast and the false prophet will be and Revelation 20 is telling you more specifically how they are going to meet that fate. Does that make sense Alberto?

Alberto: Yes. It makes sense because we see that a lot in the Bible.

Pastor Doug: Exactly. It gives the big picture and then the details.

Alberto: And then backs up and explains the details, right.

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Alberto: Well let me ask you a question. Is there—do you have a study? I have been studying a lot of literature and this specific verses I didn’t see any explanation for it because I have some of your books like “Bible Answers” and some others.

Pastor Doug: Do you have our study guide on the millennium?

Alberto: No.

Pastor Doug: I am looking—you know we have reprinted our guides with new titles and I am looking right now to see what the title of it is. I’ll tell you what you call and you ask for our study guide—oh here it is “1000 Years of Peace” and call the toll free number 1-800-835-6747 and ask for that “1000 Years of Peace”. There should be operators on the line right now.

Alberto: Okay great.

Pastor Doug: Thank you very much Alberto for your question. The crew is giving me signals that we may not have time for a full question. So bear with me friends we are coming back with a lot more Bible questions. Before we do that I just want to remind you that the Bible program is just one aspect of what “Amazing Facts” does. We have almost daily TV programs that can be seen almost anywhere in North America as well as around the world. They are translated into probably half a dozen different languages. Go to the website to learn more about “Amazing Facts” this is an evangelistic gospel ministry that is committed to teaching the Bible. The true word of God around the world regardless of how popular or unpopular it may be. To get to our website simply “Amazing Facts dot org” “dot TV” “dot com” “dot net” that will all take you to our website. There is a very broad kaleidoscope of Bible setting materials and many of them received free and you can download them. I know a lot of websites who lure you in and then say well you have to pay. There are many things in the catalog you can buy, but we have a lot of free material for you as well. You can read it on the internet and we want to disseminate the word of God. And so just check out “Amazing Facts dot org”. I was also ready to say there is also a free Bible study course you can do at “Bible University dot com” or even “Bible Universe dot com” and sign up for it. It is a special study of these lessons. A little deeper study called “Storicals of Prophecy”. It uses the stories in the Bible to help understand the Prophecies in the Bible. I think you will find it fascinating. Be right back with more Bible questions.


Pastor Doug: Welcome back to our listening friends and those who may have just tuned in. This is a live, interactive, International Bible study. My name is Doug Batchelor. And Pastor Dick Debit is on a well deserved vacation this week. He is actually up at a Christian camp and we wish him well. We are going to go right back to the phones and if you want to call in with a question call 1-800-GOD-SAYS or 1-800-463-7297.

I’ll do my best to get in as many calls as possible starting with Larry who is calling from Wonton, New York.

Larry: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Listening on WMCA welcome Larry you are on the air.

Larry: Hi. How are you?

Pastor Doug: Fine and your question?

Larry: Okay I was reading Matthew 20 today with my daughter. And it was the parable of the work in the vineyard where he hired some guys in the morning and some later in the day and they were paid the same.

Pastor Doug: Right.

Larry: And the guys who worked all day complained why they got paid the same as the ones who just worked the end of the day. Then verse 16 says so the last will be first and the first will be last. And I think that has something to do with how Jesus says the least shall be greatest in heaven and I am not able to explain it to my daughter. So I was hoping that you could.

Pastor Doug: Well what is interesting is that those who had been working in the vineyard the longest they were thinking about what they deserved and what they earned. They were expecting what they had earned and the ones who were hired at the last minute who received that full days wage; they were being paid on grace. And so it seems like that Jesus is saying those who rely on grace rather than trusting in their works. They are the ones who are first rather than last. Do you see what I mean?

Larry: Yes I do.

Pastor Doug: Paul—and another example would be—even the apostle Paul—all of the other apostles spent 3 and ½ years with Jesus personally. But, who wrote most of the New Testament? Not Matthew, Mark and Luke. The last one converted is Paul; the last apostle. And he even says as one born out of time as in a late term baby. That is the language Paul uses and says well God finally reaches me. He finally appears to me and then Paul becomes one of the most diligent workers in the New Testament.

Larry: Right.

Pastor Doug: The last became first. There is a lot in this story, but what made the big difference between the last workers is they were really paid by grace. They did not deserve a full day’s wage. The others were expecting what they had earned.

Larry: But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work to follow the fold?

Pastor Doug: No. No not at all I think that we should—you know the Lord—those who labored during the heat of the day. God blessed them because there s a blessing in work. He paid them for working, but in the end He said why should your eye be evil because I am good? In other words they should not have been jealous that He was gracious to the others. Those in heaven may be surprised that Mary Magdalene may have a higher position than the twelve apostles. Do you know what I am saying?

Larry: Yes.

Pastor Doug: So we’ve got to be careful not to look at things on the outward appearance God looks on the heart.

Larry: Right. Thank you.

Pastor Doug: Alright good question thank you. Next we’ll talk to Roy listening from New York, New York on WMCA who has been waiting patiently. Welcome Roy you are on the air.

Roy: Oh Hi Pastor. I was just wondering on the baptismal is it important to do it in the Seventh day or the Protestant or does it matter?

Pastor Doug: You are wondering when you are baptized does it matter what church you are baptized in? Is that your question?

Roy: Well yes one of those two basically yes.

Pastor Doug: Well you want to be baptized into the church where you are going to attend. And the one you will be supporting with your gifts, not only personal finances, but your talents. And you obviously don’t want to get baptized in one denomination if you are going to give your time and attention to another. Well I go to two different churches. One is a Seventh Day and one is A Protestant. And I am not totally convinced if the Sabbath matters so I am confuse about where to get baptized.

Pastor Doug: Now that is a separate question. Once you are convinced about where the truth is that is where you should be baptized. Now if you have a question about the Sabbath. Have you ever read our study guide?

Roy: Yes I have read a lot of your different online articles and what pops into my mind about the Sabbath is that Saturday probably is definitely the day that was you know.

Pastor Doug: Definitely probably?

Roy: No definitely no doubt about it. But, also I think I remember Christ saying and He was walking and talking to them saying that you should be the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law for what day.

Pastor Doug: Well Jesus actually never does say that it is Paul that says that. And Paul does not make that statement in connection with the Sabbath.

Roy: I thought they were eating corn or He healed somebody or something?

Pastor Doug: Well Jesus did say that the Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath when the disciples were harvesting grain on the Sabbath day and they were being ridiculed by the Pharisees. Of course there is nothing in the Old or New Testament that says you can’t pluck a head of grain and eat it while you are working and eat it on the Sabbath day. Those were manmade laws that the religious leaders had attached.

But, Jesus for instance was a carpenter. You will find Jesus teaching, feeding and healing people on the Sabbath, but you don’t find Him in the carpenter shop. Do you know what I mean?

Roy: Yes.

Pastor Doug: So the Sabbath is the day to lay aside our secular work. But, it certainly –He said it is a day for doing good; spiritual good. And have you ever read our booklet on the Sabbath Day? I am not talking about the study guide. I am now talking about the Joe Crews book.

Roy: Yes.

Pastor Doug: You have read it all huh?

Roy: I have read a lot of it. I read one that says one thing and then I read another that kind of contradicts. He also said it doesn’t matter if you go to the churches and do everything if your heart isn’t in it. So that splits it again so how do I know huh? It is confusing.

Pastor Doug: Well you were asking to begin with about joining a church. You obviously want to join and get baptized into a church where you are convinced about the foundational teachings of that church. You don’t want to be part of or support something that you question the veracity in. And it sounds like to me that you may still be questioning some points of truth. And I would say do take your time and make sure during your study, but you don’t want to be like a ship bouncing around without an anchor. You need to put your anchor down eventually. And know what you believe as long as it is based on the Bible you’re safe.

Roy: Yes because I know the preachers in both churches and they are wonderful and they both are Jesus—

Pastor Doug: Oh yes there are spirit filled people in every church.

Roy: And my son goes to one and so I kind of have you know.

Pastor Doug: There are good people in every church and there are some kooks in every church.

Roy: Yes so I was wondering does it really matter.

Pastor Doug: Well it does matter. It matters and there are a lot of women out there, but you picked carefully before you get married I hope.

Roy: Well I am divorced right now.

Pastor Doug: Well you can get married again and I think you know what I Am talking about. The point is you can’t just say a church is a church. You know Roy I want to send you for free a book by Joe Crews called “Search for the True Church” it is not the study guide. It has some picture of binoculars and some churches beside it. I’ll send that to you free and for anybody who is out there listening. If you’d like a copy of that book by Joe Crews a classic called “Search for the True Church” because a lot of people are wondering how do I know which Church to pick? How do you pick a church? For it being close to the house, they have got a good choir, what are the criteria?

Think you will enjoy that and we are going to keep going here. There are a lot of people patiently waiting and we want to talk to Tess in Pueblo, Colorado. Listening on KTPJ welcome Tess.

Tess: Hi Pastor Doug. My question is what happened to the temple that Solomon built for the Lord after he became king? And do you have a Scripture for it?

Pastor Doug: Yes I do. I’ll tell you what happened while I look for the Scripture. The temple of Solomon Lasted for a period of about 400 hundred years and then it was burned by King Zedechiah during Nebuchadnezzar’s reign he was the Babylonian king who burned it to the ground. Let me find this reference for you and there are probably several references through the Bible about that and okay. Okay I am looking for –and maybe I had better look up Nebuchadnezzar.

Tess: Yes I was reading on Solomon this week and I just couldn’t find it. You know what happened to the temple and everything.

Pastor Doug: Yes. Alright here we go. Nebuchadnezzar the king-- okay that is what I did wrong. Be patient with me friends. I know this is an awkward moment, but Pastor Dick is not here. He usually sings special music or something when I am looking.


Pastor Doug: And right now I am winging it here. Alright here we go getting close. 2 Kings Chapter 24: 10 “At that time the servants of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon came up against Jerusalem, and the city was besieged. 2 Kings Chapter 25: 10 “And the army of the Chaldeans, that were with the captain of the guard, brake down the walls of Jerusalem round about.” And this was the time when the burnt the temple with fire. You can just read 2 Kings Chapter 25 and it has the whole sad story there. But, you’ll also find it in 2 Chronicles 36 “Nebuchadnezzar carried off the vessels from the house of the Lord.” And he put them in his temple and this is after he burned the temple.

Tess: Okay well thank you so much.

Pastor Doug: So that is what happened and then later it was rebuilt during the time of Ezra and Nehemiah.

Tess: Okay thank you Pastor Doug I appreciate it.

Pastor Doug: You’re welcome. God bless. Alright we’ll go back here and talk with Jeremiah who is calling from New Haven, Connecticut listening on the internet. Welcome Jeremiah you are on the air and thanks for waiting.

Jeremiah: Hi Pastor Doug: My question is in Judges Chapter 16 about Samson. It seems that his last act was to pray for the Holy Spirit to give him strength so that he could destroy the temple where there was everyone in it. But, he also died. Initially I was impressed that this was like suicide.

Pastor Doug: Well yes and no. If a soldier goes into battle to defend his people and he knows that he is on a suicide mission. Is it the same thing as a selfish suicide? It’s a sacrificial suicide. You are willingly dying to save others. Let me give you a better illustration. If somebody jumped into a river to toss out some children who are drowning then they may die in the process, but they are doing it to save others.

Samson stretched out his arms and he died to defeat God’s enemies, but keep in mind that while he was in the temple of Dagon they were going to execute him that day. They brought him into the temple to show their triumph over their enemy and they were going to kill him after they had made sport of him. So he basically beat them to the punch and he took a lot of them with him.

Jeremiah: Okay.

Pastor Doug: And Jesus stretched out his arms and He died now didn’t He?

Jeremiah: Yes.

Pastor Doug: So Samson was even a type of Christ there and that is why he was filled with the spirit. Jesus brought down the idol religions when He stretched out His arms. Samson brought down the pagan temple when he stretched out his arms.

Jeremiah: Well do you think it is okay for a Christian to join the Marines if it is for a good cause?

Pastor Doug: Well hopefully joining the Marines isn’t suicide.

Jeremiah: They go into a lot of suicide missions. They are dangerous missions.

Pastor Doug: Well that first of all I have a son in the Marines, but that is not the answer what my son might have to do and I love and support and am proud of him. But, this is something that a Christian really needs to pray about because when you enter the armed services there are often—and first of all I am very thankful for the military because the freedoms I enjoy to be a Christian are because of those sacrifices. But, at the same time it can be a real challenge for a devout Christian to practice all of their convictions in a military environment as every soldier knows. So you have to consider that because you do become somewhat of a—and you are submitting to the military authority which doesn’t always have a Christian perspective.

Jeremiah: Well the Bible talked about mighty men of valor going into battle with the Lord’s approval.

Pastor Doug: Are you praying about the military?

Jeremiah: Well no I was disqualified because I had physical problems. I am witnessing to a person who is an ex-Marine. And he is having trouble because he has attitudes towards Muslims that aren’t so good.

Pastor Doug: They are not healthy. Well that is actually a different issue than whether it is appropriate for a Christian to join the services. The issue there is how do you forgive and love? You might not love there are certain religions I certainly disagree with their philosophy, but I love the people as Jesus does. And you should labor with your friend to have a Christian attitude even if he is Christian, but if he is not a Christian he has to start there. Otherwise you are spinning your wheels.

Jeremiah: He is almost there.

Pastor Doug: Well how far have you followed Jesus when he surrenders his heart to Jesus his attitude about other people will change. But, until Christ has his heart don’t expect him to love like a Christian does. Do you know what I am saying?

Jeremiah: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Hey I hope that helps a little bit Jeremiah and thanks for your question. It was some very thought provoking questions there. We are moving onto David calling from Victorville, California. I know where that is and KTIE is the station and David you are on the air.

David: God bless you Pastor Doug. We have talked a few times before. My question has actually been answered in a previous caller. But, I think there is a passage an I believe it is in John or James where it talks about being part of the church or in agreement with if you are part of that church then you are admitting an apostasy if you will.

Pastor Doug: Yes there is not a verse exactly like that, but you do find those principles. Well it talks about when you are partakers of someone else and their evil deeds.

David: Correct and if you, but if I am not mistaken it speaks about the church at the same time. And I am trying to figure out where that passage is.

Pastor Doug: Well let me look here if it is the one I am thinking of. Well I am looking in Ephesians 5: 7 where it says “Do not be partakers with them.” Yes it talks about the sons of disobedience. That may not be the one you are thinking of.

David: No. But, that’s okay I’ll keep reading my Bible and I will find it again. The question is there are many doctrines that are tied into today’s modern church that I’m in disagreement with because I quit going to m regular church and specifically I don’t agree with the rapture theory. Like they teach in church that we’re all just going to magically be floating upwards one day and…

Pastor Doug: Well based on what you believe and you must believe in a literal second coming.

David: Yes of course.

Pastor Doug: And that when He is coming then of course we are caught up to meet Him that is also the time that the wicked are destroyed by the brightness of His coming.

David: That is correct. I do not believe that Christ’s coming would be a secret to anybody and I believe that Satan will rule this earth for a very short period of time and I think that many Christians will be deceived because of that.

Pastor Doug: But, you know can I offer you a book? It deals with that very subject and the secret rapture and the millennium. And it is called “Anything But Secret”. Now …

David: I already read the book.

Pastor Doug: …oh you did? Did it make sense?

David: Oh yes because that it does and as a matter of fact the spirits of the dead and many of those books make perfect sense to me.

Pastor Doug: Well it sounds like to me going back to your original question that you need to go somewhere that is in harmony with what you believe.

David: I want to go to church that is correct, but it is very difficult to find. In other words I may find a church that worships on the Sabbath, but they also believe in the rapture.

Pastor Doug: yes that is true.

David: And that is the difficulty that I run into.

Pastor Doug: Well in Victorville, California they have limited options because I have been there. It is not a booming metropolis.

David: Well there are about 80,000 people that live here and…

Pastor Doug: Oh bigger than I thought.

David: … yes it has grown quite a lot. But, it is still very difficult to find—and God bless the people—I was baptized in my former church and everything and it is just I am very frustrated that I would like to go to church, but I don’t want to compromise.

Pastor Doug: Well let me give you another concept. If you find a church that has a large percentage of harmony in the teaching then find other people in that church and you can sometimes be part of a church within a church. So you have a home fellowship and you can worship with others and I am sure there are others that feel the same way as you.

David: Am I being too strict?

Pastor Doug: Well no. I think there are certain major points of religion that even within my church where I Pastor not every member believes in every detail the same way. But, on the main pillars that hold up the building there’s harmony. And you want to be able to have harmony with your fellow Christians on the main pillars of your faith.

David: That is correct.

Pastor Doug: So can I send you the book that I offered a few minutes ago called “Search for the True Church”?

David: That one would be more handy without a doubt yes.

Pastor Doug: If you haven’t read that yet it is by Joe Crews and it is a great book.

David: Yes I would like to read that one yes.

Pastor Doug: Alright then all you have to do is call the resource number please. 1-800-835-6747 and ask for the book and we’ll do our best David to send that to Victorville. Thanks for your question. We are going to come back and talk to—let me see here. Kyle is calling from Woodier, California. And you are n the air Kyle listening on the internet.

Kyle: Hello.

Pastor Doug: Did I say your name right?

Kylee: It actually is KY-LEE.

Pastor Doug: Kylee I am sorry.


Kylee: My question actually refers to something I have heard on your show before. I heard that if you continually and willfully disobey God that after you know the truth that there will be no sacrifice for you. Does this mean that if you know the Ten Commandments and don’t follow them you can’t be forgiven or not? I don’t understand what that means.

Pastor Doug: Good question. Well first of all I don’t want to take the blame we will blame God. If we go to Hebrews Chapter 10 and I don’t want you to say well Pastor Doug you said. Let me read to you the verse and then let’s talk about it Hebrews Chapter 10: 26 “For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, 27 But a certain fearful looking for of the judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries.” And I think you are asking that if we break the Ten Commandments after we know them that there is no more forgiveness?

Kylee: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Well if that is true then I am in trouble also. Probably everybody listening, too, the phrase here for if we sin willfully the word sin there is not speaking in the singular. I understand in Greek that that means a process; in other words, if we live a life of sin. If sin has dominion over us and notice what kind of sin. Willful sin; willful sin is rebellion saying I know this is wrong I know God doesn’t want me to do it, but I am going to do it anyway and we just surrender to a life of abandon and say I am going to live a life of sin. And I am sure that you would agree with Paul here that if a person says that then what do they have to look forward to other than judgment?

Kylee: Yes definitely and I was just wondering about it because I know people who people who have faltered as they grow and lie to themselves and say oh I know better, but I will just do it anyway even though I know it is a sin.

Pastor Doug: Well of course every sin is serious because it hurts Jesus and that is why he died. But, the Bible says in Matthew Chapter 12 “All manner of sin and blaspheme will be forgiven man.” All manner, but blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is the one that is not forgiven. I am actually preaching on that these next two weeks in my church. But, every other in that is repented and confessed is—the Bible says if we are faithful and confess that He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. That is of course 1 John Chapter 1: 9.

Kylee: Okay thank you so much for your time and –

Pastor Doug: Oh no problem and have you gone to our website? We have some study guides that deal with these subjects and just go to “Amazing Facts” Kylee and get it right that time?

Kylee: Yes.

Pastor Doug: God bless you.

Kylee: God bless you, too. Bye.

Pastor Doug: Bye-bye. Oh let’s get one or two more calls in here before our time is up. Joanne is listening in Williams Lake, British Columbia your question?

Joanne: In Genesis 25: 1-4 it mentions Abraham’s wife after Sarah died and I was wondering if there are any descendents of Abraham in Teheran still alive today?

Pastor Doug: Well I am sure there are and through his wife Keturah I believe that is where the Amalachites came. They ended up becoming enemies of God’s people and they were virtually exterminated. But, with his wife Keturah who was a concubine he married after Sarah he had a whole litter of kids. And we can only surmise that some of their descendents and some of their blood and DNA of those descendents are intermarried into the Arab world today. And how we could go out there and trace exactly what people they are well some of them are probably in Afghanistan today and a number of the countries in the Middle East.

Joanne: So they were probably Muslims?

Pastor Doug: They were monotheistic because they believed in the same God as Abraham and they also practice circumcision and there were a number of similarities between Judaism and these tribes from Keturah. But, as far as tracing them today that is sort of hard to do because they all co- mingled and married among themselves and became one Nation.

Joanne: Umm-hmm. We were just curious because we had read the at the workshop and had forgotten about that other wife.

Pastor Doug: And so it was a miracle that Keturah had a baby and the miracle was not Abraham because he was still virile it was the miracle that Sarah got pregnant after menopause. Does that make sense?

Joanne: It sure does.

Pastor Doug: Alright and thanks for your question Joanne. God bless you. Oh they are telling me I am not allowed to take another call. So friends if I did not get to your question tonight have mercy on me and give me another chance. God willing it will be live again this coming week. And we invite you to give us a cal and I apologize especially to those who waited a little while that we didn’t get to your question.

Before we go off the air I know there are a lot of people listening based on the way the phones light up. They say that for every person that calls there are probably ten thousand listening and they just don’t call. And we are on the air because of people like you we are a self supporting program. We struggle sometimes to pay the bills and stay on this station. Would you be one of the people that would join me and help us to keep the message of truth out there? If you haven’t before then drop us a line and give us a word of encouragement. If you could put anything in there to help pay the bills we’d be very grateful. Sumer months are especially difficult for ministries. And you can even donate online. Go to “Amazing Facts dot com” and the instructions are right on the page it takes you to. We want you to know friends that we do this program and give away all this free material so that people can be ready and we believe that Jesus is coming and we want you to have a personal relationship with the Lord and be filled with the spirit. Keep us in your prayers and we are here to teach you about the truth and not just the details. But, we want you to know Jesus Christ who is the truth that will set you free.


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