The Bombs That Fizzled

Date: 07/24/2005 
Every American knows about the infamous day December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked. But, few people know about when the Japanese bombed the mainland ten months later.
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Hello this is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? Every American knows about the infamous day December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked. But, few people know about when the Japanese bombed the mainland ten months later. It’s true. The bizarre and daring mission involved using a submarine to penetrate U. S. coastal defenses. Attached to the deck of the submarine was a small hanger containing a partially disassembled sea plane. The plane was designed to drop incendiary bombs on the dry northwest forest with the intention of causing a massive inferno. The Japanese were hoping the American people would become so exhausted and demoralized fighting the forest fires that they’d lose their spirit to fight Japan.

So on September 9, 1942 a Japanese Navy pilot, Naboa Fugita and his one assistant Sochi Jacota surfaced with the submarine crew off the North American coast near the border of Oregon and California. After waiting on the weather to clear the tiny sea plane was quickly assembles and secretly catapulted into the skies; along with the two one hundred and sixty pound incendiary bombs. Fugita packed a samurai sword that had been in his family four hundred years. He reasoned that if he was forced down he would use the sword to end his life rather than be captured by the enemy. It was a peaceful morning in Brookings Oregon when the fishermen heard the sound of a small plane flying overhead. No one dreamed that they were in the midst of an air attack. The small plane proceeded east climbing to about eight hundred feet and dropped their load over heavily wooded forest becoming the only enemy to ever bomb the United States mainland.

But, they didn’t wait around to see what happened. Instead they hurried back to the sanctuary of their sub where the sea plane was soon disassembled and stored away on ship. At 4:20 P.M. that day a forest lookout on Mount Emily spotted a small blaze involving about seven trees. It was quickly extinguished and evidently the wooded regions of southern Oregon were so moist because of some of the unseasonable rains that had been falling a few days before the attack. Twenty days later the bombing mission was repeated somewhere east of Port Orford, but this time both bombs fizzled and they have never been found. In 1962; twenty years after the attack Fugita, returned to Brookings, Oregon and presented the city with his cherished samurai sword to pledge peace and friendship and make amends for his attack. The sword was placed in the Mayor’s office where it remains today. Friends did you know that the Bible speaks of another ancient sword that God has given to mankind? Stay with us we’re going to learn more as “Amazing Facts” brings you this edition of “Bible Answers Live”.


Pastor Doug: Unfortunately folk’s you were just listening to the recorded voice of Pastor Dick Debit. He is on vacation. This is Doug Batchelor and this is “Bible Answers Live”. And if you do have a phone call we are live here and we welcome your calls. And the number is 1-800-835-6747, but the first thing we do as we cross the threshold to a new show is to ask God for His blessing. So I invite you to join with me as we pray.

Loving Lord we are dedicating this program to your Glory. Please be present and I pray that you will be with those who are listening and those who might call in questions and especially the ones who will attempt to answer. And so we dedicate this time top you and pray that we will all be liberated by the truth. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Well friends you may be wondering about our amazing fact tonight that America was bombed. I am not talking about a terrorist bombing I am talking about an aerial bombing back during World War 11. Very few people even knew about it and that was until the war was over. But, it is true and that sword, that samurai sword that had been carried by Fugita is now in the mayor’s office in Brookings, Oregon.

You know the Bible tells us that God has given us a very precious ancient sword to His people. That sword is His word. You can read in Ephesians 6: 17 “And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” Then again Hebrews 4: 12 “For the word of God is quick, and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and it is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” And even in Revelation Chapter 1: 16 Jesus is picture and it says “In His right hand were seven stars and out of His mouth went a sharp two-edged sword.” What could that mean? Obviously the sword is a symbol for the word of God and in Jesus’ mouth and the Lord is not going to be walking around in heaven with a saber penetrating form His mouth.

The word of God is a sword and it is the weapon that conquers with the truth. The truth will set you free. Maybe you have had questions about can you trust the Bible. And isn’t it an ancient book? Is it still trustworthy and is it still relevant? We have a special study guide that we would like to send you for free. It is a beautiful colored guide that has been one of the most popular guides that “Amazing Facts” has and it is free. Simply call and ask for “Is There Anything Left You Can Trust?” It is beautifully illustrated with four colors all the way through. It is written with Scriptures that will strengthen your faith and a lot of amazing facts about God’s word. And if you’d like a free copy then just pick up your phone and call 1-800-835-6747. Now that is the number that takes you to our operators for the offers. If you want to ask a Bible question tonight call 1-800-GOD-SAYS or 1-800-463-7297.

Now I also want to take a couple of moments before we go to our internet questions to tell you about another website. You have heard us talk about the “Amazing Facts” website. And you have heard us talk about the “Bible Universe” website they are just “dot com” but there is another website that people don’t know about called “Prophecy Code dot com” filled with information. And one reason I am mentioning that is there is a free chart that you can download because maybe you have wondered about Bible symbols. In tonight’s presentation we have some materials that we offer that’s free you can listen and it is “Prophecy Code dot com”. It explains Bible codes and their meaning. Like the sword is a symbol for the word of God. A lamb is a symbol for Christ the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. So it has a long list of their meanings and it will greatly help you to understand prophecy. There is also I believe a chart there that talks about Bible numbers and their meanings. Go to “Prophecy Code dot com” a lot of presentations that we did on and International satellite program are there and you can listen to and look at the study guides. And pass it on to your friends.

Now let’s take a look at some of the internet questions that have come in and let’s take oh two or three tonight. First question comes to us and it is asking. Can Satan prophesy? Is Satan a prophet? If not then how was the devil able to predict Saul’s death the following day? Yes Satan is a prophet he is a false prophet, but he as a false prophet even sometimes get it right. And don’t forget Satan can predict something and because he is a spirit and he does manipulate the lives of the lost he can then make his prophecy come true. Unlike the weather man who might make a prediction. He can’t make it rain. The devil can sometimes make a prediction and the he will work through his demons and fallen angels to try to bring that about. Which you can understand that would not be easy to do that.

Next question: In Genesis Chapter 1: 3 & 4 God says let there be light. Well what was that light because God doesn’t create the sun and the moon until the fourth day?

Pastor Doug: Well the Bible tells us that God is light and in Him is no darkness. And the Lord came to this chaotic, void orb and in our corner of the cosmos and our solar system and set it spinning. His very presence is what gave the light to one side of the planet. The Bible says that in the New Jerusalem there is no need of the sun for God Himself is the light. And I think you will find that in Revelation Chapter 22.

Well let’s see if we can take one more. As a student should I return tithes on the scholarships and grants I get? If so how would I do that since it wasn’t tangible money.

Pastor Doug: Well that is a good question. I think we should show God our appreciation for His blessings and gifts and maybe not form a paycheck, but the same way God blessed you, you can be a blessing also. It may be something that you want to pay over your life to help you with sometime and if you pay tithe for your education and your career then when you enter into your career you might say you know God is prospering me and I want to thank the Lord for the funds that helped me get the education and pay later when you are able to benefit from those scholarship. Someone might give you a piano and you can’t take out ten percent of the keys, but you might want to give a thank you offering so there are ways you can do that. God wants us to follow the spirit of the law.

Pastor Doug: With that I think it is time for us to go to the phones. We are going to go to line 2 here and talk to Mario who has been waiting and calling from Austin, Texas listening on the internet welcome.

Mario: Greetings in Christ the Lord. And my question is what the differences between the New are and the Old covenant and what must the believer today observe according to the Scriptures and the word of the Lord in Hebrews 8: 7 and 1 Timothy 1: 9,10 & 11?

Pastor Doug: Alright well let’s look at that. Hebrews Chapter 8 and let’s look at the New covenant. Actually let’s go to verse 13 you mentioned verse 7, but the covenant is actually stated in 13.

Mario: Well, but it starts in 7.

Pastor Doug: Well right first of all some people mistakenly believe that the New covenant is based on a New law. Actually the New covenant is verse 9 and it tells us that He will write His law in our hearts. This is verse 10 “For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel.” First of all notice this who is the covenant made with? Is it made with Gentiles or Jews?

Mario: And who is the House of Israel?

Pastor Doug: Well I believe it is spiritual Jews because if you’re a Christian then you are Abraham’s seed so it is for anyone who accepts Christ we then become Spiritual Israel. And of course it also applies to literal Jews, too. Here is the covenant I will make I will put my laws in their minds. And here is the next question is it written as a different law or is it written in a different place?

Mario: It is written in our heart, but the way it is written as I understood was the spirit of the Lord and the way of the Lord. This in Matthew Chapter 5-7.

Pastor Doug: Now it tells us that the New covenant is based on better promises.

Mario: It is in the blood of Christ and the spirit.

Pastor Doug: Now let me help you here because I want you to give me a chance to complete these thoughts real quick. The Old covenant what God said in the Ten Commandments the people said we will do. The New covenant God says I will do. The Old covenant was based on the promise of the people saying we will do it.

Mario: Yes.

Pastor Doug: The New covenant is based on the better promise of God saying I will. And He puts His laws in our hearts rather than it being on stone in the temple. And so the law is not the problem it is the same law of God, but now it is written in the heart. Do you see what I am saying?

Mario: My question is how is that done? Is it done looking back at the commandments which…?

Pastor Doug: Oh it is through the Holy Spirit.

Mario: To chastise our flesh that is what the commandments are for and given to as I quoted in 1 Timothy1: 9 through 11. That is what the purpose of the law is to remind us and keep us in check.

Pastor Doug: Are you asking me because you want to know or do you have a belief and you are trying to change my mind?

Mario: Well let us reason together and discuss al things if I am wrong will be the first to tell you.

Pastor Doug: There is a book I’d like to send to you. I try to save the time on the Bible program so that rather than debate I can send this book and I would like you to look at it. Because it takes a lot of the Scriptures that you just quoted and it explains them. It is called and –actually I have two books here I can offer to you. One is called “Does God’s Grace Blot Out the Law?” But we have another book that deals specifically with the two covenants. And you might ask for our study guides on the covenants. Hope that helps a little bit, but we don’t really have time to get into a debate. Alright let’s see her. We are going to talk to Ken who is calling from Hudson Bay, Canada listening on CFMQ welcome.

Ken: Hi thank you very much. Pastor Doug my question today is in Daniel 12: 8 through 13. There are a couple of time periods in verse 11 and 12 and could you explain them?

Pastor Doug: Okay Daniel has more time verses in it than any other book in the Bible. There are three time prophecies there is 1260 days and it calls a time and times and a dividing of time. There is a 1290 days and there is a 1335 days. And so you’ve got these three time periods. Now historically if you look in Daniel and Revelation you look at the first time period and it is the best clue. It really is what you need to look at Ken. Those 42 months which is 1260 days a time and times and the dividing of time that time period it is all the same. It is three and one half years and that time period is found in Revelation several times.

The period of time that Elijah hid in the wilderness during the famine was three and one half years 1260 days. During the dark ages from 538 to 1798 was a period of 1260 years. There was a great spiritual darkness when God’s church fled into the wilderness and you can read that in Revelation Chapter 12. Oh man this is a big study because it is—I haven’t even done the first time period and there are three of them here. But, you want to understand the 1335 and the 1290 so at the “Amazing Facts” website I did a presentation on the three time periods in Daniel with charts because you almost have to look at the charts to understand the time. If you wouldn’t mind check and see if that is there on Daniel Chapter 12.

Ken: Okay. Do you have any books?

Pastor Doug: We have a study guide that deals with prophecy and you can sign up for that it is free call 1-800-835-6747. Tell them you are interested din the advanced prophecy series.

Ken: Okay. Thank you very much Doug.

Pastor Doug: Alright. Thank you. God bless. Alright now that takes us to Toronto, Canada and talk to Thomas who has been waiting patiently and listening on the internet. Welcome Thomas.

Thomas: Hi thanks a lot. My question I know you have only three minutes and I have a couple, but don’t know if you will have time. But just to follow up on that internet question about when Christ comes back on earth and you said His glory or presence will be enough light, right?

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Thomas: And I think there is a verse about people will come Sabbath upon Sabbath.

Pastor Doug: All flesh will come and worship before the Lord.

Thomas: Yes that’s it. I have just a two part question with that.

Pastor Doug: That is Isaiah 66.

Thomas: Yes so if there is enough light or presence from God and there will be no light will there still be the sun?

Pastor Doug: Yes because first of all God is returning to His original plan and it does not say in Revelation that there is no sun. It says there is not any need for the sun and he is talking about the New Jerusalem. The light of God actually illuminates the whole city.

Thomas: Okay and in the Isaiah verse where it says they’ll come Sabbath upon Sabbath and it says new moon to new moon and I asked the question before does the new moon obviously will not be referring to the ceremonial new moon days rather than just meaning year upon year or season upon season?

Pastor Doug: Now bear with me here. Let me explain this. What God is saying here is that the Sabbath from week to week since the weeks are divided by the Sabbath and from month to month because the months are divided by the moon shall all flesh come and worship before me. Now secondarily before sin and before our planet was completely altered by the flood our planet went through a catastrophic change after the flood and the moon is roughly a 27 day cycle. And 4 X 7 is 28; right?

Thomas: Yes.

Pastor Doug: In heaven every fourth Sabbath will be the new moon. The cycle I believe and I can’t prove this unless you go back to Genesis. I believe every fourth Sabbath and every new moon will land on a Sabbath day. Do you see what I am saying?

Thomas: Yes. I see so there are no extra days.

Pastor Doug: Now all creation is interrupted by sin, but then it will be in perfect cycles. So that every fourth week there’s a new moon.

Thomas: So there will be no additional days other than the Sabbath ids what you are saying?

Pastor Doug: Well the new moon is what they call a high Sabbath. It will be a special celebration, but some of what I am sharing there is speculation and theory. So I need to make that clear.

Thomas: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Now you had another question?

Thomas: Yes real quick also is there—you know how Cain was a herdsman?

Pastor Doug: Yes. No Abel was a herdsman Cain was a farmer.

Thomas: Right, but when they were sacrificing so early on before there was food loss for meat both clean and unclean one question is why would Abel be a herdsman if they weren’t eating meat and if they were sacrificing could it be that they were also eating that sacrificial meat?

Pastor Doug: Alright there is a misconception in your question. That they had no distinction between clean and unclean animals is a misconception. When Adam and Eve sinned the Bible tells us that they used fig leaves to cover their nakedness. But, God gave them robes of skin. Now what is required to get skin?

Thomas: Right you had to kill an animal.

Pastor Doug: So the sacrificial system was started right there in the Garden of Eden and God told them only to sacrifice clean animals. God was not having them sacrifice pigs and skunks. Those animals were types of Christ. Even in Revelation it talks about the lamb slain from the foundation of the world. So the sacrificial system went back to the very beginning and Abel was probably raising lambs for the wool, the milk, and the sacrifices.

Thomas: Okay I see it. That is a good point. So do you think they ate some meat?

Pastor Doug: I think they ate some meat before the flood, but it wasn’t as prevalent before the flood as afterward. Before the flood they only ate meat before the sacrifice.

Thomas: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Alright hope that helps a little.

Thomas: And one quick follow up to that is when it says eat all things to the glory of God it meant with an understood meaning to eat only clean food right?

Pastor Doug: Yes it has to otherwise it would mean God wanted us to at rattlesnakes and cock roaches and obviously not.

Thomas: I really appreciate it and thanks for the answers. Thanks for doing this for people it is really helpful.

Pastor Doug: I appreciate it. Keep us in your prayers. Talking now to Keith in Evansville, Indiana who is on the internet. Keith welcome you are on the air.

Keith: Hi Doug. I do have a question, but I want to thank you for something first. You wrote a piece called “The Christian and Alcohol” and sometimes as an ex-marine I don’t get wine crazy, but at times I have struggled with it in the past. But, I did read that and just wanted to thank you for that.

Pastor Doug: Well praise the Lord. That makes it all worthwhile.

Keith: My question is regarding the Sabbath. I went to your website and read some things and now I am really scratching the top of my head because of the Sabbath so what can we really do on the Sabbath without breaking the Sabbath?

Pastor Doug: You know we get asked that probably as many times as any other doctrine because it is something that is rediscovered by the churches as a truth that has been lost. Two aspects of the Sabbath and one is almost all Christians in North America are rediscovering the Sabbath. Then it is about which day is it?

Keith: Well as I read it as I understand it, it begins in the evening on Friday right?

Pastor Doug: That’s right. That is if you go with the seventh day Sabbath. And before I forget I am typing something in here. Bear with me here because I miss having Pastor Dick here to help me. We have another website that we don’t tell a lot of people about. It is very simply “Sabbath Truth dot com” easy to remember and I wasn’t sure if it was “dot com” or “dot org” so I had to type it in.

Keith: Okay.

Pastor Doug: And it is filled with information regarding the Sabbath and all of our friends out there stop there.

Keith: If I am not mistaken the Catholic Church changed that.

Pastor Doug: That is correct and they admit that.

Keith: I am not trying to start an argument or anything.

Pastor Doug: No it is just that it is right in there catechism so there is no question about that. But, we have so many questions about this and you asked what is appropriate to do and not do. Well the first thing not to do is your regular labor. Jesus healed people on the Sabbath and He fed them and taught them. They picked some grain out of the field and ate it so I guess a picnic is okay, but He never worked in the carpenter shop. He was a carpenter and you never hear about Him that He went to the carpenter shop.

Keith: Well I only learned about this recently, but in observance of the Sabbath, but a Saturday night Sunday service would be appropriate correct?

Pastor Doug: Sure. Well you can go to church seven days a week if you want to there is not any requirement that you go only on the Sabbath, but it is as a minimum called the holy convocation and that means that is Leviticus 23 that means a convenience and assembly.

Keith: Well can I give you a sample question?

Pastor Doug: Sure.

Keith: For an example can I drive through a McDonald’s drive thru?

Pastor Doug: Well let’s look at a Biblical example on that and it is Nehemiah who says and it is in Chapter 13 that we shouldn’t be buying and selling. The principle of the Sabbath is it is sacred time and you want to put everything secular aside that you can. And if you can get your food prepared and bought any other day of the week then have it all ready to go.

Keith: What verse in Nehemiah 13?

Pastor Doug: Well let me try to find that for you because I didn’t tell you. Are you able to get on the internet?

Keith: Yes.

Pastor Doug: “Sabbath Truth dot com” has all of these references at the website. But, one is in Nehemiah 9 because he talked about them shutting the gates because they were buying and selling and the other one is in Jeremiah 17. And then Nehemiah 13 and even Moses said bake what you are going to bake and seed what you are going to seed before the Sabbath. So get as much of it done as you can.

Keith: Right.

Pastor Doug: We are taking a break and I can’t control this, but check out the website there is much more there for you that you haven’t dreamed of there at “Sabbath Truth dot com” okay? Thanks for your question Keith and for our listening friends we are going to take a little break. Be right back with more questions. Over 150 stations are broadcasting this program and it gives them a chance for a station ID. We have a whole kaleidoscope of materials at “Amazing Facts dot org” you can study so write it down and you can check out :Bible Universe dot com” and we’ ll be right back.


Pastor Doug: Welcome back friends. And Pastor Dick Debit who normally joins us is at a Christian campground. He is both working and a vacation so I hope he has a good one. But, we are going back to the phones. My name is Doug Batchelor.

But on that last question before the break I had a fleeting feeling that I was getting the wrong reference and it was not Nehemiah Chapter 9 it was Nehemiah Chapter 10: 31. And it was 13 I was right about that.

Now we are going back to the phone sand we’re going to talk to Jeremiah a good Bible name calling from New Haven, Connecticut listening also on the internet. Welcome Jeremiah do you have a question?

Jeremiah: Hi Pastor Doug. Yes my question is about sin and I know there is no Biblical explanation for why sin appeared in Satan, but I think the promise is that sin in heaven will not come into being again. So my theory of why sin originated with the devil is that he had free will right?

Pastor Doug: Right.

Jeremiah: So my question is how God will keep it from appearing again since He is not taking away our free will.

Pastor Doug: That is a good question. There is a prophecy in Nahum Chapter 1: 9 where it says that affliction shall not rise up a second time. And it is often true in life that when people make a bad decision that brings about catastrophic results they don’t make that decision again. And sin was an experiment. It was a government based on anything other than love. The devil based his government on selfishness and loving yourself first. God’s government is on loving others and loving God first. And this whole philosophy Jeremiah of doubting God’s word is from him and saying and the first question the Bible actually is the devil says “hath God said” and questioning God’s word. And from doubting the word of God and from doubting His government which is love; the terrible epidemic of sin spread through our world. In glory we will have very perfect memories and very vivid recall of what the terrible consequences are of that decision. So we will freely choose never to do that again because God is a prophet telling us we don’t ever have to worry again through eternity and that people will have learned—the whole race and the whole creation will have learned that we must trust God for happiness.

Jeremiah: One quick question for the last question about the Sabbath and I am a security guard and I can’t do it because I am in school and I have to work from 3-11 P.M. and on the Sabbath I still go to church because I just sit here and it is not like really work. I just sit here and read the Bible and anything having to do with God. Is that okay?

Pastor Doug: Are you getting paid?

Jeremiah: Yes I am getting paid.

Pastor Doug: Okay well it is commensurate work. It is plain old work, but it doesn’t matter how easy or hard it is you are getting paid.

Jeremiah: Can I tithe that to the Lord.

Pastor Doug: Well you can’t bribe God because He doesn’t want your money as much as your obedience.

Jeremiah: Right.

Pastor Doug: I don’t want to give you a hard time, but I would pray about it and it is a very simple command that thou shall not do any labor. I would pray about it. But, it sounds like to me that it falls under the definition of work.

Jeremiah: Alright thanks.

Pastor Doug: Alright good question and thank you Jeremiah. Next we are talking to Ron calling from Ports Hill, California. Listening on KEIT your question?

Ron: Yes Doug I have a serious concern right now and I hope you can help me with this.

Pastor Doug: Okay.

Ron: My mom is going in for open heart surgery Thursday at UCLA and there is the chance that she may not survive the surgery. And the question is for her eternal security it says in John 3 that unless you are born again you cannot see the kingdom of God. What concerns me is we read her John 3: 5 and except a man be born of the water and the spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Now I have heard many times that the born again experience is baptism and conversion correct?

Pastor Doug: Yes it is part of the baptism, but you don’t have to be baptized to be saved because like your mother her medical condition won’t permit it. Or they are in some death row in prison or the thief on the cross next to Jesus. And here is the comfort I would like to offer you. Jesus was baptized correct?

Ron: Correct.

Pastor Doug: Was He baptized for His sin?

Ron: No for obedience.

Pastor Doug: He was baptized as an example for us for one thing. And I want to give you something else to think about. Christ was baptized on behalf of those who can’t be. See what I am saying? There is some that because of their health or because of I prayed with my brother on his death bed and I don’t know that he was ever baptized and I am hoping to see him in the kingdom. He was hooked up to machines and couldn’t be baptized.

Ron: Doug my mom has had ample opportunities to be baptized and even with ample opportunities chose not to do it. She was converted, but never got around to getting baptized.

Pastor Doug: Well you should go and are you still able to talk and pray with her? Talk and pray to her about surrendering her heart to the Lord and if she does that and she can’t be baptized not being baptized should not be a hindrance to her salvation. Do you know what I am saying? The main thing—it is unfortunate that she hasn’t taken advantage of those opportunities, but if the Holy Spirit still calling her to repentance then why would God bring her to repentance and help her find salvation and then say, but you did not go through this ritual of baptism? We need the Lord in every area of our lives.

Ron: Okay well would you agree with this statement? His words are too clear to be misunderstood and I am reading from His ministry. There are two absolute requirements for the entrance to heaven. Every one of us must have passed through these two experiences.

Pastor Doug: Whoa! Do you know what I am saying it is a ceremony? When we have the Lord’s Supper it is bread, it is grape juice. It is a symbol of something. So if your mother experiences a conversion and repentance and we need to pray about that…

Ron: She has; I know she has.

Pastor Doug: And the fact that the doctors aren’t able to accommodate a baptism is not going to keep her out of the kingdom. God doesn’t work like that.

Ron: Okay. Okay. That is what I need to hear.

Pastor Doug: So what we need to pray about is that her heart will still be receptive.

Ron: Amen.

Pastor Doug: But, don’t misunderstand me. You know I had this one sister who put off baptism for a long time and in the last week of her life I went to her house and we lowered her into the bathtub and she was so happy and she begged us to do it. I mean we weren’t forcing it on her. She said I really want to do this. And I know that God just heard our prayer and the peace of God just spread over her face. So the Lord can reach your mom if He can reach her heart. Baptism will not be the problem Okay?

Ron: Alright thank you.

Pastor Doug: Alright. Let me have a prayer with you real quick okay Ron?

Ron: Sure.

Pastor Doug: Father in heaven I know that Ron heart is yearning for his mother and during this illness we pray first of all that you will heal her and prolong her life for the purpose of saving her. And give him wisdom over what he can do and say to touch her heart. And touch her heart with your Spirit in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Ron: Amen. Thank you Doug.

Pastor Doug: Alright. God bless Ron. We’re going to talk now to Sherman in Chicago, Illinois. He has been waiting patiently and thank you Sherman and your question?

Sherman: How are you Doug?

Pastor Doug: I am good and I know that God is only good, but I feel pretty good.

Sherman: Well that is wonderful. I have a quick question and it is about the nature of Christ. I was just wondering was Christ born with a fallen or unfallen nature?

Pastor Doug: Alright for our listeners sometimes we speak in Christian jargon and our listeners go what does that mean? Adam and Eve were made with perfect bodies and Adam lived a long time and was probably taller than the average person now. Obviously the human race has become stunted by sin. For over six thousand years now, but when Christ was born did He have the physical and nature of Adam or did He inherit the genetic propensity of His ancestors? Christ never sinned, but the whole purpose for Luke and Matthew going through His family tree is because He did have a real physical body with some human DNA and He was related to through Mary to King David and Solomon and Abraham and all of the rest. So and the reason that it goes through His whole family tree is to show us that in spite of His genetics; He lived a Holy life. But, to encourage us did He get hungry and did He have physical cravings and did He get tired? Was Jesus tempted? The Bible says He was. Right?

Sherman: Absolutely.

Pastor Doug: And so He had to have—and then of course it tells us in Hebrews He was tempted in all points as we are. So He is a faithful high priest. So in order for Jesus to be tempted in all points the way we are and not the way Adam was Jesus had to have that nature.

Sherman: Okay.

Pastor Doug: That is why He was such a good example for us. He was not aloof and He was not passing through this world untouched by the cravings of the carnal nature.

Sherman: So what you are saying is—in order—what you are saying Christ did have an unfallen nature?

Pastor Doug: No. Christ had a fallen nature—but I don’t want to say. Christ did not have the same tendencies to sin that we have in the sense that there is certain learned behavior. He lived a Holy life. We learn a lot of our sin by habit. But, He had the same physical nature that we have and are born with.

Sherman: Oh okay.

Pastor Doug: But. It is hard because it is a mystery because He is 100 % God and He never sinned. And yet He was also 100% man. Right so how do you get 200% in one person?

Sherman: Right.

Pastor Doug: The Bible calls it the mystery of Yahweh and incarnation is a mystery. But, was Jesus tempted the way we are? The Bible tells us He was. So that leaves one conclusion and like I said why would the Bible go through all the trouble of telling about His ancestry and then say of course none of this influenced Him. Right that wouldn’t make any sense.

Sherman: You are right.

Pastor Doug: I hope that helps a little. We have a book at the “Amazing Facts” website called “Face to Face with the Real Gospel”. That deals with specifically the nature of Christ and I recommend it. Let’s move on and talk to James who is calling right here from the capital of California on line 10 and I have to find my button. Welcome James you are on the air of KFIA.

James: Hi. My question is regarding two different Scriptures that I want to see if these tie in the same. First off is John 20: 23 and then does that tie in with Matthew 16: 19?

Pastor Doug: I remember reading a note about this yesterday and I forgot to call. Well I am sure that person will get the answer tonight.


James: Oh well I am sure that person will get that answer tonight.

Pastor Doug: Alright in John Chapter 20: 23 “Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them, and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained.” And then you go to Matthew 16: 18 and read “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” 19 “And I will give unto you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” And I would say yes there is a connection between those. God is not saying that any apostle or any man decides because in John He is talking to all the disciples not just Peter. Of course our Catholic friends say the keys of heaven were given to Peter. And that is why we have all these jokes about Peter guarding the gates and having a computer and checking everyone out that he lets in. But, you’ll notice that in John it doesn’t address only Peter it is for all of the apostles. Anyone who has the great commission has the keys to the kingdom because the gospel is all about unlocking prison doors.

Jesus just came to set the captives free. And through our proclamation of the gospel people find the remittance of sin. People’s neglect of doing that they don’t find it. And I think that this is all that Jesus is emphasizing. He does not say that we decide who is saved and who is lost. God forbid we do that. The Bible is very clear that the Lord is the one who decides this. We don’t go around saying enie, meenie, minie, moe. I will save you and I won’t save you and you are forgiven and you aren’t. No mortal has that power. Everyone can go directly to God for forgiveness.

James: I see. I got it. Okay I really appreciate it.

Pastor Doug: Okay thanks a lot James.

James: Thank you Pastor have a good night.

Pastor Doug: God bless. Next talking to Mark is that in Guerneville, Alabama?

Mark: Yes sir.

Pastor Doug: And thanks for your call your question.

Mark: It is a pleasure to be with you tonight. Okay my question has to do with explaining to people about the state of the dead of the dead being asleep. I’d say 7 out of 10 the stumbling block that they have is found in the gospel of Luke 23: 42 & 43. Where Jesus tells the thief that today he will be with Him in paradise and I was wondering if you can help me understand so I can explain that better.

Pastor Doug: Yes sure a lot of people believe that a person—well first just let me explain this. The Bible is very clear that when someone dies they sleep a dreamless sleep until the resurrection. And one reason we know this is that the bible makes it very clear in John Chapter 6 three times Jesus talks about the resurrection at the last day. The judgment is the last day of the Lord when the dead in Christ will come forth and rise when the Lord returns. It is very clear when Jesus says our friend Lazarus is asleep. King David slept with his fathers. In Acts chapter 2 David is dead and buried and not ascended to heaven. We have all through the Bible telling us that they seem to be asleep. But, what does it mean when it says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord?

It is just this simple that for a person that dies saved their next conscious thought is the resurrection and being caught up to meet the Lord. God doesn’t live in the same dimension of time that we live in. It hasn’t happened yet and people are not going to heaven one by one. The Bible says that we are going together and we are all caught up in this grand rapture. The dead in Christ rise and those that are alive and remain are caught up to meet the Lord.

Now people say wait a second Jesus told the thief on the cross that today you will be with me in paradise. They say how could the thief be with Jesus the day He was crucified and in paradise if he goes to sleep in his grave? Well here is where the problem comes in. Jesus did not go to paradise that day because if you go to John Chapter 20 where Mary grabs Him by the feet to worship Him. He says do not detain me now this is Sunday morning and Jesus dies that Friday. Sunday morning Jesus says to Mary I have not yet ascended to my Father. And in Revelation the Bible says that the Father is in paradise. So if Jesus has not ascended to paradise how can the thief be with Jesus in paradise then that day? So what does this mean when Jesus said to the thief today you will be with me in paradise? You know the problem that caused this is a small one called a comma. The original Greek has no punctuation. The translators in the King James Bible had to decide is Christ saying I am telling you today you will be with me in paradise? Or I am telling you, you will be with me in paradise today? The way it really should read and some Bibles correct this is Jesus turns to the thief and says “Verily I say to you today, you will be with me in paradise.” It is saying that I am telling you today that you will be with me in paradise. He is saying I don’t look like a king and I don’t look like I’ve got a kingdom and I don’t look like a Lord and I am telling you today; I am making a promise today that you will be with me in paradise. Well when? Well when the resurrection happens.

Mark: Okay do you off the top of your head know any of those versions that have corrected that?

Pastor Doug: Off the top of my head no. But, there are some.

Mark: Well okay.

Pastor Doug: There is a version by Jack Blanco. That is the one that comes to mind and he’s called the clear word Bible.

Mark: Okay well thank you very much Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: Okay thanks for your call. Hope that helps. Now we’re going to Grand Forks, North Dakota. We are ready to talk to Amanda who has been waiting patiently. Welcome listening on KPAR you are on the air.

Amanda: Hello. Yes I just had a question quick someone that I knew from a long time ago he moved into town here with his parent s and we used to live in the same town. Things seem to be going good in his life and he and his parents are Christians and everything. Well he started to get into trouble because he used to go to a private Christian school and then he came into town here and when he started going to public school he started getting in trouble.

Pastor Doug: So please hurry to the question although I know that may be related.

Amanda: Even though he was a Christian and nobody knows what his last thoughts were and he had written a note.

Pastor Doug: So he died?

Amanda: Yes he committed suicide. He said in his note that he wanted to go and see Jesus and stuff.

Pastor Doug: Can he be saved after he has committed suicide? Is that where you are heading with your question?

Amanda: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Well first of all far be it from me to judge anybody because God looks on the heart. But, to be honest with you generally speaking when a person commits suicide it is because they have reached a faithless or hopeless situation. And without faith it is impossible to please the Lord and sometimes people are of such horrible pain from diseases they may have been Christians all through their lives. But, can they be saved? I certainly think it is a possibility. So God looks at the big picture.

I don’t know what was in your friend’s heart, but it is always very troubling about their eternal salvation when they take their own lives. And murder is a sin and self- murder is suicide. It is what it really is, is self-murder. And so I just pray that god will comfort the family and just I’d ask them to put that into God’s hands.

Amanda: Yes I have been praying for them and I have had a real tough time and I’ve had a lot of problems with survivor’s guilt.

Pastor Doug: Yes I know that a lot of people struggle with that, but.

Amanda: I have gone through the same things in my own life with trying to do that thank God I didn’t succeed though.

Pastor Doug: Always remember this Amanda if you are ever thinking about suicide Amanda you or anybody else. People usually think about it because they think it will improve their self, but what it actually does is it permanently takes away your options so you have nothing but bad circumstances. It makes your circumstances worse. So you can keep that in mind.

Amanda: A temporary problem.

Pastor Doug: Yes. So we will have to pray for the family and I hope that will be of some comfort. And that is really all I can tell you about the Bible on that. Next we are going to talk to Mackenzie who is calling from Hudson Bay, Canada on CFNQ welcome.

Mackenzie: Hi.

Pastor Doug: Hi thanks for waiting. Your question please?

Mackenzie: My question is in Job; Chapter 41: 20 to 29 is whether there will be real dragons that breathe fire?

Pastor Doug: Well I think it says here in Job 41: 20 and I think it is talking about the Leviathan 19 “Out of his mouth go burning lamps, and sparks and fire leap out. 20 Out of his nostrils goes smoke, as out of a seething pot or cauldron. 21 His breathe kindles coals and a flame goeth out of his mouth.” It is symbolically a type of the devil. But, some have wondered were there still dinosaurs or dragons in the time of Job?

I will tell you an interesting theory Mackenzie. There is a beetle called the bombardier beetle and what that beetle does is if you give him a hard time he has two sacks of chemicals that he puts together and shoots at his enemies and it comes out like fire. These beetles can take these chemicals to produce fire. Have you ever seen those glow sticks that when you shake them they glow when you break it?

Mackenzie: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Some paleontologists have wondered because there are all over the world legends of fire breathing dragons. They have wondered if some of these dinosaurs had that chemical capacity to blend two chemicals and to blow fire out of their mouth. It is an interesting theory and the Bible doesn’t address this, but you are wondering when you listen to Job about a whale blowing steam out of his top and you are really not sure of the leviathan what is it; this monster.

Well friends I am sorry if I didn’t get to your call. Thank you for your question Mackenzie I hope that answers you. Listening friends keep in mind that this is a faith based ministry and everybody out there hearing it on your station it is because somebody in your neighborhood is helping us be on that station. I pray you will be one of those people and will you join us as our team and help the good news and the simple truth spread? This program is as direct as we know how. We invite people to call in their questions. We find the answers together and they are from the word of God. And we don’t so it because some people so much need to know the details. We really do it so people can know Jesus who is the truth that will set you free.


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