Loving Your Neighbor

Date: 03/25/2007 
In February 2007, police in Hampton Bay, New York received a call to investigate a report of a home with burst pipes. Upon entering the home they were stunned to find the partially mummified body of a man who had been dead for more than a year.
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Hello Friends, this is Doug Batchelor, how about an Amazing Fact? In February 2007, police in Hampton Bay, New York received a call to investigate a report of a home with burst pipes. Upon entering the home they were stunned to find the partially mummified body of a man who had been dead for more than a year. He was found alone in a house sitting in a chair in front of his television, which was still on.

The Suffolk County medical examiners said, Vincenzo Ricardo - 70, apparently died of natural causes. A local morgue assistant said, evidently the home’s dry air had helped to preserve his remains. Ricardo’s wife died years earlier and he lived alone, he had diabetes and had eventually gone blind. But he was still very independent, the amazing thing is that he hadn’t been heard from in over a year and nobody sounded the alarm.

Evidently, he had his bill set up to be paid automatically. Still, you would have thought somebody would have observed the lights never went off and the TV was constantly blaring. In addition, his mailbox was overflowing and yet no one seemed to notice even though it could clearly be seen by others. Neighbors said they just never thought to check on him, they had assumed that Ricardo was in a hospital or a nursing home.

It seems that the Bible’s teaching about caring for our neighbor, has become a forgotten moral. Stay with us friends, we’re going to learn more as Amazing Facts brings you this edition of Bible Answers Live.


Pastor Doug: Hello listening friends, you’ve found your way to Bible Answers Live and I heard an amazing fact this week. You know, more Bibles have been bought than any other book. Matter of fact, billions of Bible’s have been printed. It is the most purchased book, but it is the least read book. And one of the reasons there’s so much Biblical illiteracy is because people buy the Bible and they think that’s a substitute for reading the Bible.

Well we’ve dedicated this program to help people develop an appreciation and an appetite for the Word of God. If you have any Bible related question, we will do our best to try to help you find the answers, we’ll do it together. And if you would like to call in your Bible question, we have lines open right now it’s a free phone call, and that number is 800-GOD-SAYS, 800-463-7297. And I mean it when I say, you’ve got a good chance of getting your question on tonight’s program if you pick up your phone right now, dial 800-463-7297, I have plenty of lines open and my name is Doug Batchelor. Pastor Jëan Ross is in Maryland right now, doing some seminars and church training programs. So, you all pray for me, I’ll do my best to be both Pilot and Navigator tonight and why don’t we begin with prayer right now.

Loving Lord we are so thankful, that we can claim the promise in Your Word that if we come before You recognizing our need of wisdom, that is one of the gifts of the Spirit You promise to give. And so Lord tonight we pray the Holy Spirit will take charge of every aspect of this program. I pray Lord you’ll take charge of the calls and questions that come in. And that the answers given are all in perfect harmony with Your Word. And we dedicate this time to Your Son Jesus and pray in His name. Amen.

Well friends perhaps you were as surprised as I was by the amazing fact about Vincenzo Riccardo, who sat in front of his television for a year, dead before anybody ever noticed that he was missing. It’s a very sad story that someone could be so disconnected from maybe family or neighbors. I can’t help but think that there must have been some neighbors that were a little suspicious, some people at the store that were wondering, but you know so often folks are afraid to get involved.

Sort of like the parable Jesus told of the Good Samaritan, where this man fell among thieves and the local Priest and Levite walked by, saw him on the road but did not stop to give any aid, they just didn’t want to get involved. You know the Bible tells us that many people in the last days will be destroyed, not because they did not know what the truth was, but because they rejected the opportunity to know. You can read about that in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.

Well you would think to yourself it’s not fair that God would destroy somebody, because they don’t know something. Keep reading, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee,” Some people close their eyes to the suffering of those around them, other people might close their eyes to the truth. They close their eyes and they plug their ears, and they just don’t want to know, they don’t want to get involved, they might be held accountable. I’ve actually had people come to evangelistic meetings that I’ve conducted and they came to me afterward and said you know, “I wish I never came” and I’ll say, “Why?” and they say, “Because I know things now, I didn’t know before and I don’t want to know. Because now I’m troubled by the truth.”

You know friends it’s one of the most dangerous things that we could do, is to close our eyes or plug our ears to the truth. And maybe you’d like to be sure that you’re not going down the road of committing the unpardonable sin. That’s really what it is, it’s when we reject the Holy Spirit. Over the course of our life, as God sends light and we plug our ears and close our eyes, we’re in danger of that unforgivable sin.

You know there’s a book that I don’t know that we’ve ever offered and we’d like to offer this new edition of a classic called, Hidden Eyes and Closed Ears, Hidden Eyes and Closed Ears. If you don’t have a copy of this, I would hope everybody would ask for it. Because first of all, it’s a great book, secondly, it’s free. That’s right, all you’ve got to do is call the toll free number and by the way get a pencil or a pen handy during this program, you’ll be glad you did. Here’s the phone number for the free book, Hidden Eyes and Closed Ears by Joe Crews and its 1-800-835-6747, 1-800-835-6747. Tell them you’re listening to Amazing Facts and give them your mailing information and they’ll send you the book. And we will not be harassing you in any way, just want to get the truth out there.

We also have a couple of internet questions we’d like to share. And oh let’s see, let’s start with this one: “I’m writing a, oh here it is, I was watching your TV program and you said that the in the end time, there will not be a one world government, but it would be a one world religion. Can you give me a Scripture reference to prove that? Before retiring, I worked for Pat Robertson in the 700 club.”

Yes, it does tell us in Revelation 13 that the beast power compels the whole world to worship. But you read in Daniel chapter 2, speaking of the last day powers and it tells us that there are many different kingdoms that do not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with miry clay. Then we also go to Revelation 17, where it talks about the fall of Babylon, speaking of the last days. And there are many kings that cooperate with this woman and the woman represents a church. So many politicians and many governments are in cooperation with this international religion to persecute God’s people. So there’s a number of Scriptures that reinforce that.

We’ve got another question here. Oh, this something I think many people might relate to: “I am not comfortable in crowds or any type of public speaking, I find it impossible to speak to somebody about God or to pray in public, especially out loud. Is it a sin not to do this? I know, Moses told God he wasn’t good at speaking and God gave him Aaron. I guess I’m not alone in this, what can I do?”

Well I think a lot of people might resonate with this question. For one thing, believe it or not friends, yours truly, used to be so intimidated and embarrassed by people, I actually lived in a cave in the mountains for a year and a half like a hermit. Matter of fact, that’s where I found the Bible and I remember the first time I began to hang around Christians and they had a prayer circle and I knew that eventually it would be my turn to pray, I was a nervous wreck. I had no idea how to pray out loud. The first time I stood up to speak to a group or to give a Bible study or to share my faith, my heart was racing. I was terrified, my hands were sweating and you know, God … little by little gave me the victory over this.

Now, I need to quickly add, not everybody is called to be a preacher or a teacher. I think, now I know that was my calling, I just needed to sharpen the gifts. But I do believe that God will enable everybody to at least have the courage, to share with others that they are believers and maybe a little bit about their faith. I think everybody should be able to share a basic presentation of their personal testimony. You might even start by writing that out and asking God to give you grace, you might start with just a handful of words.

It could be beginning with something as simple as saying “God Bless You” to the clerk at the supermarket. And you’d be surprised that little by little as you go a little farther, you’ll find out people are receptive and folks have a spiritual hunger. So don’t be afraid, it doesn’t mean you need to be a preacher or a teacher, but we should be able to testify to others that we are Christians and God will give you the courage. By the way, Moses started out being afraid and Aaron began to be his spokesman, but God gave Moses the ability and it was greatly enhanced.

Well having said that, I think it’s time that we go to the telephones and we’re going to start with someone who’s calling from, if I understand correctly, the United Kingdom. Speaking with Westley listening on the internet. Welcome Westley, you’re on the air.

Westley: Hi Doug, it’s concerning the Revelation. Now, you know in Revelation 12 just at the end, it mentioned about the woman being pursued by the Beast. Yeah?

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Westley: It seems to me that story is not finished. Yeah? And it seems that picks up in Revelation 17 where the Spirit carries John in the wilderness where the woman had gone to, and this woman now is obviously, she’s you know? Now, she’s not the same person now because she’s being followed now, yeah? And the reason why I also look at this so closely, because if you look in verse 6, the statement what is used, uses to express what John sees. He says he was greatly amazed (inaudible 12:02) so is this possible this is the same woman and that is why, we have the 3 angel’s messages, to say, “Listen, at one point it was up to a church, but now is defiled come out of it, all the ones who are not defiled.” Is that possible?

Pastor Doug: Well that’s something I’ve heard before Westley and let me just see if I can contend to your question, you’ve got 2 primary women in Revelation. You’ve got a pure woman in Revelation Chapter 12, who’s standing on the moon, clothed with the sun, 12 stars above her head. Then you’ve got the antithesis of that … another woman in Revelation 17 and she is called a Harlot and she’s clothed with every earthly adornment and riding on a beast. And the question is, is it the same woman?

I would say and I’ve heard others who have offered that before, I’d respectfully disagree because to say that would say, that at one time you do not have God’s church on the earth. And I believe that at all times since Christ, albeit sometimes it’s been a very small remnant, God has had His church. He’s had a pure bride. And so at the same time, here on the earth today we do have those who are pure in heart and you have faithful, you also have the corrupt. In the time of Christ’s first coming, Jesus on the earth with His early church they were the pure bride and the religious leaders in Jerusalem, they had abandoned the faith and Christ of course denounces them in Matthew 21. So, at the same time you’ve got 2 different churches co-existing in the world. And I think Revelation is telling us, while you’ve got this persecuting woman of Revelation 17 in power, committing fornication with the kings of the governments of the earth, you’ve got God’s true bride that often has to go underground and flee into the wilderness, but they are not the same, they’re 2 different women.

Now there are people who have gone from Babylon into God’s bride. That’s why it says in Revelation 18, Babylon is fallen come out of her my people. Well, if they come out of her in Revelation 18, the corrupt woman, they must be coming into the pure bride or the pure woman. So, I hope that helps a little bit Westley and you know, we have a book, I don’t want to run up his phone bill calling from England. We have a book called, The Beast, The Dragon and The Woman. We’ll be happy to send you our free copy and I want to thank you for waiting patiently for your phone call.

Talking Next with Gina who is listening from Sacramento, California at our Mother Station here, KFIA. Welcome Gina, you’re on the air.

Gina: Thank you. Hello Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: Hi.

Gina: Hi, please, I have a question about the Bible end time prophecy in regards to enforced worship and the mark of the beast. And please my question is, do we have to go through these things just because the prophet predicted it? And citing the example of Jonah the prophet when he went to Nineveh, and said that the city would be destroyed at the end of 40 days and it wasn’t, because the king had a citywide repentance and the judgment of God was avoided. And I got this from God Speaks to Modern Man and it gave that example and had me wondering, and so please could you explain that?

Pastor Doug: Yes. Well every prophecy that is made under inspiration will be fulfilled. The thing that sometimes changes is the time period. Let me give you an example, the wickedness of Nineveh, God foretold Nineveh would be destroyed. They repented and God lengthened their tranquility, Nineveh was eventually destroyed. In the same way, Elijah the prophet came to Ahab and told him because of his sin in killing Naboth to take his vineyard, that calamity would come upon him. Well Ahab even humbled himself and God said, Look, because he’s humbling himself I’m not gonna bring the calamity during his life but after he’s gone. And likewise, there are other times when God has postponed … when Daniel talked to Nebuchadnezzar, he interpreted a dream in chapter 4 and this prophecy was Nebuchadnezzar was going to be cut down and he’d be mad for 7 years and Daniel said, “My advice to you is to brake off your sins by doing righteousness that it might be a lengthening of your tranquility”. In other words you could forestall the prophecy, but you couldn’t prevent it and a year later, it came true. Does that make sense Gina?

Gina: Yes, Thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: So, all the prophecies about the second coming that you find in the Bible sometimes … one more, let me give you one more example. God promised to bring the children of Israel into the promise land. Because of their unbelief, that fulfillment was delayed and they wandered 40 years. But He never intended for them to wander 40 years. See what I’m saying?

Gina: Yes.

Pastor Doug: But His promise was fulfilled, the prophecy was kept. So sometimes the time continuum shifts back and forth a little bit, based on people’s attitudes. But God’s prophecies, nothing falls to the earth.

Gina: Thank you very much Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: Alright, Thank you, good question. Now we’re gonna be talking with Ryan, who’s calling from Fairhaven, New Jersey, listening on WMCA. Welcome Ryan you’re on the air with Bible Answers Live.

Ryan: Hi, how are you?

Pastor Doug: Good.

Ryan: My question, before I came to Christ I was very involved in political activism’s and now that I’m Born again, I don’t know if there’s really a place in my life for that. I wonder, is there any Scriptural basis for loving your country and wanting to change it in being politically active? Or is that just a worldliness that we should stay away from and we should just be concerned with you know, studying God’s Word? And…

Pastor Doug: That is a good question. A few Scriptures pop into my mind. First of all when Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's”. Now He said that of course in the context of taxes. But Jesus did make it clear, there are some things that belong to Caesar, meaning the government. And if we are citizens in a free government, if Christians and believers do not become involved in the process, then the alternative is only unbelievers are involved in the process. And then they begin to of course, dictate laws and to push for legislation that limits religious freedom.

Ryan: Right.

Pastor Doug: So, you don’t want to be all consumed by it. The other Scripture that pops into my mind is that as Christians we become citizens of another country. And we are ambassadors of another kingdom, you know Jesus says, “The Kingdom of God is at hand” and we are citizens of that Kingdom. But we sort of have a dual citizenship don’t we?

Ryan: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: And that while we’re here and while we can have an influence and we can be involved, I don’t think we want to become so consumed with it, that it eclipses our Christian experience. But I also don’t think Christians should neglect their rights and privileges as citizens.

Ryan: Ok. Alright, well thank…

Pastor Doug: And if you know, if we have no voice, then the only one that has a voice is the devil.

Ryan: Right.

Pastor Doug: Ok?

Ryan: Alright. Thank You.

Pastor Doug: So I hope that helps a little, they need to be balanced there in my opinion. Good question, I appreciate that Ryan. Alright, moving on talking next to Frank who’s calling from St. Louis and listening on KJSL. Welcome Frank, you’re on the air with Bible Answers Live.

Frank: Brother, it is my pleasure for the first time I’ve heard of you all and I’m blind so, hard to find anything on the dial.

Pastor Doug: Well, we hope that you’ll suture or glue the dial right where it is and we’ll be back.

Frank: Certainly, how often are you guys out there so I can call back in the future and when?

Pastor Doug: Well, we’re on live every Sunday night and its rebroadcast on many, many stations across the country at various times, but that would not be the live broadcast, right now you’re doing a live one.

Frank: I understand. I have an important thing to say and then a slight question.

Pastor Doug: Well, let’s start with the question. Ok?

Frank: Sure, I’ve been blind for 3 years now and I’ve been an intercessory prayer warrior for that time. I fessed my 2 weeks, for 3 years in a row. So, I asked God to allow me through Him to be able to cast out you know, those unclean spirits. And I was wondering, I was prophesied over that I had the Elisha Mantle and I was just wondering how to strengthen myself in those areas. I was wondering if you could explain the Elisha Mantle, I know Elisha caught the cloak of Elijah and therefore when he went up, Enoch and Elisha were the only 2 who were caught up into heaven alive. And that they would be the 2 in the last days that would be brought back to you know, being the martyrs, you know. And…

Pastor Doug: Let me jump in here before we go too far, because you’ve asked some good questions. First of all, if you can remember, I’m gonna keep you on the line ask for the book called, The Two Witnesses. I’m gonna give you a free book and then I’ll try and answer your question quickly.

Frank: Sure.

Pastor Doug: The book called, The Two Witnesses specifically deals with what you discussed about Moses and Elijah. Well you talked about Enoch and Elijah, others wonder if it’s Moses and Elijah. So, we’ll give you a free copy of that and I’ll be putting you on hold after a question. The Mantle of Elisha, for our listening friends, when Elijah went to heaven the only thing he left behind was his mantle. That is a type of the “Righteousness of Christ”, now keep in mind Frank that when Jesus died on the cross, the only thing that He left behind that was not torn and gambled for was His robe. Well His robe was gambled for, I mean it wasn’t torn.

Frank: Well, Yeah.

Pastor Doug: The robe of Christ is a symbol of the “Righteousness of Christ”. You remember, when the prodigal son came home, the father took the best robe and put it on him. And Joseph’s brothers the way that they covered their sin was they brought to their father a blood stained robe, and that was to cover their sin of what had happened with Joseph, what they had done.And so in the same way, the mantle of Elijah represents, it’s a symbol of the righteousness of Christ and the Lord wants us all to be covered with that robe of righteousness. But of course, Elijah had a ministry of revival. Elisha continued the ministry of revival that Elijah had started and evidently, I think that maybe the Lord is calling you to be involved in that. You know, I don’t know who it was that prophesied the [???] over you. But I pray that it be so and that you do have mantle of Elisha. Now, I’m gonna put you on hold Frank and hopefully you’ll remember, ask for that book, The Two Witnesses and I trust that will be a blessing to you.

By the way friends that opens up a couple of other lines and if you would like to give us a call, we have lines open, 800-GOD-SAYS, thats 800-463-7297. Next we’re gonna be talking with Ana, who’s calling from Boston, Massachusetts, listening on WROL. Welcome, Ana.

Ana: Hi Doug, Thank you for taking my call. How are you?

Pastor Doug: Good. Thanks for calling.

Ana: I have a quick question, what difference does it make to worship God at home or to go to church, to gather together with the brothers and sisters, and worship God together in there?

Pastor Doug: Well, there are always situations where people can only worship in their homes. We have a lot of people that tune in to the church where I pastor around the world every week and they’re either isolated as missionaries but for some reason they’ve got the internet. I mean there are actually countries I’ve been to, where the people have the internet and they don’t even have electricity, it’s amazing and so they can’t gather together. But when we can gather together with believers of like faith, obviously we’re made stronger by it. We’re supposed to be part of the body of Christ and you know, when were isolated by ourselves, there’s more risk of our being attacked. A lamb is safer in a flock than wandering off by itself.

Ana: Right.

Pastor Doug: And you know we are the flock of Christ and we should be in His fold. And the very name “Church” means the gathering, it’s the Greek form of synagogue which was “A Gathering”. And in the Bible, in Leviticus 23 it calls the Sabbath day a holy convocation, and that word ‘convocation’ means assembly, a convening. And so at least every Sabbath, we should be coming together to worship the Lord. So, do you have a church where you can attend near you?

Ana: Yes, it’s because my best friend sometimes, you know, if it snows or if it’s outside and there is no [???] condition to go to church, he says “Oh God does not judge me to worship Him from home” and you know, so to him it doesn’t make that big difference. But to me, I say it like “Ok. Well you need to go to church on Saturdays or whenever”. But he seems to disagree with me, I want to find Bible support on it.

Pastor Doug: Well, let me give you a couple of thoughts, Jesus said wherever 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name, I am there. Do you know what that verse tells us, that many people miss? The Lord is saying, that when more than one comes together in His name, it seems He’s offering additional interest.

Ana: Right.

Pastor Doug: So, if there is additional interest when 2 or 3 are there, then does the Lord look down even more if they are 20 or a hundred? When His sheep, when His people get together in His name, the reason Jesus died is for His people,

Ana: Mm-Hmm.

Pastor Doug: He is honored and when they come together collectively to praise Him, to testify, to encourage one another; you know, a piece of wood does not burn well by itself, you need 2 or 3 pieces of wood to get the fire going.

Ana: Excellent. Thank you very much. Good Night.

Pastor Doug: Ok. I appreciate that and it’s a good question. That would then take us and that opens up another line. We’ve got a several lines open friends, give us a call tonight. 800-GOD-SAYS, that’s 800-463-7297. Let’s take one more before the break, can I talk with David, calling from Gentry, Arkansas, listening on KOZR. Welcome David, you’re on the air.

David: Thank you Pastor Doug, you’re the Word of God for me, He’s been a blessing in my heart. And my question is I’ve never read in the Bible anywhere where divorce meant remarry. I have read the Levitican Law on divorce, and where Jesus elaborated even further on divorce and Paul’s explanations of divorce, I have never read where a man can be remarried. Could you help me please?

Pastor Doug: Yes. Well, I’ll do my best. Of course, Jesus said in Matthew 5:31, “Whoever puts away his wife, let her give him a writing of divorcement. But I say to you, (of course He’s quoting Moses) whoever shall put away his was wife saving for the cause of fornication, causes her to commit adultery.” Now, it’s implied in that statement of Christ that if man is married or a woman and their spouse is guilty of infidelity in marriage, that then they have Biblical grounds for divorce. And of course, the only reason for divorce would be to remarry, otherwise they could just separate. So, you’ve got that example and then God did tell Abraham to put away Hagar. Because, it was an inappropriate marriage, He already had one wife, so technically he was told to divorce her and that’s Genesis 21:14. God hates divorce, and it’s the very rare exception it should be among Christians not the rule.

Oh, that’s a quick answer to a good question. I’m sorry, but we’ve gotta take a break David.

Listening friends, we are just doing that, we’re taking a break. We’re gonna be back in a few moments with more Bible questions. If you have a question give us a call now, lines are open, 800-GOD-SAYS, 800-463-7297. Get your pencil, first thing you should write down is our website. Award winning website with thousands of resources, amazingfacts.org.


Pastor Doug: That means we’re back listening friends and you have just tuned in, you have found your way to Bible Answers Live. This is a live, international, interactive Bible study where you can call in and ask a Bible question. And we will do our best to find the answers together, by God’s grace we’ll do it. We’ve got a lot of Bible resources at our fingertips. Hey friends, do you still have that pencil or a pen handy?

I’d like give you another website that has been very popular and I think you’ll be encouraged by it. Some people are in places, believe it or not, where they can’t get our TV programs even though we’re on cable and networks around the country, there are still a few isolated pockets that don’t get the Amazing Facts broadcast.

But, you can watch a lot of our more popular programs at our website and at the special seminar from Washington, D.C. a couple of years ago called, The Most Amazing Prophecies. Here’s the website, mostamazingprophecies.com, mostamazingprophecies.com, you can see the sermon archives, we’ve got a number of Bible studies online, we’ve got a sheet that has Bible symbols, Bible numbers what their meanings are, right there at the homepage, mostamazingprophecies.com. And after you find it, you look it over make sure and pass it on to your friends. Because there are about 20 hours of prophetic studies in either audio or video form. So we hope you’ll take advantage of that.

Well, it’s time for us to go back to the phones and so we’re gonna begin by going to Queens, New York. And talking to Preston, who’s listening on WMCA. Welcome to the program Preston, you’re on the air.

Preston: Yes, Hello, Hi, how are you Pastor?

Pastor Doug: Hi, very well. How about you?

Preston: I’m fine. I’m fine. I have a simple question, with something that I basically, I was going through some of my learnings about Isaiah and Isaiah making the prophecy about the name of the Holy One that was going to come and it was Immanuel.

Pastor Doug: Uh-huh.

Preston: Right? Meaning, God with us. So then I got to thinking, so what does Jesus mean?

Pastor Doug: The name Je… Oh I’m sorry go ahead.

Preston: And I googled it, so it came up with Jesus also, Yeshua, was ‘came down as God and Salvation’ or ‘God Rescue’.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, “God is Savior”. Matter of fact, that’s what the angels said to Mary, “Call His name Jesus, because He will save His people from their sin.” So Jesus means, “God Savior, God Rescues”.

Preston: Ok. So, then I said, so how common was the name of Jesus at that time?

Pastor Doug: Extremely common. And that’s why He’s usually called Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus the Carpenter to delineate Him from the plethora of other Jesus’s that lived at that time. Let me give you one more tidbit that I think you already know. The name Jesus is the Greek pronunciation of what His name was, which was Yeshua which is Joshua; So, Joshua was one of the greatest Biblical heroes, he was the successor of course to Moses, and there were thousands of people in the time of Christ living in Israel, who had the name Joshua.

Matter of fact, you’d find several even in the New Testament other Jesus’s that say Jesus is Greek cause it’s New Testament, translated in Greek. And there are many others by that name in the New Testament, there are probably 3 different Joshua’s in the Old Testament. So, it was a very common name and so, that’s why I thought it was kind of ridiculous when they did this special on Discovery Channel, saying we found a tomb that says Jesus on it and a [???]. And I thought, what? It doesn’t mean anything, it’s like finding a grave in America that says Fred.

Preston: Amen.

Pastor Doug: You know what I’m saying? It could be Fred is there, it could be all kinds of Fred’s. So, anyway…

Preston: That was my question. Ok.

Pastor Doug: Good question, I appreciate that. I’m thankful that you gave me the platform to say that. So, appreciate your question Preston, God Bless. We’re gonna talk now to David who’s listening from Richmond, California and your question David?

David: Hi Pastor Doug, how are you doing?

Pastor Doug: Very well, how can we help you tonight?

David: Alright. I was wondering, what part of Revelation are we living in?

Pastor Doug: What part of Revelation are we living in? In other words if we were to tell you, where are we chronologically in Revelation?

David: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: Alright, to answer that, I first have to explain something.

David: Ok.

Pastor Doug: Revelation is a series of visions that cover the same time period. For example, in Revelation chapters 2 and 3 you’ve got the first set of visions called ‘The 7 Churches’. That vision is an outline of the history of the church from the first coming, to the second coming. If you were to say “Where are we in that vision?” I’d say, we’re on the last church, the church of Laodicea. Then when you get to Revelation the vision of “The Seven Seals” or the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, that covers sort of a political history of the church from the time of John, who had the vision of Revelation to the end of the world.

Because you get to the last of the seals, and there’s a great earthquake and the heavens are split and Jesus comes. So I’d say once again, we’re in the time of the Sixth Seal. Then you’ve got of course the 7 plagues, well we haven’t gotten to the 7 plagues yet cause that covers a series of plagues that come after the close of probation. Revelation 17 hasn’t happened yet, Revelation 13 hasn’t happened, that’s the “Mark of the Beast”. But the first part of Revelation 13 has happened, the beast exists. See what I’m saying?

David: Right.

Pastor Doug: But the law that says that everyone’s gonna be killed unless they worship, that hasn’t happened yet. So, when you talk about Revelation chapter 13 we’re in the midst of that. Revelation chapter 12, we’re near the tail end of that, we’re verse 17. “The dragon was wroth with the woman, and goes to make war with a remnant of her seed, that keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ”. So, based on which vision we’re in … I could try and peg where we are in history, in that vision. But I can’t tell what chapter we’re in, in the book. Because, the book is not just one vision. Does that make sense?

David: Oh ok. Yeah. Do you have a book on that?

Pastor Doug: I do, we’ve got lots of books on that. Let me see, which one shall we send you? Tell you what, you know what I think you would enjoy? If you ask for the Amazing Fact Study Guide Series, it’s a series of study guides that take you through Revelation. It will start with an introduction to the Bible. If you call the resource number and tell them you’d like to get the Amazing Facts Bible Study Course, they’ll send you the first lesson or two. And it actually goes through bunch of this visions. Ok?

David: Ok.

Pastor Doug: Here’s the number 1-800, this is different number than the one you just called. 1-800-835-6747.

David: Ok.

Pastor Doug: Thank you David and God Bless. Talking next with Marianne, who is calling from San Diego, California, listening on KPRZ. Welcome Marianne, you’re on the air.

Marianne: Yes, I’m interested in Moses and I was just wondering, ‘cause I know your background, you probably would know. Did he write it all at the end or after he got his calling and he knew who he was and what he was to do?

Pastor Doug: Alright, good question. Where in the life in the history of Moses does he write the various books? Now let me begin by saying Marianne that, Moses probably not only authored the 5 books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Most scholars think he’s also responsible for the Book of Job, because the timing and the writing style is very similar. Probably, before Moses when to Egypt, he wrote the Book of Genesis and that outlined the history of the Jewish people. Keep in mind when he married Zipporah and he was living near his father in law, Jethro. Jethro was also a descendant of Abraham, so that whole history was available to Moses. It is probably also during that time he wrote the Book of Job. Some scholars think that Job was maybe the first book that Moses wrote.

It tells about the big battle between good and evil. Then obviously he did not write Exodus before it occurred, the other books were written subsequently as the events occurred. The last chapter or few verses in Deuteronomy, were probably written by Joshua who was one of the scribes. Because it talks about Moses’ death and burial and Moses couldn’t have written about that. So, that’s probably the sequence of how it was written and I hope that helps a little.

Marianne: Right. Right. I understand it. It’s very good. Thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: Alright, Thank you. Good question. I enjoyed talking about Moses, he’s one of my heroes. Next we’re gonna be going to talk with Robert, who listening from Boston, Massachusetts, again on WROL. Welcome Robert, you’re on the air with Bible Answers Live.

Robert: Hi Doug, how you doin’?

Pastor Doug: Very Well. And your question?

Robert: Good. You know what I want to ask you in the Christian (Inaudible 40:22), the people like I can’t tell Christianity (Inaudible 40:26) in life.

Pastor Doug: Uh-huh.

Robert: And unfortunately, you know it’s been a struggle for me. But you know, sometimes I have some problems that I had before I came in. But, sometimes you hear about people they have the power, they pray over people and that you know, they deliver it from a certain issue.

Pastor Doug: Right.

Robert: I’m wondering is that really biblical? Because it’s confusing too, because on the other hand to (Inaudible 40:50), you don’t even know who, you know to go to, you know?

Pastor Doug: Yeah well first of all, there is Scripture that says, the effectual, this is in the book of James, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous manavailethmuch”. In other words when someone prays earnestly and sincerely, someone who has a relationship with the Lord, we can expect results.

Robert: Ok.

Pastor Doug: So, you know, when I ask for special prayer there’s some people I have a great deal of confidence in and I’ll call them and say, “Look, I know that you’re a real prayer warrior and you and the Lord are on a first name basis, and I wish you’d pray for me about this or that”. And it does make a difference, God does hear the prayers and you know the Bible says, Elijah prayed and the heavens stopped raining, he prayed again, it started raining.

So, some of these shenanigans that you and I have seen in churches, where a preacher kind of walks around and slaps people on the head and says a prayer for them a little bit, you know I’m dubious that, or skeptical some of that is showmanship. And you don’t see that in the Bible, you do see examples in the Bible where the apostles and prophets prayed for individuals for specific things and it was not done with fanfare. Jesus said, when you pray don’t be like a hypocrites who loved to be seen by others as they pray.Someone who’s really praying is not gonna make a spectacle out of it. They’re gonna be praying for the glory of God.So, I don’t know if that answers your question, I guess…

Robert: Yeah, I guess to find somebody like that would be, that’s I guess the other thing would be that you’d really have to sermon on those…

Pastor Doug: And don’t doubt the power of your own prayer. I mean God wants to your prayers and strengthens your faith. A matter of fact, I recently wrote a book on prayer and I’ll be happy to send you a free copy if you’d like it Robert.

Robert: Sure, I’d be more than happy to.

Pastor Doug: Just ask for Pastor Doug’s book on Prayer, and call our resource number 800-835-6747 and it’s a book I’ve just written on the keys to answered prayer and I think that you’ll enjoy that.

Robert: Alright, Thank you very much Doug.

Pastor Doug: Alright, Thank you Robert. God Bless. Talking next with Coco, who is calling from Fresno, California, listening on KARM. Welcome Coco, you’re on the air.

Coco: Thank you Pastor Doug. My question is 2 fold, first, what is the Biblical position on women in pastoral ministry, senior pastoral ministry as well as associate? And the second question is, where did you go to have this extensive knowledge of the Bible?

Pastor Doug: Alright, I’d tell you what, let me start with your questions in the order that you gave them. Because if I tell you the second question first, you probably won’t listen to anything that I have to say.

Coco: (Laughing) Thank you.

Pastor Doug: In the Bible, it seems that there are varying roles for a ministry between men and women when it comes to the role of ordained as pastor. Now, let me be very careful, this morning in my personal devotions, I did a study on Anna the Prophetess in the Gospel of Luke. It’s a very interestingpassage there.

There’s no question that God raises up women and gives them special gifts of ministry and there are areas of ministry that women are involved in, and statistically more women are involved in church than men. But the one thing I do not find Biblically, I cannot find an example in the Bible of a woman serving in the capacity of a pastor, priest, elder, they’re all very similar.

You do have women as Prophetess, as evangelist, doing some teaching, but the pastoral role was a patriarchal role. And let me show where I draw that line, that doesn’t mean a woman can’t stand up in the church and teach and God can’t speak through her, ‘cause that’s what a Prophetess would do. Deborah one of the judges of Israel, was a leader and a Prophetessbut she was never a priest.

And I always like to remind people that Amram and Jochebed, had 3 extraordinary children, all 3 children were prophets. That’s Moses, Miriam and Aaron, but only the boys would serve as priests and offer sacrifice. Consistently in the Bible, you only see men offering sacrifice because they were the patriarchs of the family and it was a masculine role.So, I don’t know if that helps or do you want me to go on to the second question?

Coco: (Laughing) that does help. Thank you. I wish you have some more evidence on the other side of the equation, but such as, it is what it is. So, please continue.

Pastor Doug: Yeah and you know what, I’ve got some dear friends that are women, that are pastors. They know that I respectfully disagree with the idea that women are ordained. I don’t find Bible (Inaudible 45:59) but you know what, I work with them.And it’s just one of those things where, you know, we love each other we have a different opinion.And you know, I know that God is using them but I just don’t find the Bible (Inaudible 46:12) in it. That’s my problem. Jesus never called a woman as an apostle,and God never seems to call a woman in the capacity of priest.

Coco: Follow up, where is the dividing line between Prophetess, teacher, leader versus priest, since we’re no longer under the system of sacrifices?

Pastor Doug: Yeah, well first of all we’re all part of the spiritual priesthood, but not everybody’s a pastor. So, to say that because we’re all part of the spiritual priesthood, all men and women are pastors is not a good argument.

Coco: Right.

Pastor Doug: The differences in the ordination of a pastor, that would be the, the ordination of a pastor is where I would draw the line and in the administering of communion, because that’s the modern equivalent of the sacrifice. So you know, I have an article at the website, the Amazing Facts website and it’s called, Unisex in Jesus. It’s one of our Inside Report articles. You can read that for free. There’s a lot more information there.

Second question, well I did have some theological training. I’ve done a lot of reading and I read the Bible through, constantly reading the Bible through and so most of my preparation has come through Bible reading. And I do have a couple of degrees, but their honorary degrees, so I don’t usually putting doctor ahead of my name. Anyway, hope that helps a little bit Coco, and we better move on while time remains. We’re gonna talk next to Ed, who’s listening in Cedar Springs, Michigan and calling via satellite, is that right Ed?

Ed: Yeah. I think that’s what it is.

Pastor Doug: Ok. And your question tonight?

Ed: My question is, I want to give Bible studies and it’s pretty well setup. But I look at Ephesians 5:27, “that he might present her to himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such things, but that she should be holy and without blemish” In like the vision also, (Inaudible 48:29-31) because… (Inaudible 48:33-34)

Pastor Doug: Ed you’re breaking up a little bit, maybe it’s the satellite connection. So, quickly see if you could summarize the question.

Ed: Well, I don’t want to bring people in the church and then have something happen because of the vision in my church.

Pastor Doug: So, you’re wanting to do witnessing but at the same time you’ve got a concern, you might bring them into a church that is imperfect and they could get discouraged?

Ed: Mm-Hmm, cause it used to be a real loving church, but…

Pastor Doug: Well, you know that is a dilemma many people have. I’ve gone to churches before that say, “Look Pastor Doug, we’re glad you’re here.” Cause I served as an evangelist for years and they say, “We want to do this evangelistic meeting, but we’re concerned after you leave, our church is just not that friendly or we’ve got this problem or that problem. And we almost are afraid to bring people into this church because it’s so dysfunctional, what do we do?” and my answer would be, when Jesus called the 12 Apostles, they’re at the last supper they were arguing among themselves which was the greatest.

They needed to pray during Pentecost or just before Pentecost. Pray, put aside their differences, and ask for the forgiveness and the cleansing of the Holy Spirit. And when they did that, then they were willing and ready to receive thousands of new converts. And I wouldn’t stop giving Bible studies because one the things that often revives the church is fresh blood. An infusion of a transfusion of healthy blood and new converts that have that first love that can bring about a great transformation in their church. So I’d say do the Bible studies, bring people in and at the same time pray within for your church for revival. Ok Ed?

Ed: Can I ask you one more thing?

Pastor Doug: If it’s quick.

Ed: Are you gonna be at Michigan Council, Michigan (Inaudible 50:21) this summer?

Pastor Doug: No, but I’m gonna be in Michigan. I’m doing a live satellite program from Lansing, Michigan in September. So, if you’re not too far away, we’d love to have you come.

Ed: Ok. Thank you Brother.

Pastor Doug: Alright, God Bless Ed. Talking next with Robert, he’s listening on WMCA from Bloomfield, New Jersey. Welcome to the program Robert, you’re on the air.

Robert: Hi Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: How are you doing?

Robert: Great. Wonderful. I’m just a little nervous, it’s my first time I’m on the air so,

Pastor Doug: Don’t be nervous.

Robert: (Laughing) Ok.

Pastor Doug: And your question?

Robert: Pastor Doug I wanted to ask you was about the power of the devil. Like a friend of mine tells me that I would have nothing to worry about from the devil because he’s been conquered by Jesus. But from what I understand, the Bible tells us that he has great power and he roams around like a roaring lion.

Pastor Doug: So which is it? Is he conquered or is he powerful?

Robert: Is he defeated? That’s what I was going to ask you. And is he able to intervene in human affairs and to actually physically intervene in human affairs, or does he have any power over us in that sense?

Pastor Doug: Yeah. I’ve heard some ministers on the radio and TV take that principle too far. It is true that at the cross, Satan was mortally wounded. Meaning his fate is definite, he is gonna be cast into that lake of fire, Revelation 20 tells us. And in Revelation 12, it says, “woe to the inhabitants of the earth, for the devil has come down to you having great wrath, because he knows he has a short time.”

So, God tells the world, be on your guard, be vigilant, the devil is going around like a roaring lion, he knows he’s running out of time, he’s mortally wounded. But the idea that he has no power, that’s reckless. A mortally wounded bear can still maul and kill.

I mean he might be bleeding to death but they are especially ferocious after they’re wounded. And so the devil has come down like a wounded bear, he knows he has a short time. The Bible does tell us that the devil, you hate ever giving him any kind of credit, but the Bible tell us that he does have power. A matter of fact, in the last days, it tells us that most of the world is deceived by the devil.

So, is it true that Jesus has more power? Yes. Jesus had … greater is He that is in you, in the Gospel of John, than he that it is in the world. And so, you know, Christ of course is power supreme and when we surrender our lives to Christ, He’ll give us victory. But it’s reckless to say, “Oh the devil’s been defeated and so, we don’t need to worry about being on our guard.” that’s exactly what he would like us to think.

Robert: For a sense of security.

Pastor Doug: Yeah. I think we need to be sober, we need to be on our guard. Jesus said, 5 times in Mark 13 He said, “Watch! Watch! Watch! Watch!” Ok?

Robert: So what does that means, when he goes around the world like a roaring lion, it means he does have the power?

Pastor Doug: Well, I’ll tell you, you know what I want to do to give you a quick answer?

Robert: Ok. Sure.

Pastor Doug: It’s the best thing I could put in your hands, is the lesson that we’ve written that is very popular and it’s called, “Did God Create A Devil?”, “Did God Create A Devil?” . Please ask for that Robert, just call the resource number, its toll free 800-835-6747 ask for our study guide, “Did God Create A Devil?” everybody ought to send for that one, because a lot of misunderstandings. I’m gonna try to take a couple of more quick calls here, talking next with Buster. Who’s listening from Dalton, Georgia on WDOD. Welcome Buster, you’re on the air.

Buster: Hello Pastor Doug, how you doin’?

Pastor Doug: Very well.

Buster: Good.

Pastor Doug: We’ve got about 4 minutes. So, what’s your question?

Buster: Ok. I’ve been blind about 27 years, so, I can quote Scriptures very well, they get mixed up on me after that much time.But you said last week, about cremation that we didn’t get this body back as I understood it.

Pastor Doug: Correct.

Buster: We got a new body.

Pastor Doug: That’s Right.

Buster: And I understand that we’d keep this body. It’s just renewed, made, transformed, that’s a good name for it.

Pastor Doug: Well, the Bible says, “All things are made new” now let me see if I could explain that, let’s suppose you had a 50, well I better not pick a 57 Chevy. Let’s pick a Volkswagen Beetle and you wanted to completely rebuild the car from scratch, do you know that you could buy every single of that car brand new? You might keep the old license plate, but you can make every part of the car new so no part of it is made of the old material.

Now, God is evidently taking whoever you are, your hard drive if you will, and He’s gonna download the essence of your character into a new buster after resurrection. But you’re not gonna have the old body reassembled because you’re gonna have a glorified, immortal body. The word “Transformed” in 1 Corinthians 15, means that you basically, you metamorphous into a new creature.

Buster: Then why didn’t he do that with Lazarus?

Pastor Doug: Well Lazarus was not given his glorified, heavenly body, Lazarus was reconstituted to live in this world with an earthly body. Lazarus after the resurrection got old and sick. Didn’t he?

Buster: It don’t say nothing else about as I know here.

Pastor Doug: Well I mean but you can assume.

Buster: A common sense would just say yes.

Pastor Doug: You’d assume that he had a normal body and that eventually aged and died from old age or something. So, many people Jesus resurrected, they did not go on living eternally after the resurrection. They unfortunately, it was a temporary healing and they had to die again. But the glorified bodies never die, they are spiritual bodies they go and on.

Buster: Why can’t we just use this when I mean, there’s nothing with this one.

Pastor Doug: Hey listen, you’re gonna like the new one a lot better Buster. Trust me. You’re gonna…

Buster: No, I like this and if I (Inaudible 56:23-25) you know, they said don’t (Inaudible 56:26) temple of God.

Pastor Doug: What’s the best you’ve ever felt in your life? When you we’re about 30 maybe?

Buster: Probably 18-20.

Pastor Doug: Alright, well you’re gonna feel a thousand times better that you did, even at your prime. Just be looking forward to that new glorified body, you are still gonna be you. Don’t you worry about it, you’re just gonna be a whole lot better than you are now.

And listening friends we’re hoping that, everybody here wants to be in that kingdom and ready when Jesus comes, to get that new body and to be transformed. If you want that new body then, you need a new heart now and He’s offering you that new heart, right now. We hope you’ll invite him in, to take control of your life, He’s got a great plan for you.

I’m sorry friends if we did not get to your question tonight and give us another chance next week and by God’s grace, we’ll have it on the air. Keep this ministry in your prayers, we are entirely, you’ve heard this before, we’re supported by people like you. We don’t have any deep pockets or corporations, it’s just folks like you. We’d love to hear from you, go to amazingfacts.org and remember that it’s Jesus, the truth that will set you free. God Bless.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ END ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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