Etched With The Father's Name

Date: 05/13/2007 
During the 2nd World War two American G.I.s stationed in Australia were driving their jeep along an airfield when a Japanese squadron came over, intent on bombing everything around the military target. Hearing the planes approach the young airmen jumped out of their jeep and dove for cover in a nearby ditch.
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Hello friends this is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? During the 2nd World War two American G.I.s stationed in Australia were driving their jeep along an airfield when a Japanese squadron came over, intent on bombing everything around the military target. Hearing the planes approach the young airmen jumped out of their jeep and dove for cover in a nearby ditch. Then within seconds one of the Japanese planes dropped a bomb that made a direct hit and destroyed the jeep they were driving in and after the attack was over, the two young men crawled out of the ditch; shaken, but unharmed and walked over to inspect the damage.

Poking around the smoldering jeep they found a large piece of shrapnel from the bomb wedged into the seat where the driver had been sitting. Picking it up they saw clearly stenciled on the metal shard the name, Ray Ewing. The G.I. who had been driving the jeep gave a gasp of astonishment, his name was Curtis Ewing, his father’s name was Ray Ewing and how did that piece of shrapnel with his father’s name get there? Well evidently before the war Ray Ewing had sold his old Plymouth for scrap and prior to selling it he had stenciled his name on the old engine block.

A car and other junk discarded by Americans found its way to Japan, a market for old metal at the time. After the war began all of this steel went into weapons. The shrapnel that struck his seat literally had his name on it. Do you know that the Bible teaches that in the last days there will be 144,000 that will have their father’s name in their fore heads? Stay with us friends we’ll learn more as Amazing Facts brings you this edition of “Bible Answers Live”.


Pastor Doug: Hello friends pick up your phones and call as we do have a few lines open and dial 1-800-GOD-SAYS that’s an acronym for 1-800-463-7297 we’d love to hear your Bible questions tonight and we love to study the word together. That’s what this is a live, international, interactive Bible study and we welcome your participation. We also would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to the entire Mom’s out there. And my name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Ross: And my name is Jean Ross and as you said Pastor Doug we do want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there. We will start with prayer and we ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and we ask that You be with those listening and those calling. Most of all may Jesus be revealed in His word for this we ask in His name. Amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Ross: And the amazing fact we had just spoken about before the program began was literally amazing that odds of that happening; a piece of shrapnel ends up belonging to the family or the man was almost killed by the shrapnel previously belonging to his family. What are the odds?

Pastor Doug: The odds of that happening, the odds of that bomb shrapnel surviving where he could read that section of bomb on his sheet. You do the math on that and there has to be a God.

Pastor Ross: That’s what I would say.

Pastor Doug: The odds have to be at least a zillion to one.

Pastor Ross: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: But, it made me think that how unusual it is that that would be stenciled there. That automatically sent me to Revelation Chapter 7 where it talks about the 144,000 that have their father’s name in their foreheads. And what people seem to not realize that in the last days everybody seems to have something in their forehead. You have either got the mark in Revelation 13 that is the mark of the beast in their hand or in their forehead, or those who are saved they have the seal of God in their foreheads. And somebody said well does this mean in the last days that everybody is going around with something etched or stenciled in their forehead or their hand?

And no, it does not mean that in the hand, or in the forehead is a symbol in the book that goes all the way back to Exodus and Deuteronomy where Moses talked about having the law of God and he said it is to be in your heart, you shall write it for a sign on your hand, it shall be as a frontlet between your eyes; so in the hand and in the forehead, meant in the actions or in the thoughts. And in the last days there will be one group that worships God and God is in their thoughts in the worship of God and the other group is going to have the law of the beast, in their actions or in their mind. And there is so much confusion about that mark and the devil has a lot of people mixed up into thinking that the beast is going to have everybody line up and get a great big tattoo or rubberstamp and somehow stamp, or engrave or embed a chip in their forehead. That is not what is the Bible is talking about. There are four times in the Old Testament where it taught in Deuteronomy Chapter 6: for instance, where it talks about in the hand, in the forehead and none of those times was it a visible mark. It talked about in the actions and the thoughts.

Pastor Ross: You know it again not only do we find a mark of the beast in the Bible, but there is also the seal of God. It is interesting to learn about the mark of the beast. But, even more importantly we need to make sure that we have the seal of God.

Pastor Doug: Yeah no one is going to be saved by knowing what the mark of the beast is. We’re going to be saved by having the seal of God in our foreheads. And probably a good place to start is just helping people get a good understanding of what is the beast and what is the mark of the beast. And we get a lot of questions on this subject. And so we’d invite people to sign up for the advanced Bible study course. We do have a lesson in that course and why don’t you tell us about that?

Pastor Ross: The lesson is the “Mark of the Beast” and to receive this study guide that deals with who the beast power is in Revelation 13 about his mark, call the resource number, it is 1-800-835-6747 and ask for the study guide “Mark of the Beast” that is 1-800-835-6747.

We have a question that has come via the internet. The question is Pastor Doug. What about people who have lived a good life, but they have never heard about Jesus Christ? Can they be saved?

Pastor Doug: You know I believe there will be some people in heaven who are there because God looked on their heart and He saw that they were walking in the light and they had. The Bible is clear that the Lord judges people according to the light they have. Jesus said if you did not know you would have no sin and that’s in John Chapter 6, but no John Chapter 9, but now that you see your sin remains. And so to him who knew his master’s will; Luke tells us, and did not do it he is beaten with many stripes, but he who did not know and did not do it; he will be beaten with few stripes. So the Lord is good in that he judges them according to the light that they have.

You’ve got the story in the Bible of Naaman and the leper. And the Bible indicates that he will be in the Bible and yet he was a Syrian, and did not know about Jesus. But, he did accept the God of Israel. So there are people at various stages. Some have received the light from angels in foreign countries. The Bible shows examples of angels appearing to people and communicating truth to them. And so I think it is raft to judge that everybody in these isolated continents and cultures for generations who have not heard about Jesus that they are all automatically consigned to be doomed. I don’t that is either Biblical or reasonable.

Pastor Ross: Umm-hmm. God wants to say that He is not excluding them. The second question is what does the Bible say in regards to fasting, but more than just fasting? What about children fasting? Is there a certain age that children should fast at?

Pastor Doug: That’s a good question. First of all it is a good point that the Bible does teach fasting when you look at the great heroes in the Bible. Everybody from Moses to Jesus they talk about fasting. In the New Testament Paul fasted. So fasting and praying is a good Christian discipline and there are times for that And I won’t go into that study right now.

But, what about children who are fasting? You know you think for instance when Jonah went through Nineveh and they proclaimed a fast. Did the children fast? Well, probably, but children’s metabolisms are a little more like a hummingbird. They eat very fast and they eat a total amount of calories and then they burn them just as fast. And they can get low blood sugar when a meal is even an hour late. And so the kind of fast for a young person, depending on their age, obviously you don’t want a baby to fast. But, depending on their age it might mean a denial of a treat. It might mean a smaller portion; you know there are other ways to be judicious in the way a child might participate with a family and might say well I am willing to deny myself something for a time of prayer. And but, it might be pretty severe to tell kids, we’re not eating for three days.

Pastor Ross: So a fast is not necessarily mean the complete abstinence of food for a period of time?

Pastor Doug: In the book of Daniel the prophet there said I did a fast where I ate no pleasant food. In other words he ate very simple food. I’ve read and I am sure you have where some of the Bible translators thought it was so important that they simplified their diets to keep their minds clear. I thought that was interesting that they recognized that. And it might just mean just denying yourself some of the exotic things that we eat so you could just eat smaller portions. There are a lot of ways to fast. I was fasting this weekend and I just did a half a day because of the work schedule and you get light headed and you are no good to anybody. But, there’s different ways. And like I said there are other studies on fasting.

Pastor Ross: Okay great let’s go to the phone lines and Rick is listening KVRV from California. Rick welcome to the program.

Rick: Yes Doctor Batchelor. Thank you for taking my call.

Pastor Doug: Well great and how can we help you tonight?

Rick: Well I got confused today because someone told me today that when Jesus got crucified that He descended down into hell and He was with Moses and those before who believed to get them to be saved and is this in the Bible?

Pastor Doug: No this is a speculation that many people have made and they base this Rick on 1 Peter Chapter 3: 18 and here’s what it says, “For Christ also has suffered for the sins of the just and the unjust that He might bring us to God; being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit….” talking about when Christ was resurrected… “by which he went to preach to the spirits in prison which were sometimes disobedient when the long suffering of God waited in the days of Noah while the Ark was being prepared.” Now some have taken this to mean that Christ preached to the spirits in prison and there must have been some spirits of the lost down in a jail somewhere and He went to give them the same chance.

That is totally wrong. There are people who care imprisoned by sin in the Old Testament and the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead was the same spirit that strove with the people back in the days of Noah. Now the Scripture proof for that is found in Genesis Chapter 6 where it says, “My spirit will not always strive with man; his days will be 120 years.” That’s the Spirit of God striving with people to repent back before the flood. And all it is saying is that is the same spirit that rose Jesus. Some people have taken and developed and concocted a whole doctrine that Christ went and preached to others and what is the purpose of that? Moses was in heaven when He gets to heaven Jesus could tell him then what the whole scoop was. So there was no reason for Jesus to; during His time in the tomb, to go wandering around preaching.

Rick: Okay thank you, they had just had me scared.

Pastor Doug: Yeah. No there is—you can’t build a doctrine on one verse. And that verse is not a safe one to use for that.

Pastor Ross: Alright. Cori is listening via satellite from Halfway, South Carolina. Cori welcome to the program.

Cori: Hey.

Pastor Doug: Hi how are you doing?

Cori: I’m doing great Pastor Doug it is a real honor to talk to you.

Pastor Doug: Well likewise Cori. How can we help you tonight?

Cori: I want to know--and this is really important for me—but, I want to know should Christians take guns in war and fight and kill? And it is important for me because I am in High School right now and when I graduate I was thinking about going into the Army. So I would like to know how—

Pastor Doug: Well first of all that’s a good Bible question. I will first tell you so I can divulge my conflict of interest. I have had two of the Batchelor children, a daughter and a son in the military. A girl in the Army and a boy in the Marines and they are both out now. Praise the Lord and you know I was very proud to have them serving and in the interest of freedom. At the same time I think every Christian needs to evaluate where they will stand. Many Christians have entered the armed services to serve in some non combat capacity. In other words to Christians say look I want to serve my country, but because of my moral condition I am not going to bear arms I’m going to serve in the medical field.

Cori: And that’s what I was going to probably do, but—

Pastor Doug: Well you really just want to pray and make sure that this is God’s will and I will tell you what some of the challenges are. It is very difficult for the Christian to maintain all of their convictions in the military because the military really they have become a religion of their own. I’ve been to two different military schools and you eat, drink, and sleep the military especially during your basic training. And they don’t accommodate a lot of personal religions and convictions; if you know what I mean. So if you really don’t feel led by the Lord then you need to pray about that. Then of course, Jesus talks about overcoming evil with good so if there is any way you could help in the interest of freedom. But, I’ve got to remind our Christians friends that are listening; the reason that we have the freedoms to go to church is because soldiers have died. So we have to be careful because I have met some churches that take a position that no Christian should in any way support what the military does. But, they wouldn’t have the freedom to preach those things if it wasn’t for the military blood that were shed. So we need to put a balance in that and of course in the Old Testament God frequently sent people into battle. He called them and sent them into battle. And like Gideon and David and others and yet as far as possible in our personal relationship it is important for a Christian to avoid any kind of violence; if anyone strikes us on the cheek, we can turn the other cheek. But, you can’t do that as a country. Do you see what Iam saying? Individual relationships if someone should come up and slug me as a Christian, I shouldn’t defend myself. Jesus gave us an example on that. But, a country cannot turn the other cheek. It is not—it is a different law, the Mosaic Law covers that.

Cori: And what I always think about war, too, when I come to these issues so I can you know kind of had to defeat the Nazi’s.

Pastor Doug: Yeah.

Cori: I’m sure there were Christians that were—

Pastor Doug: Oh you can be sure of that and I’ve read some amazing stories of Christians –that did a lot of good and God did good through them and they never had to take arms against somebody. But, make sure that you only have God’s guidance on this and you pray and study the word before you make a decision like this, Cori, okay?

Cori: Yes sir. I have.

Pastor Doug: Well alright. Well God bless you and I appreciate your question. Oh and I might also tell Cori if you go to the “Amazing Facts” website Cori I have a sermon that you can watch or listen to. It is under the media ministries at the “Amazing Facts dot org” and the title is “Does God believe in War?” And there are a lot of Scriptures in there that I hope you will find helpful. That is “Does God Believe in War?” at the “Amazing Facts” website.

Pastor Ross: Joseph is listening on WMCA in New York. Joseph welcome to the program.

Joseph: Thank you and good evening. And at the very beginning I missed the name of the son of Ray Ewing.

Pastor Doug: Yes and the boys name was Curtis I believe.

Joseph: Curtis well alright. Now this is my question. When Jesus was o the cross I think He called out and said, “Father why hast thou forsaken me?”

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Joseph: Now they say that was preordained and that was predestined. He didn’t know that was going to happen. Why did he call out like that if He knew everything that was going to happen? Why did he feel forsaken? When He knew that was all a part of what was going to happen?

Pastor Doug: See I don’t think that Jesus felt forsaken. Well—I mean He probably did feel He had been forsaken, but I don’t think that Jesus did not know what was happening or why it was happening. I mean I think He did know. I think that Christ when He read that Psalm—see Jesus was quoting Joseph from Psalm 22:1 where it says, “My God, My God why have you forsaken me?” Word for word and then you go on and you read in that Psalm and it tells about the Messiah and it talks about them piercing His hands and His feet. It is what they call a Messianic Psalm.

And so when Jesus was hanging on the cross and so many Jews knew that Psalm He quotes from the first verse of that Psalm—and by the way the high priest always used to read from one of the Psalms during the Passover sacrifice. So Christ like the high priest like the sacrifice he is reading from a Messianic Psalm and calling the attention of those around the cross to look at that Psalm and see that He is the fulfillment of that. Because you can read in here that He says, “I might tell all of my bones” they didn’t break any of His bones verse 17 “They part my garments among them. They cast lots for my clothing” and this whole Psalm is dealing with the events of the cross.

So He recites that verse from the Psalm, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” to draw the attention of the people that He was the Messiah.

Joseph: You don’t feel that He actually meant those words literally?

Pastor Doug: Well I think He believed He had been forsaken and there are two ways a person might ask a question. When God says to Adam; Adam where are you? Did God know where Adam was Joseph?

Joseph: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Okay so that is what you call a rhetorical question. Sometimes parents will ask a question. Jesus is praying that prayer, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” and the answer to His prayer is in Isaiah 53 it says, “He was forsaken for our sins.” So He was asking a rhetorical question because He knew He was forsaken by the Father, but He knew why that’s why He prayed in the Garden, “Lord if there is any way let this cup pass.” But, there was no other way to save man.

Joseph: So you’re saying that He didn’t mean it?

Pastor Doug: No what I am saying is He did mean it, but I don’t think He was in doubt about why. He said it in a rhetorical way. He had been forsaken and He felt forsaken. But, He did not lose hope because the last thing He says is, “Father into your hands I commit my spirit.” So Jesus did not lose faith on the cross.

Joseph: I one time heard an answer given that He was in the form of a man and that His manly weakness made Him say that. He endured the pain as a man.

Pastor Doug: Well you know I’ve heard those things, too, but, that would almost sound like that Christ had reached the point of despair. And I don’t think that Jesus ever lost faith. I think that there was much more going on there. But, He felt—certainly felt—forsaken, His disciples forsook him, Judas betrayed Him, and the father withdrew His presence. He felt forsaken, but I think He knew why. It was because of the sin of the world.

Joseph: Well thank you Pastor.

Pastor Doug: Alright. Good question Joseph.

Pastor Ross: Randy is listening on WKSY from Shreveport, Louisiana. Randy you’re on “Bible Answers Live”.

Randy: Good evening.

Pastor Doug: Good evening.

Randy: I have a quick question and then it would probably be more of your personal opinion because I can’t find any place in the Bible. Starting at Genesis after God created Adam and Eve and they enjoy perfect communion with God before they brought sin into the world, how much time went by? Was it weeks, was it days, was it?

Pastor Doug: Well that’s a good question. There are a couple of Bible answers. What I mean by that is there is not a specific answer, but there is evidence that it was probably less than a year. And here’s the reason. The last thing God says to Adam and Eve is be fruitful and multiple and replenish the earth. And when you consider Adam and Eve’s plumbing and all their body was perfect; they had not had children yet. So they didn’t have Cain and Abel apparently until after sin because every other person that was born is born with this sinful tendency that we have. So and since Cain was the first born we know he was born with sinful tendency; he murdered his brother. So they were born after sin and the time for gestation is nine months and they probably only enjoyed a few months in the Garden at most before they were sabotaged by the devil.

Randy: Right.

Pastor Doug: So that’s the-–I have heard other speculation on that—but, that is the closest Bible evidence that we have that it was probably a short period of time.

Randy: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Alright. And one of the other reasons I heard Pastor Ross is that it is surprise that is the best element in attack and that means you don’t wait too long and I think he caught them in their innocence quickly.

Pastor Ross: You mean the devil caught them?

Pastor Doug: The devil caught Adam and Eve quickly and took advantage of their innocence and it was a quick attack, a blitz brief and it caught them, off guard. I don’t think they were there for years.

Pastor Ross: You know some even feel that after the tree of knowledge of good and evil had been there for a period of time that their faith had been tested that God probably would have removed that tree so there wouldn’t be a continual temptation, but there was that test that He wanted to know.

Pastor Doug: Yeah that’s another good point. The tree was still there and God wouldn’t have been testing them forever.

Pastor Ross: Correct they would have made the decision.

Pastor Doug: Good point.

Pastor Ross: Sharon is listening on WMMC from Marlinton, West Virginia. Sharon welcome to the program.

Sharon: Thank you. Pastor Doug my question is from Revelation Chapter 18 when it talks about the voice from heaven telling people to come out of Babylon.

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Sharon: God’s people to come out of Babylon. Verse 8 it says, “Therefore shall her plagues come in one day; death and mourning and famine. And she shall utterly be burned with fire.” It goes on to say that the merchants of the earth mourn over her and weep over her. When do you understand that to happen?

Pastor Doug: Well I think in the midst of the seven plagues Babylon falls. Now of course the Bible says all of the plagues come in a day. Now a day in Bible prophecy is a year and so within one year’s time all of those plagues transpire. The fall of Babylon is happening in degrees. It is not happening instantaneous because do you notice that in stages they are weeping the financial ruin, they are weeping the political ruin, they are weeping over the influence and so it seems like Babylon is crumbling in degrees.

One of the plagues is darkness on the seat of the beast. And Babylon is the seat or headquarters of the beast. Just like there was darkness on the capital of the Pharoah in the Old Testament when they would not let the people go, but there was light in the dwelling of the Israelites. So it is after probation closes in the last days; that’s when the destruction falls. And if you also read--did we lose our caller?

Pastor Ross: No I think Sharon, are you there?

Pastor Doug: I think we lost her. Maybe it was a cell phone and we apologize. Anyway Sharon we’ve got a Bible study that talks about why is my church dead and it’s dealing with the mystery woman.

Pastor Ross: Bride of Christ?

Pastor Doug: No it is actually the other one on Babylon. It has got the scarlet harlot on the cover. Yeah it is talking about the mystery woman and if you’d like a free copy of that study guide; it deals with Babylon and the fall of Babylon and who this woman is. And I think you will find that areal blessing.

Pastor Ross: The study guide is entitled “The Other Woman”.

Pastor Doug: Yeah I knew it wasn’t right, “The Other Woman”.

Pastor Ross: It is “The Other Woman” and it deals with Revelation Chapter 17 and who Babylon is and what does it signify. To receive it call the resource 1-800-835-6747 that is 1-800-835-6747 and ask for study guide “The Other Woman” and we have 2 minutes. I think we have time for one more. Ed is listening via satellite from Cedar Springs, Michigan. Ed welcome to the program.

Ed: Yeah thank you. Hey, Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: Yes, sir.

Ed: I am—you know I have been reading Genesis here and I am really curious to find out when Satan was kicked out of heaven, and came down to this earth and tempted Eve and Adam. Where were all of the other angels? And was it because it was very frustrating not to be able to tempt anybody—you know in Revelation where it talks about the beast comes out of the bottomless pit and all of that?

Pastor Doug: Well probably and it’s a good question.

Ed: And could you give me a couple of Bible verses if there is any?

Pastor Doug: Well let me think about that as I answer your question; what the best verses to refer you to are.

Ed: Okay.

Pastor Doug: I don’t believe that Satan was able to release his angels on this planet until after Adam and Eve sinned because he was restricted to just meeting them and tempting them at the forbidden tree. After Adam and Eve surrendered dominion after disobeying—oh here we go Romans Chapter 6 where Paul says whoever you obey, that’s whose servants you are. And so when Adam and Eve chose to obey Lucifer that is when Lucifer let his office staffs come across the planet his fallen angels. His demons or instruments or whatever you want to call them. But, that happened after Adam and Eve fell. Is that what you have and understand Pastor Ross?

Pastor Ross: If you read Revelation Chapter 12 it describes it more in heaven.

Pastor Doug: Satan and his angels are cast to the earth and.

Pastor Ross: And that’s right that’s even before the creation of the earth.

Pastor Doug: We are going to take a brief break we have some important announcements and we hope you get a pencil handy and for starters; jot down “Amazing Facts dot org” and you are going to find a lot of great resources listen to videos and watch audios and get free literature at the website. Be right back.


Pastor Doug: Welcome friends, if you have just joined us this is “Bible Answers Live” a live, international, interactive Bible study and we’re on over 200 stations across the country right now and around the world via the internet. If you would like to call in your Bible questions, we still have a line or two open. And that number is 1-800-GOD-SAYS. 1-800-463-7297 and I am still Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Ross: My name is Jean Ross. Pastor Doug not only do we want to share truth here on the air from the Bible, but we also want to guide people to some outstanding resources where they can study further. These truths are God’s words. And we have a number of websites that “Amazing Facts” recommends. And many of which “Amazing Facts” runs and operates. You have of course the “Amazing Facts” website which is the one you want to go to and find resources and links to another number of important websites dealing with a number of good subjects, but there is one website imparticular we want to recommend and that is “Mary Truth dot com”.

Pastor Doug: That’s right we have a lot of questions and as a matter of fact today the History channel ran a special on Mary Magdalene and another one on Mary the mother of Jesus. And people are very intrigued by these enigmatic characters; a lot of misinformation on the book the Va Vinci Code. Of course it tries to put this spin on Mary Magdalene that she had an affair with Jesus and so forth. But, if they go to the website “Mary Truth dot com” or “dot org” they will find a lot of information based on the Bible and not some of these fanciful speculations that people are making. Who were these characters and what is the true history? You’ll find it inspiring; there’s also a book there that I think has been very popular called “The Truth about Mary Magdalene; the Woman at Jesus Feet”.

Pastor Ross: And you wrote that book.

Pastor Doug: I wasn’t going to say that part, but yeah, yeah I did. I wrote that book it has been very successful and it covers Mary Magdalene imparticular.

Pastor Ross: Alright let’s go to the phone lines. Robert is listening from WMCA from Bloomfield, New Jersey. Robert you’re on the air.

Robert: Hi and a good evening Pastor Doug and Pastor Ross.

Pastor Doug: How can we help you?

Robert: Okay. My question is about the Canonization of the Bible particularly the New Testament. And my—

Pastor Doug: You may need to turn your radio down in the background because you are probably going to get a tape delay that is confusing.

Robert: Okay. Can you hear me now?

Pastor Doug: I hear you I was also me though 7 seconds later.

Robert: Yes I can hear you.

Pastor Doug: Alright.

Robert: I am just really nervous because this is only about the second time I have ever called a station. So—

Pastor Doug: So just relax we’ll be nervous for you.

Robert: That sounds good.

Pastor Doug: So your question is about the canon in the New Testament?

Robert: Well, particularly in the New Testament, but actually in both Testaments because my question is do you feel everything is complete with the-- all of the books and the epistles? Because I know there was a plethora of material that never got canonized. In the 4 centuries it took to canonize the Bible from the first century to the fourth century; the late third century.

Pastor Doug: Right.

Robert: And some of the things left out were considered not necessary. But, it almost seems that some of the stuff that we have is not necessary. For an example in the book of Acts; it like that it was left incomplete and we don’t know what ever happened to Paul eventually.

Pastor Doug: Well we do know fairly accurately what happened to Paul from the church history. Some of the traditions about the apostles are pretty thin; there’s not a lot of support. But, what happened in Rome in the time of Paul; they have got a pretty strong history on that. It is fairly certain and I think there’s a number of early church fathers that talked about Paul being beheaded by Nero and that was right very consistent with what Nero was doing; to church leaders during his time.

But, to get to the bigger question Robert about why were the books chosen that were chosen. Why were some maybe left out, was it arbitrary? Is it possible that there are other inspired manuscripts that have been omitted? The early church fathers that compiled the New Testament; they compared the various books to make sure that they were supported by Old Testament texts and that there were no conflicts and also that there was cross endorsement from the things that Jesus said and from the other Bible writers.

For instance you find in 11 Peter where the Apostle Peter endorses the writings of Paul as Scripture and that’s 11 Peter Chapter 3:15 (I think it is verse 15) so there you’ve got an endorsement and you’ve got Jude and James quoting from each other and so they are supporting and endorsing each other. And even Paul is endorsing Peter. He chastised Peter once, but he called him an Apostle.

Pastor Ross: And also we have the Apostle John who I believe was in Ephesus prior to him being taken to Patmos and he wrote the book of Revelation. He was the oldest of the Apostles that were with Christ and most of the New Testament had been completed by the time of John and he was an old man and he kind of oversaw the forming and the coming together of these texts that eventually became the New Testament as we have it today. So he was there. He was an eye-witness. He made sure that that which was inspired was included in these sacred writings.

Pastor Doug: Yeah. John gave his endorsement to the sacredness of the collection of the work that they had. So I think there is strong evidence that it has been overseen by the Holy Spirit. Does that help Robert?

Robert: Yes and because there was something that was alluded to in the John 21:25.

Pastor Doug: If anyone adds to the book or are you talking about the end of the gospel?

Robert: Yes that part of John.

Pastor Doug: Oh where he says that if everything that could be written about Christ was written the whole world couldn’t contain the books. The apocryphal books and—

Robert: Yes, exactly.

Pastor Doug: Yeah well you know some of those are spurious you know—they are made up and they never appeared in history and until the last two or three hundred years and so their origin is very doubtful and dubious. And there was a time in the Dark Ages when the Church when they wanted to prove some new teaching; they’d say, “Oh look, we found an old manuscript.” And they would make up something that none of the other church fathers ever referred to and there was no other cross reference and some of them have some pretty zany stories in them.

Robert: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: You know we have a lesson that will give you some additional information on the Bible and its credibility.

Pastor Ross: It is called “Anything Left You Can Trust” an “Amazing Facts” study guide; to receive this free resource call 1-800-835-6747, then just ask for the study guide, “Anything Left You Can Trust”.

John is listening from KNDL from Lake Port, California. John welcome to the program.

John: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Hi John, how can we help you tonight? We’re ready.

John: Yes, is the feast days mentioned in Leviticus 23 are they still necessarily a part of Christian faith that is in practice?

Pastor Doug: That is a good question. Let me try and answer your question by just making a couple of analogies. One of the high feast days is what we call the Passover. And when Christ endorsed—or I should say He inaugurated the Last Supper, the Communion Service that was during the Passover. Matter of fact; He said, “I have longed to eat this Passover with you.” He obviously made a big change in the meaning of that because the Passover all revolved in the sacrifice of the lamb. And that lamb of course is Jesus now. There is no need for us to continue sacrificing lambs. And so since the Passover ceremony for us to continue sacrificing a lamb during Passover would be a denial of Christ as the Lamb of God. And the grape juice Jesus had He said, “This is a symbol of my blood.”

All of the other feast days then became shadows with a spiritual fulfillment. And this is why I think Paul says in Romans 19 that if someone is going to regard a day, regard it to the Lord. Christ is now our Passover; Paul tells us. So for us to keep the Jewish feasts and of course a lot of those involved going to the temple; there was a gathering at the temple which doesn’t exist anymore. So all kinds of things happened that sort of tore away the old and replaced it with the new John.

The high priest at the trial of Christ tore His garments representing that the earthly priesthood had been past and we are now a nation of priests. The temple veil was torn in two when Christ dies on the cross representing that the veil is no longer a building, but the church is the body of Christ. Jesus said I will raise up a temple not made with hands. Meaning the church. So everything kind of went through a change John, and with the transition the meaning of the feast days which is still very important to study, but it has taken on new spiritual significance; taking the old literal from, sort of a denial of the new spiritual. Does that make sense?

John: Yes.

Pastor Doug: You know we have a study guide we can offer you and it is called “Feast Days and Sabbaths” and we’ll send you and it is actually a booklet written by Joe Crews and it is a good study on the subject.

John: Okay.

Pastor Ross: To receive that; call the resource number John it is 1-800-835-6747 and ask for the little booklet, “Feast Days and Sabbaths”. And we will be happy to send that out to you.

Steve is listening from KSJL in St. Louis, Missouri. Steve welcome to the program “Bible Answers Live”.

Steve: God bless you Pastors. It is very interesting to speak to gentlemen of your extreme knowledge and my question is when George Bush wanted buy the bar code and then he didn’t know what it was and I know the devil is full of trickery to be saved we have to have that Charles Manson “X” or a bar code or do we not get it? I’ve always wondered that.

Pastor Doug: Alright that is a good question. You may not have heard the beginning of our program tonight we talked specifically about the beast. That it really is a symbol. Do not be waiting for someone to tattoo a barcode or a swastika in or foreheads. For one thing I cannot think of any event in America where someone would allow something like that or a computer chip. Now the devil my use credit cards or some kind of device to control the buying and selling, but ultimately the mark in the hand or forehead or the seal of God in the hand or forehead—because keep in mind Steve that the Bible says that all of the saved have their father’s name in their forehead. Well God is not going to come down and tattoo His name in our foreheads. It is saying that in the last days we will either be worshipping the beast or worshipping the father. Or we will obey the laws of the beast or be saved by grace and faith in the father. So it is not something external, but the devil may use a barcode or credit card or something to control the buying and selling aspect. Everybody may end up getting some kind of a government number or there maybe—I mean they are putting these computer chips in pets. Now it really does work and they scan them and they get all the information on the pet.

Steve: Is it possible the rapture could have taken place already? Is that what you are saying?

Pastor Doug: No. No I am not saying that I am talking about the mark of the beast. Don’t believe the second coming or the rapture has taken place. As a matter of fact we ought to send you that study guide that is on the second coming called the “Ultimate Rescue”. And that will tell you about the nature of the rapture and how it is going to happen and it will give you some idea about the imminence of it.

Pastor Ross: Steve there are two study guides I think you’ll enjoy. One deals with the mark of the beast and simply called “The Mark of the Beast” and the other one is called the “Ultimate Rescue” it deals with the second coming of Christ. To receive them call the resource number 1-800-835-6747. And just ask for that; ask for the one on the second coming and the one on the mark of the beast and they’ll be happy to send that out to you.

Our next caller is Raymond and he is calling from Cain, Texas listening on WJCR. Raymond welcome to the program.

Raymond: Good evening,

Pastor Doug: Good evening Raymond. How are you doing?

Raymond: Good thank you. My question is does God consider a sin to have more than one wife? Not that I am planning to have you know more than one wife.

Pastor Doug: Well you sound too smart for that. I think you are probably talking about having more than one at a time. You know there are examples in the Bible where a patriarch may have out lived a wife and had another one and there is no Bible mandates against that a husband or wife marrying after their spouse is dead. Even in the marriage vows it says until death do us part. But, to have more than one at a time, polygamy, is wrong. I believe it was never something that God intended. God did make laws in the Bible to protect the wives in case they were a part of a small harem, but or had a husband that had several wives to protect their rights and the rights of the offspring. But, it was something that God made these laws because of the hardness of people’s hearts. It was never His original plan. His original plan was one man and one woman, Adam, Eve. God did not make Adam and Eve and Betty and Sally.


Pastor Doug: It was just one. And you look at the examples in the Bible Raymond where men did have multiple wives and there was always strife. During this mother’s day weekend I spoke on Hannah and Hannah had another sister who I say Pahannah and there was strife in the home. There was contention. Jacob his wife Rachel and Leah and his girlfriend; they were all fighting among themselves, as Hagar and Sarah were fighting among themselves and it just brought a lot of heartache. So I think God’s plan is clearly made out one man and one woman. And I always like to quote Benjamin Franklin when someone asked him to quote a Scripture that a man cannot have more than one wife. He quoted where Jesus said no man can serve two masters. So I think that is a good answer.

Raymond: Okay, thank you.

Pastor Doug: Alright and I don’t have a study I can offer you on that subject, but I hope that helps a little bit Raymond. We’ve got Bible studies on almost everything, but polygamy.

Pastor Ross: We might have to write one on that, huh?

Pastor Doug: Okay Pastor Ross I’ll leave that on your desk.

Pastor Ross: Gazette I believe is calling from Newport, Florida. Welcome to the program.

Gazette: Hi. Could I speak to pastor Doug and Pastor Ross?

Pastor Doug: Get real close to your phone Gazette and your question.

Gazette: Close to the phone.

Pastor Doug: Okay that’s better.

Gazette: Okay I’m at the seminar on the prophecy accord. I sent my 25 dollars in and just this weekend somebody gave me a DVD about the 144,000 and the fourth angel’s message and Lucifer and symbolism and I’m going to it.

Pastor Doug: Well for one thing if you got all of that on one CD I would think it would be very suspicious.


Pastor Doug: And it sounds like someone has got some sensational theology. When I hear all of those things thrown together I know there’s a—

Gazette: I got it on a DVD actually.

Pastor Doug: DVD yeah. I would be very suspicious that somebody is getting into some sensational theology to lump all of those in one study. But, was there a specific question you wondered?

Gazette: Yes I was wondering about the end times and the Lucifer—

Pastor Doug: Luciferian?

Gazette: Yeah on the symbolism about the moon and the star and the cross and the square within the box and all of those things. I don’t know if they actually symbolize anything?

Pastor Doug: Well let me share with you briefly Gazette. I think that some people can get hyper distracted by images and symbols. First of all there is so much in the Bible that I want to look at and I want to know that I don’t really don’t have time to study the Luciferian or some of these other occultic religions that have their symbols. Do you know what I mean? And Jesus said or I think it was Paul that said you overcome evil with good. There is a lot of evil in the world. So instead of focusing on that focus on what is good; you become like what you look at.

Gazette: No they are actually Christians.

Pastor Doug: I know, but it seems like they are just giving out studies on satanic symbols. And I have found that people who get preoccupied with that; they get distracted. Now keep in mind when I went to India you will find the Nazi swastika all over India in their artwork because long before Adolf Hitler used it. It was in artwork and it didn’t have that meaning at all. The meaning changed with the Nazi party. You’ll find the cross in South America in their artwork. Well it had nothing to do with Jesus it was symbol they used in their artwork and their religion. You’ll find the Star of David in Burma for instance. Well it had nothing to do with Solomon or David. These symbols in different countries; you’ll find wheel within boxes and circles and all kinds of basic geometric symbols in many religions and they all mean different things and I don’t want to get distracted with that I don’t want to try to attract or try to attach any kind of spiritualistic meaning to it. Nor would I be superstitious when you see them here or there.

Gazette: Okay.

Pastor Doug: I know some people that thought every time they saw the number 6 that it was a sign of the devil and they would go into a building and they saw a lamp with six sides and they would say Ah-hah this must be a sign for Satan worship in this place. And it just became really—they lost their balance. And so I have found that those studies are often—they lead down the wrong road. That’s my honest opinion.

Gazette: Okay. What about the 144,000 and the fourth angel message?

Pastor Doug: Well see that’s in the Bible so that’s a good study. Have you read the book I wrote on that subject?

Gazette: I don’t think so.

Pastor Doug: You know what I would like to do is to send you the book I wrote on that Gazette. And it is called “Who Will Sing the Song or Who Are the 144,000?” There is a lot more in the book than you are going to find in the video presentation and that was very brief. But, if you like just call the resource number.

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 1-800-835-6747 ask for the little booklet written by Pastor Doug “Who Are the 144,000?” it is just a great resource and a lot of good information about that important Bible topic. Helen is listening on 3 ABM from Conway, Arkansas. Helen welcome to the program.

Helen: Yes I have a question and wish you could explain about 11 Corinthians 5:8.

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Helen: To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord and do you have a study guide that would have that in it?

Pastor Doug: Yes we have a study guide that deals with the subject “Are the Dead Really Dead?” It talks about where the dead go when the die and where they go and I think that’s at the heart maybe of your question. Would that be right Helen?

Helen: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Alright. There’s a lot of confusion for our friends listening about what happens when the dead die. Especially the saved, where do they go? You have verses like this that say to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Well that sounds like that as soon as someone dies, their body dies, but they are then ushered into the presences of the Lord. But, then we read in 11 Thessalonians where it says that the dead don’t rise until the second coming which obviously has not happened yet. In John Chapter 6 three times it tells us that the resurrection is the last day speaking of the judgment day or the end of the world. And so folks just say well when do they go are they there yet. The verse that says absent from the body and present with the Lord, let me give you an example of how it works today. I think you will find this helpful Helen.

Helen: Okay.

Pastor Doug: King David, good King David, the one who killed Goliath, a man after God’s own heart. He died about three thousand years ago in about 1000 B.C. He is going to be in heaven, he will be saved. But, if you read in Acts Chapter 2 Peter on the day of Pentecost preaching about David, he said David is dead and buries; you go down a few verses and it says; he is not ascended, not ascended to heaven. So David has been dead for three thousand years and he is not ascended to heaven and yet Nathan the prophet said to David you’re going to sleep with your fathers. But, for David, suppose you are King David and you go to sleep in death and you lose consciousness your next conscious thought is the resurrection and the second coming of Jesus.

So how long does it seem like for David from when the time he dies until he is present with the Lord? It is instantaneous. That’s what Paul said it is a moment it is a twinkling of an eye. What confuses people frequently is we live in this world in a three dimension of time. We might have sixty or seventy years, but once we enter eternity people don’t measure time in eternity. And you live forever and ever and it is endless. And so for David who died, he is still sleeping in the grave, but as far as he is concerned his next conscious thought is the presence of the Lord. Is he in heaven yet? No because the Bible tells us that they rest in their graves and they are reserved until the resurrection. So I hope that helps a little bit. That confuses people sometimes, but we will send you our study guide on that subject. Would you like that Helen?

Helen: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Okay well listen carefully and Pastor Ross will give you that resource information.

Pastor Ross: The study guide is called “Are the Dead Really Dead?” And just call the resource number 1-800-835-6747 and then just ask for the study guide “Are the Dead Really Dead?”

Our next caller is Carol listening on WMCA from New York. Carol welcome to the program.

Carol: Hello. Thank you for taking my call. And I wanted to know in Revelation Chapter 18 where the Bible is talking about Babylon the great city being judged. From verses 11-13 it mentions all the merchants weeping and the and all the silver, gold and precious stones etcetera and then it goes into cinnamon and incense, horses and chariots and bodies and souls of men as if they were merchandise. Can you explain how the bodies and souls of men can be merchandise? I am doing a marketing paper and I don’t know if I am going off course, but I feel as if the brainwashing that goes on in that field is playing with the minds of men if the soul is the mind will and emotions? I don’t know if I am right.

Pastor Doug: Well in 1 Corinthians in the New King James it says dealing in chariots and slaves and souls of men. And the soul in this sense is not necessarily talking about the spirit or ghost or something hidden inside men; it means the being and the lives of men. And it is true the beast power they did make merchandise of the souls of men. So there are groups and there are businesses that do that. There are probably advertising agencies that are after people, those that are selling alcohol and tobacco they are making merchandise of the souls of men the way they market those products.

So there are those that do that and I am not condemning marketing, I’m thinking even Christians use marketing in a sanctified way or they should. You know trying to figure out the best way to get the gospel out. And how to get people’s attention I think is a very noble study. But, so you will have to evaluate what the motives are and the goals are in the personal application here, but when it is talking about the beast power there is not any question that the beast power has and will be making merchandise of people’s lives and they have done that.

Carol: Okay. Then I wasn’t too far off track. I am a good business student it is just that marketing just kind of opens my eyes to a few things.

Pastor Doug: Well look at it this way because I don’t know what you are studying, but there are things to be learned in marketing that can even be used for reaching people for Jesus because there are basic ways that people think and understanding how people think, can be used in a positive way. I’ve always said that every good evangelist would also make a good salesman. But, that may not be the best use of his gift.


Pastor Doug: They have the gift of persuasion and you want to persuade people for Jesus.

Carol: Okay.

Pastor Doug: It is not to sell products and to make money.

Carol: Right, okay thank you.

Pastor Doug: Anyway I hope that helps a little bit carol and you can tell people that the music is starting to chase us away, but don’t change the dial yet. Just wait because here is what I want to say.

We are listener supported and we really appreciate your help. You probably have heard 1000 stations say this a 1000 different ways, but pretend you are hearing it for the first time friends we could not stay on this station if people just like you didn’t just pick up the phone or go to the website and send us some help. We’d love to stay on this station and if you have been blessed we’d love to hear from you. God bless you and remember this as all about getting the good news about Jesus out there because Jesus is the truth that is going to set you free.

Don’t forget to go to the Amazing Facts website very simply that is “Amazing Facts dot org”. And you will find out all of the resources there. God Bless.


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