An Amazing Story of Redemption and Restoration

Jeff grew up in the church, but during high school his dad died suddenly of a heart attack. This devastating event caused him to doubt God, and he eventually “got converted” to the world. He pursued a career in rock music as a “roadie,” working on the stage for famous rock bands. Soon his life began to implode with broken relationships and addiction. Months would go by when his family didn’t know where he was. Meanwhile, show after show, Jeff would sit backstage wondering, “Is this really all there is to life?”

But God still had a plan for Jeff. And he used Jeff’s aunt Marilyn and Amazing Facts to play a big role in his revival. For 35 years, Marilyn also had drifted away from God – she was a prodigal daughter. Her own father also died when she was in high school, so she had a special concern for Jeff. But she felt that God could not forgive her for the wrong things she had done and, sadly, she spent 35 years away from God.

But one day, Marilyn met a retired pastor and his wife who asked her if she knew of Doug Batchelor and Amazing Facts. She was invited to their home to watch Millennium of Prophecy and was given a copy of The Richest Caveman to read. Then it clicked. “If God can forgive Pastor Doug, he can forgive me!” And God could also forgive Jeff!

She rejoined the church and her thirsty soul began drinking in the Bible studies, books, videotapes, and television programs from Amazing Facts. She also began to pray for Jeff to give his life back to God.

She started sending Jeff books, magazines, and pamphlets – anything she could find – from Amazing Facts. She prayed for him fervently and sent him the Millennium of Prophecy videos, which he began to watch. During some of those literally “wasted” years, Jeff occasionally tuned in to watch one of our television broadcasts. Sometimes he was actually high on drugs while he watched, but Aunt Marilyn’s prayers were working. And God kept after him.

In 2005, Jeff ended up in prison. A conviction on DUI, an addiction to drugs – his life was headed south. And to make matters worse, Jeff’s mom informed him of her cancer. In Jeff’s mind, he was at the bottom. What more was there?

As Jeff’s aunt continued to pray, Jeff’s life began to take an unusual turn. Those little booklets and magazines he had been getting began to pique his interest and make more sense. So Jeff made a deal with God. He would yield his life to Christ if God would cure his mother. He got down on his knees and surrendered his life to God. Jeff’s mother had surgery, and today she has no signs of cancer. Doctors say there is no medical treatment that could explain her total healing. Jeff believes it was a miracle!


It is friends like you who made this impact on Jeff’s life possible through your support of our television programs, revivals, and publications. Jeff says that for many long years, it was Amazing Facts and Pastor Doug that played an enormous role in his coming back to Christ. “There aren’t any words that can express the impact both have had on my entire family! Pastor Doug’s testimony impacted me so much that I wanted to hear more, and when I did, I knew he was speaking from the Bible. He challenged me to look into the Word and decide for myself!”
The drugs are history. And he was baptized in the church. His life has been changed forever! And he credits it all to the power of Jesus Christ and the ministry of Amazing Facts. Now that’s revival!

This is just one example of the work God is doing through Amazing Facts. He is using your partnership to help change lives and touch families. And, as a faithful friend, you play a critical role in the life-changing process. Thank you for your gifts that make it possible to reach many more like Jeff and Marilyn with the powerful message of the gospel.

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