The Next Big Adrenalin Rush

As young adults, David and Darrell Beaudion were always on the lookout for the next big adrenaline rush — sports, bodybuilding, illegal drugs, heavy metal music — anything that would give them a thrill. Their worried mother even tried to shelter her three youngest children from the twins’ toxic influence.

But God was about to give these two stimulation-hungry young men the ultimate high.

One day, a Christian co-worker gave David a book about end-time events. The title piqued David’s interest because he’d always wondered what happens after a person dies. He read the book in two nights. At the end of the book was an invitation to invite Christ into his heart.

“God, if you’re real, come into my life and make me a Christian,” David recalls praying. “I immediately experienced a rush of sensation, a feeling of euphoria. It felt good! That night, I slept like baby, and when I awoke, I knew something had happened to me. I felt different. The next night at work, everyone knew there was something different. I couldn’t stop talking about God.”

A few weeks later, the same Christian co-worker gave David a brochure advertising a local Amazing Facts’ prophecy seminar.

Preparing Two Hearts
Across town, David’s twin brother Darrell was struggling with the breakup of his second successful heavy metal rock band. Now with plenty of time to think, he began to wonder about the meaning of life and who God is.

The only awareness Darrell had about the Bible was from a horror movie about the Antichrist. Prompted by those memories of 666, he picked up the large family Bible and began to read Revelation. In chapter 13, he read, “For it is the number of a man: His number is 666.” Instantly the sensational appeal of prophecy captivated him and grabbed all his focus.

A few nights later while watching television, a TV ad suddenly grabbed his attention. It was for the same Amazing Facts’ prophecy seminar his brother had been invited to.

The two brothers attended the second meeting and were shocked by what they learned from that night’s topic — the signs of theTwins baptismlast days. Drawn by the new truths they were learning, the twins retuned for most of the subsequent meetings. Darrell even bought a copy of the seminar cassettes and listened to them repeatedly.

Soon the brothers began attending Church, where the Holy Spirit’s continued conviction resulted in the twins’ baptism.

On fire for God, the two continued to study and read. They earnestly wanted to tell everyone about their newfound Friend.

Sunday Afternoon Book Ministry
A few months later, a friend invited David to go door to door to hand out religious literature. At first David was reluctant, but his hesitation vanished at the first house.

“When the woman answered the door, my friend simply said, ‘Hello, we’re from one the local churches, and we’re going from house to house giving out these magazines.’ She gave us the biggest smile, took the magazine, and went inside. I was stunned,” says David. “That’s all there is to it? Just walk up to a door and give someone a book or magazine? And it’s legal? I was hooked from that moment!”

That little experience started the twins’ door-to-door ministry. Church members enthusiastically donated money to purchase thousands of books, such as The Great Controversy and Desire of Ages. On Sundays the twins and other church friends handed them out. Within three years, the group had systematically worked their way through all the Edmonton, Alberta, neighborhoods and given away more than 10,000 books!

Shortly afterward, David was invited to attend a field school of evangelism for a few months. When David returned, he taught Darrell all he had learned and the two incorporated this new soul-winning focus into their ministry.
For the next 11 years, the twins worked as literature evangelists and were among the top salesmen in North America. In 1998, they were invited to become Bible workers and more directly help lead people to Christ.

Today, both brothers are in full-time ministry and pastor churches in Alberta, Canada. Periodically they hold their own evangelistic seminars. Darrell credits much of his presentation style and materials to information gleaned from those first seminar cassettes and other dynamic Amazing Facts speakers.

David and Darrell continue to be avid supporters of Amazing Facts. Their outreach and witnessing materials routinely include Amazing Facts’ resources and products. During their evangelistic and prophecy seminars, they regularly lead people to Amazing Facts’ many outreaches. And new converts receive DVD sets of presentations by Pastor Doug Batchelor and other evangelists.

“Sometimes people ask me why I talk about prophecy so much,” says David. “I tell them it’s because nothing draws me closer to Jesus than Bible prophecy. When you think about it, how much closer can you get to Jesus than the second coming? How much closer can you get than seeing Jesus face to face?”

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