A New Chance: Randrick Becomes a Soldier for Christ

By Randrick Chance

I grew up attending church and even got baptized. But after a few years in the Navy, my philosophy about life radically changed. My idea of success was making lots of money, driving the best cars, and partying every weekend. I found self-worth by dressing in the trendiest clothes, wearing expensive jewelry, and impressing the ladies.

My peers thought I was living the good life. Outwardly, I seemed happy and in control — but within I was miserable and without purpose. Under the mask of success, I was terribly insecure. I wondered how someone like me, who had everything a young person could want, could be so lonely? I was utterly depressed.

U.S.S. Providence?
That’s when God gave me my first encounter with real biblical substance. While on duty on a naval warship, browsing through a magazine rack looking for something to just kill some time, I discovered an Amazing Facts’ Study Guide. The title was so startling that I was compelled to pick it up. It turned out to be the beginning of an adventure in discovering God in a completely new way.

I started the lessons with much excitement. I could not wait to get the next one in the mail. Shortly after, I transferred to Italy, and a great controversy began to play out in my life. There were temptations like never before, and I kept falling for the fake life of the world that I struggled to continue the lessons.

However, I experienced another breakthrough when I got to the lesson “Lost Day of History.” It really opened my eyes. Though still not fully converted, I managed well for a time and found peace, but I still had the same friends and influences. Eventually, I always fell back to my old habits.

Lasting Resolve
Eventually, I was transferred to Puerto Rico, and it was there that I really sensed my need for Jesus. Because I was new to Puerto Rico, I didn’t have any family or friends there, so I had a lot of time to focus on God and let Him deal with my heart. I was soaking up each guide’s truth like a sponge; soon I was ready to take my stand for Jesus. I contacted Carolyn Moxley, an Amazing Facts’ representative, about churches in Puerto Rico and she quickly and warmly responded. I then completed the 27 lessons and was baptized!

It has been an awesome journey since I accepted Jesus to rule on the throne of my heart! Praise Him, He had a special calling on my life and has used my passion to let me speak during church services. I even became a youth leader and was invited to preach in Florida for a youth weekend event.
A Different Kind of Soldier

Recently, the Lord led me to the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism. I prayed and fasted, and I felt certain it was part of His will. But honestly, I still had a little doubt, so I asked a specific sign. I told that Lord that if He promoted me one more time in the Navy, I would know He wanted me to go to the school. Incredibly, not long after, I was in fact promoted!

I was excited and shocked at the same time. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, I knew the Lord was telling me to let go of the Navy and follow Him all the way. After being honorably discharged, God led me to an incredible school! It has been the perfect training program for me.

There have been great changes in my life, and God has freed me from many hurtful desires. By the loving mercies and grace of Jesus, I am overcoming the world one step at a time. I have peace knowing I am secure in Christ. God has realigned my priorities so that now I desire to do His will and have totally surrendered to His ministry full-time.

I found out that Jesus, and not the world, is the answer to a spiritually bankrupt world, and He has indeed made a difference in my life. Thank you, Amazing Facts, for being there to help me along the way.

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