A Shattered Life Restored

Lori* is a passionate photographer and loves to take the perfect picture, but much of her life hasn’t been picture perfect.

The youngest of four children in an often unstable, unpredictable home life, she barely knew her father, a businessman who traveled frequently.

Still, she distinctly remembers the day when someone came to their home to say that her father had been killed in a car accident. Broken and without a father, Lori’s life soon fell under the tragic shadow of sexual abuse at the hands of a close family member. Frightened and devastated, and without the emotional family support she desperately needed, she struggled trying to put it out of her mind for years.

Lori married soon after graduating high school, but the marriage deteriorated just as quickly, as her husband began to physically abuse her. Together the two had three beautiful children, but the violence continued unabated. Lori once dodged a punch that left a hole in the wall, a hole she covered with a calendar to hide it from the landlord. But she couldn’t cover the huge hole that had been created in her heart.

Lori then found herself living through a terrible nightmare when her husband filed for divorce. The battle for custody over her children sapped her of strength and sunk her into a deep despair. Yet God would soon lead Lori, step by step, out of that pit of anguish. She was able to find a job, and eventually she remarried. She became active in prison ministry and felt she was growing spiritually. But something was still missing in her life.

A Picture of God
Lori says, “I had been praying to God for a deeper understanding of His Word.” One night she couldn’t sleep. She tossed and turned until, eventually, she got out of bed and turned on the television. Soon an Amazing Facts program came on. She had never heard of the broadcast before, but she listened to the entire program. Lori recalls, “It was meant for me to hear that program that morning. Ever since then I have been searching the Scriptures and watching Doug Batchelor on the Internet every night.”

Eventually Lori went online to find a Sabbathkeeping church to visit. She found one near her home and attends to this day. In fact, last December she was baptized. Lori says, “If I had not tuned in to Amazing Facts that morning, I would not have known what I’d been missing all these years. Pastor Doug is such an inspiration! He is reaching a lot of misinformed people.”

Lori thanks God for answering her prayers and leading her to Amazing Facts. “I now know the truth and want to tell others! God continues to reveal new things to me every day through your broadcasts.” When she thinks back on all that she has been through, she shares, “If there are others who have been through the pain and abuse I have gone through, I want them to know God can get you through anything! Nothing is impossible with God!”

*Not her real name.

The hole in Lori’s heart is now being filled with Jesus and the Bible truth!
Thank you for your compassionate support that helped set her free!

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