A Miracle Birth

Beatrice felt something was terribly wrong. She was six months pregnant, and everything had been fine—until one morning. Her body began to swell up quickly, and she could no longer feel her baby moving. Not long after, she was diagnosed with a serious condition that put both mother and baby at high risk.

Her doctor explained that she had lost most of her amniotic fluid. She recalls, “My baby was barely breathing through the umbilical cord, and she stopped growing. I was immediately admitted to the hospital. They quickly gave me medications to help mature our little baby’s lungs so that she might survive a C-section.” They also monitored the baby’s heartbeat and explained they could take her away for the procedure at any moment.

After her husband, Marvin, left to care for things at home and make phone calls to their family, Beatrice tried to keep calm. Sleepless and worried, she began to earnestly pray. She explains, “I was so lost and without hope. I began praying like I had never prayed before in all my life. I asked God for a miracle. I asked God to forgive me of all my sins. I knew I had been living a mediocre life and needed to make changes.”

Beatrice completely gave her heart to God and promised to serve Him. Then she rested in His hands while recalling Psalm 91, “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

The next morning, they quickly prepared her for surgery. The doctor didn’t give Marvin much hope for the baby’s survival. Yet, against all odds, little Camila came into the world loudly announcing her arrival. At only one pound and four ounces, she was whisked away to the neonatal intensive care unit where she stayed for the first two-and-a-half months of her life. But today she is a happy and healthy four-year-old girl and the joy of her mother and father.

Another New Birth
Soon after their daughter’s birth, Marvin and Beatrice started searching for truth. They began attending a nondenominational church but soon heard teachings that didn't align with Scripture. So they again prayed for God’s guidance to find the right church. Beatrice also began listening to different preachers on YouTube in an earnest search for truth. “I was tired of jumping from church to church,” she explains. “I wanted to find a church that truly preached from the Bible.”

One day she "stumbled" across a video of a man preaching about prophecy and the time of the end. His name was Pastor Doug Batchelor from Amazing Facts. She had never heard of him and began listening to more of his sermons, drawn by his Bible-cenetered presentations. Eventually, he preached about the Bible Sabbath. Beatrice was confused by his references to the seventh-day, but she persisted in listening to God's will.

When she became convicted about the Sabbath and started making changes in her life, Marvin was supportive and joined her in watching Amazing Facts TV. Eventually they contacted Amazing Facts to ask for a list of Sabbathkeeping churches in their local area. When Amazing Facts hears from someone like this, we always do our best to connect them to a local church.

So one Sabbath, the pastor greeted the couple and said, “I’ve been waiting to meet you, Beatrice.” She was surprised to learn he knew her name, but it had been passed on to him by Amazing Facts. Marvin and Beatrice began Bible studies with the pastor and enjoyed meeting together in their home every Thursday for six months.

Then when friends from another church were visiting, Beatrice shared what a blessing Amazing Facts had been in her life. Her friend explained, “What a coincidence! David Steward, an speaker with Amazing Facts, is going to be conducting a prophecy seminar in our church.” (Of course, we know this was no coincidence!)

Marvin and Beatrice were thrilled to attend the meetings. “We learned so much from this Amazing Facts Bible seminar! Mr. Steward answered so many of our questions from the Bible, taught us about living a healthy lifestyle, and explained how to prepare for living in these last days. He also taught us the importance of worshiping on the Sabbath,” she shares.

Marvin adds, “Amazing Facts changed our lives in such a powerful way. In the process of finding answers to a lot of our questions, God chose Amazing Facts as an instrument to lead us to the true gospel.” During this time Marvin had purchased a Roku Streaming Player. Since his wife, Beatrice, was watching many of Pastor Batchelor’s sermons on YouTube, she was thrilled to discover they could add Amazing Facts TV (AFTV) to their Roku player. Now they watch all the Amazing Facts programs using Roku and their cellphones.

“We really enjoy watching Sabbath School Study Hour, Bible Answers Live, Everlasting Gospel, and Amazing Facts Presents,” Marvin shares. “We’ve learned so much about the Sabbath, the truth about hell, what happens when you die, Bible prophecy, the mark of the beast ,and the importance of sharing the three angels’ messages with others.”

Marvin tells how he and his wife came from such different backgrounds with different beliefs. “Pastor Batchelor’s testimony touched our lives. We identified with his struggle visiting different churches searching for one that truly followed the Bible. If it wasn't for the Amazing Facts ministry, we would never have found the truths of God’s Word for these last days.”

Now Marvin and Beatrice share Amazing Facts resources with all of their family, friends, and others they meet. Marvin shares, “When God said, 'Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you,' he opened a door to truth through Amazing Facts. We want others to enjoy a new life in Jesus like us.”

A few months ago, Marvin and Beatrice experienced another birth, the special experience of being born-again into Christ. They were baptized into God’s remnant church. From one miracle birth to another, God was leading Beatrice and Marvin on a journey of faith

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